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Rue Sonna

"It's hard to smile if all you're really familiar with is pain...."

0 · 395 views · located in Zenith University

a character in “Pokemon - Ascension”, as played by Skwidge



”I’ll hide away these discolorations with the lies of a paint’s cover-up.”

Name: Rue Sonna
”W-who’s asking?”

Age: 18 - just recently turned.
”It’s okay, I get mistaken for being younger often….”

Gender: Female
”I don’t hide away that much….”

Occupation: Trainer
”I want to become stronger, for myself and for my pokemon. Being a Coordinator just isn’t what I’m looking for.”

Tier: Normal
”I’m trying to start a new chapter of my life since I can’t erase the old one.”

Personality: Rue is a reserved, though polite, individual. While she enjoys being in the company of others, especially in groups of two or more people, and attempts to be more open and outgoing, she always seems to revert/default to keeping quiet and just listening. Rue is most comfortable when she’s more of a background noise when it comes to a group, and thus gets nervous during one on ones with other people.

She is timid and overly conscious of how she acts around people, always hoping not to come across as ‘too strange’ or ‘easy prey’ for any one particular person. She has her own fragile sense of joy and contentment, especially strengthened when with her pokemon- which is pretty much all the time- and she tends to not let her hopes get up. She’s shy and in all honesty afraid of other people getting close to her- she doesn’t want to be a nuisance, and she doesn’t want to get hurt.

Crowds and parties of people: Rue has the opportunity to blend into the background yet still technically be a part of what’s going on. The attention is split between every individual, and it is simple to be overlooked. In these cases, she doesn’t have to worry about people asking her personal questions or finding out about… certain tendencies that occur whenever she leaves and returns to campus. ”I like being a part of the action without actually really being a part of it.”

Brisk mornings and cloudy days: Rue enjoys mornings where the air is refreshing, awakening, and a bit chilly in her lungs. There is a sort of calm and peace that she gets from both cold, dreary mornings and cloudy days. ”These are times of peace and contentment. I like to hide away in the forest and spend time with my pokemon.”

Her Pokemon: Each one of the six pokemon in her party share a deep personal bond with Rue, and each has its own story and ties with her. They are her companions, her protection, her guides, the beings who she strives to be better for. It isn’t a shallow relationship where it’s an owner-pet sort of relationship, or a trainer-team type of relationship, where both parties use one another to their benefit or friendship. With her, these six are her companions, her support, pretty much her only family, and her closest friends. ”I’m doing everything that I am for my pokemon, not for any person.”

Pokemon Companionship: Rue would prefer pokemon over people any day. People are complicated, abusive, negative things that always come with the requirement of high attention and elevated stress levels. She has no peace around other individuals, and is constantly on the verge of breaking down from the weight of all the expectations that are set upon her. Pokemon just exist, they live relatively simple lives, they don’t require ‘things’ to be your friend or to be happy, they don’t expect much out of you. They sense feelings on a different level than humans ever could, and their actions speak louder than any word ever could. ”It’s easier to talk and be around them. They don’t have the overbearing intellect to try to fix things in a higher sense of power. They sit and listen and comfort, and that’s all I really want.”

Being Alone: Not entirely the fact of isolation, but rather the calmness that comes with the lack of having to watch oneself constantly and worrying over what other people might be thinking or doing. ‘Alone’ being a relative term that really only applies to people. She always has her pokemon with her. ”I can unwind the constant tightening of gears and just be me for once, where no one is watching with prying eyes.”

Being constantly on edge around other people: Rue is constantly faced with the daunting task of concealing seemingly permanent bruises as well as barring emotions stemming from her past from appearing in front of other people. It’s a constant anxiety she has to struggle with. ”I don’t want to involve other people with my problems. They might end up just hurting me more….”

People asking too many questions/getting too close: Rue doesn’t like to talk about herself, mainly because she has nothing good to say. She’s self-conscious because of personal, fear-related reasons, and trying to talk about herself in any detailed way makes her nervous. She’s lost any sort of ability to trust other people, so she doesn’t let them get too close to the point of being able to hurt her. ”I-I’m really not that interesting. You’d probably have a much better time talking with everyone else.”

People with personalities that just seem to drown everyone else out: While perfectly content with people drowning her out, Rue is turned off by people with massive personalities and huge ego-complexes that overcome others. She’s a somewhat fragile individual, so loud, overbearing people tend to easily break her. ”Everyone deserves their fair chance at having a say and interacting. No one should have to suffer in any way, shape, or form. Knowing what it's like, I don’t want anyone else having to experience it.”

Being the center of attention/Being alone with another person: She honestly has no idea what to do with herself when other people show an interest. Constantly aware of the very real fact of disappointing others for no real reason, the terror of attention tacked solely on her makes her exceptionally nervous. She doesn’t want anyone feeling like they have to be responsible for her, doesn’t want anyone to find out about the abusive home life, doesn’t want to get hurt by anyone else… doesn’t want to receive a standing in other people’s eyes and inevitably disappoint them. ”I can handle simple things and anything school-related, but I just don’t do very well with personal talks or attention.”

"The things of this world aren't important, just the bonds that are made with your pokemon."


Height: 5’ 6’’

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Mix of hazel and amber

General Clothing: Rue is often found in simple shorts and a button down shirt always accompanied with her zip-up hoodie equipped with a muffler-style inside. Other days she’ll wear a simple white spaghetti strap shirt with a blue cardigan and her handy scarf, her legs adorned with cargo shorts and tights. Her hair is usually done up in pigtails, her bangs always dipping down between her nose and constantly threatening to cover her right eye.

Markings: Rue seems to be plagued with bruising along her upper arms and neck, though the culprit behind these is unknown. She hides them with either her muffler jacket or her scarf. It is rare to see her without anything over these areas. She has no legitimate markings such as tattoos or piercings other than two platinum bands in her left ear.

History: “It’s, ah… it’s not important.” As much as people like to think of the pokemon world as a place filled with much joy and triumph, it isn’t always that way for everyone. It never was for Rue. Her mother died when she was six, taking ill from a particularly nasty bug-type incident, and her father was never really equipped to take care of her.

Completely consumed with grief and anger, when her father wasn’t ignoring her or forgetting she even existed, he would be taking it out on her. At first it was only verbal abuse, and he mostly kept to himself when he had been out drinking himself into oblivion. Rue had to figure out how to take care of herself pretty quickly.

It was rare for her to be in the house, mainly outside in the surrounding forest area. Her neighbors took pity on her, and occasionally would give her a meal or two, but Rue’s learning curve was almost entirely made up of learning from her mistakes.

Her father wasn’t the only one hurting after her mother died, and understandably it was several degrees worse for Rue since she was so little and suddenly had no one to look after her or care about her. It wasn’t uncommon for her to cry herself to sleep- it was pretty much the easiest way to do it; it drowned out the sounds of her father’s rage, and once exhaustion set in, she didn’t have to worry about much else.

In the first year after her mom died, Rue was out in the forest one day when she crossed paths with a lone Venipede. Not really thinking straight, what with a grief-riddled mind and a conscious too overbearing for a seven year to really handle, she approached the creature, seeking out with blind little hands for a friend or something that would care.

It was the perfect size for to hold in her arms and find some solace in, and she was desperate for companionship. Rue had always kept her distance from most pokemon, mainly because they would run away or people had told her that they could be dangerous. It’s unknown as to why Rue took to a Venipede of all pokemon, but they both just seemed to click.

Understandably that little Venipede was caught off guard and unsure what to do with the girl when she came up and grabbed it off the ground, pressing it against her chest. At first it reacted like any creature would- it tried to get away, all legs scrabbling softly in the air and the pokemon trying to wiggle its way free.

But after a few moments, and with the realization that it wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon, he stilled, sensing the distress in the young girl. They became fast friends, Rue going out to visit him every day for three days, and he meeting her to sit and enjoy her company. It was the first day that she dubbed him Vorix.

Unfortunately, she decided that she wanted to bring him home so that he could enjoy the things that she did and thus become her pokemon. After all, Vorix cared about her, and he would help provide her with berries and such, despite being a territorial species. Perhaps he had suffered a similar fate as hers when it came to his parent pokemon.

In any case, once her dad found out about Vorix, things escalated to extreme degrees. The fact that it had been a bug pokemon, out of everything that it could have been, ignited a new onslaught of rage and grief. After all, it was because of this type that he had lost his wife. Abuse went from verbal to physical, but Rue took it all in silence. She wasn’t about to lose Vorix too, no matter what her father said.

Suffice it to say that she always hid Vorix whenever her father was around, though that became increasingly less and less. He would be gone for days, and Rue would take care of herself and Vorix. She made do with what she could find in the kitchen, and was always a good girl who went to school every day. Vorix always accompanied her wherever she went, and the two of them seemed to share the enjoyment of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when they were younger.

When she was eight, a year or so after having Vorix with her, she met Gorund, a clumsy little poochyena with its paw caught in a trap… with a concerned third-party-Sentret. Rue’s pretty certain that Gorund had been hunting Peekey for food, though the two are close friends now. Gorund followed her around just like Vorix did and Peeky was rarely far behind. The three pokemon seemed to tolerate each other’s presence well enough.

Rue and Vorix grew up together, each evolving and growing in their own particular ways. By the time Rue was fifteen, her father having had week-long periods of disappearing, he finally returned home for good. He had accepted the pokemon that hung around the house, despite Vorix being a bug-type pokemon, and he had sobered in his rages. He was now aware of what was going on around him, he was concerned about Rue’s education and such things like that, though the two of them never really had any kind of relationship.

Her father was not sober in terms of alcohol. His late-night outings were common-place, happening almost every night, and every time he returned home and Rue was still up, he’d take out his feelings on her. She’s carried ugly bruises all over her body for quite a long time, but she never really said anything about it.

Rue also never allowed her pokemon to try to intervene. She was afraid that her dad would hurt them or try to take them away from her, and that wasn’t something that she could handle. It never really occurred to her to leave her father. In fact, he needed her. There was no way that he could take care of himself, and Rue had grown mature enough when she was little to realize this, and she’s trying to be the better person in the relationship.

This did not stop her from going out and experiencing the world a bit more as a trainer, though she never really strayed far from home. With the appearance of Zenith University, Rue saw the opportunity she had for herself, and she took it. Rue’s still technically under her father’s care, and every time she returns to her hometown and to her father- when the school semester ends or holiday strikes- the bruises await her as well. It’s just a part of her life now.

Rue is afraid of anyone finding out about the abuse, because she doesn’t want to worry anyone; she doesn’t want anyone getting involved and possibly hurt as well; she doesn’t want anyone getting leverage to hurt her; she’s afraid that her home life could endanger her being allowed to attend Zenith, and she has a natural distrust of other people since her father only really sought to take his anger out on her. Being alone with other people makes her nervous, because it’s a similar situation to being alone with her father.

Despite being opposed to letting people in, she does want to try to make some human friends. It would be a good step in her growth as a person, though she still doesn't plan on allowing others close enough to do any damage.

Battling Style: Much like her team collection, there is no real 'style' when it comes to Rue. She uses move-type advantages against opponents whenever possible, so her pokemon have a wide range of movesets. She's an observant and analytical battler, paying attention to both her own pokemon's moods as well as the teamwork that occurs on the other side of the field. In an overview, she is the trainer of her group, but her pokemon each have their own specific battling styles.

Pokemon Team Overview: Rue has a hodgepodge collection of pokemon for her team, and does not really stick to one particular type over another. Her pokemon are more her companions than anything else, be it a battling team or strategic match.


Species: Furret
- Name: Peekey
+ Gender: Female
* Moveset: Sucker Punch, Retaliate, Hyper Voice, Dig
~ Personality: A friendly, confident, and curious individual
who loves to climb and crawl all over a person’s legs and
arms. Affectionate and attentive. Peekey always knows how to
make Rue smile, even if that means using her little paws to hold
one up.

Species: Scolipede
- Name: Vorix
+ Gender: Male
* Moveset: Venoshock, Sludgebomb, X-scissor, Megahorn
~ Personality: As per his species, Vorix is an incredibly
ornery and highly aggressive pokemon- at least to anyone
who isn’t Rue. He’s cocky and very protective, and causes
constant trouble on the island whenever interacting with
other trainers or pokemon.

Species: Mightyena
- Name: Gorund
+ Gender: Male
* Moveset: Dark Pulse, Crunch, Fire Fang, Facade
~ Personality: Eloquent with leader-like confidence and a
knowledge of self, Gorund has no problem putting others
in their place. He has his own sense of aggression when
others make Rue uncomfortable, and is very strong both
physically and in character, thanks to very specific training
regimes and excellent breeding. He doesn’t necessarily
look down on other pokemon outside of his party,
he just... rarely deigns to bother with them unless expected
to do so.
Species: Girafarig
- Name: Popo Forson
+ Gender: Female
* Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Psyshock, Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam
~ Personality: Cheerful, quirky, and very friendly. Popo
is a support-type battler, preferring to fight alongside
other pokemon whenever possible. An encourager and watcher.
While Popo doesn't entirely like battles, she tries her absolute best
to make her trainer happy, which is something that's already been
obtained and could never be taken away. Rue loves each of her six
in ways that go beyond normal pokemon-trainer bonds, as aforementioned.

Species: Flygon
- Name: Gogglecap
+ Gender: Male
* Moveset: Fly, Earth Power, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw
~ Personality: Robust and down to earth, Gogglecap is one
for adventure and the occasional mishap, providing a sharable
sense of confidence with Rue when it comes to experiencing new things.

Species: Lapras
- Name: Sol
+ Gender: Female
* Moveset: Body Slam, Ice Beam, Surf, Hydro Pump
~ Personality: Calm and peaceful, Sol tends to be a bit of a
grounder when it comes to Rue freaking out about things.
She is motherly and has a happily muffled way of displaying affection or joy.
Sol is also a pacifist, that being she's difficult to upset or anger. She doesn't
find a joy in fighting like Gorund and Vorix do, but she is a strong pokemon
who will fight for her trainer whenever she can.

In Storage (PC):

"I won't let anyone else play keep-away with my heart or torment my person."


So begins...

Rue Sonna's Story

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The morning sun shone brightly on the university grounds. The chirping of Pidgeys and the rustling of grass caused by young Pokemon stirring up trouble could be heard even within the campus, only to be disturbed by the honking of a ship soon docking at the shores of Edenas Island. A certain, black-haired boy pushed back his hood to turn his head to the honking, smiling quietly. "The new students are arriving today huh? They came earlier than usual..." Shirou turned back to the task at hand though, as the turtle-like Pokemon in front of him abruptly bent over to grab something off the ground. "Alto! Hold still!" The small smile on his face disappeared as Shirou scolded the Blastoise a little. He put down the hose- It had become a habit of him to keep his Pokemon in top shape, and if it meant also washing Alto's shell, brushing out dust from Ataro's mane and sharpening Tsubaki's blades, then he would gladly do it. The hardest part? Alto just loved food and would only stay still if he was eating.

The Blastoise let out a happy cry and munched on the apple it held in its small claws. Shirou just sighed and aimed the hose again, watching absentmindedly as Alto's small tail thumped a little. After a bit, he turned off the faucet and patted the Blastoise's back. "Alright big guy. We should go. The Master-ranks usually show up to oversee the rookies coming in every semester." The Blastoise tilted his head before he sighed and raised another apple. After drying the shell off, soon, Shirou set out with Alto trailing just behind him.
"...This is bound to be another great semester, huh?"


A mound of blankets and pillows slowly shifted as a slim hand reached out to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. It quickly disappeared back inside the mound before finally, a black, hound-like Pokemon moved to the bed and tugged off the blanket with its teeth. A girl with light pink hair was revealed from underneath, and she slowly opened dark pink eyes to glanced sleepily over. "Mm...Yoru, what time is it?" The Houndoom just nudged her hand before jumping up onto the bed and curling up beside her. "...So he just wanted to sleep on the bed." Rhia just sighed as she stroked her Houndoom's head a little before starting to pull her blankets over herself again when suddenly--

"H-Hey, Shinichi, cut it out!" She frowned a little as the Infernape jumped up on the bed and frowned at her, letting out a small cry and pointing to the calendar. Rhia squinted at the calendar before sighing. "So the rookies come" She started to get up to pull back the curtains, looking out at Edenas and the campus grounds of Zenith University. "...Ascension..." Rhia looked at her Pokemon again. Yoru was still sleeping on the bed, Shinichi was waking up another sleeping figure in the corner. She noticed a spot of green start to come out. Kurosaki. "...Advancing to Ultra-rank...the requirement is to find a Mega Stone..." Her Gallade yawned and waved to her a little. She waved back before stretching and heading to the shower.
"...I wonder if I should advance this year."

A few minutes- well, she didn't keep track of the time, she didn't really care- later she emerged again, pulling on her usual blouse and jacket and the cat cap that hung on a chair. "Shinichi!" She called out as she grabbed the doorknob to her room. The Infernape jumped off the bed and walked over to her, pointing to Yoru and the still sleepy Kurosaki. "...We shouldn't disturb their rest. Come on, you already disturbed mine." Even through her tone, she smiled and pat her Infernape on the shoulder a little. It just let out a small cry as they proceeded outside.

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#, as written by Skwidge
Rue Sonna

”All aboard!” The fog horn of the large ferry sounded off in the distance. Today was the big day, the day that Rue would start a new chapter of her life. It was about time. There were many kids dotted all over the docks, waiting to board the ferry and begin the journey to Zenith University. But Rue hung back, nervous and rather stressed about the whole thing despite the desire to go.

With a silence that clung to her, she pulled at the high collar of her hoodie, checking for the umpteenth time that it hid her skin. A soft chatter at her feet caught her attention, her eyes glancing down to the grassy earth. Peekey looked up at her in a concerned sort of manner, pawing at the skin of her leg with a small, worried frown.

Gorund lay nearby, sunbathing. The Mightyena’s chest rose and fell heavily, one ear twitching every once in a while, ever listening to what was around him. His chin rested lazily on his forearm, but he did bother to glance back at his trainer when the ship horn sounded.

It was time, and Rue didn’t want to make a bad impression the first day for being late for anything. Vorix, her Scolipede, was safely tucked away in his pokeball so he wouldn’t cause any trouble, though she could feel the contempt emanating from the contraption. The rest of her team were in the same way, resting in their pokeballs.

The trainer quickly made her way onto the ship for a very long and stressful boat ride.


With another sounding from the fog horn indicating that they had arrived at Zenith’s docks, Rue nervously picked at her sleeves. She had remained away from all of the other kids, which may have been a poor first decision since she did want to make some acquaintances, hidden away in one of the far corners of the ship’s hull.

She made her way up to the decks after most of the other trainers and coordinators had left, marking her as a straggler. Not that she really minded. Her only concerns were in her indecision on whether or not to force her way through her shyness and participate and be in the midst of the throngs of new students, or remain in her awkward silence and hope that nobody noticed her the entire day, which, let’s face it, was highly unlikely. Especially since she had to go and sign in and everything.

With her Furret perched on her shoulder, fluffy tail swishing along Rue’s back as she excitedly looked about the expanse of the island before her, switching from one shoulder to the other and chattering excitedly, crawling all over the girl’s head to travel between the two, Rue carefully made her way down the boarding ramp.

Gorund followed nonchalantly after her, though his eyes were deceptively keen, always watching for any threats or pissants that might bother her. But everyone else had by then already pretty much dispersed from the docks to head to the University.

You can do this Rue. You can do this. She thought worriedly to herself, rubbing at her left forearm in a nervous tick. At least no one was looking at her....

Addie Norbuckle

Adder was wickedly excited. It was finally the day that he’d get to head off to Zenith and learn how to be a coordinator! It was a new day, a new start, and a new adventure, and he’d be darned if it wasn’t going to be absolutely awesome.

”Hey, maybe we’ll even get to meet some cute girls~” His grin was huge and cheesy as he spoke to his Noctowl, Specs, who was currently flapping his wings to cause a bit of a breeze for the little green Cubone who was sitting at Addie’s feet, his bone carefully balanced between his two small legs.

Specs trilled loudly in playful agreement, tucking his wings in and tilting his head up to look at his partner. It was then that the ship’s horn sounded and the three of them were making their way to board the ship. With Pericles safely in his crossed arms and Specs trailing overhead, the trio settled themselves on the ferry.

”Man, this is going to be so awesome!” Adder clenched his hand into a resilient fist, a determined grin on his face as he looked out over the water. His Noctowl called out in agreement, wings fluttering excitedly as he too watched out over the water.


When the ship finally docked, Addie was among the first to run down off of the boarding plank, pokemon close in tow. There seemed to be an almost permanent grin plastered to his face. He was excited to meet all of the new people and get started making friends.