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Anthony Garcia

"I don't feel the need to explain myself to strangers."

0 · 1,458 views · located in Shirubāmūn ryōiki (the silver moon region)

a character in “Pokemon: a new region”, as played by holothewisewolf


Name: Anthony Garcia
Age: 17
Pokemon #1:
Lucario "Big Mama"
Gender: Female
Item: Lucarionite
Moves: Blaze kick, Me first, Dragon pulse, Bone Rush.
Ability: Justified
Appearance: Image

Pokemon #2:
Riolu "Jack"
Gender: Male
Item: None
Moves: Aura Sphere, High Jump kick, Low sweep, Force Palm
Ability: Inner Focus
Appearance: Image

Pokemon #3:
Charmander "Charmy"
Gender: Female
Item: Soft Sand
Moves: Flamethrower, Flame Burst, Fire fang, incinerate
Ability: Blaze
Appearance: Image

Pokemon #4:
Sandshrew "Sandy"
Gender: Male
Item: Quick Claw
Moves: Sand attack, Sandstorm, Counter, Metal Claw
Ability: Sand Rush
Appearance: Image

Pokemon #5-6

So begins...

Anthony Garcia's Story

Anthony sneezed and still helped his lucario hold a tarp over the rest of his pokemon and the young girl he'd met over the course of the boat ride. "A-are you ok Silver?" He asked his teeth chattering through the freezing mist that was seeping into his bones while his charmander kept the girl warm with his flame. Anthony could feel the mist condensing on his hat and weighing the brim down. "Lucario are you ok?" The boy seemed to toughen himself for the sake of his worried lucario. He then got a surprised look on his face as the mist cleared almost instantly as though it was a barrier. He felt a very warm and very strong sun beat against his back and smiled shaking the tarp off to the side so the water landed away from his companions. "Finally a break in this thick mist I'm freezing." He said starting to lay the tarp out to dry as his sandshrew and charmander started trying to help him. His lucario and riolu started shaking themselves off near the front of the boat.

Time skip (in case you don't know this means a few hours were skipped in the roleplay.)

Anthony and his riolu stood at the edge of the ramp for the ship awaiting the female trainer who was with them. "Come right this way Silver I'll help you out." He said holding his hand out to help her off the ship and thus be polite. He was infatuated with the girl but he also didn't really know how to react. Everybody else was off the ship already and he started to feel a presence right behind him before his riolu cried out in surprise. He turned around quickly to find a ghastly using lick on his pokemon and a punk boy laughing happily. The town was still under construction and it already had it's bullies but he wasn't going to put up with it. He looked at his injured riolu and nodded. "Team aura sphere in" The punk had called out a muk expecting a battle but instead it was immediately hit with the combined aura sphere from Anthony and his riolu. "Lucario Bone rush." Anthony's shiny lucario appeared in a blur before unleashing a three hit combo on it's opponent. The ghastly quickly feinted leaving the young punk looking embarrassed and confused. He noticed a few people staring and quickly called his pokemon back into their balls and pulled the brim of his hat lower. "I'm no hero never have been, never will be." Anthony reminded himself before turning back to the ship and silver kitsune.

#, as written by Fencer
The cold permeated every corner of the ship while it was moving slowly but surely through mist, some passengers tried to keep themselves warm with the help of their pokemon while others trembled helplessly, also there were others like Dorian who did not mind the temperature though these people were the minority, personally Dorian was used to cold not only the cave in which he dug out the Amaura's fossil was many times colder but Aurora, the Amaura that reborn from the fossil has a rare ability that causes a small hailstorm every time she comes out her Pokeball and even after tne hail stopped the temperature will be low.

The trip uneventful except for the sudden attack of a Gyarados, Dorian only took one look at the situation before returning to his book he wasn't worried in the least, a ship traveling between regions should have more than one countermeasure to situations like this and in the unlikely event that they had no such thing this boat was full of trainers who either some kind of righteousness, to play the hero, simply to battle, wanting to attract attention or to capture the splendid specimen will take care of the situation, after a few moments his prediction was fulfilled when a boy beat the pokemon.

Time Skip.

At the time the ship docked Dorian released Notus the Aerodactyl from his pokeball and mounted him, it was his usual practice every time he reached an unknown location to check the area from the air, the magnificent creature It rose smoothly and started to glide when they reached a desired height, clearly the town was still under construction and will take several months before it can be compared to those of other regions but had potential. Dorian looked to the port and noticed some kind of disturbance, he laughed softly, the ship just arrived to this new region and some kids were already battling, somewhat interested he ordered Notus to come down a bit for better visibility but unfortunately the difference in levels was too high so everything ended just in seconds, since there was nothing better to do Notus descended faster, when he was two meters from the ground Dorian jumped and with used motions called his Aerodactyl back to his Pokeball, the prehistoric pokemon was simply too large to land normally in a crowded place, Dorian cleverly fell on a clear place and started walking toward the Pokemon Center while playing with Bake Pokeball and ignored the stares of others.

Anthony could feel the aura shifting around him and noticed Silver stumble but wasn't worried. He smiled at her concern for his Riolu who was already eating the berries and he'd liked the girl's generosity. Anthony smiled before turning to look at the pokemon center. "We can if you want to but I don't think they're open yet." He stated before turning to look at her with his brown eyes and a small flash of aura from his riolu. He pulled out a egg carrier and felt his riolu hug his neck as his lucario started leading the way. They got to the center and started looking at the doors and a large banner being placed over the doors. The sign read: cENTER CLOSED TO EQUIPMENT BEING STOLEN! There was a nurse Joy and a chansey out front handing out free potions. Anthony frowned and closed his eyes to see what he could sense before looking up and walking towards the group. He stopped and smiled at the group of trainers that were leaving before turning to nurse joy. "May I ask what happened here?" He said before seeing a few Rotom fleeing the scene with some equipment. "There's a large group of rotom nearby that stole our equipment we can't operate without the generator they took." Anthony sighed and shook his head before starting to run towards the area he saw the rotom heading towards before having to duck under a electro ball from one. "They aren't very happy!"

#, as written by Fencer
Dorian looked in disbelief to the sign on the door of the Pokemon Center as he felt how his assumption of the potential of the city had declined considerably, if they can't even protect the all-important Pokemon Center then their future is bleak. The boy who battled in the port quickly approached the Nurse, Dorian could hear the problems with the Center were some Rotom. They are a problematic group, their strength lies in its versatility changing the appliance gives them a set of completely different skills and strengths, dependending conditions they are extremely difficult to defeat even for a Champion.

Dorian thought his next move, he didn't really need to use the Center he just wanted to check the condition of his pokemon to see if trip affected them, although it is an unnecessary concern it never hurts especially considering the fact that 2/3 of his Pokemon team were revived thanks to science. The boy ran after the Rotom slowly followed by a girl on a Venasaur they were together on the port too, with fluid movements Dorian throw the Pokeball he had in his hand with two more, then Notus, Bake and Plasm appeared before him.

"Well let's get out of here" in seconds Dorian was skies riding Notus while the Rotom and Haunter floated around, Dorian had no hurry otherwise Bake and Plasm could not have been able to keep the pace since Notus is extremely fast. The Aerodactyl was well trained but still at times like this, when nobody is ordering him were to go he follow his instincts. His instinct made him follow a Butterfly flying several meters below, maybe to eat it or curiosity Dorian realized that it belonged to a trainer and stopped his pokemon before even trying to start an attack.

"Bake go to explore the cave you can use hypnosis if you feel threatened but take no risk, if you find anything remotely similar to a fossil or are in danger return here immediately," Dorian looked from the sky to the cave were the Rotom entered while one of them attacked the boy who was following them, "Plasm I doubt that something will attack us up here but be prepared to intercept anything that comes close" though the absence of the Pokemon Center was a drawback Dorian had no intention to help. If Bake scouting showed that there could be fossils inside then he would go down and clean the cave as he has done in the past, otherwise he would continue his search in other place.

Anthony tossed his capture stylus up and smiled. "I'll handle it and they'll help me bring the machines back after I'm done." He said with a smile before seeing a few rotom wander out. He counted them up for a total of 7 and got a little worried. He then sensed lucario and riolu step by his sides. "Guess we'll have to fight it out then. W-wait what's that?" He wondered before a pair of people stepped out and laughed. Anthony recognized the uniform and immediately took up a stance of his own. "Cipher huh. Out here already to steal pokemon and ruin the region? No biggie." Anthony said before hearing them laugh again a rotom using earthquake in the three. Lucario and riolu were injured badly and Anthony fell over but was quickly up again. "Kid you're gonna lose your fancy wand and your pokemon so go home. Before things get too ugly." The taller of the two said grinning at him.

Anthony grumbled and noticed a rotom turning to look directly at him. "Lucario use blaze kick on any part grad types riolu use counter on any that aim for me." He pulled out his other two pokemon and watched the two high five before staffing next to Anthony. "Charmy use flamethrower on the crowd while Sandy uses sand storm. I'll pick up the stragglers and mop up the criminals." Anthony said before his pokemon decided to move in unison against their foes. Anthony saw the pair running to intercept him and grinned before thinking to himself. "Bad move two shots of aura and I'll have them in ropes before I break a sweat." Anthony turned his body as the sand storm hit buffeting all the rotom and his pokemon. He ducked a blind punch from a member of Cipher and responded with a nice hearty aura sphere. He then ducked and hit the other before the sand cleared showing his lucario standing and huffing while his riolu lay knocked out in front of silver. His charmander and sandshrew were also knocked out next to riolu. The rotom surrounded him and lucario before charging up an attack. He and his lucario got back to back. "You fire and I'll block old friend. Maybe we'll get outside interference?" He said to his lucario who nodded and focused. Anthony made two separate aura spheres and watched his lucario start to do the same. Anthony pulled his as far apart as he could before the opposing pokemon attacked. Anthony slammed his palms together as the group of electro balls would've made contact creating one large sphere around him and lucario. He looked painted as did lucario who was doing the same but the electro balls didn't make contact. He and lucario both pushed out and started launching a barrage of aura spheres at the remaining five rotom around them.

Two more went down before lucario feinted. Anthony stood over his lucario huffing.

"Lucario. I'm sorry but if I use any more energy I won't last."