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Tammy Jordan

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a character in “PMC: Leftovers”, as played by CriminalMinds



Character Name: Tamara 'Tammy' Jordan

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Description: Tammy has long blonde hair and grey eyes. She stands at 5'8 with a slim build. She works out and keeps herself in shape by visiting the gym three times a week when she's not out doing what she loves, helping people and writing about her experiences to make other people aware of the dire situations in certain countries.

Outfit: Her normal attire is combat trousers and a short sleeved t-shirt.

Personality & History:
Tammy is a kind-hearted, soft natured girl that finds it hard to say no to anyone. She's always trying to help people out whether they are long time friends or strangers. She is very passionate about what she does and that is when she gets argumentative, stubborn and hard-headed about a decision she's made if she thinks that it's the right thing to do.

Tammy has four older brothers and a younger sister. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland and from the age of 15 knew that she wanted to help people in poorer countries. She trained as a journalist at college and from the age of 18 was doing charity work locally to help the poorer people in Dublin. She heard about the work going on in Africa and against her families wishes signed up for the job hoping to get some work experience abroad as well as to help people that are suffering over there.

Physical Condition:
Tammy is physically fit. She runs every morning and evening when she can and normally works out in a gym on the weekends for an hour or so.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Her strength is her spirit and her passion to help those that are less fortunate than herself. This often leads her to put others before herself and can be a weakness in the fact that it has led her into dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations that have gotten her into trouble. Her weakness would be that she doesn't have any combat training.

-First Aid
-General talk for being out in a war zone as an Aid worker/Journalist
-Do's and Don'ts
-Cultural Talks
-Basic lingo course


-Anti-Malarial drugs
-Lots of cash
-Sat Phone
-Sun block
-Sun hat
-Water bottles
-Voice recorder
-Possibly body armor and helmet in certain situations.

So begins...

Tammy Jordan's Story

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A little black girl clutched to her as if her life depended on it. And in a way it did. If they weren't here in Africa helping out, most of these children would also be dead. Tammy was a journalist turned charity worker. She'd come out originally to write an article about the war torn Africa, but seeing the state of things she'd quickly turned her attention to the civilians that were crying out for help.

The girl in her arms, Precious, lost her mother to AIDs and her father to malaria. She was one of many thousands of orphans that were in Africa, and many of hundreds in this area. In the village she was in at the moment there was nearly 300 children, almost half were orphans. It was tragic. And there wasn't nearly enough people to help.

"Shush, it's okay." She tried to settle the infant in her arms that was no more than 3 years old. "Hannah. How's things going?" She called out to another aid worker that was in charge of all the medical supplies.

"We're running out of supplies again. Hopefully we'll have another drop off this afternoon, but with the conditions we're not sure. The choppers will have dropped the stuff off, but I don't know if the trucks will make it out here."

"And the children in the medical bay, how are they?" She queried.

"Not good. Tomas took a turn last night. I don't think he'll make it without the drugs and he needs them now otherwise it's looking fatal."

Tammy frowned. That was the news she hated to hear. She hadn't been out here long but already she'd seen nearly one child die each day. It was horrific and it made her re-evaluate how lucky she was to live in the Western world and grow up how she did - lucky. And seeing these children, and parents struggling to survive without the basic things they needed made her want to help out even more.

"There is a PMC base set up not far from here." Tammy finally told Hannah. "I'll go check it out. Maybe they have supplies we can use and maybe I can find out more about them, see what help they can give us."

Hannah nodded and came over to take Precious from Tammy. "Okay, I'll write a list of what we need, but don't be too hopefully. We need specific things and it's unlikely that the base will keep them in stock right there." Her friend logged onto her laptop and pulled up a list of all the drugs they used for treatments and what they were running low on, holding the child in one hand and scribbling down the medicine in the other hand. "Here. Take this and see if they have anything. And see if they provide help for getting drugs up here. You never know, they could help get the trucks up here quicker and safely."

With that, Tammy nodded and headed off to pack her things and head to the base. It wasn't too far away, but she still needed to take a bag, and two other people came with her - Mathew and Gus. They were soldiers that were making sure that the aid workers were safe when travelling and trying to keep everyone within the village safe from rebels out to cause trouble.

Less than 30 minutes later, the short trek on the dirt road and through a small forest area downhill, she'd arrived at the PMC base.

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#, as written by Lupine
Tammy felt a little like a spy. Here she was, watching the PMC base from the outskirts of the forest she'd come through checking out the activity. How she was to get inside she didn't know exactly. She was pretty sure they weren't just going to let her wander straight inside so she needed a solid plan.

Sometimes being a journalist helped. She knew how to play dirty when it was needed. And right now it was probably needed. She didn't like playing dirty, but sometimes a girl had to do what a girl had to do. And this was one of those times.

She retied her blonde hair into a single ponytail, rolled the sleeves of her flannel shirt up to her elbows and redid the laces on her shoes while she thought about exactly what she wanted to say when she approached the guards. She was going to have to go with a forceful approach and bluff her way through with knowledge of journalism to make them think she had something on the base that could be potentially damaging to them.

She had nothing.

But they didn't need to know that. Checking her bag, and the pockets of her cargo trousers, she made sure that she had everything she needed and headed off towards the guards. First she'd try the non-invasive approach. If that didn't work well then, it was onto plan B.

Once she got to the guards, she smiled. "So, I was wondering if one of you fine, young men would let me inside to see someone in charge of this whole operation." It didn't hurt paying them a complement or two in the process either. She just smiled at the men and waited expectantly to be let inside.

Areli had already set-up a routine and currently he was on his morning jog. They were a few assignments up for a few to work if they wanted to make some extra money before the real stuff. The tasks were minor and Areli was leaning to the hospital one. He knew nothing about medicine but he knew basic first aid and had a light machine gun so either he could help or make sure everything ran smoothly.

While on his way pass the entrance, he noticed a blonde woman with her hair pulled back and sleeves rolled up. She was talking to guards like she was trying to get in without any question. Areli shook his head. If she was not listed, there was no way in hell she would get in. Areli was curious so he slowed down.

Currently, no one was speaking. "What is going on here?" Areli asked as he began to walk over. He was sweaty and that showed on his tanktop. One of the guards spoke up, "This woman is trying to get into the base to speak with the leader of the operation."

Areli shook his head and looked at the young woman. "You are not going to see him. I haven't even seen him." Areli gently took her by the arm and led her away from the guards and back down the road a ways so they could talk without being interupted or overhead. "I will set her straight, guys. Back to your posts."

The guards had told her exactly what she'd expected them to say, and she'd have been disappointed if they hadn't. It would have been poor defense if they'd just let her in. But they hadn't even asked why she wanted to see their leader. Tammy hadn't even known if there was an operation or whatever, but when another man appeared out of nowhere - having being on a daily jog, they informed him of who she wanted to see and that confirmed that there must have been some sort of operation going on.

When the male took her arm and started to lead her away, she frowned, immediately trying to pull her arm out of his grip. "I'm not leaving here until I see the right person and I will get in there and see the right person." Tammy warned him. "You don't want to mess with me. I may be a female, and small and defenseless in the sense that I have no weapons, but I know my stuff. And I want to get in to see whoever is in charge here, Mister..."

She trailed off a moment, expecting him to give her his name.

Areli's grip was strong and a bit firm to make sure she could not easily get away and stupidly trying to get into the base again. Areli snorted at her as she spoke of getting in there and see the right person. Areli gave her a quick glance over and smiled lightly at the idea of her attempting to fight him off. "You are not going to get in and see the guy in charge. I work there and I have not even seen the guy who runs the show. I have seen our commander but he is a puppet."

He took a deep breath and let her go once they were far enough away. "My name is Lovell... Corporal Areli Lovell. Former Royal Marines."

"Then I want to speak to your commander. Either way I'm getting into the base. I have some important things to discuss, things that I can't discuss with you, Mister Lovell." She told him. "Now, if you don't mine, before I really kick up a fuss out here, you'll lead me into the base and to your commander." She wasn't giving up her name just yet. Tammy wasn't sure if her name was known between people for journalism, and she wasn't sure if people knowing that she was in the journalism industry would help her case or worsen it.

"So, Mister Lovell, are you going to take me into the base or not?"

Areli smiled softly. "Look I brought you out here so we can talk without being overheard. You are not going to be able to get into the base and you are not going to see the commander as he..." He stopped himself as it occured to him if she could be a reporter. He groaned and sighed. "Look why do you even want to see him? You are a civilian. Probably a reporter." He thought about it for a minute.

"Look if you are a reporter, let me see your notebook." He held out his hand for a moment. He doubted she would trust him to not tear it in half but he was going to give her a story that she could give and have them mentioned but in a small part without giving too much away.

"I'm not a reporter." She lied easily. And it was part truth. She was writing an article on the charity work she was doing, and her job right now was to help them out. "I'm a charity worker in a nearby village and I'm concerned about our protection." That was truth, not exactly the true reason she was here, but it was enough to hopefully get her inside to talk to someone of importance.

With the clashes and violence between people, she was worried that soon the enemy would come through and devastate the village she was in. Poverty and disease was already claiming many lives, they didn't need violence claiming more. "I'm wasting valuable time standing here arguing with you when I could be back in the village saving lives. I did not come down here to just be turned back. So the quicker you let me in to talk to the right person, the quicker I can get back with the news I want."

Areli raised an eyebrow and thought about what she was saying. She still haven't give him her name so she was clearly one to withhold the truth. "You are gonna expect me to believe that you haven't even gave me your name?" He scoffed before adding. "Look I get that you are trying you ensure the safety of the village and the rest of the people with you but you are not going to talk with the 'right' person. I am not even sure they would let you leave since you know our location."

He sighed and looked at her. "You know of a local hospital? Well they have recently been flooded with wounded from a recent clash that went down. I am going to be there if you would like to meet me there and chat a bit more of why I am here. And if you really want to help, you could probably give those doctors and nurses a helping hand since they are probably overwhelmed. Now can I see your notebook so I can give the name of the place and when I am going to be there?"

"My name is Tammy, if you must know." Anyone could be called Tammy, without giving away her last name they wouldn't have any idea if she was a reporter or not, but this guy seemed to be able to tell. Maybe he'd seen her picture with an article or something. Either way, she smiled at him.

"So, if I might not be allowed to leave because of knowing your location, does that mean I'd be let on base? And, surely this hospital is on base, which means, if I'm to help out I'd be let inside then, right?" She smirked, firguring she'd found the loophole and that either way she was getting on base.

She pulled her backpack off of her back and opened it up, digging through her things for her notepad before bringing it out and handing it over to Areli. The first few pages were full of notes containing details of the state of the village she was working in, and then the last two pages were things that she'd heard about the PMC base that had led her to decide to check it out.

"Here you go. I'd appreciate it if you kept my previous notes intact with the book." She told him, hesitant at first to hand over the notebook, but in the end she did.

Areli looked at her and nodded as he tried to recall of reporters or journalists that he knew of that a name that could be shortened to Tammy. He gave up after several seconds thinking the name was on the tip of his tongue so to speak. "The hospital is not on base. I am pretty sure it is quite a ways away from the base but it is an assignment we could talk and you could be useful other than snooping where you belong."

"Also I meant these people probably don't have much of a conscious so you could disappear. I would hate to see that." He wrote down the hospital name and when he was going to be there so she could meet him. He looked at her and flipped the pages back to see what she knew about them and what she had wrong.

"This PMC base probably isn't as private as you seem to think it is, Mister Lovell." Tammy stated, crossing her arms as he flicked through her notes. "It's talked about throughout our village. Everyone knows. And if you're not going to let me go in, then I want you to go in and get someone else to come out and talk to me. I heard that you guys were the good guys and that it was possible that when the time was needed we could get protection during evacuations if necessary." She took a quick pause before continuing.

"Do you have any idea how many orphans we have? How many children have lost their parents to poverty and disease? How many children are dying currently because of the current conditions and the fact that most of them have one disease or another passed on from their parents. Unfortunately we are short on funding for enough medication and supplies to make their lives more comfortable, but we do what we can. And if you are threatening me with just 'disappearing' to make things easier for yourself then you have another thing coming. I don't just disappear easily, Mister Lovell and your threat doesn't scare me either. I am not a threat, or I'm not threatening you and your base yet. But with the knowledge that they-"

Areli frowned and moved his face extremely close to her. "Threats? I was not making threats. I am warning you because I have no idea what conscious the people I work for have but thank you for ironing out the fact that our base location is a well known fact." He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. She was starting to give him a headache like a reporter would when he was back in the RM.

He took a moment to look away before looking at her again. "Look I am trying to help you with a story that you could write about us without it being strictly about who I work for." He spoke with an even tone like he was trying to keep himself from saying something that would clearly be taken wrong. He took a deep breath then let it go. "Look I can talk to the higher ups about giving you guys protection for an evac if we get word about troops moving towards you guys. I can't guarentee anything but that is the best I can do." He looked at her waiting for her response.

Tammy's expression turned to one of anger as he cut her off. She was annoyed with this guy, but she was as stubborn as a mule and she wasn't going anywhere until she'd talked to someone other than this... this man. "When exactly did I state I wanted a story about the PMC base. That is not why I'm here. My assignment is based on those children. But I will be quick to change my mind and write an article about the new local PMC base making unwanted people 'disappear'." She told him.

"I'm pretty sure someone else will talk to me with knowing that." Tammy added. She had found the power she thought she needed to gain the upperhand that would lead her into the base. "And I'll come to that hospital, just to help out where I can." She added, "I'm a charity worker. If they need help then I have first aid training and can help out where I'm needed. I can be civil as well, Mister Lovell."

Areli scratched under his chin and shook his head. "Look I am not sure that people have even disappeared. I am just saying I would not be surprised if it did take place. These people don't exactly rub me the right way." He looked at her. "Right, charity work... that is why you have a notebook with the making of 2 articles in it." He shook his head and handed back the notebook. "Good day, Tammy." He turned and headed back to base. He had some people he needed to talk to and he was not sure if this was going to go over well.