Lock Miyata

The Flying Swordsman and Student Council Disciplinary Officer

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a character in “PokeMages: A world of Magic and Pokemon”, as played by fullmetal642



Name- Lock Miyata
Gender- Male
Familiar (Pokemon) - Skarmory
Age- 19
Class- 4
Personality- Lock is loud and obnoxious to most people, constantly taunting and teasing nearly anyone he comes across whether they are weaker or notably stronger them him. He agrees with Alistair beliefs on strength in both character and magical ability is what should matter most after all Aria Five Sages are the strongest and wisest mages in Aria. Lock is known for skipping most of his classes to be Lazy around the campus, whether it is sleeping under a tree after lunch or just not getting up in the morning in the first place, he has planned to use his place on the Student Council to be more lazy than any of his years prior.
Description of Appearance- Lock has a slender build but stands around 6'2''. He has brown hair that that is longish in the front while being short in the back. He often wears a white shit and black and red pants which is covered by small pieces of armor the originally come from his home country. Lock has a gold necklace that is the last thing he has from his friends from his home country. He wears a sword on each side of his, these swords being custom made to fit Lock style of fighting.

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