Oliver Grey

The kid with heterochromatia

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Image Appearance:
Oliver has raven black hair that travels down to his neck, the longest pieces touching his shoulders. His eyes are large and are framed by long, thick eyelashes and are two different colors, one of them being a bright golden yellow, and the other being a beautiful water blue. He's actually a bit pale, and is quite underweight for a boy of his age and stature. For some odd reason he usually has a stuffed animal of some sort and is rarely seen without a pink bunny names Zoe.

Oliver Grey



80 lbs

Hair color:

Eye color:
(left) Blue (right) Yellow

He has two piercings, one in each ear


Image Sexuality:

Occupation(if you have one):
Part time librarian

  • Kind People: Oliver is very fond of kind people, as they usually have more patience and aren't as easy to anger as most. It's also usually easier for him to take part of a conversation if the other person/people seem kind.
  • Reading: He enjoys holding books and reading about them, as well as learning from them. He seems to be especially fond of a fantasy novels where anything can happen.
  • Drawing: Despite not looking like it he's actually really good at it, and loves to do it when he has the time to. He has many drawings in his room and has lost count of all of them that's he's ever drawn.
  • Stuffed animals: Oliver seems as though he's in love with stuffed animals, as he always has at least one with him. He's favorite one in particular is Zoe which is a pink bunny he got when he was little.
  • Sweets: He has an obvious sweet tooth and even though he may try to deny it it's quite clear. Some are amazed that he's still so underweight despite how many sweets he eats.
  • The color blue: Oliver likes rainy/stormy weather because it clears his mind and calms him down. Most times he'll stand outside in the rain, thunder, and lighting until he catches a cold the next day.

  • Bullies: Oliver's has experienced his fair share of bullying and even before he was bullied he has always disliked them. He never understood why they thought it was okay to take their stress out on others.
  • Heights: It's not just because of his short height that he's afraid of heights, but rather because he knows that if he falls he could get seriously injured if he didn't die.
  • Things he considers creepy: There's a number of things that Oliver considers creepy some of them being dolls, santa, and horror movies.
  • People stealing his things: Oliver hates it when someone steals something from him, as it's usually something that he needs or wants. Because of his weak demeanor many people have taken things from him before, most times usually right in front of his face.
  • Shorts: Why he hates them is a mystery but he almost never wears them. Even in the summer when it's extremely hot you will see him wearing a pair of jeans, and possibly even a sweatshirt.
  • Bugs: As girly and wimpy as it sounds, Oliver can't stand bugs. To him they look weird, usually have more than four legs, and you have to hit them multiple times to even injure them.

Image Strengths:
  • Eyesight: Oliver has extremely gold eyesight that above average. He can most times see things and details that people can't, and can even see better in the dark than most others.
  • Flexibility: He's extremely flexible, whether it's because he was always getting shoved into small lockers or because his mother forced him to take a bunch of gymnastics classes when he was younger.
  • Speed: Despite being short, Oliver's shockingly really fast and usually surprises people with his fast he is as they weren't expecting it out of "the little guy".

  • Clumsy: He's extremely clumsy, and sometimes he'll even trip over air. Because he usually trips and he'll get a scratch or two, he's learned to carry band aids around with him.
  • Stamina: Despite being extremely fast, Oliver has very little stamina before he runs out of steam. Most people usually think he's fast and has a lot of stamina, however that's not the case.
  • Gullible: He's extremely gullible, and often believes most the things that people say, even if it's something ridiculous. Because of this he's also fairly easy to take advantage of and use to your will.

Clothing style:
Oliver will usually wear clothes of all different colors. Most times he'll wear jeans, a shirt that may or may not be designed, some black and white converse, and a jacket or sweatshirt to top it all off. Sometimes to be a bit "fancy" he'll wear a chain on his jeans and maybe some thing fingerless gloves if it's cold.

Image Ethnicity: Caucasian/Japanese

Oliver is quite the shy individual and usually watches others have fun, as he's too shy to join in. Some may think it's a bit creepy but he can't help himself. He's also rather quiet, so much so that some might think he's mute. When he does speak he usually has to repeat himself several times just so that they can hear him or understand him.

When he thinks that he's alone, one would never be able to tell that he was shy. He's extremely childish, and loves to play games. Since he's usually by himself when his walls come down, he'll talk to his stuffed animals. He doesn't have an addiction to them or anything of the sort, but they do keep him company when he gets lonely or he doesn't have anyone to talk to. He usually always has some type of candy on him, some of it being for him, and some being for people that might just ask him.

He can be a crybaby at times, which has earned him the nickname crybaby, although he can't help that he's a little emotional sometimes. However, he is not the type of person who makes a whole lot of noise when they cry and if you hadn't been paying attention to him then you'd have never known he was crying. He gets extremely nervous over the littlest of things it seems like, and he suffers from social anxiety. When people seem intimidating to him he'll usually do whatever they say, so as not to get on their bad side.

When or if he ever opens up to you, you'll find that he's a real sweetheart and loves helping people out. Even if he doesn't get anything in return for it. You also find that he's a very loyal friend and will go through great lengths to get the people he considers "friends" out of trouble, even if it were their own fault.

Oliver was born into quite a large family, with four sisters, his mom, his dad, and himself he got almost no privacy. His oldest sister Marissa was eight years older than him, his second eldest sister Aurora was seven years older than him, and his younger sister Lily was a year younger than him. He was the only one in the family who was born with heterochromatia and was the only one in the family who had it as well and was looked down upon by his parents because of this.

Because his mother did gymnastics at a young age she made all four of her children do gymnastics from an early age, all of them beginning when they could walk. Oliver and Lily hated it, while Marissa and Aurora loved it.

They lived in a small house with only three bedrooms, so of course Marissa and Aurora slept in the same room, while Lily and him slept in the same room. It wasn't all that bad, as Oliver had a close relationship with his sisters and they were best friends for as long as they had known each other. His mother was too busy to give him any attention, and his father he didn't even want a boy in the first place, and made no effort to hide that. Besides that, everything was normal, until he was seven and everything took a turn for the worst.

His mom, Lily, and Marissa had been driving back from a gymnastics competition when another driver crashed into them. After investigation it was found that the other driver was high on something while he was driving. His mother and Lily died in the crash and Marissa survived but was in a coma. Oliver was devastated for a long time that his little sister and best friend had died. Even if he was seven and young he understood that she would never be coming back to him. His father fell into a state of depression and began to get drunk all the time, which was bad news for Aurora and Oliver who were stuck with him at home. He would often times get violent and would take his anger out on little Oliver every once in a while.

Two months later and Marissa woke up, and it was still a month later unti she had physically recovered completely. As soon as she had their father took the three out of gymnastics, before they moved to Virginia. They rented an even smaller apartment and both Aurora and Marissa had to get several part time jobs to pay for the family, as their father spent all of his money on gambling and alcohol.

At his new school, Oliver was bullied by all of the other kids. His eyes were two different colors, he was small for his age, and he was underweight because he couldn't get food because his family could now be considered poor. Oliver would usually cry when he was picked on and everyone called him crybaby until they no longer remembered his real name anymore. As soon as Marissa had saved enough money she took Aurora and herself out of that abusive and poor lifestyle, leaving the ten year old Oliver behind to fend for himself, Marissa telling him that she'll be back for him and that she loved him.

Because his two daughters left, Oliver's dad only got even more angry, deciding to take all of his anger out on Oliver. More often than not Oliver would sleep outside instead of going home, as he feared his father and what he'd do. He often skipped school to the point where he was out of school more often than he was in and he was failing a lot of his classes. The only thing that ever provided him a bit of comfort was a pink stuffed bunny that Lily had given him when she was still alive. She had told him to talk to it when he was lonely and told him that it would be prove that she was always with him.

Things only seemed to be getting worse and worse as his bullies seemed to get braver and braver, giving him more and more injuries. Things seemed to be at their lowest when someone had said he was gay, and had actually been right. Oliver knew that they had just been trying to make up something to bully him even more for, but he had actually be in the closet since he was thirteen when he first found out he was attracted to boys.

When he was sixteen and just about done with life, his sister Marissa came back and asked him if he still wanted to come with her. eagerly he said that he did and he packed his bags and left, not leaving a note or anything for his father who was asleep on the couch. Since then he lived with his sisters in Maryland and they were actually kind of like a family, except for the fact that he was a bit broken inside.

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