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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Dorothy Blue DRAFT

"I wish my legs will grow a mile. Then I can walk away and go to all the pretty places grown ups always go."

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Tame, Pixies
Found God in a Tomato, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Ban All The Music, Nothing But Thieves
Serotonia, Highly Suspect
Don't Bring Me Coffee, All Them Witches
Sigh on a Hurricane, Himalayas
Dead Inside, Younger Hunger
Gods, Nothing But Thieves
I'm Not Human At All, Sleep Party People
F**k Me Up, Highly Suspect


Image Full Name
Victoria "Vic' Martel

Old: Nobody. New: Vicki Vortex



Chinese / European

Salem, Oregon.

Cold Front (band)
I Really Hope We Don't Crash (former member)


ImagePhysical Description ||

Vic's appearance is best described as something between an addict and a K-pop star. Stardom hasn't been kind to her. Make-up is lathered over her gaunt face every show to hide her sleep deprivation. Her shaggy bottle-dyed hair which her manager always finds an excuse to not to let her cut off is startling against her skin, which has taken on a nearly inhuman white shade. She's skinny with broad shoulders and the muscle definition of someone who works out, a lot, but is terribly malnourished. She's a mess, but she'd still categorize herself as a hot one.

Her hero suit and band costume are one and the same. A white Venetian mask, baggy white coat that shows off her shoulders held up by leather belts, a black singlet, choker, torn white skinny jeans and white boots. The outfit reveals the green Chinese dragon tattoo, that covers a scar. On the left side of her chest is a scar that she didn't cover. A burn mark, stretching up to her collarbone.

She has pictures of her past self scattered throughout her place. A much healthier, tanned, androgynous figure with short chestnut brown hair.

Height: 5'7'' - 170 cm

Weight: 112 lbs - 50.8 kg

Image|| Personality
Apathetic / Aloof / Spontaneous / Reckless / Flirtatious

The first thing you've got to know is Vic's a bit of a bitch.

She's also a chill, laid-back person, up for anything so long as it gets her some kind of fucked up. It's in the latter that her true self lies. Beneath her calm, disinterested persona is a self-destructive wrecking ball that lives with the confidence of somebody whose already died once and isn't afraid to go back.

She makes it no secret if she dislikes you, couldn't care less about you, or wants to use your body once then throw it away. People tend to fall into one of those three categories for her. Don't be surprised if you fall into one of the first two and she suddenly rocks up to your house like Regina George. Spontaneity is her specialty.

Vic has a hard time trying to connect with anyone on an emotional level, so she just doesn't try. Enough time spent as nothing but air can really disconnect you from humanity.

- Pulpy horror/exploitation movies.
- Music, and I don't mean the way we all do. She can listen to a song for thirty seconds and talk about its influences for an hour.
- Camping and road trips. Hasn't had the chance for this in a while.
- Using her powers to create mild but frustrating inconveniences for people.
- Night flights.
- Controlling types/people who tell her she's had enough to drink/anyone who's "ruining her fun".
- Social media.
- Every article written about her ever.
- Emotional vulnerability. Screw you, 'healthy relationships'.
- Not having a secret identity.
- Confined spaces (claustrophobic).
- Her 'superhero' identity succeeding her identity as a musician.
- Being a celebrity wash-out.
- Having someone she cares for deeply, because she knows how that always ends in this gig.
- One hell of a drummer. Plays a little guitar on the side, for versatility's sake.
- Being the front man, she's been pushed into the spotlight as the lead singer instead.
- Skateboarding. Hasn't picked it back up for a while.
- Songwriting. Writing songs is the only way she's ever open with others and even herself.


Air manipulation - Air shifting.
[Mover 1, Shaker 7, Brute 3, Stranger 3, Breaker 6]

Vic has the ability to take the form of air and manipulate air around her. As her air form, she is invisible, can fly, and unaffected by temperature or any kind of harmful gases, though must be free of the gas/bring her temperature back to something that won't boil her upon returning to flesh. Her wind manipulation abilities range from anything from a slight breeze, to the roaring winds of a hurricane... which have reportedly gone up to 231 miles an hour. She can use strong winds to deflect attacks as a shield, or trap people/protect herself within the eye of the storm.

One of the fun things about her power that she discovered somewhat recently with a little chemistry knowledge was the ability to separate air into the different elements and gases that make it up. She could rip out all the oxygen in the room if she finds a reason to. Or summon the minuscule traces of helium in the air to make somebody she doesn't like squeak. She's still experimenting with it.

Power Origins: Birth. Discovered through a traumatic experience during adolescence.

|| History ||

Shit happens, is how somebody like Vic would choose to write off her storied past. Shit happens, the universal band-aid you slap on a traumatic experience when time and exhaustion has numbed you to the memory. Shit definitely happened when Vic discovered her powers by getting trapped under the rubble of her school library that one time in highschool that the kid who sat in the back chose not only to bring in a gun in for show and tell but a batch of homemade bombs. Shit definitely continued to happen as she was trapped under there for a day with the P.E. teacher and the crushed corpses of her friends. Shit also happened when she was set on fire during a vigilante attempt, her identity was broadcasted to the world and a shapeshifter ate her aunt.

As much as Vic wants to tell herself, this isn't just 'shit that happened' to her.

Vic grew up in Salem, Oregon, glaring up at that big stupid golden man in the city center that became both the symbol of where she wanted to be, and 'the man' out to keep her down. Her father was an older man, with children already into adulthood when Vic came into being, and her mother was someone who would never talk back but always whispered to Vic about her father when she was trapped with her in the car. Her father may have also been a bit burnt out on parenting, because whenever Vic acted out, it was dealt with by locking her in the closet for an hour or so. Between that and being stuffed into closets at school and one time being paid to be kept in a cage and looked after for a few days (the police were called for that one), Vic became quite accustomed to being put in boxes. Perhaps her father took measures to restrain her because she had a habit of disappearing in stressful situations, but even she never knew where she went.

Music was her escape, and the minute she graduated she fled to New York to study it. It was here she met her best friends, formed a band, went through her slutty phase, got involved in the vigilante scene as Nobody and met her aunt, the only cool member of her family in Vic's opinion, who taught her how to skateboard and rented her a room. These were the best years of Vic's life. Soon she was off touring, gaining traction, having an on/off, hate/love relationship with the lead singer, and then...

Her friends went behind her back, and during one of Vic's extensive drum solos, projected Nobody's heroics onto the stage. Without her knowledge, her identity was revealed behind her. She didn't know until after the song.

The video went viral.

Vic left the band after discovering the full capabilities of her powers and nearly murdering their lead singer. She was picked up by a talent agency immediately, and took on the alias/stage name Vicki Vortex. Her superhero identity and normal life were now forever intertwined. She's famous and making music, what more could she ask for? Well, those reddit debates about whether she's just a hack who used her powers for fame aren't too fun. Neither is every celebrity wardrobe mishap with a breeze being blamed on her by the tabloids, either. And then there is the constant barrage of tweets telling her that she sold out, or is a danger, or should join a damn hero organization and do the real hero shit she's supposed to.

Vic wanted to be remembered as a rockstar, not a superhero. But the pressure to conform to what society deems is her 'responsibility' as somebody born with the 'privilege of power' is starting to make her feel claustrophobic.


So begins...

Dorothy Blue DRAFT's Story


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