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In 2094 earth is a wasteland. After a massive solar storm sweeps the planet in the summer of 2016 all forms of communications and electronics are rendered useless and the calamity that followed suit destroyed all remains of modern civilization. Massive earthquakes, tornados going beyond the Fujita scale, tsunamis swallowing entire continents, and volcanoes erupting on a biblical scale across the globe.

Humanity endures only into a world of ruin with strife and all of its horrors.

Humanity strive for survival each and every day, clawing their way through the terrors of daily turmoil from the ravaging hordes of barbarians; humans driven mad by their new reality or the tyranny of mutants physically altered by the solar radiation.

The old geopolitical nations from the previous world that survived the calamity rekindle old grudges while staving off the barbaric hordes at their walls.

The American Confederation: Remnants of the United States split from the union in the southern US against the aggressive Alliance States to the north and the imperialistic Texan Dominion to the west. Despite the stigmas associated with the south and a newly formed confederation it is the last bastion of individualistic freedom despite the propaganda of the Alliance and the stubbornness of the Dominion. It is the only place where mutants have relative amount of opportunity.

The American Alliance: Comprised mostly of the traditional northern states including New England and stretches all the way to Illinois and as far north as Canada it is the most populous but resource poor contrary to the locale. Even though it preaches democracy and freedom it is controlled by an oligarchy using the power of the media and the false premise of equality to fuel its agenda to reunite the old US once more under the banner albeit a more sinister ulterior motive. Mutants are not often welcomed within their walls.

The Texan Dominion: Texas has always pride itself for its independence and now with some of the old mid-west states under its domain it struggles against the barbaric hordes from the southern border and the west coast while trying to push a military presence into Alliance and Confederate territories. It’s agenda is unclear other than acclimating territory for resources to fuel its war machine. Mutants are often hired for the war effort.

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