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Playing With Time

Playing With Time


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Playing With Time

∂σи'т ℓєт нєя
тαкє υѕ

January 19th, 5006, was the date of their funeral. The funeral for the four young, ambitious, and brave souls that made up the Core's newest (and most inexperienced) squad. Competent, yes, but skilled? No. They weren't ready for the Goddess's wrath. And so, they died at her hand. Alike many times, the Core had no excuse. It was their fault for sending their most inexperienced squad into the heat of battle. They should've known that the squad wouldn't have been able to take said heat. Just like they should've known for all the other similar cases. You know, it wouldn't be so bad if the squads at least managed to save their targets. But no. The to-be-rescued burned along with the Core's mediocre squads. It's no surprise that the people of Nearth became fed up. How were they supposed to survive in this hostile land if their protection couldn't protect? The fate of the world rested on their shoulders, and yet, they were slouching.

The Core knew that they needed to prove themselves, and they needed to do it fast. But how could they? The public was too steamed, too fed up with their failure to give them another chance.. The only hope the Core could cling to was sheer desperation. They could only hope that out of fear and rashness the people would turn to them one last time, crying for help, leaving their life in the Core's hands once more. And the Core could only hope that when that moment came, they'd do something for once and save that life... without burning themselves in the process.

And boy, did that day come. It just didn't come in the way most expected. It wasn't on a very eventful day. The few squads that the Core retained were fraternizing in the lunchroom, discussing their doubts about the company, most likely. That's when four screams stained their ears, screams so familiar, forming words so familiar: "Don't let her take us." The words of the four latest recruits as the Goddess of Time dragged them into what is best known as hell.


If there is one word to describe the Goddess of Time, it is angry. She's been angry ever since the day humans set foot on "her land." But the humans had no choice. Earth was becoming overpopulated and they were running out of resources, and not to mention, space. So in their time of need they looked to the sky. They searched for a habitable planet somewhere out there among the stars and spotted what would be named Nearth, has in New Earth. The poor with no homes or foundations were the first to volunteer to venture onto this new planet. Those seeking adventure, thrill, and something new volunteered as well as some scientifically inclined figures. Everyone had their own reasons for brandishing new lives on this Nearth planet.

Though those reasons were soon forgotten when the Goddess's anger was unleashed upon all of them. It had a subtle start. It started with mirror monsters. Monsters that lurk on the other side of your reflection, waiting to consume you whole. They imitate you, your body, your mind, and your movements. They stare into your soul, and when they're ready, when they've memorized your movements, they strike. They strike without warning. They crash out of the mirror and grip your neck with an airtight grip. They choke your soul into unconsciousness and take over while you scurry to regain your composure. But by the time you wake up, your control is lost. You are the mirror monster's new accessory. An accessory that the Goddess of Time will gladly use to her advantage. Mirror monsters bow to the Goddess, so if you're being controlled by one, then so do you.

While the people of Nearth settled into their new home, unaware of the Goddess's presence, she built an army of reflections (what mirror monsters are called once they've take over one's body.) Once she had what she thought was a sufficient amount, she began launching attacks on the humans. The population of Nearth dropped drastically as people were replaced by reflections or killed by someone who'd been turned. Nearth needed a savior. And fast.

That's when the Core was introduced. They were to act as protection for those who couldn't protect themselves. There were three divisions in the Core: there were the scientists, the tacticians, and then there were the fighters. Each division was made up of squads. Each squad was made up of three people, each supposedly talented in their division. The scientists researched the Goddess's monsters, the tacticians, working alongside the fighters and scientists, designed attack plans, while the fighters acted out these attack plans.

At first, the Core was extremely successful. They were able to quickly and effectively fill their ranks with smart and skilled volunteers. It seemed like everything was under control. In fact, the amount of attacks gradually decreased soon after the upbringing of the Core. Everything seemed to be running smoothly... Until one fateful day, the Goddess launched a fearsome attack from their (pun intended) core.

It turns out more than half of the people who volunteered to join the Core were reflections, plotting to kill all those who dared avoid the Goddess's wrath. Only a few people survived the attack, though those who did suffered from abhorrent wounds.

As one could probably assume, the Core fell at this turn of events. And damn, did they fall hard. The residents of Nearth immediately blamed the Core for their carelessness in not being able to detect the reflections. They blamed the Core for all of their grief, their troubles, and their new found worries. While the few left of the Core tried to recover from the traumatic experience, the only comfort they got along the way was the fact that they weren't alone and the scathing comments of the scared public.

With nothing to pull them back up and the public's faith in the Core dissipating fast, it's not surprising that they never fell out of the hole the Goddess dug for them. The hole only kept getting deeper and deeper, farther and farther away from the light that was already so far away.

After the Core's downfall, the attacks from the Goddess dramatically increased in frequency and intensity.


уσυ ςαи ѕтιℓℓImageѕтιℓℓ ѕανє υѕ

"Don't let her take us."

Seconds after the screams sounded, four members of the Core underwent a vision. They saw four kids, the same four kids, clawing at them, as if trying to cling to them. The four members felt the four kids' fingers graze their skin, felt the kids' blood as it smeared onto their skin. The screams sounded again, though this time, they said something else.

"You can still save us."

After that followed several pleas to be saved, before the scene before them faded into a red limbo. What seemed like seconds was hours later, when they awoke in cold sweat and with new found hope. They reported their visions and claimed that it was the four kids who had died much earlier. They argued that if they could save this kids, then they could save the Core from their ultimate downfall. The un-doing of their death could reboot the Core and spark hope in the people of Nearth.

The leaders of the Core couldn't agree more. They bid that the four members go and find the supposedly dead kids. The only question was, how? That answer was quickly found when the few scientists left scrambled to find an answer. They referred to older data on reflections, mirror monsters, and their ways of killing. Whenever they killed someone they abandoned the old body (by committing suicide,) deeming it useless because it had been found out. Mirror monsters lurk in reflections when they're not inhabiting bodies. They wander around in the realm better known as the Realm of Reflections. When they've just finished with a body, they return to this realm by creating a portal that lasts for about two or three days. The portal forms at the last reflection of the body. So if they were just looking in a mirror and died, then the portal would be said mirror. Referring to this data the scientists suggested that the four members try reaching the four kids through the portal. It had only been a day since the kid's deaths, so it was very likely the portal was still up... However, it was very risky to dare and enter said portal. It'd never been done, and there was no telling how many mirror monsters lurked within. But the four were convinced to do it. Why? Well, rumor has it that the four members had some personal relations with those kids... They'd do anything to get them back.


Hello, and thank you for reading this far! You get a digital high five from the GM herself. Awwww yeah. Anyway, so that's the general plot of the roleplay. The roleplay-able characters are the four members, whether they were originally in a squad together is up to you guys, their relationships are up to you guys as well. Lovers, good friends, acquaintances, good friends, enemies, who knows? You know! Or... You will know. ANYWAY! So each member has a tie to one of the four kids; therefore an urge to save them. And disregard the word 'kid,' it doesn't necessarily mean they're young. They can be older than your character, for all I care. I'd go change that but it's one o' clock in the morning and I'm too excited to finish this and get some shut eye, so... Whoops. The roleplay will basically be them searching for said kids, or, companions, I'll say. I'll explain the details of the Realm of Reflections in the OOC. It'll have its own little topic. How cute.

Now, since you've read this far, I'm assuming you're going to reserve a character, so... Here are the character positions so far: (Yes, I will allow people to compete for roles if necessary. Though only two compete per spot. Side note: try to keep the genders balanced. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an all-girls squad, but I don't think that would work in our favor. Too many 'she' pronouns, you know? Plus many other reasons I'm too lazy to list. And oh yes, one last thing. When reserving, include your (anime only) FC if accessible, what division your character is in, and your character's relation with one of the kids. Each character gets their own retaliative/friend/lover/kid/something.)

| Name | Female | Member #1 | Sibling | Division | Face Claim | Taken by yours truly. |

| Name | Gender | Member #2 | Relation to kid | Division | Face Claim | Reserved by one person! |

| Name | Gender | Member #3 | Relation to kid | Division | Face Claim | Reserved by one person! |

| Name | Gender | Member #4 | Relation to kid | Division | Face Claim | Reserved by one person! |

I like to let people design their own skelly. That way, everyone's character skeleton is unique and pretty in their own way. I'll add the things you need to include, and I'll let creativity take its wing when you create the character yourself. Please make it shine! The prettier your character sheet is the more likely I am to accept it. One of the best parts of looking at skellies is looking at how pretty they are...

You'll need to include:

  • Their full name.
  • Their age. (Age range is seventeen to twenty nine.)
  • Their love interest, if any. Character relations must be discussed amongst roleplayers before the start of the roleplay.
  • Their division.
  • Their relationship with their companion.
  • Their face claim. (Anime only! And yes, EVERY character must have a face claim. If your character fits the futuristic setting I will love you forever.)
  • Their sexuality.
  • Their height.
  • Their weight.
  • Their scent.
  • Their habits.
  • Their quirks.
  • Their hobbies.
  • Their likes.
  • Their dislikes.
  • Their fears.
  • Their weaknesses.
  • Their strengths.
  • Their weapons.
  • Their personality. (Two paragraphs at the VERY least, please. I want details! I WANT EVERYTHING!)
  • Their bio. (I want two paragraphs at the VERY least and I want details! I'll love you forever if you tie the kid-person-thing into the bio.)
  • Their relationship with other characters. (This is a must. Please discuss this before the roleplay starts through PMs, please, please, please! I cannot stress this enough!

More shall be added if I think of anything. Keep an eye on this list.

You're welcome to add a few things!

Toggle Rules

Ah yes, rules. You can't avoid them, can you?

  • Don't g-mod, please.
    No one likes a g-modder so please, don't be one. Leave the controlling to the Goddess, yeah?
  • Have fun.
    This is probably the most important rule on here. We roleplay to have fun. That is law. If you're not roleplaying to have fun, if you don't roleplay and achieve fun, then you are breaking the law. Do us a favor and don't break the law. Have fun, goddammit. Also, when you're reserving, list the name of your favorite song!
  • Keep fights IC.
    Fights IC stay IC. Please don't take fights OOC, and make everyone uncomfortable! No one wants to hear you quarrel, let alone be in the quarrel. Next password instruction: mention my favorite song when reserving.
  • Be committed.
    No one likes someone who bails. It ruins the entire roleplay for everyone. It creates what you call a dead roleplay. That's the last thing I want. So if you're going to be out for a while, if you have to bail, please, at least tell me. It may not seem like it, but it does soften the blow. And try to be committed to this roleplay, okay? I understand you have a life outside of this website. I do, too (lies.) But try to post at least three times a week, if not more.
  • Be literate.
    400 words a post, at the very least. No acceptations! (I check >:S) And please, have decent grammar and spelling. It's not that hard to click the little red line, is it? I understand a few mistakes now and then, and they're fine as long as they don't mar the quality of the post.
  • Have fun.
  • Reservations.
    Reservations last for 48 hours. If you submit a WIP, that's fine, and you'll get 48 more hours to complete it. And I do keep track, so don't think about slacking! Also, if given a good reason, I will give out extensions.
  • Cursing is allowed.
    I don't mind cursing. You can curse like a sailor for all I care. If that bothers you, then I guess this isn't the roleplay for you. There's nothing else to say here. By the way, my favorite song? Currently (this is always subject to change), it's Brompton Cocktail by Avenged Sevenfold.

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Re: Playing With Time

Yayy!!! Sorry it took me so long to reply, my wi fi has been really funky and has prevented me from logging on. I will read your characters soon, but right now I've got a lot of other things to cover and I can't really, so, um, yeah.

Re: Playing With Time

Right, submitted a wip. Sorry if I took my time submitting something, but I don't feel wholly comfortable with posting a work in progress sheet. I tend to slack. Either way, there you have it. I still need to finish some bits, obviously, but since most of it has been written down already it should be done over the weekend or so. Minus character opinions, of course. ^^;

Re: Playing With Time

Alrighty, starting work on my character!! and Will eventually work in the FC I sent you <.<....just found a bunch of pictures to also make use of!

Re: Playing With Time

A4: Yes, they would be. Their medical knowledge is pretty damn advanced, though then again, so is their weapon knowledge. Artificial intelligence would deal with surgery and things related.

Nah, I embrace the questions, so don't sweat it. :D

Additional note: Alright, 'futuristic' face claims, I've decided, is a pretty vague term. I'm thinking modern and old fashioned face claims could add into that mix, so you can choose basically any era for your face claim's clothing/style/etc..

Re: Playing With Time

@Eddy: You never know, the internet's a strange place and you're better off not assuming the first thing that comes to mind. So, I went with a middleground. =P

@Fear The Cat:

1; Right. Was planning on having my character be from the science division of Core, though she'd be fairly flexible in that department when need be. She's pretty science-y, though.

2; Cool.

4; Good to know. So, would artificial limbs be a thing in this world, then? How advanced is their medical knowledge? Are surgeries still executed by humans or do they have AI for that now?

5; Waheey! I'll raise a glass to that. xD

6; I'll wait for that piece of information then. Might help me to make a decision, I only know I want their relationship to be something solid, yet moldable through the course of the roleplay. ^^;

I feel like I'm asking too many questions, haha! x)

Re: Playing With Time

Your character has been reserved! :D

I'm going to say there can be two (three if it's absolutely necessary, I'm a mush-mellow, you see) to the same division, and no more. I don't care about the division my character is in, so I'm planning to take whatever division is left in the end.

Re: Playing With Time

Alrighty dighty then, to begin with it is Sir Eddy, always love the ring of that and what I wish I could change my username too <.<.......>.>.......anyways~!!!!!!!!!!

Guess I'll finally get to reserving then, having also surcummed my struggle for an FC! Seriously I am just terrible at finding one that suits the character I have in mind...woe is me~! I'll start with that, though I will find more images for the actual sheet. He'll be a member of the fighting division of the Core. As for the kid, still thinking about that. I'm thinking they may be a niece/nephew, but no concrete idea just yet.

As for my favorite song, that is a tough one. It really depends on my mood at the time which would be my favorite song. I mean one I can say ranks up pretty high would be Serperate Ways by Journey, but Beat It by Michael Jackson also does well. Course then sometimes The Pride by Five Finger Death Punch or Prayer by Disturbed are there...>.> I said, I don't really have a favorite XD. As for yours, I've never actually listened to Brompton Cocktail, as admitingly I've never been a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan. Not tthat I think they are terrible or anything, just very picky usually when it comes to my music so very few bands have a bunch of songs that I like.

Re: Playing With Time

A1: There can be multiple from one division; however it'd be nice to have a little diversity. Preferably there would be one from each, but I'm very lenient with this. So no, no one would have to change their role.

A2: The range between veteran and new is pretty vast. They can be from when the Core first developed to the newest recruits (despite the latest group, of course.)

A3: The vision is extremely realistic. Realistic enough for one to think it must've physically happened. Chances are they wouldn't be able to confidently dismiss it as a vivid nightmare.

A4: Technology is mostly going to play a role in the weapons and tools. I'm thinking the type of technology will be something along the lines of cyberpunk. Huge internet database and development, lots of artificial intelligence, you get the gist.

A5: I'm extremely lenient with face claims. As long as they're along the lines of anime (game/series/film/-esque) then they're fine with me. I don't care if GIFs are/aren't present, all you need are a few pretty pictures to compliment the information. Your face claim looks lovely and I'd love to have her as a character. ^^

A6: The kid that's tied to your character is pretty much all yours. Think of them as a (minor) second character of yours. Their personality, relation, appearance, etc., are all yours. You can reveal what you wish about them, though I'd prefer if you knew a lot about them yourself. Also, you're gonna end up playing as the kid for at some point. It might be through nightmares/flashbacks or sometime at the very end of the roleplay, but yeah, it's bound to happen. As for what is happening to them I'm going to explain that in a different topic that I'm planning to post once I sort a few things out. (This'll also relate to what I meant when I said at the end of the roleplay...)

Thanks for the link, by the way. Now I have to check them out. :3


For the division, please tell which one you plan for your character to be in. I'm not sure about mine yet. Also... just saying... the girl squad is forming. We already have three girls. Be wary.

Re: Playing With Time

I'll second Sir/Madam Eddy's claim. The premise certainly sounds interesting. Strange... but interesting. :) The introduction and everything after that did raise a couple of questions, however, some pretty crucial to my want and ability to join this little roleplay.

First off; Will each character be from a different Core division or can there be multiple from one? I assume you're banking on the former rather than the latter, but if there does happen to be two characters from the same division would one need to change their character's role if it came to that?

Second; Have these characters worked together before or not at all? Are all three/four of them new recruits or veterans, or a mixture of the two? And how much of a veteran can they be?

Third; How real would this vision have been? Say if I make a character, would they be able to dismiss it as a pretty... vivid nightmare and think not much else of it (In that case, I'll have a different reason for them to join in)?

Fourth; How much is this world's technology going to play a role? And what level of technology will this world have. Sci-fi? Cyberpunk? All I know so far is that we've got the ability to travel in space, but I'd like a bigger picture of what I can and can't pull out of my imaginary arse in terms of technology.

Fifth; What kind of face claims are you looking for? I'm not exactly picky on this, but I'd rather use my own preferences if possible. You're looking for anime face claims, but do you demand them to be from anime series/films/games? Or can I, say, go with an anime-esque face claim. To give you a bit of an idea, I was planning to go with her for my character. Lemme know if that'll be okay, otherwise... I guess I've gotta look for a new face to steal. >:)

Incidentally, multiple images aren't a problem, but I know some GMs hammer about the fact that they require gifs in someone's profile, and I'd rather not do that if I can help it. ^^;

Sixth; How much reign do I have over the kid for my character? If you'd rather not reveal too much, that's fine, but I'd like to know if we need to control them at some point or, y'know, have any say about waht's happened/happening to them. ^^;

That'll be all, folks, 'ave a good day.

- Byte

Oh, shucks... I almost forgot. So, it's pretty cool that favourite song of yours. I'm a bit of an Avenged Sevenfold myself, haven't listened to that particular song, though. Might give it a listen some day. But for now I'm in a swing mood, and there happens to be a band who does some pretty cool stuff by mixing metal with various styles, including swing. Here's a link.

I'm not to sure about my character's relation to the missing kid yet. Barebones ideas include either an (ex-)lover, an old comrade or a friend of a friend's friend (All ideas will be something vague and complicated that I can sink my teeth into and develop to my heart's content).

Re: Playing With Time

Thanks for being interested! You're welcome to reserve, by the way, but you're missing something. x.x

Anyway, about the coding thing, to be honest I'm not as picky as I made myself sound in the intro. As long as there is some effort put into the character sheet, which really just means, just, put the information questions in bold and add a pretty picture, I'm pretty cool about it. The only thing I really focus on is literacy.

And I wouldn't worry about competing that much. From what I've gathered, most people don't feel comfortable competing because they don't like being the ones to snag someone else's spot (a guilt thing, I guess.) So the chances of someone trying to compete aren't super high. Also, I'm thinking, if it comes down to it I might just add a fourth spot because there are only, what? Three spots in the roleplay (including mine?) That's a pretty small roleplay, and I want to give everyone who wants a chance to join, well, a chance to join. :D

Re: Playing With Time

This certainly an interesting RP idea, and I've been looking for an RP that appeals to me to join in. Worried aobut competeing however, lol XD. I am not very creative or flashy with my character sheets, as coding was never something that grabbed my attention. I almost feel lost without pre-made coding O.o....

It is almost like....I have no parachute as I plunge from the plane!! XD

Playing With Time

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