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Result of genetic splicing with avian DNA

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a character in “Plumeria Research Facility”, as played by Inuiri





ID Number: #31235
Informal Name: Meadow
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Floor: 12[/center]


Hair Color: Bright Orange
Eye Color: Gold

Physique: #31235 is an incredibly small girl, only coming to a whopping 5 feet tall. A ginger through and through, thin doesn’t even begin to describe the experiment, appearing horribly malnourished as a result of hollow bones and incredibly fast metabolism, one of the several downsides of faulty genetic enhancements.
She has very gentle features, a round face and big pink cheeks to go with a straight, round nose. Her skin is an incredibly light, milky white which only makes her striking orange curls stand out even more, just barely reaching her chin.
One of the few successful results is her enormous, golden eyes, originally meant for enhanced eyesight to be utilized in combat or sharpshooting scenarios.Though because of her extremely fragile body, she tends to use her eyes for things like sewing and drawing. Meadow’s lithe form is covered in a smattering of auburn feathers, concentrated on her deformed shoulder blades, freckled face, and clawed hands and feet.
She prefers to wear pretty, light clothes, things like dresses and blouses, though because of her constant chill, she usually doesn’t get the chance to.

Physically Noticeable Mutations: Feathers, Enormous golden eyes, Wings attempting to grow under skin

Distinguishing Features: Eyes, Feathers


Abilities & Mutations

Description: #31235 is a test tube baby, the result of failed selective gene splicing with avian DNA. The experiments have since ceased until further research has been done since #31235 was the only living, functional result, and still turned out so weak. She has

Potential Uses for Mutation: Combat, Assassination

Notable Skills: Dancing, agility. It's a shame that she can maneuver so well, those skills would be utilized well if she could fight. She's also partial to video games.

Notable Disadvantages: Combat, anything involving physical labor, she's far too weak to ever be able to handle it, hardly able to lift more than 30 pounds.

Flaws or Defects in Subject: Several unwanted side effects that should have been controlled and left out of the splicing process such as hollow bones, leading to being extremely frail and almost useless in combat. Due to her weak stature, she has an incredibly low body temperature, needing constant warmth. The feathers and other avian attributes were some unavoidable but mostly harmless side effects.
Mostly. The deformities protruding from her shoulder blades have been revealed to be wings attempting to grow, developing beneath the skin - yet another flaw - the growth is extremely painful, leaving the subject in pain more often than not, though overall she seems to deal with it well.
She has the mental capacity of someone of her age, but still behaves like a child. At times she will mentally shut down, becoming completely silent and depressed, even aggressive if disturbed, only Desmond and Dr. Graham are able to approach her in such situations

Sweet, almost to the point of stupidity and being too trustworthy. All she wants is to be everyone's friend and help, she often follows around much of the staff, seeing if she can assist them in any way. Her want to befriend others has led to her shutting down emotionally more and more as she is faced with the horrors of the lower level subjects, though it leads her to want to learn more regardless. Her childishness leads to her being easy prey for the more manipulative members of the staff, though they are normally kept from her - not that Desmond allows them to come near anyway - despite her best efforts to try and befriend even those who have been outright cruel towards her. She is heavily dependent on Desmond, though before his introduction she was perfectly fine on her own.
Her isolation from the outside world, and only portal to it being television and Desmond’s experiences, has left her horribly optimistic, to the point of being a hopeless romantic. Despite being outright told the opposite, she still believes that one day she’ll be able to live a normal life, just like everyone she sees on TV.

#31235 is a true test tube baby, she has only known labs her whole life. So it's no surprise that she's so personable with the other subjects and staff members, having only had a few rare bad experiences with scientists and security who were promptly fired for mistreatment of subjects. #31235 has had a fairly uneventful life, since she's known nothing else she hasn't had any traumatic experiences with testing.
When Desmond was introduced to the facility six months ago, he managed to take out almost a dozen guards in only a few minutes on his way to the Upper Floors. Meadow had wandered out on her own, and just so happened to come face to face with the cyborg, though the wasn’t a trace of fear as she cheerfully introduced herself to him. Instantly, she took his metal hand without a moment of hesitation, leading him along excitedly and telling him he didn’t need to be scared despite the fact that the killing machine was covered in blood and viscera.
The two became fast friends, and despite initially being placed in separate rooms (Meadow snuck out frequently enough to ensure they would be put together), the two are nigh inseparable. Though they’ve only been together a small time, Meadow has become so dependent on her friend that the doctors fear the consequences of separating the two, even if only for a little while.

Actions of Note within Facility: Befriends most all she meets, very agreeable


So begins...

Meadow's Story

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#, as written by Inuiri
A collab between Demai and Inuiri

If there was one thing that Des had noticed about sharing a room with Meadow, it was that he slept far better than he did alone. He actually had time to dream in between the night terrors and the insomnia that hit him hard on the worst possible days. He’d had wonderful dreams that night, and he wasn’t used to waking up smiling.
“Dezzy..” The little voice beside him mewled, shifting and getting on her knees, bouncing and shaking the bed, making it thump over and over. “Wake up!” Meadow chirped, hugging him tight as she kept it up. “Wake up wake up wake up!”
That was the second thing that he had noticed. He tended to wake up plenty earlier than he normally did. “Meadoooow,” He complained in a mumble, his voice made hoarse from sleep. “‘M busy.” He protested, wrapping the tiny woman up in his arms and rolling over to trap her in them, effectively preventing her from escaping and continuing to disturb his slow awakening. The little girl squealed delightfully in reply as he moved, hugging his neck tight and grinning from ear to ear, yelping in pain when she laid on her back, the weight agitating her wings. She gasped and clung tight to him like a cat that had been thrown in water, keeping her back off the bed.
Alright, not busy any more. Worry immediately struck at his chest, a flood of guilt immediately filling the hole it left. He gasped a soft apology, gently lifting her off it a little, keeping her off the sheets easily. She was light as a feather in his arms, and perhaps that was an apt comparison.
“I’m ok.” She assured him quietly, calmed by his arms around her despite the constant ache in her shoulder blades. “See? Promise.” Meadow assured brightly, nuzzling his shoulder.
Des mumbled another apology in response, careful to move his hands just so, hoping to avoid hurting her further. He knew she wasn’t alright, she was in pain, she was... She was likely going to need surgery at some point, and he couldn’t even hug her tighter, because he would crush her. He put on a brave face, smiling and nudging at her gently in response. “So I can go back to sleep?” He teased softly.
“Noo!” She squeaked indignantly, squeezing him tight to compensate for how he couldn’t. “You have to be up! Up up up!!” The girl cheered gleefully.
“Down down down.” Des grumbled good-naturedly, shifting to place her atop him with gentle hands. “Better?” He asked quietly.
Meadow giggled brightly, kissing his nose when she was in place. “Uh huh.” She hummed, hugging him tight and hiding away in his chest. “But up!” She insisted once more, tugging him towards the edge of the bed.

Des gave her a terribly amused look, sighing at last and then letting her tug him along, slowly sitting up. He yawned, reaching up to scrub at his eyes with mismatched hands. He mentally told the computer that attempted to analyze his current state of sleep deprivation to shut up, and dragged one hand down his face. “‘M tired.” He mumbled, pillowing his head on her shoulder.
She grinned and hugged him tight still, “But it’s morning!” She whined with a grin, just as much of a bird like this as in every other way, with the need to wake up everyone.
“And I’m Des.” The cyborg teased a little, dropping a kiss onto her hair and then curling up, small as he could get with his size, pillowing his head on her lap. “Five more minutes?” He pled, peering up at her and giving her a pair of pathetic puppy dog eyes.
Meadow pouted and laid across him too, hugging his waist and nuzzling his metal shoulder. “But it’s time to be up!” She cried again.
Des was losing this battle, and finally, he surrendered, gently picking her up and setting her on his shoulders. “What are we doing today?” He asked, tapping his metal fingers on her knee. So far as he knew, they were just going to be meeting with Lottie--Dr. Reid, he reminded himself.
“I dunno!” She hummed with a grin, resting her chin on his head and hugging his neck tight, petting his locks back into place, still crazy from sleep. “Can we go outside?” She asked innocently, just like every day.
“We can ask,” Des answered softly, a gentle answer that came most days around this time in the morning. But the answer was always no, no, the director says no, the doctors say no... He didn’t blame them, really. Not for him and Cas, anyway. But Meadow deserved better.
Meadow grinned brightly at the prospect, hugging him tighter and squealing his name happily. “Ask!” She repeated gleefully. “When we see Lottie.”
“What time is she coming here?” Des asked. He considered amending his sentence, adding an over right before the word here, but it was really all one giant compound. They were an elevator away from her, but getting to that elevator, well... He’d rather not risk it.
“3.” She hummed in reply, kicking her legs as she sat on his shoulders, repeating the number a few times with a smile, playing with his hair once it was all fixed.
“And what time is it now?” Des nuzzled into her hands gently, tipping his head back to look at her. Time for you to get a watch, he thought, but there were no watches to be found easily accessible around there.
“9!” The girl answered happily, crawling her way to his front, hugging to him like a koala and gazing up at him with her excited golden eyes.
Des was relatively confident that he could feel his heart melting at her response and then at her embrace. He hugged her carefully, humming softly to her. “Six hours is a long time to practice dancing.” He teased a little, swaying in a circle with her.
She gasped at the idea. “We can dance! And then do other stuff too!” Meadow chirped hurriedly, slipping from his arms and landing silently on her toes, grabbing his hands.
Des couldn't help but smile at her excitement. He leaned down, gently setting her on her feet. “Like what?” He prompted gently, raising his hands to let her have them.
The ginger squeezed his hands and released one to twirl, hugging him when she returned to his chest. “Like stuff with you.” She cooed in earnest, gazing up at him with a soft smile.Image
“Like drawing, or singing? We could make frosting,” Des hugged her gently, dropping a kiss onto her head. He loved frosting. “And something to eat with the frosting.” He teased a little. But of course, that was second on the list of priorities when it came to that.
“Sing!” She gasped immediately, jumping and hugging his hands to her chest. “We should sing.” She murmured quieter, smiling brightly. She didn’t get to hear his voice a lot… He thought she was asleep. But she never really was.
Des hesitated at that, biting his bottom lip out of habit. His brain was moving a mile a minute, though, apparently determined to inform him of all the bad things that could happen. “I--” He started, and nervousness made his vocal chords scrape together. His cheeks flushed, and he ducked his head down, as if he were a turtle and could hide in his shell, earning a gasp from Meadow at the metallic grating. Assuming he was hurt like he normally was from such a sound, she leaned up on her tiptoes and pet his throat in a soothing motion, trying to fix it. Des’ cheeks only got darker at her actions, and he leaned down a little to accommodate her better, not wanting her to have to strain herself.
“Better?” She inquired in a small voice, hugging him tight, seemingly never getting off her toes as she stroked his hair. “We don’t have to sing that’s ok, we can do other stuff.” Meadow assured him gently.
“You wanted to sing,” Des whispered, trying to get the frustrating pieces of metal that let him speak to work. He hesitated a little, giving them another few moments to soothe themselves. “You’re awake when I sing to you?” He asked, a little shyly, as soon as they felt well enough to work.
Her already pink cheeks burned bright red as her eyes widened. “I.. Y-Yeah..” She mumbled bashfully, ducking her head down and kicking the ground with her toe. “‘M sorry I can stop.” She whispered, peeking up beneath her curls.
Des quickly shook his head, squeezing her hands gently, hoping to comfort her somewhat. “It’s okay,” He promised softly. “Does it help you sleep at all?” He asked after a moment of hesitancy, afraid that the scraping would keep her awake rather than help her fall asleep.
Her cheerful grin returned in a millisecond at his question, nodding hurriedly and hugging him tight. “Lots.” she mused, rocking on the balls of her feet, unable to be sad for more than a moment.
The cyborg was rather relieved that he hadn’t caused any lasting damage, and he smiled. He hugged her back in a moment, careful as always. “Lots and lots?” He teased, nudging at her curls gently.
“Yeah!” Meadow chirped in reply, kissing his cheek and becoming distracted quickly as her stomach growled, her insatiable metabolism rearing it's ugly head. “Do we have more animal crackers?” She inquired sweetly, pulling from his embrace and wandering about their room on her tiptoes, heading for the cabinets too high for her. The snacks were one of the easy things for Lottie to sneak in for her.
Des went after her, resting his metal hand on the doorway briefly, just gazing at her with a soft little smile on his face. He was just happy to know her, to be able to spend his time with her. “I think we do,” He answered, reaching down to gently lift her up so that she could reach. “We should still have the ones with icing too.” He added with a bright smile.
“Yay!” She giggled, clapping and hugging to his arm as she was lifted, kissing his cheek and reaching up. Almost falling from his arms as she reached for the door, she pulled it open and grabbing the tiny box, hugging it to her chest and swinging her legs.
He breathed in sharply when she just about fell, gathering her back to him with gentle fingers in moments, making sure that she was safe and secure. Then, he set her down on the counter. “You okay?” He asked softly. She nodded firmly and opened the box like nothing was wrong, humming quietly as she worked on it, pulling one out and kneeling up, putting the cracker in front of his mouth. Des took the spare moment to try to still his flyaway heart, soothing it with reassurances that she was okay and he hadn't yet dropped her. He came back to himself a moment later, and then he purposely crossed his eyes to look at the cracker, a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.
Meadow giggled and poked him in the mouth with it, “Eat!” She ordered happily. “Breakfast time,” She clarified further.
“I like breakfast,” Des teased a little, and then nudged at her hand playfully before delicately taking the cracker from her hand, thanking her as soon as he swallowed.
A grin split across her features as she hugged his neck, “Go get breakfast!” She suggested. “With everyone else. Down in the cafeteria.” The ginger hummed as she crawled onto his back again, voice muffled by the crackers in her mouth.
“As you wish,” He answered with a soft little smile, shifting to help support her as she climbed over again. His whole chest felt warm just being around her, and he resisted the urge to turn his head and gaze after her. “Cas might be down there.” He hummed in thought, smiling a little at the remembrance of their friend.
She pouted a little but nodded. “Ok.” She grumbled, her voice too soft and sweet to convey any real negative emotion. “Go!” She chirped, pointing to the door and kissing a metal spot on his shoulder as they headed out.

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#, as written by Demai
A collab between Demai and Inuiri

As the two continued down the hall, Meadow sang quietly to her beloved, giant, bodyguard. Des didn’t wanna sing. That was ok. She would do it for him. She kissed his locks, though there was more behind the affectionate gesture. TV said when someone makes your heart feel all funny that’s what love was. And that’s what Desmond felt like… So she loved him then. But she didn’t get the difference between the way they said I love you, things that were and weren’t ok. They always said I love you. But Dezzy couldn’t always have loved her. It made her head hurt thinking about it. So she pushed it aside and leaned over, kissing his nose and hugging his neck tight.
Des’ mind was on the same general topic, though a slightly different branch of it. Hearing her sing made every atom in his body, flesh and metal, want to stand up and twirl around. He felt so, so happy... Meadow was the light of his life, to be entirely honest, and he wished he could give her the world, despite knowing that that wasn’t a possibility right then. Someday. He hummed softly along with her, smiling at the song that he recognized. He chuckled softly, and gently squeezed her calves, nuzzling at her knee gently.

She squeaked a little at the feeling and giggled, “Hey~” She scolded gently, kissing his metal palm and hugging it to her chest, crawling to his chest and curling up there. “Don’t squishy me!”

Des tipped his head up at that, offering her an entirely innocent look as he surrendered his hand to her. He couldn’t help but smile, helping to keep her steady as she migrated down to his chest. He cradled her there, letting her listen to his metallic heart. “Why would I do that?” He teased gently.

She giggled, kissing his nose as she leaned up. “You’re a meanie.” She cooed lovingly, nuzzling his chest and squeezing him tight. “Meanie Des.” She hummed.

There had to be some reasonable combination of the words Meanie and Des, but he couldn’t easily think of one. He laughed softly, and pressed a kiss to her hair in response. “Am not.”

“Yeah.” She chirped softly, grabbing his hand with both of hers, nuzzling his wrist and smiling. “I love you.” The little birdie hummed, peering up at him with her bright golden eyes, full of nothing but love.

Des felt his whole chest light up at her words, as if her voice had turned on a light switch inside of him. He attempted to quiet the butterflies that appeared along with it, and it was a practiced act by then. If only your heart was supposed to do funny things when you were in love, he was in trouble, because loving Meadow was a full body experience. “I love you too,” he whispered affectionately, condensing the light in his chest and the butterflies in his stomach and the warmth everywhere else into three words that he meant, and hoped that she might eventually.

Her eyes lit up at that, giggling gleefully and hugging him tight, kissing his cheek as she latched onto his neck. “Yay!!” She cheered, kicking her feathered feet happily as she ran her talons over his scalp.

The cyborg couldn’t help but laugh, finding her joy contagious and needing an outlet for all the warmth that had welled up inside of him. He hugged her gently, cradling her to him and rocking her gently in his arms. Then, as if another switch had been pulled in him, all the tension went straight out of his shoulders when she touched his hair, his eyes closing briefly. If a man could purr, he certainly was as he nuzzled into her hands.

The tiny experiment giggled at his reaction, keeping it up and continuing her singing as she swung her legs. “Don’t fall asleep.” She cooed playfully.

“Meadooow, you’re gonna make me melt.” Des protested softly, smiling a little. He gave her a petulant look, peering up at her through his lashes before she hit a particularly sensitive spot and there he went again.

She bit her lip to suppress a grin and pulled her hands away with a little laugh. “Ok, no more.” Meadow vowed playfully, tucking her hands behind her back and smiling smugly.

It took him a moment to get his center of gravity back in the right place, and he successfully found one of her hands afterwards. Out of habit, he gently ran his thumb over the feathers on her wrist, and ached to kiss them. But he gazed at her instead, with a soft look in his eyes and a little smile. “Once we sit down?” He suggested softly.

Meadow nodded firmly in reply and hugged his neck again. “Uh huh.” She hummed softly, nuzzling her nose against his jaw, too naive to understand the intimacy of it as she let her eyes flutter shut.

Des’ cheeks flushed softly at her actions, and he ducked his head down a little, unable to keep from leaning into her touch. Guilt soon stabbed at his chest, though, because he knew she didn’t know. And he himself only had some vague idea... What a pair they were, really. He dropped a kiss onto her temple in response as they came up to the elevator doors.

The girl giggled in reply and squished her burning cheeks with glee, feathers puffing out a bit as she poked his nose with her talon, opening her mouth the speak only for them to almost slam into David and Margot as they stepped from the elevator.

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"Do you suppose we could visit Meadow first?"

David looked up from the clipboard on his lap, which he'd balanced on the suitcase that rested on his thighs. He'd checked Margot into the facility multiple times, and each time, he had another stack of paperwork to file. He knew it was only a matter of time before he could no longer get his daughter below the lobby, but until that day, he'd continue filing as many medical forms as he had to.
"Yeah...uh...are you on any new medicines?" he asked, looking up briefly from his form and looking around for Margot. The young girl had taken to walking in a slow circle around his wheelchair, swinging her arms back and forth impatiently.

"Dunno," she mumbled, coming to a stop now as she looked at David in exasperation. This happened every time. Why couldn't he do this before she got here? He was wasting the time she got to spend exploring. "You could ask Mom." David made a face, tapping the pen against his packet of papers.

"Let's not bring your mother into this, got it?" He filled in "unknown" for now, telling himself he'd go back and fix that when he knew. With that, he slammed his pen down on the paper and smiled down at Margot. ”Come on then, you. We’ve got to turn this in.”

David wheeled himself over to the front desk and dropped the papers off before any questions could be asked. Margot trailed behind, slinging her backpack onto her shoulders as her father continued making his way towards the elevator. Truly, she loved these visits here - even if she could never speak of it when she went back home. Long ago, her father had fabricated stories she'd be able to tell when her mother asked. And, boy, did she ask.

But Margot wouldn't tell, she couldn't tell. Then she wouldn't be able to come back, and God knew when she'd next see her father. She'd asked her mother once why Dad didn't visit them, and Adele had just laughed to herself before cutting off. She wouldn't sink so low as to insult David in front of her daughter. And yet sometimes she couldn't help herself.
"Well, we'll drop your bags off and then-" David began to speak as they entered the elevator, after he'd scanned his ID.

"You said I could see Meadow," Margot shot back, crossing her arms over her chest now.

"I did?" Oh God, what else did I agree to? "Uh, yeah, I did. Let's go drop off-" But Margot had already pressed the button to Meadow's floor, determined to reclaim as much of her visit as he'd stolen while completing the paperwork. David sighed and rubbed at his temple. "You can't do this, Margot. Things are different here now - I'm in charge of you, damn it." His Scottish accent grew more intense as his voice raised in pitch slightly, sounding more like a complaint than scolding.

When the doors opened, she started to step out, but he wheeled in front of her, sliding out an arm to push her slightly back behind him. But she stopped moving without his guidance and, instead, David rolled himself into Des.

"Ah, good morning, you two," he greeted, grinning up at the pair as Margot watched from behind the wheelchair. He moved back slightly and turned in his seat to look at Margot. "Margot, this is Desmond." Now, he looked back up at the metallic man. "And this is Margot, my daughter."

"Uh...hi," the young girl said quickly, slowly stepping out front behind the wheelchair. "Nice you." She held out a hand for a moment and then pulled it back, not entirely sure she wanted to shake his metallic hand.

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Character Portrait: Meadow Character Portrait: David Graham Character Portrait: Desmond "Des" Shepard
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Inuiri
A collab between Demai and Inuiri

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Des had taken a step forward--only to quickly take three back, not wanting to accidentally crush the staffmember and the child he assumed was his daughter. An apology immediately slipped out, and he shifted Meadow a little. She was better with people than he was, and on instinct, he did his best to make himself a little smaller. That want was exacerbated by how the little girl looked at him.
Meadow, on the other hand, had the exact opposite reaction, lurching forward at the sight of them. “Margot!” She squealed gleefully, slipping from Des’ arms and holding his hand, leading him forward with a smile, bumping his arm with her forehead to get him to shake her hand.
Des was terribly torn, between the fact that Margot was literally sidling behind the wheelchair to avoid him and Meadow’s exuberance. The girl did not want to shake his hand, and Meadow was now nudging him. He looked at the latter with a helpless expression, and then hesitated before offering his normal hand as Margot reached forward, a little hope rising up in his chest. She took her hand back quickly, and that hope fizzled out promptly. He drew his back before he could touch her, whispering an apology. “Nice to meet you too.” He said softly, smiling a little at her. And for once, his voice didn’t scrape or anything
Meadow frowned a tiny bit at the awkwardness, hugging his metal arm tight to show him how much she loved it if Margot didn’t. She reached forward a little so she didn’t have to release Des, hugging Margot with one arm and grinning. “I missed you!” The ginger chirped happily. “Dezzy is the best in the world and he’s the sweetest.” She declared.
Des’ chest warmed at Meadow’s actions, and he was terribly grateful for her. He leaned down, resting his head on hers for a moment before straightening a little once more, blushing at Meadow’s response. She thought he was the sweetest? He curled his metal fingers a little, squeezing her hand gently. His actions earned a little giggle from the hybrid, leaning up to bump her forehead to his, nuzzling their noses together and tucking herself into his side as she looked back to David and Margot expectantly.