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Jeremy Blair

0 · 187 views · located in Zenith University

a character in “Pokemon - Ascension”, as played by TemplarWarden


Jeremy Blair


Jeremy Blair



Occupation (Trainer/Coordinator):


Jeremy is an interesting character of many faces and many falsehoods. Typically in most occasion he appears all quiet. Enjoying the company of books and keeping to himself. He's not anti social, he is in fact quite friendly. However he doesn't often talk to people unless the situation allows it. Even though he denies it, he is quite self conscious and his fear of putting himself out there and suffering embarrassment. There is always a deep seated a fear that once he takes those steps everyone would shun him.

The other side of the coin from the shy, reclusive soul is the loving and passionate one. He can often slip into the shadows, and appear pretty emotionless and uncaring at time. The young man is painfully aware of the harshness of reality, he can't bear seeing needless suffering, physical or emotional. He is caring and kind to everyone he comes across, and although he fears the approach he is trusting and open to anyone he knows. Empathic and sympathetic almost to a fault, although eternally uncertain about his own sincerity. Should he is l be a loyal friend, always willing to offer a reassuring shoulder. Although in the end, he isn't perfect and hates taking sides, even to the detriment of his friendships.

The bottom layer of everything is the sadness and loneliness. His childhood wasn't filled with great expressions of love and friendship, partly through his own choices, partly through deals he has no control over. He builds his bonds and is so genuine with his feelings for this very reason. Burying his sadness, regrets and past, with the recent death of his mother leaving him in a melancholy limbo. Even more than that he suffers from over complicating and over analysing every negative experiences, dropping into a negative spiral, nearing on depression. Takes failure very badly, perhaps why he works so hard. Should he make a mistake, or even if something goes wrong that he could not prevent he snaps, feeling both depressed and angry. He will strike out at almost anything or anyone.

Commitment ||


Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Light Brown

Skin Tone:



Physical Description:
Jeremy has naturally very white skin although he often is easily burnt by exposure, leaving a rather clean tan though. The slight browning brings out the delicate, finely built shape of his face. Which is then concealed by his glasses. He isn't physically impressive, almost average in most ways. In fact his skinny little body is almost comical and rather feminine. He tends to grow out his silky black hair and he is known to play with it when in though. Despite all this he puts on a somewhat confident show. His strides are long and sure. He doesn't make quick movements, everything is slow and planned.

Jeremy was born in a poky little town nestled somewhere in the rocky coast of the north called Anula Village. It was a small community, around one hundred residents with very few children his age. He never knew his father and truly doubted he ever would know. These days he doubted it was relevant, the man was never in his life. He couldn't particularly say his mother was either. She was young when she gave birth to him, he suspected just by some random lay. Karen Blair was a rising pokemon trainer and the favoured child of the village. Thus why she could leave him there and travel around the world for years at a time.

Home was no salvation, but neither was anywhere else. Of the few children many of them disliked him, for his girlish looks and the favourable treatment he received from the villagers. Seeing as an village this small had a limited number of children he couldn't exactly find any hidden friends. This shaped him noticeably. he became quiet, afraid of doing wrong for fear of what it might unleash from his peers and without his mother to confide in. When she was around she doted on her son, but her absence was enough to leave a less then admirable impression.

His childhood left him with an odd dichotomy towards pokemon. They were his only true friends, his mother had both brought back young pokemon from he trips and helped him catch his own. However they were also the reason his mother was absent through almost the entirety of his life. In the end his caring nature won out. Although he didn't have the attitude of a trainer he did cling to his pokemon and indeed aspired to become a doctor to tend to pokemon and human alike.

Unfortunately his dream was crushed when his mother returned home, sick. For the next year he had to tend to her and her rapidly degrading health, missing out on his intended chance to leave to medical school. His mother's ailing health ground at him, and to a degree he began to resent her. At the same time she had shown how much she cared over the years, even if she tended to superimpose her own wishes onto him. This unfortunately involved entrusting him with her pokemon and enrolling him at Zenith University on Edanes Island, having never been had the chance to visit and having pulled some strings with the higher ups.

Preferred Type of Contest:

Pokemon Team Overview:


Pokémon Species: Ninetales
Pokémon Nature: Calm - An image of calm and serenity. She was his first Pokemon, brought to him as a barely hatched Vulpix and the intricacies of their relationship is inspiring. Prone to mood swings she can be cheerful one moment and furious the next. Her wrath is not what you would want to bring upon yourself. Her loyalty to Jeremy is that of an inseparable friend. She is highly intelligent, beautiful and tough.
  • Fire Blast
  • Confuse Ray
  • Flame Thrower
  • Safeguard

Pokémon Species: Mightyena
Pokémon Nature: Bold - Brood, confident and proud. Again, raised by Jeremy from just a Poochyena pup. He is Ninetale's opposite, generally gruff and unfriendly to most. He is rather overprotective of Jeremy.
  • Bite
  • Strength
  • Swagger
  • Shadow Ball

Pokémon Species: Purrloin
Pokémon Nature: Gentle - Young and rather lethargic, Purrloin is lovable and sociable. She enjoys just snuggling up to anyone and everyone and just falling asleep against them in any situation. Although sometimes she has a mischievous and slightly malicious streak if someone doesn't pay her enough attention. The last pokemon gifted to Jeremy on his mother's fateful return from her last journey.
  • Scratch
  • Growl
  • Shadow Ball

In Storage (PC):

Pokémon Species: Scyther
Pokémon Nature: Hardy - An ever reliable presence. He hardly ever takes a leading role though instead he is the strong back bone of the team. Always covering the others' backs and being the immovable object if need be.
  • Fury Cutter
  • Fly
  • Air Slash
  • Feint

Pokémon Species: Milotic
Pokémon Nature: Impish - Is the most graceful and typically cheerful member of the group. Although she is quite independent, often disappearing off to enjoy herself in the ocean when she can. She does allow herself to be confined in her Pokeball but hates it if these periods are too long. She is never still and will often pull pranks and fool around.
  • Surf
  • Dive
  • Rain Dance
  • Dragon Tail

Pokémon Species: Arbok
Pokémon Nature: Lonely - Rather difficult to get close to. Usually hissing and threatening if someone tries to get close. He is undeniable vicious and certainly hard working although he is a solo player.
  • Glare
  • Poison Fang
  • Venoshock
  • Wrap

So begins...

Jeremy Blair's Story