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Charlotte Diane "Lottie" Reid

Ph.D Psychologist, doubles as the Mom Friend.

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a character in “Plumeria Research Facility”, as played by Demai



Full Name: Charlotte Diane “Lottie” Reid
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 4/14
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Russian
Occupation: Psychologist
Education Level: Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and Human Factors Engineering
Level of Clearance: 4


Charlotte stands at about 5 feet and 2 inches, but for all of her personality, she could be taller. Like Molly Weasley, she possesses the ability to make children, adults, and experiments cower before her. This being said, physically, she does not cut the most initially intimidating figure. She looks a tiny bit like she was handcrafted from porcelain, but she is far less likely to ever break. Imagine a porcelain doll with steel for bones, where throwing her against a wall wouldn't chip a thing on her, and you've got Charlotte Reid.

Lottie would be the first choice, probably, for playing Snow White, just for her skin. It's pale and flawless, except for a few scars that she's gotten along the way. Her knuckles are scarred, as are the soles of her feet. She also has a small line through her eyebrow. Her feet are scarred from stepping on glass and from dancing, her knuckles are from punching a wall when she was fifteen and angry. Her eyebrow, unfortunately, was from when she was four and tried to cut an apple with a butter knife. It rebounded, and cut her. She has primroses in her cheeks, though, enough that she rarely has to wear blush. She blushes easily, speaking of which, and when she's being complimented, her cheeks will flush and she'll smile a little and scoff as she looks down at whatever she has in her hands.

Lottie's hair is the thing that would rid her of her ability to be Snow White, unless she decided to wear a wig or something. It's the exact same shade as a red rose, and it's almost as velvety to the touch. It falls in soft curls to just below her shoulderblades, and it is really, really fun to play with. It's the kind that when pulled, will sproing right back into place, and often she will let people play with it. She loves it when people touch her hair, though only people she holds great affection towards get to touch it. She wears it down, often, but if it's not falling around her shoulders, it'll be in a messy bun that she did in ten seconds flat or in a braid, out of her way.

Lottie's eyes, meanwhile, resemble a forest of sorts. The base color is a deep, kind, almost welcoming tree-trunk brown. They're usually what draws people in at first. The rest of her iris is speckled and swirled with dark green. Her eyes are a little rounded, and her lashes are long and dark. She has full lips, and often, she likes to paint them with varying shades of lipstick. She's always trying new types, and mascara is her other constant. Eyeliner, eh. Her hands are steady, but not that steady.

Lottie loves wearing immensely comfortable things, and often, they do little to show off any of her body. Loose shirts, comfy pants. They make her seem welcoming and casual, a little closer to everyone else's level rather than another white coated doctor. She looks like she could curl up in any place and drink hot chocolate and look immensely normal. She has pierced ears, and she likes to wear earrings with little bells. She doesn't walk very loudly, and she often wears either no shoes or ones that are flat, so the earrings work as a way to announce the fact that she's coming so that she doesn't scare the crap out of anyone.

Lottie looks very much like she would hug you and help you. She's got almost a comforting glow, so to speak, a silent reassurance that she will listen and care, and it draws people to her. She'll often get attached to them in return, but more on that later. She has small hands and feet, and is very nimble and good at keeping her balance. She loves dancing, and she's got a strength that her small size doesn't show. She packs quite a punch, and she sometimes whacks her coworkers affectionately. She's very fast, and very graceful as well. She moves like a dancer, and she specializes in ballet, so her feet are very strong.



Education Level: Ph.D

Notable Skills: Observant, calm, patient. She is brilliant in her field, and very observant. She has excellent aim, and a wonderful memory. Excellent dancer and singer.

Notable Disadvantages: She is infinitely dedicated to Guinevere, and suffers from favoritism at times. She is a little vain, and she is very bad at separating herself emotionally from a situation.


Lottie, in another life, was likely some sort of assassin. She has the ability to multitask like no other. For example, if she were sitting down, reading a book, and someone ran by frantically trying to escape, she would likely be able to take them down without even looking up from the page that she was on. She likes to read, and has a multitude of colorful bookmarks that she uses to mark the pages of her books. She likes to feel what the characters are feeling, and so even if a book is known to make people cry, she will still read it. Her current favorites are the Martian and American Gods. She will give you lengthy book reviews if you ask.

Lottie is very mothering, to be entirely honest. Despite her relatively young age, she will gather you like a hen gathers her chicks, hide you under her metaphorical wings, and do whatever she possibly can to keep you safe. She's very protective of those she cares for, and very physically affectionate, when they accept such. She gives wonderful hugs, and likes keeping those she is comforting as close as physically possible to her. She becomes attached very, very easily, and that is one of her greatest weaknesses. She is terrible at not becoming emotionally involved. She has a little brother who she basically raised, and she has a lot of love to give.

Lottie is patient as can be, and there is nothing that escapes her gaze. If someone if upset or sad or needs hugs or cookies or whatever else, she is there to give it to them. Lottie, fundamentally, is a kind person. She wants to care for others, she wants to do whatever she possibly can for them. Sometimes, she will do that to the point of self neglect. In the end, for all of her kindness and mothering, Lottie is human, and she will prioritize wrong sometimes. Often, she will put her favorite people before all others, even if she is supposed to be administering to multiple subjects. She excuses it by saying that these are some of the particularly troubled ones.

Lottie is very chill and laid back. She's not one to panic or freak out, and she's often the voice of reason and of calm in bad situations. Lottie is also very, very smart. She set a record at Purdue University, where she got her degree. Generally, it takes people about ten years to get their Ph.D from there. She took five, and has been working with Plumeria for a while now. She is a tiny bit vain, to be entirely honest. She often worries about her appearance, and doesn't always believe people when they tell her that she is attractive. Her self esteem is not all that great, and she doesn't think too much of herself.

Now, let's talk about Guinevere. She is, to underestimate it a little, the light of Lottie's life. She is terribly in love with her, and it started out as a little crush on this woman that would respond to her and only to her. It makes you feel good, you know? But now, she is in desperate, selfless, selfish love with her. She loves being around her, talking to her, braiding her too-long hair, all sorts of things. She'd likely marry her, if she could. She helps to take care of her, and so Lottie has an excellent excuse to spend all morning with her, helping to make sure that she eats and showers and such. She tries to help her socialize and do other things, because interacting with her and only her is a tiny bit unhealthy, but so far, no progress has been made. Lottie would gladly spend the rest of her life in her arms, but their relationship is seriously taboo, and she sometimes has doubts as to whether she is what is best for Guinevere.

Charlotte Diane Reid was born on July 21st, days before her parents had to go back to school. She was an undergrad baby, and it was quite the adventure, raising her. She was a sweet child, she was far more obedient and eager to socialize than her little brother, who would come along a little later. As a child, her schedule was always a bit of an adventure, as her parents were running between school and job and taking care of her. She became a little bit of an attention seeker, but she was very loved, all around.

As Charlotte got older, whatever her parents learned during their undergrad and graduate degrees must have worn off on her. Charlotte was determined to read everything that she possibly could. She absorbed every book that was on the library shelves, set a goal to read every single book in the YA section, read all the books on the brain that she could find. She spent her first and second grade years drawing brains. She has a framed picture of herself wearing a brain cap. She has always been fascinated with how the brain worked. Her brother was born three years after she was, and she adored him with every bit of her.

Along with that came a want to help others. Her mother had always been infinitely dedicated to service, and Lottie idolized her mother. Still does. She wanted to be just like her. Now, her mother was a brilliant psychologist as well, and so from a young age, Lottie decided that she wanted to be just like her momma. Now, there were always different things that would pop up. One week, she wanted to be a unicorn. One day, she considered teaching sky diving. She always came back to this one future, though. She's always been a meticulous planner, and so with her mother, she created a whole plan for what to do with her life. And for the most part, she stuck to it. She went to school, she made use of that big brain of hers. She got her Ph.D in record time, and she was offered a job working in the Hawaiian islands for a sect called Plumeria, which she had never heard of. She interviewed, and she was given the job with barely a second thought.

However, all was not over yet. The first person that she met there was a tall man made partly out of metal, who walked as if he were scared that he would frighten the dust particles in the air. He was joined, always, by a woman with huge, beautiful golden eyes. The two were inseparable, even during their appointments. He came in a lot, because of how he had been created. A man with the ability to turn invisible was next. He called himself Cas, and initially was rude to her, though slowly they warmed up to each other.

Then, there was Guinevere. Lottie knew that she was in trouble from the first second that she saw that woman. It started out as something simple enough. She wanted to help. She wanted to make this... beautiful, incredible woman at least a little happier. She wanted to give her hope. She knew that they could never be together, and after a little, it became clear that Guinevere had a crush on her. Against her will, she began to return the feelings. She hung around her more, just wanting to be near her. Eventually, though, Guinevere began to draw away from her. Hurt and terribly in love, she found her and hugged her tight as she could. They both know that their relationship is taboo, and that they will be in immense amounts of trouble if they're found out. But Lottie loves her more than life itself. She'd likely die for her, to be entirely honest.

At the moment, things are going well. She had made friends in the experiments, and friends in the staff. She has Guinevere, despite no one knowing about them. And to be entirely honest, she is happy. Happier than she ever thought that she would be.

Actions of Note within Facility: Dr. Reid is very dedicated to Subjects #66666 (Desmond), #45931 (Caspian), #31235 (Meadow), and particularly to #54963 (Guinevere). She takes excellent care of these. She is a dedicated psychologist, and often takes the experiments' side in an argument.

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So begins...

Charlotte Diane "Lottie" Reid's Story

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#, as written by Inuiri
A collab between Demai and Inuiri


Lottie’s morning had started out normally. She’d awoken to her brother banging on her door, having made some brand new breakthrough that required her presence Right Then. After gently pushing him from her room, she dressed, showered, pointed out a couple flaws in his code, received an affectionate whack on the back, and then went to visit her Guinevere. She had the key to her room, but she was reluctant to simply barge in for a multitude of reasons. She didn’t want to wake her, for one, and she didn’t want to cause too much suspicion, for another. Slipping in and out whenever she wanted... Well. Their relationship was already dangerous. She had to protect the woman she loved, in any way she could.

Of course, though, because she was stupidly in love, she couldn’t be away from her. She knocked on Guinevere’s door with a gentle hand.

The young woman stirred from within, lavender eyes blinking open as she whined a bit. Too early. But she knew that knock. Slowly, she forced herself up, diamond flowing over her palm as she scrubbed her eyes and slipped out of bed, too-big shirt hanging off one shoulder as she shuffled over in silence and opened the door. Guinevere’s eyes said everything her vocal chords wouldn’t, gazing at the redhead before her in awe as she blinked slowly at her. Stepping back, she pulled the door open more and let her in. She shut it behind her and moved to the bed again to sit on the edge, looking at the floor as she let her legs dangle.

Lottie’s cheeks had flushed at how Guinevere looked at her, and she couldn't help but smile. For a moment, she let herself be what felt like daring, gazing back at her as if she were the sun and the stars and everything else in between. Then, she stepped in, thanking her softly. She wasted little time in joining her beloved, standing before her and wrapping her arms around her, gathering her near. “I didn't mean to wake you.” She said softly, pressing her lips to her hair.

She gasped a tiny bit, hugging her tight and nuzzling into her chest like she could hide away, giving a little shake of her head in reply. She wouldn't have wanted to wake up any other way. The brunette lifted her head, blinking slowly at her like a cat to show her love, leaning up to press their lips together.

Lottie felt a rush of warm affection fill her chest, leaking down to her fingertips and toes. She'd never thought that she could love someone like this, and yet, there she was. She let her hide away against her, gently tracing her fingers down her spine. Then, she smiled, and kissed her back. “I love you too.” She whispered. “How did you sleep?”

Guinevere smiled softly at her words, nuzzling her shoulder and nodding to supply a “good” as she laced their fingers together, watching the diamond morph across her skin. She shifted, moving aside and patting the bed, tugging her the tiniest bit. The psychologist squeezed her hand gently, raising it to her lips to kiss each of her fingertips, smiling against her. Goodness, she probably looked like a giant dork, unable to keep from smiling around her. She felt like a blushing schoolgirl. Lottie went when she was tugged, settling beside the love of her life and tugging her gently in reply, hoping to have her put her head in her lap.

The younger woman gave a little giggle in reply, covering her face with her other hand as her cheeks burned red. She went happily, laying back down and curling up in the fetal position with her head on her thigh. Guinevere could lay here forever really.. Just watching Lottie, never saying anything. Lottie shifted gently, so that she could get more comfortable. Gently, she started to braid a few of her beloved’s long locks, pressing a kiss to the strands that wrapped around her fingers. She could probably spend the rest of her life kissing this woman, she reflected. "I shouldn't have too much to do today.”

Guinevere’s eyes lit up at her actions, nodding in reply and shifting, hugging her waist and nuzzling her abdomen. “Ok.” She breathed, her voice a tiny, hoarse little thing, hardly audible even in the dead air of her room.

Lottie felt that warmth fill her chest once more at the sound of her beloved’s voice, and she leaned down, kissing her forehead and then her lips gently. Not quite a reward, but a thank you. “I’m all yours.” She teased gently, pressing her near. She let her hands slip into her hair, gently massaging her scalp.

She gasped and tensed up for a mere moment only to melt instantly, draping herself across her lap entirely as she fell limp. It was so rare to see such a visceral reaction from the woman, still so used to keeping up appearances from her family. She knew why she was doing this though. “They’re coming soon..” She mumbled breathlessly. Her family was visiting in a few days.

Lottie chuckled at her reaction, kissing her shoulder and then keeping up her ministrations, reluctant to pull away at any point in the near future. She loved these reactions, whenever she could catch them. She didn’t want to miss a single one. And then that... frustrating reminder came. Ah, yes. Lottie’s least favorite people on the entire planet. Which, really, was saying something. “They won’t stay long, amore.” She murmured. She wouldn’t let them, honestly. As Guinevere’s psychologist, she had quite a lot of sway, and it was terribly convenient for both of them. Still, Guinevere's smile faded and she simply gave a silent nod in reply, tracing a little pattern on the sheets with her dainty, well manicured fingernail. But they would still be here...

Lottie shifted a little, finding her hand and then kissing it before tugging her beloved into her arms, laying down so that she could wrap the taller woman up better. She pressed a kiss to the part in her hair. “It’s because it’s Father's’ Day.” She murmured. “I’m so sorry, Gwen.” That earned a tiny huff of air resembling a scoff. Some father. He left raising her to her mother, hardly acknowledging her. And then she’d have to deal with her brother on top of it all. The fucking brat. She didn’t even realize how much she had tensed up until Lottie took her hands, gripping tight to the sheets, and smoothed her fingers out.

Lottie cooed her nickname once more, soft and gentle, hoping to soothe her somewhat. “I can try to reschedule.” She offered softly. Guinevere shook her head firmly, glaring at the floor as she laced their fingers together gently. The faster this happened, the more of a gap there was between the next visit.

The redhead hesitated for a bare moment, and then nodded briefly. She considered making a mother-in-law joke briefly, and decided that her brother was wearing off on her. She squeezed her hand gently. “We’ll be okay. And you won’t be alone.”

A sigh escaped her Guinevere's lips as she nodded and let herself fall limp again, chest to chest with her head pillowed on her love's shoulder, chest rising and falling slowly.

Lottie moved to accommodate her Gwen, resting her head on hers and exhaling slowly. She kissed her hair, and then just kept her near. “I love you.” She murmured. “Are you hungry?”

“Love you too..” The taller woman cooed quietly, kissing her cheek and smiling against her, every action soft and sweet as she let her eyes flutter shut with a nod.

As many treats as Lottie snuck to Des and Meadow and Cas, her beloved got the most of them all. She deserved the whole world and everything in it. “We don’t have to go down to the cafe if you don’t want to.” She promised gently, pressing a gentle kiss to her jaw. “I’ll be right back.”

She gave a short hum of thought in reply, tensing at her next words but loosening her hold on her regardless. Guinevere shifted, getting off her lap and sitting beside her, staring at her hands in her lap.

Lottie reached out, finding her hands, pressing kisses to the backs of both of her hands. “Could kiss you forever.” She murmured, aware of how cheesy that sounded and so teasing gently. “Would you like to come?”

Her cheeks lit up, though it quickly disappeared as diamond chose to reveal the muscles beneath instead. The brunette nodded a bit hurriedly and stood, kissing her gently and clutching her close, loathe to be apart for even a moment.

Lottie’s expression brightened a little. She hated to be apart from her Gwen as well, and she leaned up on her tiptoes, gently kissing the diamond that swam lazily over her cheek. She wrapped her arms around her, giving her a big, real hug. Guinevere smiled faintly at her touch, following her out and squeezing her hand as they walked, unable to tear her eyes off her for even a moment. Every time she was away, all she did was think of her, aching to be near her again.

Lottie paused before they exited entirely, tipping her head back to kiss her softly. “I love you.” She told her softly, just wanting to remind her, promise her that there was no one else in the world that she loved as much as Guinevere. Then, she opened the door, leading her towards the elevator.