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Ginny Mekks Suttle

An overly sporadic girl with a sheer talent for engineering. Her knowledge of Pokemon is almost textbook item wise, and she's always looking to create new things. One of the worst battlers out there however.

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a character in “Pokemon: A Slice of Life”, as played by ClockworkTowers



“The fewer moving parts, the better.”

❝ More Than Just A Name ❞

“The way you learn anything is that something fails, and you figure out how not to have it fail again."

Full Name
Ginny Mekks Suttle





Lavender Town, Kanto

Castelia City, Unova

Engineer, Artificer, Poke Ball Designer

Engineer, Pokemon Storage System Designer

❝ Beyond The Disguise ❞

“Clothes are the lowest priority for an engineer, assuming the basic thresholds for temperature and decency have been satisfied. If no appendages are freezing or sticking together, and if nothing is swinging around in plain view, then the objective of clothing has been met."

Basic Appearance
A 5'3" tall girl who looks to be anywhere between 100-120 lbs. Her brown eyes and short brown hair give way to a look of mystery and contemplation. Her usual attire carries a large steampunk flair, a beige blouse with a brown corset and black pantaloons proving this much. Her brown boots are slightly heeled and look imported, reinforced with a white covering to protect her should she drop any equipment. The most noticeable aspects to her however are her eyepatch covering her right eye, and her somewhat sleek, if a tad large, mechanical arm that has replaced her entire right arm. There seem to be slots built into the arm as well, probably for fitting gadgets, and might also be a wonder launcher. A fingerless glove and long sleeves cover her left arm, and two belts are wrapped around her left arm just under the shoulder.

Distinct Markings
A scar along the right side of her body that stretches to her stomach from her neck, a small mark circling her neck indicative of some kind of neckwear, and a small mark of an unknown logo on her lower back, towards the left thigh. Most of these are covered up however.

Steampunk fashion, incorporating her mechanical tinkering with her fashion sense.

❝ Behind The Mechanics ❞

“Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.”

+Power Plants


>Ginny always looks lost in her surroundings when not around machines.
>Ginny spends a lot of time searching for material regarding her latest Poke Ball designs.
>Ginny makes it a point to refuse help from anyone that isn't her Pokemon.

>Ginny has little battling skill. While she can pour out technobabble about how the Poke Ball works, actually battling can escape her at times.
>Ginny has little skill when it comes to Coordinating her Pokemon for Contests or Musicals, and prefers not to participate.
>Ginny tends to be very blunt and forwards, and makes comments without thinking at times. This can get her in trouble often.

Ginny is sporadic in thinking at times, and tends to not hold punches. While this does get her in trouble, she's wise enough to apologize before it gets worse. This carries over into her battling style, which lacks clear focus given her dislike for the affair as a whole. She can easily give her full attention to the task at hand however.

When not quite being sporadic, she is a somewhat reclusive person, preferring to limit interaction time with others, and focus more on her creations. When needed, she'll indulge conversation, but usually seeks to end least until it comes to her work, in which case, she'll chat for hours on end. Sometimes, she rambles in these situations, and sometimes needs to be snapped out of it. Generally, she does her best not to worry others.

She also cares greatly for her Pokemon, given that she has two primarily. She takes care of them, and they both help her out immensely in her work around her shop. She uses them for other tasks as well, such as using her Electrode as a power source, or utilizing her Magneton for helping her move things around. She also takes them shopping with her when she does need to go, as she dislikes the affair, and wishes for the company to keep her motivated.

Theme Song
Aitech - Kevin MacLeod

❝ Behind the Scenes ❞

“Boring: See Engineers.”

Strengths and Special Attributes
When it comes to programs, electronics, computers, all things artificial really, no one is better than Ginny at working it. She makes Poke Balls in her spare time, and enjoys trying to find ways to make items more convenient for trainers. She also enjoys idling away time when she's bored by playing with her Pokemon. She maintains the Pokemon Storage System, and has made the most recent iteration of it, working through methods already established by the prior developers, and has improved on many aspects.

Equipment and Personal Artifacts
Ginny has her mechanical arm, and her backpack filled with gadgets and gizmos she enjoys field testing. She also boasts a pair of roller blades she fashioned herself that can rotate the wheels to allow her to either roll on them, or walk on them. She also has two filled Poke Balls, and an array of empty Poke Balls that are mostly of her creation, and have unknown effects. She also has several items designed for Pokemon to hold and interact with.

>Ginny possesses a Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.
>Ginny is working towards Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Geomatics Engineering.
>Ginny builds items and Poke Balls on occasion, usually resulting in a failure most of the time.
>Ginny runs the Pokemon Storage System, and is one of several administrators.
> ☠ Ginny spent time trapped by several Zoroark after a field test went wrong and presumably put the Zoroark in danger.
> ☠ Ginny has some surprisingly in-depth knowledge of Pokemon Breeding that she wishes she didn't ever find out.
> ☠ Ginny's Electrode was responsible for her lost arm and eye when they first met as Trainer and Voltorb.
> ☠ Ginny's Magneton likes to pull pranks on her, much to her detriment, but she cares for it nonetheless.

❝Replaying The Past And Present ❞

”For an optimist the glass is half full, for a pessimist it's half empty, and for an engineer is twice bigger than necessary.”

Ginny's journey began with the smartest of ideas. Roam the local Power Plant without any Pokemon on hand. Needless to say, that ended in disaster, and she only luckily got away with scrapes and bumps. Fast forward several years later, and she wasn't so lucky. Another run in with a disguised Voltorb resulted in a lost arm and eye. While she managed to recover, her dilemma left her with a resolve to fix herself. Through her meticulous studies, she taught herself a major amount about how machines worked, and how to build them. By the age of seventeen, she built her mechanical arm, and by nineteen, had managed to beta function a snagger into it.

Her field test of the function was successful, but also broke the feature after a single snag, snagging a Shiny Magnemite from a trainer who was quite clearly some kind of monster. Somewhat discouraged, she went back to the lab to recoup and focus her efforts on new held items and Poke Balls, using her new friends to aid her. She also trained the Voltorb and Magnemite as her bestest friends, them eventually evolving into what they are today. The three are the best of friends.

It was during a field test of a special held item that would become a permanent Red Card, she accidentally put a nearby tribe of Zoroark into danger significant enough to get them to attack. In her panic, she ran away, forgetting her items and her Pokemon. Eventually backed into a corner, she managed to slyly talk the apparent leader from wanting to kill her to merely holding her instead. After several weeks, she managed to find the perfect time to escape, and did so. Of course, she returned to where she left her stuff, and resolved to never panic again, for it had now cost her twice over.

She went back to perfecting the Storage System, a life dream she had, and managed to make improvements to the existing system, leading her to where she is today, working in her own little dumpy workshop in Castelia City.



Preferred Type
Ginny rarely catches Pokemon, usually conducting experiments with her items on them instead. When she needs to capture something, she has a liking for the Electric and Steel types.

Starter Pokémon
Not an official starter, Ginny's first Pokemon was a Voltorb, the same one she was determined to raise after it took her arm and eye.

Current Pokémon Team
Name ~ Lektrobal
Species and Type ~ Electrode (Electric)
Gender ~ Genderless
Ability ~ Aftermath
Personality ~ Lektrobal's recklessness would put even other Electrode to shame. Rash to a large degree, and very curious of everything, Lektrobal gets Ginny into a lot of trouble sometimes. Prone to exploding without any rhyme or reason, much to Ginny's detriment. Cares a lot for Ginny however, and goes out of it's way to make sure she's safe when possible.
History ~ Ginny and Lektrobal first met when she picked him up as a Voltorb, assuming it was a dropped item. It then Selfdestructed and took her arm and eye from her. When she recovered, she returned to the plant, and managed to get her father to catch it for her. She then raised it as she lived life.
Charge Beam
Signal Beam
Foul Play

Name ~ Recoil
Species and Type ~ Magneton* (Electric/Steel)
Gender ~ Genderless
Ability ~ Analytic
Personality ~ Recoil is oftentimes naughty and mischievous. Always scheming something, it enjoys playing pranks on Ginny and others, and tries to unsuccessfully encourage Lektrobal to participate as well. Sometimes, the two come to blows, but both care immensely for Ginny nonetheless. Recoil is even a tad overprotective of her, even if he pranks her, as it's never harmful pranks.
History ~ Ginny and Recoil met when she snagged it from a bad trainer while testing out the beta snagging functionality she put into her mechanical arm. While the process broke the feature, she did successfully grab Recoil, whom she promptly renamed, and took with her after the Magnemite refused to return to its trainer. They've been friends ever since.
Zap Cannon
Magnet Bomb

PC Pokémon

So begins...

Ginny Mekks Suttle's Story


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It took only a minute for Ginny to realize her mistake. She indeed had removed the wrong part from her new invention, an upgrade to her old beta and broken "Snag Machine". Needless to say, by removing one of the primary gears, the machine failed to even start.

Fortunately, with this now identified, she made the appropriate changes, and powered the system on. A series of whirs and beeps, and the machine's lights glowed. Fully activated.

Well, what do you guys think, Recoil, Lektrobal? Pretty neat! It was this same device I used to obtain you, Recoil!

The Magneton, glimmering as it hovered, took a closer look it seemed. The Electrode was smiling as always.
Now, guys, let us take it for a field test. I heard there were supposedly some bad apples around the city. Ginny Suttle, engineer extraordinaire, will now save Pokemon from those who aren't responsible enough for one!

Whether the machine worked or not was to be seen, however, she did step out of the shop, and locked the door tight. A small sign was positioned outside detailing when she'd be back in the shop.