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Sarah Haskins


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a character in “PMC: Leftovers”, as played by HitoriRaven


Character Name Sarah Haskins[/center]
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Description: Blood-type: O-positive. Height: 5'4". Weight: 118 lbs.
She has slightly-longer than shoulder length, chocolate-brown hair, usually in a ponytail. Light-blue eyes, with a soft nose and full lips.
Outfit: Usually wears a black short-sleeve shirt under her standard issue uniform, otherwise there isn't much of a change.. If she had to wear civilian clothing, it would be a brand-name tank top of some sort and jeans.
Personality & History: Sarah was born in a middle class neighborhood in California. She lived a fairly normal life. However, she had a father who had served in the military, and felt obligated to him to join the military, even though she disliked it. Sarah figured it would be a simple life experience, but she discovered something unexpected. She was horrified at the amount of pain and suffering found in war. The only thing that kept her from straight out freezing up was that people needed her care more than she had needed anything until then. However, she still holds an aversion to war, and fighting in general. She tries to keep a smile on her face, even when she doesn't feel like it, because heaven knows enough people don't have happiness when they're in pain. Sarah served one term in Afghanistan before being discharged for mental reasons. In reality, it was because of her disability to handle battle. When she received a letter from the PMC, she was happy to be able to help again.
Physical Condition: Sarah used to play soccer back in high school. Since joining, she's become a bit better off, but doesn't exactly train every day, nor does she need to. She's fit enough to not have fat, but not enough so to have extremely prominent muscles.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Her biggest weakness would be that of fear of actual fighting. While she is forced to deal with being a combat medic at times, it does not mean that she is any better with it. Her fear tends to incapacitate her judgement in a firefight, and makes her less effective. Ironically, when in non-combat situations, her ability is increased two-fold. However, the stress of battles reverse this. Strengths would be her kindness. Even when staggered by fear, one of the few things that keeps her moving, period, is her want to stop the pain of others. Without it, she probably couldn't handle being a medic during an actual fight.
Training: Medic
Bio-Boost: Eagle Eye, and Tranquilizer.
Uniform - Moisture-wicking pants and long-sleeve shirts, black. Olive-drab BDUs, top and bottom. Rigger belt.
Gloves - Standard leather gloves.
Boots - Black leather surplus boots. Comfortable, but heavy.
Flashlight - A commercial angle-head flashlight with LED bulbs, clipped to web gear.
ALICE Gear - Cold War era web gear, available for cheap in the US. customizable to a degree, one can use it to mount holsters, mag pouches, machine gun pouches, canteens, shovels and such essentials.
Canteen - Two are carried, no exception. In the extreme heat, canteens and other forms of hydration are crucial.
Flap Holster - A simple nylon holster capable of accepting most handgun types.
Bump Helmet - An inexpensive helmet designed to shrug off impacts. Useless against bullets.
Machete - Surplus jungle machetes useful for chopping through brush.
Bayonet - A standard AK bayonet, useful as a survival knife.

*Trauma Bag loaded with field medical supplies. Basic contents include Over the Counter drugs, field bandages, gauze, roller bandages, flexible splints, scalpels, hemostat, bandage scissors, codeine, tape, superglue, duct tape, sucking chest wound dressing, irrigation fluid, syringes, morphine, instant plasma, saline, IV kit, suture kit.

*Epipens, small auto-injectors of epinephrine (synthetic adrenaline.) Twelve in a refrigerated box.

*Folding stretcher




So begins...

Sarah Haskins's Story

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Sarah waved to her friends as she got in her car. "Catch ya later, guys!" 'Maybe. Just maybe.'

She pessimistically gave a sigh as she drove home, with a muttered. "Not with what I do, at least." Which was just the right note for her to arrive home on. As she grabbed a stack of papers from her mailbox and walked towards her apartment, she flipped through the letters. "Bill, bill, bill, fuck the bills. Oh? What's this? Raven Defense..." Sarah wondered to herself as she locked her door and flopped down on her bed. "Ah, right." She opened the letter and began to read through it, tossing the rest aside absentmindedly. "Uh-huh...what the-? What's with the red?" The penned corrections drew a small snort from her as she continued to read through the letter. "At least the person who sent this has a sense of humour. Can't say much for the person writing, though, I guess they gotta sucker the other guys somehow, right? I guess I'm glad the red's here then. At least I'll know what I'm geting myself into." However, there was one thing that caught her eye. "Medi-Tech? Glad to see that the med's are getting some love, then." And the paragraph beneath that got another snicker, and a grin to no one in particular. "Leave your guns at home? It's not like I plan on bringing one anyway."

As she finally finished up the letter, she thought out loud for a few moments. "Hum...this mysterious corrector - maybe our team leader? - seems like they know what they're doing. The advice seems pretty decent for the actual fighters, at least. They sure as hell weren't this clear in training, at least." She got up and began to pack her bag - the apartment was temporary anyway, and most of her stuff was already ready to go. "The 15th, eh? Better get a move on. Looks like I get a vacation to Africa."

And on the 15th of January, Sarah had already uneventfully flown over to Maine from San Francisco, and rented a car. She made sure to catch a quick meal of the famous East Coast seafood before driving towards the complex. The letter was in the passenger's seat, and what few things she needed were in the trunk. She'd arrive in a few hours, and most likely get inside the complex with no problems. As a bit of a joke, she had brought her first-aid kit as part of her luggage. "Ha. No guns, eh? Let's see what you say to this."

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#, as written by Lupine
Areli rode in the truck, manning the gun. It was not a pleasant ride since they were doing it with no lights but it made sense to not give away their position. He hummed a tune him and his buddies used to sing when going off to and from assignments.

Once arriving two klicks away, Areli jumped out of the truck and grabbed his RPK. He headed to the ammo dump they were setting up and began to check his supplies. He grabbed a few extra mortar shells, just in case. Areli spotted Sarah and stopped to talk to her.

"Hey, do you have anyone you are heading out with?" He asked politely.

Sarah sat quietly in the truck as well, breathing gently in preperation. She was dreading the moment they would step out into the battle, but there were people depending on her. Well, probably. Unless they were extremely good at what they did, in which case, there would be nothing to it.

As they arrived, she picked up a pistol with loathing, and carefully holstered it, but released it as though it were a bug. She headed towards the ammo dump, quickly double-checking her supplies and everything in her med-kit. When Areli approached her, she brushed back a lock of hair and smiled kindly.

"No, I don't. Care to come with me? I'm Sarah." she replied, extending her hand for a quick shake.

Areli took her hand and shook it quickly. "Areli. I would not mind coming with you. I need someone to spot for me since I need to fire off mortars." He explained as he picked up his RPK. "You are a medic, aren't you? I think I saw you a few times back at the hospital. I was there helping out." He explained.

Areli looked at the map they were handing out to where the others would be when the mortars began to be launched. He grabbed one of the radios and handed it to Sarah. "Here, you can use this so we know what is going on."

Sarah laughed nervously, nodding in agreement. "I think I've seen you around. Nice to meet you, then, Areli." That wasn't the reason she was nervous, though. "I..can't shoot the mortar, but if it's just spotting, I think I can do that." she said, grimacing slightly. "I know it's weird, but I really really hate fighting. If you do get hurt though, you won't be disappointed."

She gave a small wink, and took the radio when offered. "Alright, will do."

Areli took note of her nervousness. "Good cause you would be putting me out of a job. All you have to do is tell me where you see the enemy in distance and angle." Areli listened as she explained that she does not like fighting.

"Why did you sign up for this then?" Areli asked before adding, "Also I am glad that you can patch me up if I need though I doubt I will. This big boy will keep us safe." Areli patted the RPK gently. "Ready to head out to our spot? Also, you might want to make sure the radio works once we get a good distance away."

"Sounds easy enough. I've got good eyes. Gotta spot the injured, you know?" She grinned a little, but sombered up at the serious topic. "I signed up because I thought it would be a good life experience. That was the military. Now I just do it because people need help, and I'm qualified to give it." she explained.

"Well, I'm glad. I'd much prefer it if no one got hurt, but that's honestly not likely." Sarah nodded at his question. "Let's go." She fiddled with the radio, setting it up. "I'll be sure to do that."

Areli nodded a little since it was an understandable reason. His reason was different. He joined the Royal Marines because they wanted him and Areli wanted to fight for his country. That was before being sent into battle. Now he does it to help and because he really does not know anything else.

"This is a batttle. People will get hurt. That is unavoidable but how many on our side get hurt can be limited depending on how we approach things." He turned and motioned for her to take the lead since she was a lady. "I will get us there but you can make the path unless you rather I do it." Areli smirked.

"Of course ladies first, you gentleman, you." She joked, heading in the direction indicated. She would proceed to test the radio when they arrived.

Areli followed her. He was careful to keep his eyes on the map and not to check out her figure. He would occasionally tell her to change direction in case they were getting off course. Once arriving to the general area marked on the map, Areli pulled out the mortar launcher and began to set-up.

He took out a small eyepiece that would give out distances to Sarah. "Be ready to move after I launch a few so if they launch return mortars, we can get out of the way." He made sure the mortars were readily available along with the lumination shells. He looked at Sarah for her to check in that they were ready.