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Caspian "Cas"

"I'm patient. I can wait."

0 · 329 views · located in A Not-Too-Distant Future

a character in “Plumeria Research Facility”, as played by Demai




ID Number: #45931
Informal Name: Caspian “Cas”
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Floor: 11


Cas cuts a figure that could be described as royal, to be entirely honest. His silhouette is one that you would expect to see wearing a crown, even on the worst of days. He has near perfect posture, his shoulders held back and his chin held up and his back held straight. He learned a little ballet, back in the day, and so he sometimes stands in one of the fundamental positions for it. In movement and in general, he is very graceful. He moves like a dancer, and he also moves like a predator. He is a hunter, in many ways. Though he may not hunt animals, he has a serious history in hunting people, and it shows in how he watches the room and searches for exits and particularly in how he moves.

Cas stands at about 6 feet even, and most of his weight is muscle. He has gorgeous shoulders, and arms that some men might kill for, or at least long for. He is both beautiful and dangerous, in many ways. He is physically very strong, as in he could pick up Desmond, who is one of his friends, and he is very fast as well. The experiments conducted on him granted him peak performance, a little above what a human who tried their very hardest could complete on their own. He has to keep his energy up, though, and so he will often be found with some sort of food in his hands.

One of Cas' most distinctive features is certainly his eyes. They are big and dark, and sometimes seem to stare into your very soul. There is little that these eyes don't see, whether it's someone feeling uncomfortable or a possibility to make an escape. When Cas is in a room or restaurant or cafeteria or anything, he always sits with his back to the wall, in a corner where he can see all the exits. He also has a habit of tapping his fingers on things. He has well kept nails, he doesn't bite them except in cases of particular mental stress.

Cas has plump lips with a near perfect Cupid's bow, and sometimes he'll wet them or bite them when he's thinking. His skin is dark, with red undertones. He looks warm, and if you were to hug him, you would learn that he certainly is. He's almost always warm, and gives fabulous hugs. Cas' hair is dark as well, curly as can be when he grows it out. However, he tends to keep it cut short and near to his head. It's thick, and pretty soft. He is always clean shaven, and as a person, generally he is immensely neat. He takes good care of himself and his surroundings. He walks carefully, often, as if afraid to step on something and crush it. He has gauges in his ears and a big smile when he shows it.

Abilities & Mutations

Description: Subject #45931 (Caspian) was created to be an assassin. Instead of having metal limbs, though, Cas was created particularly for covert operations. As such, along with immense speed, he has the ability to turn invisible. He is still tangible, that much he cannot change. He also possesses a shield in the form of his skin, which can deflect most sharp objects. Bullets will embed themselves, but they cannot permeate much farther than the upper layer of skin.

Potential Uses for Mutation: Combat uses, mostly. Defense, surviving harsh conditions.

Flaws or Defects in Subject: Cas was meant to be indestructible, and is not. He is easily targeted in the ears, eyes, and mouth in particular. He often turns partly invisible when in high stress situations. The subject is also very loud and passionate, where his programming should have made him soft and docile.

The first thing that you have to understand about Subject #45931 is that he has a habit of taking things very literally. Rarely does he use sarcasm himself, preferring to be very sassy and rather truthful. He's not literal as in he mistakes sarcasm for honesty, though. In fact, if someone is sarcastic towards him, he is rather likely to shoot some sort of comment back. Or punch them. Whichever. Cas takes things literally that are told to him. Like, if someone said "I'm dying", he would assume it was the truth. If someone says "fight me", he will actually fight them. This has caused a few mishaps, which will be mentioned later. He's kind of big on correct spelling and grammar as well. He was planning to be an English major.

The next thing you need to know about Cas is that he is rather serious. He jokes around sometimes, he has picked up quite a few very bad puns. But he's seen a lot of the world and has been exposed to many of the worst parts of it. He feels very strongly about political and social issues, and will sometimes raise his voice over such. He is protective as well. He wants to protect this planet, he wants to protect those he cares for. He's kind of a momma bear, in many ways, both for planet and for people. He will hug you a lot if he cares for you and possibly cook for you, but he will maim whoever tries to touch you without your consent.

Cas has been hanging around with Des for too long at this point. He's become somewhat of a bleeding heart, caring all too much about the feelings of others. He's still blunt and calloused, but if he's unreasonably mean or says something to actually hurt someone, he will apologize profusely and hug them a lot. He also adores reading, and can usually be found with a book in his hand if nothing else is to be done. He likes historical fiction in particular, but he consumes words as if they're food and he's starving. He will read anything you put in his hands. He's big on staying clean as well, and his living space is immensely tidy. He does kind of micromanage as well, wanting things to be at least near to perfect.

Cas feels very strongly about most things, and he does care. Some may think that his ability to turn invisible reflects on his personality. Suffice it to say that it does not. He likes to be out in the thick of things, seeing and experiencing. He's got thick skin, literally and figuratively, and he holds a grudge but rarely takes cruel words to heart. It's more the idea that someone would think it was okay to say something like that which really gets him. He's got an excellent memory, and rarely forgets a wrong deed or a kind one.

He's sharp with his words and quick to feel emotion, whether positive or negative. But he's also rather sweet, he will help people without being asked or just whisk some job away from someone else. Music is one of his greatest passions in life, and he has an incredible singing voice. He often searches for feeling in books and music, though he prefers both of those to movies. He will fall asleep during a movie, no matter how interesting it is. He's a little like a bird. It gets dark and he passes out. He's kind of bad at rule following, and he dreams of getting back out and traveling the world. He likes to draw, and sometimes will weave wild stories of the things he's seen, drawing them out to illustrate.

Cas was born with a normal name, and a normal family. They were a tight-knit little group, his mother had had some complications during his birth and so they were all very protective of each other. Cas was a cheerful baby who loved to be held. Seriously. If you put him down for one second, he would sob at the top of his lungs. The big faker, really. As time went on, he had a relatively normal childhood. Some financial troubles, sure, but what family doesn't have those? He went to kindergarten and he colored as if his life depended on it.

Things really started to go wrong when Cas started to show distinct talent in music. They labeled him a prodigy, and his parents couldn't be more proud. The tiny edition of Cas just really liked songs, and so when a group of mysterious people offered his parents a possibility for him to be trained a little more in his gift, he pled with them to let him go. Six years old and completely excited. He was bouncing up and down on his heels and everything. His parents agreed, how could they not? It was supposed to just be a weekend thing. They were supposed to be allowed to come along. But they reached the airport, and Cas was picked up and stolen away. As much as he kicked and screamed and sobbed and fought, his parents disappeared into the airport. They frantically searched for him, and are still doing so today.

Cas was brought to a laboratory. Their reasoning was that if he was brilliant in one thing, what would limit his mind to that one thing? They drugged the child, starting to mold him from that young age. Even as a child, he quickly became addicted to those drugs, and they followed him into his teenage years. He was enhanced, that was what they called him. They stole his name and called himthing, called him theirs.

Well. Cas was never theirs to begin with, and he never would be theirs. He was given tough skin, he was given the ability to turn invisible. With his reliance on the drugs they gave him, they thought that he would never be able to leave. As he grew older though, he plotted. He was going to escape, he was going to find his momma and papa again. His momma would cry, and things would be alright.

Cas was 17 when he escaped. Eleven years, he had spent being tortured and experimented on, made to scream and to obey. He'd killed for them too, woken up too many times with blood on his hands and a haze over his eyes. They'd praised him. He'd punched them. He was subdued. They never thought to take his memories, and so a thirst for revenge festered inside of him. And eventually, he was strong enough to escape. He murdered most of the people who were in charge of him, tore out their throats with the fists that they had given him and stole their guns. He had a small arsenal attached to him when he escaped.

For much of that first little while, he was a shell. He went through withdrawal, having destroyed every single vial of drugs that he could find. Shaking, shivering--he woke up with his own blood on his hands and dead skin under his fingernails. He still has scars from when he would hallucinate and scratch himself too deep and too hard. But he was alive, and eventually, the withdrawal passed. Wandering the streets, looking absolutely terrified and jumping at shadows, Cas was noticed by an older lady with streaks of white through her hair. She took him in, fed him a good meal. He cried. She hugged him, and upon discovering that he had no idea where his parents were, she took him in for a little while. Cas continued to grow, both mentally and physically. He searched for his parents, hard as he could, and he started to get into politics when he heard the story of how the kind old lady's husband had died. The police had shot him, and there was no justice to be found for him. Cas threw himself into rallies and campaigning, trying to change the world in a way that didn't involve murdering people.

Cas was recaptured at a Black Lives Matter rally. When firemen showed up with hoses, he threw himself in front of one. It barely impacted his skin, and he forced his way forward through it to deck those people, his anger getting the better of him. Special forces were called in, and he did his best to escape, but he was subdued. There are many people looking for him now, despite his not knowing that. His parents, at last, know he is alive.

Cas was twenty when he was taken to Plumeria, and he's been there for about three years now. Rehabilitating him has been... Okay? He's biding his time, in all honesty. It took him eleven years last time, and he's very patient. He also believes quite firmly in an afterlife, and so even if he spends twenty more years in this place before he escapes, he'll have an eternity afterwards. Cas chose the name Caspian when he was sixteen, the year before he escaped. It was what he introduced himself as from then on out, and it was the old lady that took him in that gave him his nickname. Desmond adopted it instantly, once he met him, and hasn't called him Caspian once. Cas was quickly adopted by Lottie, and slowly, other people began to be added to their strange little family.

Going back to the above-stated personality trait of taking things too literally, Cas is not tip top in Meadow's opinion. The reason is as follows. A little while after Des arrived, they were in the kitchen together, because Des has an insatiable sweet tooth. However, about midway through their conversation, Des teasingly told him to fight him. Of course, Cas, used to people meaning what they say, did exactly that and socked him in the jaw. Des, sweet sensitive Des, immediately burst into tears. Apologies flooded out as if his life depended on it. Cas realized that Des had been joking, and then he was apologizing too and it was just a giant mess. Things are going far better now. Cas stalwartly avoids any drugs they try to administer, but so long as they keep him around people, he's generally pretty safe. Lottie's an excellent influence as well, and he and she like to harmonize together. He still has a goal of getting back to his mother, and that will also never change.

Actions of Note within Facility: He occasionally scares the other inmates, and has punched #66666 before. He made him cry. It was very sad. He is one of the few inmates that has not attempted escape. Yet. He avoids drugs.

So begins...

Caspian "Cas"'s Story