Coppernicus of Synope

Designer, planner and a poor listener. The wheel is cognitive which owes its respect to him.

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a character in “Platella”, as played by Sovenric


My haggard nature is in place for a reason; make this quick:This man gradually redacts part of his own measurement. He is always reading newspapers on break and sipping a strong tea. He is on the lean side, hair bleached white and drenched in half curls with a thin chin, rugged eyes and yellow teeth.

The wheel of cognition and that which allowed one to locomote is ruled over by this man, a head designer who wears a special best and carries a rigorously annotated clipboard. He is also of the power distribution troupe and produces orthographic, bird's eye views of getting everyone connected electrically. He is a contractor of the adjoinment of new districts and blatantly so, as he stores a pencil with orange handle behind his left ear at all causes other than bedtime. He is a planner ahead and enough so that he ends up being a down-going; by the end of the day properly expending himself. He is not as social as either Stu or Earl.

His voice is a medium appulse to the ears; it is booming and like a bull in quality.

So begins...

Coppernicus of Synope's Story


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    by Sovenric

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Earl In Blood

Earl needn't frown, but of his own volition: he gave an acrid frown to his
video-picture that was projected into the world of light. Any talent
he had was dimmed behind his eyes. Culture was stored safely in his foot.
He pursued Earl. In Earl's hand and on in Earl's mind: he seemed to have
On other terms: he pursued Stu, who was also acridly glaring. The street had a thick and corrugated pavement both ways. Above Stu: his passion, that waited to be used again. In his hand: the pencil,detached from his ear. On the piece of paper: a straight line. next to the straight line: a few flecks of pencil of equal tonal range that implied the texture of wood. At the end of such markings: another blatant and undimmed black line. He'd drawn a form of timber pole, without luster or any source of light, but with the tone packaged into a nanoangstrom of calculated light-defficiency. His drawing was quite efficent; drawings of his were, for instance: graphical and axiomatic.


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Whoever could devour the concrete anomaly that day would have to be emerald in its lustre and have only sympathies for the lives of things that can gather accretion. Culture span around Stu's head who was dissonant in between this minor catastrophe and a need to inspect floor-tiles that were overflowing with sediment on the floor. Stu could recognize the culprit who might have done this, but unfortunately couldn't gather the word applicable to the visage. Whatever it was: Earl jolted his head to the left to find them having timidly absconded, only a mere fleck of indivisible haze in the far distance.

Having completed this perception: Earl and Stu felt no less relieved of position but now possessed fatal healing cogency that would undo the anti-progress of the vile of demeanour. Stu produced a wrench from his pocket and shifted the totalled pole towards Earl. Choices were quickly filtered to only be those of resonant and salubrious utility, and it was no later that this value to repair and commend became stapled to and crystalized in Stu's spanner

Earl corrected Stu; he outplayed his hand and suggested "Hey, you might want to try a different tool. That probably won't fix it."

Earl continued to look at Stu for a spell with a caliginous and phlegmatic expression. "People are going to wonder what we're doing here in no time at all".