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Plan C

Gatlinberg, Tennessee


a part of Plan C, by BBSweetie.


BBSweetie holds sovereignty over Gatlinberg, Tennessee, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Gatlinberg, Tennessee is a part of Plan C.

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Oceane Cole [2] This baby is my future. She's our future.
Jack Mandill [0] Just keepin on, keepin on

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Oceane Cole

Oceane sighed and leaned back, brushing her fingers over her enlarged belly. She closed her eyes and grimaced as the baby kicked again. She was only two days away from her due date, and being pregnant was harder than ever at this point. She groaned and rocked up so she was on her feet, pulling down on her sweater so it covered her belly. Waddling over to the phone, she picked it up and dialed the familiar number.

Dialing: Andrew King
"Hey, babe, can you come over? I'm going stir crazy over here all by myself."

Normally she was fine, but lately all she wanted to do was be around Andrew, the father of her child. The whole "teenage pregnancy" struggle hadn't really hit her yet, but she knew the stress of it all soon would and it would take a major toll on her and Andrew's relationship. That was the last thing she wanted to happen, but she knew it was unavoidable. So, to compensate, she wanted to spend as much "us" time with him as she could, before the storm of parenthood knocked them off their feet.

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Character Portrait: Oceane Cole Character Portrait: Andrew King
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#, as written by Mashotu

Andrew had actually just gotten out of the shower when the phone rang. "Hey, babe, can you come over? I'm going stir crazy over here all by myself." His girlfriend asked. He smiled into the phone and nodded. Realizing she couldn't see him, he finally spoke.

"Yeah, sure~" He said happily, "I'll be over as soon as I can." After saying their goodbyes, Andrew hung up and ran his hand through his hair. He liked spending time with Oceane. He really did. It's just that every time he saw her, he saw that belly. It scared him. But. It was his responsibility, and he couldn't run from it.

He drove to Ocean's house and knocked lightly on her door, sending a quick text that said he was there.

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Jack Mandill

Jack was in his office at work trying to get some work done. He had been working for his grandfather, Pappy, since he was 13 years old, doing odds and ends around the office. Every dime he earned, he had saved to buy a car and to pay for college. Jack quit working a bit and walked over to his son, who was sleepin in the playpen. The child was only a few weeks old, and had been with Jack since he was three days old. The mother had left him on his door step, with the birth certificate and some supplies, but not much else.

Jack had gone out after a diy dna test tested positive for him being the father, and bought supplies. Jack remembered that night all too well, his father and mother tried to force him to give the baby up for adoption and not to destroy his plans, but Jack refused, saying that he would take care of the child like the father he should be. His father hit him a few times trying to change Jack's mind and when he gave up trying, he threw Jack and the baby to the curve. Jack snapped out of his memory flash and rubbed the ve his eye and on his upper cheek, both of which was slowly healing. He then picked his son up for feeding. Jack had been so luck that he worked alone at night, and had been able to crashed in the office, but made sure to be out by the time his grandfather got there. He hadn't told anyone in his family about the baby yet. His best friend's mother agreed to watch the baby so that he could go to school.

Jack warmed the bottle in the microwave and gently held the baby while feeding him. Michael Jay was what the mother had named the child, and that was what he was going to keep it as. He had no idea what he was doing, but he was really trying his best. He knew a lot of the students were going to be parents soon, but he still felt alone. "Mike, I have no idea what i'm doing, but i promise that i will try to be the best parent i could possibly be. There will be a lot of up hill fights, but not many easy roads, but i will be here for you. I promise that i will find us a home. Jack softly said to Michael.