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Rosario Diamond

0 · 205 views · located in The Johto Region

a character in “Pokemon: A Heart of Gold and a Soul of Silver”, as played by Jakuri Serpentia-β


Rosario Diamond

Theme:The Moon-Dwelling Demon
Image Song:Box Room


Role: The Heart of Silver…and the Reverse Trap.

Gender: Female.
Nickname(s): Ro│Rose│Rio│Marie.
Alias(es): Rosa Marie Diam.
Age: Seventeen.
Love Interest: N/A.

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 112 lbs.
Measurements: 30-22-33.
Build: Flat-chested/Bone Thin/Small Waistline/Pear-shape Figure.
Hair Color: Champagne Blonde.
Eye Color: Ruby Red.
Scars – Truth be told, what sort of ‘trainer’ would Rosario be if she weren’t one to possess scars on her person? Years of travel have netted her quite a few sights to behold on her thin form. Scars range from burns to old gashes, slashes and scrapes from some of the less than favorable encounters she may have experienced in her time. She’s not a soul who takes things sitting down; when she sees something is wrong she won’t hesitate to make her stance known. Of course, that is something which does not always end well in the long run—Pokémon or not, Rosario herself has gotten into a brawl or two on her own terms before without the aid of her friends. And that is something which shows. Her scars though are not something she feels shame of. Really, they are something she is proud to bear, because, to her, they tell a story in themselves and are badges which represent the fact that she’s stood up for what she believes, even at the threat of physical force.

On top of the scars netted by her attitude, Rosario too has marks on her body from incidents she’s suffered in her travels. Accidents, encounters with rouge and out of control wild Pokémon . . . the list could go on and on. Truth be told, her skin has seen its share of injury, and her recklessness is reflected by the multiple discolorations and unevenness present upon her flesh. For the most part, you can’t see most of the scars on Rosario’s person since the clothing she wears otherwise covers most of her body due to her, uh, ‘situation.’

Tattoos – Now, surprisingly, Rosario doesn’t actually have any of these to speak for. She views them as relatively pointless since she gets hurt off and on in her travels, and if she got any sort of tattoo, then it’s liable to wind up ruined by her escapades.

Piercings – Oh-ho, now these she definitely has. Multiple ones at that. Her ears are lined up with the piercings, and mostly only her ears. There are times where she’ll wear a chain sort of accessory that goes from her ear to her lower lip, but what would surprise most people is that Rosario does not have her lower lip pieced, instead the chain she sometimes wears stays on her lower lip via a clip/clamp.

Hair – It’s short. What more would you expect out of her given the fact that she’s going around looking like a boy? Most guys don’t have long hair, and given Rosario’s facial features, having long hair would be a dead giveaway for her gender. Her hair is short and cut in a very boyish fashion, mostly only going to barely cover her ears in most places, with only one strand of it that goes any longer than that around the backside of her right ear. And that only goes to about her collarbone. Otherwise, her hair is boyish all the way. Short, blonde, usually messy—boyish.

Face – Well, it’s androgynous enough to let her get away with looking like a relatively feminine boy, so there’s that. Her features aren’t quite soft enough to pass off as a straight up chic, but they aren’t exactly masculine and chiseled or something either to make her like manly and all that. She’s merely in-between. If she were to bother doing her hair up in a more girly way though, there would be no doubting the fact that Rosario is a she.

Eyes – They are sharp, vivid and the color of blood, so yeah. Rosario thinks they are pretty awesome, all things considered. Her eyes are pretty much her favorite physical feature. And like they say too, the eyes are the window to the soul and all that, Rosa’s eyes could not possibly betray her more so than when she might be upset and is trying to keep others from noticing. Those red eyes of hers show everything she’s feeling like true windows indeed. Bright and energetic, you couldn’t expect otherwise from them. Oh, and they also sort of stand out more than they normally would already because of the fact that Rosario is someone whose eyelashes are straight up blonde rather than being the standard black.

Skin – Nice, pretty nice, all things considered, like the scars she has scattered all over the place? Yeah, her skin isn’t bad, but still, it’s marred up and a bit freaky in some spots due to the scars she has.

Body – Cutting it to the chase, she is bone thin and when she turns to the side and sticks her tongue out, she looks like a zipper. Rosario is a pretty girl when she actually looks like a girl, but there is no denying the fact that she is SKINNY. Though she could almost be considered kind of short for a guy, she’s still tall enough to get her disguise across without questions being asked for the most part. As far as her build goes, she’s pretty slender; she has a figure, but it’s nothing blatant or jaw dropping. It’s there . . . but that’s about it, and really, it’s not all that notable due to how she dresses, she’s about flat-chested, and between her waist and hips, there really isn’t that much of a change, just that there is a transition.

Expressions – Usually, she looks pretty bored. Otherwise, people tend to believe that she really is a ‘Rosario’ and not a ‘Rosa’ when she couples these with her attitude. Still, she’s quite the pretty thing really, but thanks to the years of practice she has had in acting as a boy, she is able to keep an expression upon her face that shows an air of mystery and mischievousness to it, a very slight smile and eyes looking placid.

Preferred Clothing: Boy clothes. That’s what she prefers, or what she always wears around. What you see her wearing around in her pictures is usually what she’ll go and wear around casually. Truthfully though, Rosario has gone for so long in dressing as a boy that she’s actually lost preference for feminine clothing; she doesn’t even think about female fashion at all anymore, has no desire in wanting to wear anything made for girls her age. . . . Honestly, she actually seems to prefer dressing in guy’s clothing more than she would openly state. It might be a comfort thing for her now since she’s been stuck doing it for the last six years, she’s become so used to the baggy clothing and stuff that the notion of being stuck in clothing meant for her given sex is a bit anxiety inducing.

Oddities: Despite her situation, Rosario is surprisingly comfortable with physically closeness. Actually, she’s a downright touchy-feely person—when it comes to other’s personal bubbles, she pretty much goes right ahead and pops those with little thought. Even if she barely knows a person, she isn’t shy about going ahead and throwing her arm around their neck or something of the sort, and hanging around on them. She’s this way with both people and her Pokémon, as she seems to have a natural knack for connecting with the latter . . . not necessarily so much the former though. She comes off as too much for a lot of people.

Though she acts the part of a boy quite well, Rosario has moments where she could not act like more of a girl if she were trying. Through her years of disguised living, she still has held onto some very feminine loves and likes. These include what she considers to be uber-cute things, and Pokémon.

She’s terrible at getting along with people, she’s not rude intentionally, but her brash and rather brazen personality tend to come off as much and she can be rather off-putting with her mannerisms.

Her language has taken to her supposed gender. She definitely does not speak with the mouth of a lady. As far as things go, her words can come out coarse, harsh, blunt and downright shocking. She’s definitely not always the most polite or quiet-spoken person around.

Rosario’s appetite can rival that of a guy who is two and a half times her size, easy. Whether she would be going about as a boy or not, this is a fact that she is more than just proud of, she relishes the fact that her ability to eat tends to stun a lot of people.

If she doesn’t care about something, yeah, she completely zones. Totally drifts into la-la land.

She could not be a heavier sleeper if she tried. When she’s out, she is OUT. This doesn’t mean that Rosario is a log sleeper though, nope, in line with her extremely heavy sleeping, she actually is a sleepwalker too. Oh, and she talks in her sleep too, and has been known to say things that are liable to make a sailor blush. It’s not shocking for her if she wakes up to find herself not in a bed or where she went to sleep at. On top of all this too, Rosa sometimes will cling onto, and stay holding onto people in her sleep if she sleepwalks.

As far as things go, it’s rather apparent that she is better at getting along with Pokémon than people given the fact that she tends to rub people the wrong way. Rosario though is much of a people person despite this though.

For all the time she’s spent roughing it and traveling, Rosario is surprising much of a klutz. Honestly, with some of the accidents she gets herself into at times, it’s a shock that she’s even still around with some of the feats she’s had to of accomplished. If not for her Pokémon saving her ass more than a few times, Rosa would definitely not be around.

Swimming is not her strongest point . . . she can muster up a very basic means of keeping her head above the blue, but that’s about it. Get her into water that is too deep, and she’s liable to drown without aid.

Skills: She’s a shockingly quick reader. Her appearance probably wouldn’t let onto the fact that she can mentally digest a book and all of its knowledgeably goodness in-between minutes and hours, depending on the given book and its length.

This chick can shockingly sing quite well, but it’s not something she does very often given the ruse she keeps up. However, given the fact that she actually has a rather low voice for a girl her age, she can actually get away with singing as things are and still have few be certain of whether or not they just heard the voice of a girl. If given the opportunity, Rosario will sing if she damn well feels like it.

Given the fact that she’s been on her own for the last few years or so, it should make sense that she knows how to cook. Mostly meals over a campfire, but still, she knows how to cook stuff. Decent stuff at that, although her food tends to look really rough.

Training with her Pokémon. Yes, surprisingly for the lack of official achievements under belt, Rosario is actually rather apt at training with her Pokémon and with Pokémon in general. She seems to possess more than just a natural knack for this as she seems gifted in it. She connects well with most Pokémon, and is able to guide them and help them hone their strengths rather easily. She’s always been a natural regarding this; since she was a kid she’s always just had that odd ability to connect with Pokémon, and it’s led her to being able to bring out a Pokémon’s talents and abilities when she’s with them, this is why she’s with as many fully evolved Pokémon that can be considered hard to train as she is. . . . Now, if only she could apply this ability to connect with Pokémon to people a bit.

Physical brawling with her own two hands. Probably this is not a skill to be proud of, but Rosario is a girl who is capable of holding her own in a fistfight—and this is something she’s gotten involved in more than a few times due to her refusing to back down from something that compromised her beliefs. Although she’s pretty much skin and bones, she’s ‘scrappy’ and has learned how to defend herself from people.

Likes: Pokémon, people, traveling, having a good time, singing, training with her Pokémon, reading, moon/stargazing, sweets—especially things with cinnamon, her freedom, and being buddies with other people.
Dislikes: Storms, when it’s too hot, general unpleasant weather, rude and disrespectful people who are so toward others and Pokémon, having to overly exert herself, bitter/spicy/burnt foods, and having to get upset.
Hobbies: Moon/stargazing, traveling, singing, training with her Pokémon, and casual reading.


Sexuality: Heterosexual – claims Asexuality, however.

Personality: (One paragraph at least please.)

Relationship Status: Single.
Personal History: (Two paragraphs at least please.)



So begins...

Rosario Diamond's Story