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Celeste Estrada

"Just keep swimming."

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a character in “Plumeria Research Facility”, as played by Inuiri



Full Name: Celeste Estrada
Age: 31
Date of Birth: October 22, 1989
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Ethnicity: Guatemalan
Occupation: Nurse
Education Level: Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)
Level of Clearance: Level 3


Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Mocha

Physique: If Celeste ever had the want to, he could cut quite the imposing figure with his well muscled body, though his height might be an obstacle… He stands at 5’7” and has the sweetest eyes you could ever imagine, and there’s rarely a time that they’re not lit up with happiness and crinkled at the corners from smiling. He has light stubble on his chiseled jaw, and the only times he allows his beard to grow out fully is when he’s depressed. His dark curls are usually kept no longer than past his ears and always pushed back. Had Celeste not instantly become attached to everyone at Plumeria, he would have probably ended up in a children’s hospital because all his scrubs are adorable, covered in bright patterns and cartoon characters and cute animals.

Distinguishing Features: Constant smile, kind eyes


Education Level: Associate’s Degree in Nursing from John A. Burns School of Medicine

Notable Skills: Optimism Celeste can find the positive in almost any situation, regardless of its severity, which is most of the reason why he’s stayed at Plumeria so long, still clinging onto some hope this is really the right thing to be doing and that he’s helping the world.

Ataractic ]Like the drugs he administers, Celeste has the incredible ability to placate people with his personality and presence alone, a skill put to good use when working with jittery and easily frightened experiments.[/i

Memory [i]Every morning Celeste delivers medication and supplements to the whole upper level of subjects, which is no small task. Within only a week of starting he had damn near memorized everybody and everything about them.

Notable Disadvantages: Terrified of Frederick He may be an incredibly kind person, but he can’t completely ignore the atrocities his boss commits. He tries his hardest to find the good in him, but he’s seen the horrors up close with no reason behind them. It leads to him falling silent around the man and not denying a thing he says.

Easily Distracted Despite his great memory, Celeste can be very excitable and lose track of his main goal. He’ll always get back to it eventually, but getting too far from it can lead to big delays.

Apologizes Constantly Never one to step on anybody’s toes, Celeste is desperate to keep everyone happy, even if that means it’s detrimental to his own emotions. He constantly blames himself for any situation that goes even slightly south, apologizing every other sentence.

The only thing stopping Celeste from being a literal ray of sunshine is the fact that he’s not actually a ball of burning gas. Unlike Meadow, who doesn’t know how to interact well enough to pick up when people dislike her, Celeste simply kills them with kindness. He feels like everyone deserves some kindness after his broken past, because if it weren’t for the kindness of others and his own hope, he would have never gotten to where he is now.
He loves making friends, and considers almost everyone in the facility his friend, regardless of subject or staff. He genuinely cares for others, and strives to help them in any way he can. Celeste is the type of person who will give up everything he has to just help someone else, putting everyone before himself.
Celeste seeks out fun whenever he can, frequently going out to clubs when he can, searching out affection when he has no one serious in his life. He needs to feel constantly needed or useful in some way, or he can easily fall into a depression, which is why he loves his job so much, he’s constantly needed.

Celeste was the sweetest baby on the planet, born and raised in Honolulu to his parents from Guatemala. Even when he was little he was hardly ever sad, an excitable child who made friends with everyone. It wasn’t very long before he started to realize how he felt towards other boys, but he was never directly told it was wrong, so why would he think differently? He was excelling in school and lived in paradise, it didn’t really seem like his life could go wrong anywhere.
In his senior year of high school Celeste got his first serious boyfriend, and decided to bring him home to meet his parents. He had since been exposed to the hardships his community went through, but if straight couples could bring home boyfriends and girlfriends like no big deal, why couldn’t he?His parents were never known to treat others poorly, they weren’t the greatest or most caring parents, but they didn’t hate him. Not until that day. Celeste tried to reason with them and tell them that it shouldn’t matter as long as he was happy, until his father threw the first punch.
The situation exploded, and he and his boyfriend were helpless against the larger man, hurriedly grabbing up his belongings and running off.
Thankfully, his boyfriend’s family was accepting, letting him stay there happily, even when he tried to go home only to find the contents of his room sitting on the porch. Celeste had been struggling with what to do with his life, but after how badly he had been beat by his father, he knew he wanted to help people who were hurt.
He was accepted to John A. Burns on a scholarship and moved into an apartment with his boyfriend. Once again things were seemingly going perfect until he came home to find the love of his life in bed with someone else. He fell into a horrible depression while hopping between friends’ homes, hardly taking care of himself and falling behind in school. His family he could live without, but being told he wasn’t enough anymore by the man he loved had ruined him.
After many nights waking up in stranger’s beds, stretching over months, he managed to get back on his feet after being shoved there by his friends. It was grueling, but he recovered in school and graduated Magna Cum Laude. But that means nothing when everyone and their mother is getting medical degrees. Over the years of part time jobs and desperate searching for housing only to end up on the streets again, he finally found a job at the age of 26, a research facility looking for more medical staff and offering housing. He didn’t even hesitate, applying instantly and waiting for weeks with baited breath, practically sobbing when he got the job.
Celeste moved into the facility, trying his damnedest to prove himself and doing it well, and the man in charge is cute to top it off, though Adrian couldn’t care less about him. He’s been at the facility for 5 years now, and he’s completely content with the same routine every day, but he’s getting to one of the “nothing can go wrong” spots in his life again, and he’s terrified of what can go wrong next.

Actions of Note within Facility: Celeste has somehow managed to make Adrian fall for him and is completely none the wiser to it.

So begins...

Celeste Estrada's Story

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#, as written by Inuiri

Celeste hummed softly as he pushed his cart about, full to the brim of medication and supplements. No wonder he looked so good, really. This thing weighed a ton. He just started towards the elevator, thankful for his morning routine, just like always. It gave him a good hour or so to get away from Frederick. Maybe he’d be lucky enough to find a subject not feeling well, a nice distraction.Image
Unfortunately for Adrian, despite his best efforts to avoid people, he still managed to almost slam into Celeste as the elevator opened. Instantly, he scrambled back and gasped an apology, setting the cart aside to rush forward.
“Are you alright Dr. Mason?” He asked gently, making sure to not touch him as he looked over him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I should have looked where I was going.” The smaller man mumbled shamefully.
Celeste straightened suddenly when he thought he was fine, eyes lighting up again. “Welcome back, by the way!” He greeted with a grin and a soft chuckle. “How was the flight?” He knew he was probably only being a bother, but even Adrian couldn’t stop him from being so polite.
Little did he know he couldn't be more wrong. Dr. Mason was not personable in the slightest, so much that the words personable and Dr. Mason didn't seem like they should be anywhere near one another. But Celeste was anything but. He loved people. Talk talk talk and make new friends, that was all he wanted to do, and he was certainly good at it. Yet somehow he still got stabbed in the back often... Maybe he was too trusting, he mused silently. Whatever. That was for another time. He turned his mental focus back to Adrian, though he had been smiling at him the whole time.

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Adrian moved quickly through the lobby, his duffel bag slamming into his hip with each step as it swung on the strap he wore on his shoulder. His other hand carried his messenger bag, which threatened to take out his right knee with each step. To say he was on edge would have been a grievous understatement. He had only been gone a day or two, but now he began to worry for the projects he'd left in his lab over the weekend. He hadn't even begun to consider any of his older projects.

"Dr. Mason!" He heard the call somewhere to his side, causing him to practically screech to a halt. " badge, sir." A woman behind the front desk pointed feebly at a scanner, wincing subtly. He fumbled for the badge, dropping his carry-on in the meantime as his duffel bag slid down and caught sharply on his elbow.

He scanned with a bit of a pained huff and readjusted himself as he continued to the elevator, resuming his long, hurried strides. Adrian scanned his ID once more to unlock the elevator and promptly pounded his index and middle fingers into the elevator button.

"Come on..." he groaned until the door finally opened up and he could slid in. From inside, he pressed the floor of his office - level 3. And now the doors closed, and he could finally...breathe. Adrian gathered himself, began to plan his first jobs, and left the elevator when it dinged open. He had figured it all out - how to best avoid people, their questioning stares. Dr. Harding had died the night he left, and people were begging for answers.

He might have made it to his office without being intercepted. And then he ran into Celeste - quite literally.

"Uh...y-yeah, yeah I'm fine," he stammered, drawing away under Celeste's intense gaze, pressing into the archway of the elevator before the door closed and he was forced to step forward, back into Celeste. He rubbed at the back of his neck quickly, clearing his throat as he looked to the side.

"It's fine, you're fine," Adrian assured quickly, a bit more sharply than may have been appropriate. But Celeste kept talking, going off more quickly than Adrian supposed anyone had ever spoken to him. Except for maybe himself when he needed to leave a situation. Like now.

"Terrible." He had to cut his statement short, however, as he tossed his head to the side and coughed. As he turned back to Celeste, he sniffled lightly. "Never...really liked public transportation." Wait a minute. What was he doing? Generating small talk wasn't something he did. Not when he had somewhere to be, damn it. But something about that smile, that way that Celeste watched him eagerly. Had anyone ever watched him so intently - or, rather, so genuinely?

Again, he coughed and rubbed at his eyes now. "Not much time to sleep either." God, something about that grin. He could feel blood rising in his face now as he tried to edge out from his position against the elevator. "Well - uh - I should...go...see my things."

Brilliant, you idiot. Absolutely brilliant.

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#, as written by Inuiri

Celeste frowned, murmuring another apology when he made him miss the elevator, smacking his forehead and smiling nervously. God why was Adrian so damn cute when he was awkward? That was all the time though…

His eyes lit up horribly so when he actually responded. God he couldn’t remember the last time he actually had small talk with the man. He grinned and chuckled softly, ducking his head down as he laughed. “I wish I could travel.” He said softly, “Too busy.” And not enough money… But that really wasn’t ok to bring up to your boss. "Flying has to be better than the bus at least." He went on playfully, leaning on the cart now and resting his chin on his hand, watching him almost like a schoolgirl with a crush. Like he wasn't exactly that anyway...

"Right, of course. Sorry." A frown graced his lips as Celeste murmured the little apology. He really did look out of it… His eyes widened a little as he pulled back, moving the cart back and nodding. “Have a nice day Dr. Mason.” He told him gently, chocolate eyes gazing at the man in adoration before he headed off down the hall towards one of the other elevators, not wanting to bother him further. He glanced back once more, unable to help himself as he grinned and waved, "And get some sleep too! You work too hard!" Celeste called just before he reached the corner, laughing softly to himself when he turned and disappeared from sight.