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Areli Lovell

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a character in “PMC: Leftovers”, as played by Lupine


Areli "Leo" Lovell
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Description: 6'3", O-, essential stats. Areli has short light brown hair, hazel eyes and lightly tanned skin. His accent is Midwest American with some hints of British. An intelligent young man with decent tactical knowledge. Often comes off as a bit cold due to his sarcasm but Areli cares for each of his squadmates.
Outfit:Standard issue OD cargos tucked into his RM-issued combat boots with OD jacket unbuttoned with the sleeves folded up to his elbows and a green bandana tied around his neck where he could pull it over his mouth if the situation calls for it
Personality & History: Areli was born in Lebanon, Indiana where he is most of his early years. His mother was a British citizen working on a working visa when she met Areli's father. Areli was born 11 months after his parents wed. Areli's father was a bit of a country boy and owned mutliple guns. While Areli's mother was wary of the guns, she let hims keep them.

When Areli was old enough(about 8 going on 9), Areli's father began to teach him how to shoot after making sure Areli knew how to properly handle any gun and all the safety rules. When Areli turned 10, the family moved to a town outside of Cambridge. Areli's father was forced to sell most of his guns due to the UK's strict gun laws. Areli would then sepend most of his time studying. His test scores were high enough and Areli had the urge to join the British Armed Forces. Areli was approached with a propsal to join the Royal Marines. Areli signed up for 6 years when he was 18. His dad was proud but his mother was worried about him.

Areli raised through the ranks of the RM(Royal Marines) till he reached Corpal while being deployed to tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. While there, Areli learned the harsh reality of war that comes with watching friends die, and killing other human beings. Areli took the lose of his friends harder than his kills of the enemy. He now acts a bit cold and uncaring when the opposite is true.

After his finishing his contract with the Rm, Areli decided to try and settle back down into cilivian life. It took some time to adjust and Areli never fully settled in. While heading out to see a brother-in-arms, Areli was introduced to the idea of being a merc. At first, Areli was against the idea so his friend gave him a card. As the idea stewed in Areli's mind, he eventually decided to give them a call.
Physical Condition: Even though it has been a while since coming back and being discharged, Areli has kept in shape by working out though he has put on a few pounds compared to his Commando weight.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Areli is a great soldier with decent instincts. His major problem is losing someone on the battlefield when he could have possibly prevented it. Areli will spend the next day or 2 beating himself up about it when out of battle though it has occasionally affected him in a fight.
Training: Support
Bio-Boost: Bone Glue, Combat LifeSaver
Equipment: Always carries a wallet filled with pictures of friends and family as a few of those he lost while on tour. Areli carries 10 mag of 30 rounds for the RPK, 4 mags for the PMM, 5 mortars, 2 smoke bombs and a single hand grenade.

*RPK Carried in hands, ammo on belt

*Commando Mortar Attached to his backpack, ammo in backpack

*Smoke Bombs Attached to the front of his vest

*RGD-5s Carried on his belt behind his rpk ammo

*PMM Hip holster with mags attached to

So begins...

Areli Lovell's Story

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#, as written by Lupine
There was a knock at the door. A few seconds later, there was another knock at the door. Areli ran along the sidewalk as he came home. He slowed down as he reached his home. "Can I help you?" Areli asked the man at the door. "I have a delivery for Areli Lovell." "That would be me." Areli answered. He was dressed in a red tanktop, basketball shorts and a pair of New Balance running shoes. The man handed a clipboard to Areli while saying, "Please sign here." He pointed to the line. Areli signed then gave the clipboard back to the man. The man handed Areli a box and an envelope then turned and left to continue on his route.

Areli pulled out his keys and unlocked the door before walking into his home. He walked into his kitchen and began to prepare his lunch. While waiting on the food to cook, Areli grabbed the envelope and looked at it. The address was Stateside and held the logo of the company that Areli had called about a potential job offer. He tore open the envelope and read the letter. The reds in the beginning of the letter were amusing. While he kept reading, he began to frown. The pay was good but that was assuming he even survived the whole ordeal. He sighed as he began read the rules of survival. Most of them were pretty straight forward and obvious for those that have been in battle. He checked the date and frowned. He would have to leave immediately if he wanted time to get there and check the place out a bit before officially starting the contract.

Areli sighed and called up an old buddy from school who joined the Royal Air Force. "Hey, Charlie? It is Areli." He listened to his friend talk to him. "Yea, nice to hear from you. You know that favor you owe me? I have a way you can return it. Is there anyway, you can get me to Maine?" Areli nodded though his friend could not see him, "Yes I realize that is in the States but I have a job and I need to get there by the 15th." Areli laughed softly as his friend reacted. "I know, I know but you will have paid the favor you owed me so we would be all square. Alright, I would like to leave here tomorrow afternoon if you can get it done by then." Areli smiled, "Sweet. Ok thanks. I will see you then." Areli smiled then sniffed the air before cursing soundly. He almost let his food burn. After saving his food, Areli opened the package to find his issued uniform. Areli smiled softly before turning back to his food and eating.

Areli got up as they landed. He grabbed his bag from the cargo hold and smiled at Charlie. "Thanks for the ride." Charlie nodded, "It is nothing. We are all square now?" Areli nodded, "Yes, we are all square. Have fun fueling and making the return trip on your own." Charlie smiled. "If Amelia Earhart can do it then so can I." Areli shook his head and made his way to customs. After getting through, Areli took a cab to what will be his new home.

Areli gave the taxi driver and took a small nap on the way there. The cabbie woke Areli up as the approached the operations center. Areli yawned and sat up. He looked around. "You can stop at the gate." The cabbie began to slow down and eventually came to a stop. He was a day or two early but he wanted the time to get used to rest of the mercs and the base. He got out after paying the cab. He walked to the back while the driver popped the trunk open. Grabbing his back, Areli hoisted it over his shoulder and walked to the guard. "I am here to report to--" "Name?", asked the guard. "Areli Lovell." The guard looked over his list and opened the gate. "Welcome. The barracks are the second building on your right and we have a few of the weapons set-up at the gun range if you want to see what you will have to work with." Areli nodded as the cabbie backed up and drove off. "This will be interesting." Areli muttered as he walked onto the base.

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#, as written by Lupine
Tammy felt a little like a spy. Here she was, watching the PMC base from the outskirts of the forest she'd come through checking out the activity. How she was to get inside she didn't know exactly. She was pretty sure they weren't just going to let her wander straight inside so she needed a solid plan.

Sometimes being a journalist helped. She knew how to play dirty when it was needed. And right now it was probably needed. She didn't like playing dirty, but sometimes a girl had to do what a girl had to do. And this was one of those times.

She retied her blonde hair into a single ponytail, rolled the sleeves of her flannel shirt up to her elbows and redid the laces on her shoes while she thought about exactly what she wanted to say when she approached the guards. She was going to have to go with a forceful approach and bluff her way through with knowledge of journalism to make them think she had something on the base that could be potentially damaging to them.

She had nothing.

But they didn't need to know that. Checking her bag, and the pockets of her cargo trousers, she made sure that she had everything she needed and headed off towards the guards. First she'd try the non-invasive approach. If that didn't work well then, it was onto plan B.

Once she got to the guards, she smiled. "So, I was wondering if one of you fine, young men would let me inside to see someone in charge of this whole operation." It didn't hurt paying them a complement or two in the process either. She just smiled at the men and waited expectantly to be let inside.

Areli had already set-up a routine and currently he was on his morning jog. They were a few assignments up for a few to work if they wanted to make some extra money before the real stuff. The tasks were minor and Areli was leaning to the hospital one. He knew nothing about medicine but he knew basic first aid and had a light machine gun so either he could help or make sure everything ran smoothly.

While on his way pass the entrance, he noticed a blonde woman with her hair pulled back and sleeves rolled up. She was talking to guards like she was trying to get in without any question. Areli shook his head. If she was not listed, there was no way in hell she would get in. Areli was curious so he slowed down.

Currently, no one was speaking. "What is going on here?" Areli asked as he began to walk over. He was sweaty and that showed on his tanktop. One of the guards spoke up, "This woman is trying to get into the base to speak with the leader of the operation."

Areli shook his head and looked at the young woman. "You are not going to see him. I haven't even seen him." Areli gently took her by the arm and led her away from the guards and back down the road a ways so they could talk without being interupted or overhead. "I will set her straight, guys. Back to your posts."

The guards had told her exactly what she'd expected them to say, and she'd have been disappointed if they hadn't. It would have been poor defense if they'd just let her in. But they hadn't even asked why she wanted to see their leader. Tammy hadn't even known if there was an operation or whatever, but when another man appeared out of nowhere - having being on a daily jog, they informed him of who she wanted to see and that confirmed that there must have been some sort of operation going on.

When the male took her arm and started to lead her away, she frowned, immediately trying to pull her arm out of his grip. "I'm not leaving here until I see the right person and I will get in there and see the right person." Tammy warned him. "You don't want to mess with me. I may be a female, and small and defenseless in the sense that I have no weapons, but I know my stuff. And I want to get in to see whoever is in charge here, Mister..."

She trailed off a moment, expecting him to give her his name.

Areli's grip was strong and a bit firm to make sure she could not easily get away and stupidly trying to get into the base again. Areli snorted at her as she spoke of getting in there and see the right person. Areli gave her a quick glance over and smiled lightly at the idea of her attempting to fight him off. "You are not going to get in and see the guy in charge. I work there and I have not even seen the guy who runs the show. I have seen our commander but he is a puppet."

He took a deep breath and let her go once they were far enough away. "My name is Lovell... Corporal Areli Lovell. Former Royal Marines."

"Then I want to speak to your commander. Either way I'm getting into the base. I have some important things to discuss, things that I can't discuss with you, Mister Lovell." She told him. "Now, if you don't mine, before I really kick up a fuss out here, you'll lead me into the base and to your commander." She wasn't giving up her name just yet. Tammy wasn't sure if her name was known between people for journalism, and she wasn't sure if people knowing that she was in the journalism industry would help her case or worsen it.

"So, Mister Lovell, are you going to take me into the base or not?"

Areli smiled softly. "Look I brought you out here so we can talk without being overheard. You are not going to be able to get into the base and you are not going to see the commander as he..." He stopped himself as it occured to him if she could be a reporter. He groaned and sighed. "Look why do you even want to see him? You are a civilian. Probably a reporter." He thought about it for a minute.

"Look if you are a reporter, let me see your notebook." He held out his hand for a moment. He doubted she would trust him to not tear it in half but he was going to give her a story that she could give and have them mentioned but in a small part without giving too much away.

"I'm not a reporter." She lied easily. And it was part truth. She was writing an article on the charity work she was doing, and her job right now was to help them out. "I'm a charity worker in a nearby village and I'm concerned about our protection." That was truth, not exactly the true reason she was here, but it was enough to hopefully get her inside to talk to someone of importance.

With the clashes and violence between people, she was worried that soon the enemy would come through and devastate the village she was in. Poverty and disease was already claiming many lives, they didn't need violence claiming more. "I'm wasting valuable time standing here arguing with you when I could be back in the village saving lives. I did not come down here to just be turned back. So the quicker you let me in to talk to the right person, the quicker I can get back with the news I want."

Areli raised an eyebrow and thought about what she was saying. She still haven't give him her name so she was clearly one to withhold the truth. "You are gonna expect me to believe that you haven't even gave me your name?" He scoffed before adding. "Look I get that you are trying you ensure the safety of the village and the rest of the people with you but you are not going to talk with the 'right' person. I am not even sure they would let you leave since you know our location."

He sighed and looked at her. "You know of a local hospital? Well they have recently been flooded with wounded from a recent clash that went down. I am going to be there if you would like to meet me there and chat a bit more of why I am here. And if you really want to help, you could probably give those doctors and nurses a helping hand since they are probably overwhelmed. Now can I see your notebook so I can give the name of the place and when I am going to be there?"

"My name is Tammy, if you must know." Anyone could be called Tammy, without giving away her last name they wouldn't have any idea if she was a reporter or not, but this guy seemed to be able to tell. Maybe he'd seen her picture with an article or something. Either way, she smiled at him.

"So, if I might not be allowed to leave because of knowing your location, does that mean I'd be let on base? And, surely this hospital is on base, which means, if I'm to help out I'd be let inside then, right?" She smirked, firguring she'd found the loophole and that either way she was getting on base.

She pulled her backpack off of her back and opened it up, digging through her things for her notepad before bringing it out and handing it over to Areli. The first few pages were full of notes containing details of the state of the village she was working in, and then the last two pages were things that she'd heard about the PMC base that had led her to decide to check it out.

"Here you go. I'd appreciate it if you kept my previous notes intact with the book." She told him, hesitant at first to hand over the notebook, but in the end she did.

Areli looked at her and nodded as he tried to recall of reporters or journalists that he knew of that a name that could be shortened to Tammy. He gave up after several seconds thinking the name was on the tip of his tongue so to speak. "The hospital is not on base. I am pretty sure it is quite a ways away from the base but it is an assignment we could talk and you could be useful other than snooping where you belong."

"Also I meant these people probably don't have much of a conscious so you could disappear. I would hate to see that." He wrote down the hospital name and when he was going to be there so she could meet him. He looked at her and flipped the pages back to see what she knew about them and what she had wrong.

"This PMC base probably isn't as private as you seem to think it is, Mister Lovell." Tammy stated, crossing her arms as he flicked through her notes. "It's talked about throughout our village. Everyone knows. And if you're not going to let me go in, then I want you to go in and get someone else to come out and talk to me. I heard that you guys were the good guys and that it was possible that when the time was needed we could get protection during evacuations if necessary." She took a quick pause before continuing.

"Do you have any idea how many orphans we have? How many children have lost their parents to poverty and disease? How many children are dying currently because of the current conditions and the fact that most of them have one disease or another passed on from their parents. Unfortunately we are short on funding for enough medication and supplies to make their lives more comfortable, but we do what we can. And if you are threatening me with just 'disappearing' to make things easier for yourself then you have another thing coming. I don't just disappear easily, Mister Lovell and your threat doesn't scare me either. I am not a threat, or I'm not threatening you and your base yet. But with the knowledge that they-"

Areli frowned and moved his face extremely close to her. "Threats? I was not making threats. I am warning you because I have no idea what conscious the people I work for have but thank you for ironing out the fact that our base location is a well known fact." He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. She was starting to give him a headache like a reporter would when he was back in the RM.

He took a moment to look away before looking at her again. "Look I am trying to help you with a story that you could write about us without it being strictly about who I work for." He spoke with an even tone like he was trying to keep himself from saying something that would clearly be taken wrong. He took a deep breath then let it go. "Look I can talk to the higher ups about giving you guys protection for an evac if we get word about troops moving towards you guys. I can't guarentee anything but that is the best I can do." He looked at her waiting for her response.

Tammy's expression turned to one of anger as he cut her off. She was annoyed with this guy, but she was as stubborn as a mule and she wasn't going anywhere until she'd talked to someone other than this... this man. "When exactly did I state I wanted a story about the PMC base. That is not why I'm here. My assignment is based on those children. But I will be quick to change my mind and write an article about the new local PMC base making unwanted people 'disappear'." She told him.

"I'm pretty sure someone else will talk to me with knowing that." Tammy added. She had found the power she thought she needed to gain the upperhand that would lead her into the base. "And I'll come to that hospital, just to help out where I can." She added, "I'm a charity worker. If they need help then I have first aid training and can help out where I'm needed. I can be civil as well, Mister Lovell."

Areli scratched under his chin and shook his head. "Look I am not sure that people have even disappeared. I am just saying I would not be surprised if it did take place. These people don't exactly rub me the right way." He looked at her. "Right, charity work... that is why you have a notebook with the making of 2 articles in it." He shook his head and handed back the notebook. "Good day, Tammy." He turned and headed back to base. He had some people he needed to talk to and he was not sure if this was going to go over well.

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#, as written by Lupine
Areli waited a while after the briefing before heading to see the commander. He was not looking forward to what was going to happen. He headed towards the offices while looking for Victor. He eventually ran into a secretary. Fortunately, she was able to tell where to know. The door was closed so approached and knocked on the door. "Commander, if you have a few moments, I would like to speak with you."

There was no response. When he opened the door, he found Victor kicked back in his chair, dozing. There was a messy pile of papers on the desk, a rifle learning against the wall, and a cigarette still smoldering in an ashtray. All that, and a half-full foam cup of coffee gave the distinct impression he'd been working his ass off.

Areli blinked and cleared his throat rather loudly in an attempt to wake up the sleeping commander. I guess he was even more tired that he appeared, Areli thought silently. He just hoped the commander would not need him to walk over him and shake him awake. Most people develop a reflex to being woken up and Areli was not sure how the commander would react.

Areli turned back towards the door seeing his initial attempts to wake the man had fail. He knocked louder than he did previously. He hoped this would work.

It did, kinda. Victor sat up and glanced dully at the doorway, before slumping back again. A couple seconds later, he looked again, and started to shake himself awake. ""

"Sorry for waking you, Commander but I need to speak with you about something." Areli spoke then did a quick salute out of habit. "Permission to sit, sir?"

"Uh, okay. Go for it." The merc said groggily. He looked at the half-empty cup of coffee and promptly finished the contents with one long draught.

Areli took a seat and looked at the commander. "I think we might have a bit of a..." Areli paused because he was not sure on how to address what she was. "I guess you can call it a problem. On the day you gave out the assignments to the hospital, helping put together the vehicle or reinforce our defenses, I was out of my afternoon jog and the guards were talking to a young woman at the gate. It was clear she was not a contractor and she was dressed as a civilian. She had demanded entrance in order to speak with you, sir."

He looked at him and sighed. "She says she is from a charity organization that is helping one of the local villages. I think she is a reporter covering a local charity organization. She also claims she wanted to talk with you in order to secure evac or protection if the enemy decides to lash out against the village she was at." Areli stopped there to gather the reaction from the commander.

Even half-asleep, Victor was certain of what to say. "Tell her to fuck off. We're not obligated to deal with reporters. There's plenty of other outfits that will. Bringing refugees into a military facility that is commonly under attack is a terrible idea - she should realize that."

Areli raised an eyebrow. "The thing is, Commander, she does not strike me as one to give up so easily. I told her I would talk to her at the hospital since I knew so basic first aid and thought I could help. Either she never showed or she was avoiding me. Also I don't think she wanted them to be evac'd to here." Areli shrugged casually then an idea struck him. "Commander, now that I think about it. She could be useful intel-wise."

"She could be a source of information, yes." He sighted, massaging his temples. "But if she's that stubborn, it might hardly be worth the trouble."

Areli chuckled. "Yes but her being stubborn might be good for us. We could tell her that we will provide protection to her village and possibly evac them to a safer place if needed as long she works with us and gives us good intel."

"Stubborn asses are easy to put to their word. You have a point." Victor said quietly. He waited until the merc was done chuckling and stared him in the eye. "I'll consider it. But not a word to the woman or anyone else, understood?"

Areli nodded. "Understood, sir." Areli stood up. He needed to prep for the mission and wanted to get more time in with the RPK. It was not what he was used to handling and it would take a bit more practice to get used to it. "Am I dismissed?"

"Yeah. Sure." Victor glanced at his watch, probably considering how much time he had left to sleep.

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#, as written by Lupine
Areli rode in the truck, manning the gun. It was not a pleasant ride since they were doing it with no lights but it made sense to not give away their position. He hummed a tune him and his buddies used to sing when going off to and from assignments.

Once arriving two klicks away, Areli jumped out of the truck and grabbed his RPK. He headed to the ammo dump they were setting up and began to check his supplies. He grabbed a few extra mortar shells, just in case. Areli spotted Sarah and stopped to talk to her.

"Hey, do you have anyone you are heading out with?" He asked politely.

Sarah sat quietly in the truck as well, breathing gently in preperation. She was dreading the moment they would step out into the battle, but there were people depending on her. Well, probably. Unless they were extremely good at what they did, in which case, there would be nothing to it.

As they arrived, she picked up a pistol with loathing, and carefully holstered it, but released it as though it were a bug. She headed towards the ammo dump, quickly double-checking her supplies and everything in her med-kit. When Areli approached her, she brushed back a lock of hair and smiled kindly.

"No, I don't. Care to come with me? I'm Sarah." she replied, extending her hand for a quick shake.

Areli took her hand and shook it quickly. "Areli. I would not mind coming with you. I need someone to spot for me since I need to fire off mortars." He explained as he picked up his RPK. "You are a medic, aren't you? I think I saw you a few times back at the hospital. I was there helping out." He explained.

Areli looked at the map they were handing out to where the others would be when the mortars began to be launched. He grabbed one of the radios and handed it to Sarah. "Here, you can use this so we know what is going on."

Sarah laughed nervously, nodding in agreement. "I think I've seen you around. Nice to meet you, then, Areli." That wasn't the reason she was nervous, though. "I..can't shoot the mortar, but if it's just spotting, I think I can do that." she said, grimacing slightly. "I know it's weird, but I really really hate fighting. If you do get hurt though, you won't be disappointed."

She gave a small wink, and took the radio when offered. "Alright, will do."

Areli took note of her nervousness. "Good cause you would be putting me out of a job. All you have to do is tell me where you see the enemy in distance and angle." Areli listened as she explained that she does not like fighting.

"Why did you sign up for this then?" Areli asked before adding, "Also I am glad that you can patch me up if I need though I doubt I will. This big boy will keep us safe." Areli patted the RPK gently. "Ready to head out to our spot? Also, you might want to make sure the radio works once we get a good distance away."

"Sounds easy enough. I've got good eyes. Gotta spot the injured, you know?" She grinned a little, but sombered up at the serious topic. "I signed up because I thought it would be a good life experience. That was the military. Now I just do it because people need help, and I'm qualified to give it." she explained.

"Well, I'm glad. I'd much prefer it if no one got hurt, but that's honestly not likely." Sarah nodded at his question. "Let's go." She fiddled with the radio, setting it up. "I'll be sure to do that."

Areli nodded a little since it was an understandable reason. His reason was different. He joined the Royal Marines because they wanted him and Areli wanted to fight for his country. That was before being sent into battle. Now he does it to help and because he really does not know anything else.

"This is a batttle. People will get hurt. That is unavoidable but how many on our side get hurt can be limited depending on how we approach things." He turned and motioned for her to take the lead since she was a lady. "I will get us there but you can make the path unless you rather I do it." Areli smirked.

"Of course ladies first, you gentleman, you." She joked, heading in the direction indicated. She would proceed to test the radio when they arrived.

Areli followed her. He was careful to keep his eyes on the map and not to check out her figure. He would occasionally tell her to change direction in case they were getting off course. Once arriving to the general area marked on the map, Areli pulled out the mortar launcher and began to set-up.

He took out a small eyepiece that would give out distances to Sarah. "Be ready to move after I launch a few so if they launch return mortars, we can get out of the way." He made sure the mortars were readily available along with the lumination shells. He looked at Sarah for her to check in that they were ready.