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Frederick Atkins

"It's what your parents would have wanted."

0 · 599 views · located in A Not-Too-Distant Future

a character in “Plumeria Research Facility”, as played by Inuiri



Full Name: Frederick Atkins
Age: 54
Date of Birth: May 13, 1966
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: English
Occupation: Head Surgeon
Education Level: Bachelor in Surgery, MD
Level of Clearance: 5


Hair Color: Greying brown
Eye Color: Forest green

Physique: Dr. Atkins may look sweet, and smile plenty, but there’s a clear vacancy in his soft green eyes. His skin is a light tan, and his frame reflects what you would expect of a middle aged scientist, vaguely in shape but not near the point of letting himself go. He has a straight nose, rounded at the tip with glasses always resting precariously atop it. In his prime his soft locks were a rich, shiny, dark brown, but at this point it’s lost it’s sheen and is more pale with grey fading into it from his roots while pushed back into some semblance of order. Often, he can be found in a lab coat with a sweater underneath and khakis.

Distinguishing Features: Empty eyes, glasses


Education Level: MD

Notable Skills: Manipulation His most honed skill, learned from the moment he was conscious, Frederick is a monster who uses people like his pawns, namely Adrian. Due to how close he was to his parents and that Adrian never got much affection that Frederick is happy to give, he has the young man under his thumb with a phrase as simple as “This is what your parents would have wanted”.

Organization Aside from the necessities, Frederick’s office and quarters are entirely blank, minimalist to a t. He certainly has belongings, but he keeps it clean in such a way that it seems like they never existed.

Knitting The sweaters that Frederick wears are all his own creations, though one would never know unless they spotted him working on them.

Notable Disadvantages: Psychopathy Not a disadvantage to him, but Frederick is a diagnosed psychopath. Deep down he’s a sadistic man, pursuing his career out of the sick want to harm others, but on the surface he’s nothing more than a sweet man who wants to help others. As a result he butts heads with the psychologists often, though he has confidence they’ll never get him removed.

Bad at Reading People Despite his disorder, he has terrible social skills. While many psychopaths are known for their charisma and seeming all-knowingness, Frederick is very poor at picking up on nuances of interpersonal relationships, needing things to be spelled out to him quite often. As a result he has no idea of subjects like Meadow and Desmond’s affections towards one another, or the way Guinevere obsesses over Dr. Reid.

Clumsy Whenever Frederick isn’t performing a surgery or knitting, focusing all his attention on one thing, he’s incredibly clumsy and drops things constantly. This unintentionally, but coincidentally plays into the mask of a sweet man he’s put up.


Frederick Atkins is a monster. Any smart enough to see through his facade will tell you that. He’s the kind of man who admires the work of Unit 731 because Mengele was too tame for him, which reflects in his work. He’s a sadistic person who finds no problem with vivisection, and often tries to operate on subjects without anesthesia as often as he can. He’s always been this way, thoughts of torture running through his head even in childhood.

Though few know about this side of him. The side he shows to the world is a kind man who seeks to make the world a better place through his work at Plumeria, playing dumb and befriending all he meets so the few that try to oppose him look like they’re making it up, drowned in claims of “But he’s so sweet!”. He rules over the other doctors with an iron fist, making sure no word of his work behind the scenes ever leaves the operating room. Often, subjects will “mysteriously” die during operation if he grows tired of working on them, knowing they’ll just be back eventually; Adrian is powerless to oppose, because “It’s what your parents would have wanted”.


Frederick never had a reason in the world to turn out the way he did. His parents loved him dearly, spoiling their only child who was born into a rich family.

Yet he did. He was a promising young boy, smart as a whip who read every chance he got. Even before he knew where it would lead, he captured animals as a child and tortured them, taking them apart in what seemed like a way to see how they worked, at least that’s what he told his parents when he was caught the first time. He became sneakier after that, adapting even then at such a young age.

As he grew older he took funneling all his time into studying the body and medicine, all his time that wasn’t occupied with “experiments” of course. He graduated high school early, accusations of things he had done to some female classmates swept aside because of his academic prowess and sweet demeanor.

Frederick met Alfred when they attended Carnegie Mellon together, and the two became fast friends. Along with Alfred’s wife the three started Plumeria, and Frederick had nearly free reign over subjects, which only grew more and more as the years went on. When Adrian came alone he instantly took to giving the boy the affection his parents didn’t, despite meaning none of it.

When the Mason’s died he felt nothing other than the show he put on to make it seem like he cared. Truly he felt triumph, with Adrian’s parents out of the way, he had him under his control entirely. All he had to say was something even mentioning his parents and he could get him to do whatever he liked. Of course he doesn’t want total control of the facility, that would take out all the fun of sneaking around, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a barrier between the people catching onto him.

Actions of Note within Facility: Right hand man to Alfred Mason before his passing

So begins...

Frederick Atkins's Story