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D'vayraan Majrik

An eccentric miner and explorer of the Kethrid race.

0 · 294 views · located in 3042

a character in “Planet Y97S”, as played by Cypher


Age: 37 Division Years
Gender: Male
Race: Kethrid
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 lbs.

Division Codex Entry: Kethrid (Species)
Kethrid are a species of humanoid aliens who hail from the planet Kethrid, (Sector 12, Galaxy KL7, Planet L68B). Kethrid, a primarily desert planet with atmosphere comprised primarily of gaseous bromine and a gravity of approximately one point five times Earth's former level. (TRAVEL ADVISORY: Craft destined for Kethrid are advised to strictly follow advised paths to given landing zones. Deviation from this path may result in corrosion of ship's hull and introduction of toxic bromine gas to ship's atmosphere.) Despite its hazardous atmosphere, the Kethrid species thrives on its surface.

Kethrids are usually shorter in stature than most species, with the average height of a fully-grown adult Kethrid male averaging at between 5'4" and 5'8". Kethrid have ruddy, leathery skin that is almost constantly covered with a slick sheen of chemical "sweat" that allows the Kethrid to resist the effects of the corrosive atmosphere of their home planet, although this is not present on non-corrosive atmosphered planets. Due again to the planet's atmosphere, the Kethrid are born entirely without hair. Kethrid respiratory systems are adapted entirely to bromine vapors through a not-entirely-understood biological process, and Kethrid therefore cannot process oxygen. When off the home planet, Kethrid need to wear a respiratory system consisting of a sealed mask, tube and pressurised tank of bromine gas.

Kethrids' eye colors cover mostly the lighter shades of the visible spectrum (with the exception of white), although the most commonly found colors are yellow, green and orange.

Special Ability: Destructive Respiration: By removing his mask and either breathing on or spitting at an opponent in close quarters, D'vayraan can release a high-concentration burst of bromine-saturated air from his lungs and harm his opponents severely.


D'vayraan is an optimist, and always manages to find the bright side of most situations. His eternally-upbeat attitude tends to grate on the more balanced or cynical personalities of his compatriots, and he can sometimes come off as annoying. He is extremely determined, and once focused on a goal is nearly impossible to deter from it.

He is a simple man, when it comes to needs - he likes nothing more than his food and drink (consumed in a special suite reserved for Kethrid customers, where there is just enough bromine fed into the atmosphere to allow the Kethrid to breathe without their masks) and enjoys being around his friends. Beyond those things, he enjoys messing with his technology - he is almost always tinkering with his mining equipment, when he has the opportunity to do so, and even when he isn't working on his own equipment, he's working on someone else's. He is a mechanical genius when it comes to heavy machinery and mining equipment, capable of repairing and operating most of the equipment found on mining vessels as well as hand tools and vehicles.

He hates violence - not because he's a pacifist or because he can't fight, he is perfectly capable of fighting for himself - but he fears for the safety of both himself and his comrades, mainly because his pressurised bromine tank will blow him up and poison his friends, which he wouldn't want to happen.

Skills: Operating and maintaining mining equipment and vehicles, prospecting, geological studies, chemistry and terrestrial sciences
Training: Mining (Advanced), Prospecting (Advanced), Technological Operation (Advanced), Geology (Advanced), Chemistry, Terrestrial Studies


(Format shamelessly ripped off from Arcaine - I like that system you have thar, think I'm gonna borrow it.)


Head: Kethrid Breathing Mask worn beneath impact-proof construction helmet
Neck: N/A
Upper Body & Torso: Kethrid Miner's Suit, upper torso
Waist: Equipment-bearing Harness
Items on Harness:
-- MEA (Mineral/Element Analyzer)
-- Pneumatic Rock Chisel (pocket-sized)
-- Rock-cutting Laser (pocket-sized)
-- Adhesive high-output glow rods x6 (Basically glow-sticks that stick to stuff)
-- 18' high-tension monofilament wire (used as rope)
-- High-adhesive tape (duct-tape, really)
-- Halogen lamp
-- Holster, empty (holds up to a large handgun)
-- Kethrid Breathing Apparatus (includes bromine tank, output regulator, tubes, etc.)
Upper Legs: Kethrid Miner's Suit, lower torso
Shins: N/A
Feet: Kethrid Miner's Boots
Other: None
Primary Weapon: Telkalsh Mining Equipment Type 15 High-Output Cutting Laser (Energy-based rock cutting laser, can be used as an improvised weapon in a pinch)
Secondary Weapon: N/A

Auxiliary Weapons: N/A

Hidden Weapons: N/A


D'vayraan's miner's jumpsuit is a simple affair. It's an olive drab jumpsuit with padded joints and extra pockets.


D'vayraan doesn't talk much about his history because there isn't much to say. For a Kethrid miner, life is simple. One wakes up at the beginning of a day cycle and rides out with their crewmates to the nearest mining shaft where they ply their trade. When that's done they get out of the shaft, go to the nearest bar, drink and be merry, then go home and repeat the cycle.

Of course, D'vayraan got lucky when the cycle was (for him) broken. He was recommended by his superiors in the Kethrid Miner's Guild to be brought along as the prospecting advisor for an expedition to a new, as-yet unexplored planet. He was accepted and now proudly awaits his mission.

So begins...

D'vayraan Majrik's Story