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Skyler Evangeline

"The combination of beauty and elegance. The strength to hold your head high and declare your name. The virtuous heart, body and soul. That is what it means to be a Coordinator.

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a character in “Pokemon - Ascension”, as played by Guardian Aelita


Name: Skyler Evangeline "I'm aware of how odd my name sounds however I believe it to be quite elegant."
Age: 17 "The best seven years of my life were spent towards perfection."
Gender: Female "Oh dear... I'm aware that I've yet to grow but you must be blind to not see the ribbons and dress and fabulous hair."
Occupation: Student Coordinator "Although I technically am a student, one cannot refer to me as a mere student."
Tier: Grand "Heh~ That's right. All students must clamor to join my ranks."

ImagePersonality: Skyler can be quite the elegant British woman. She's soft spoken and proper onstage. She treats most people with respect and delicacy as to make as many friends as possible. However, offstage, the girl has a tendency to become quite haughty. Though it didn't come from nothing. Her haughty nature sometimes will alienate her from her fellow peers but that's only because she's jealous. She sees talent in them where she had to work for seven years to obtain her Grand Coordinator status. She also has a short temper but that's often masked by a gentle smile and a soft tone. She carries an axe for self defense purposes but mostly leaves it in her dressing room.
Likes: Tea "Nothing quite beats the taste of some delicious English Breakfast tea."
Her Pokemon "Of course! How can I not love my darlings?!"
Any Coordinator with pure intentions "Your actions have moved me... Very well. I shall take you under my wing."
Shirou, Zeami and Rhia "Those three are interesting to say the very least... I'll have to do my best to keep Swellow's eye on them."
Dislikes: Talented Coordinators "Hmph, talent means nothing if you don't work hard to keep it."
Bullies of any kind "Do I see someone who will be my next self defense victim~?"
Any crime organization "Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Glactic, Plasma, Flare; it doesn't matter. I'm glad they're all gone."
People who abuse their Pokemon "Those scum must be erased. By my hands or someone else's, I don't care."

Height: 4'9" "... Shut up. I'm aware I'm small but I'm still growing!"
Hair color: Platinum blonde with the ends dyed pink, orange, green, blue and yellow "Cute, Cool, Clever, Beautiful and Tough respectively. As a Grand Coordinator, I must master all of them."
Eye color: Yellow "People often comment that I have the eyes of a Banette or a cat."
General Clothing: She tends to wear simplistic yet dark clothing. She wears a black and yellow beret, a sleeveless black dress that goes to her knees, grey tights, dark grey boots and black gloves that go to her wrists.
Contest Clothing: Pretty much what is seen in her face claim.
Markings?: "B-Beg pardon?! Such things would taint my body!! Are you trying to make me a horrible Coordinator?! Well it won't work!"

History: When Skyler was born, her father was a Pokemon Breeder while her mother was a Coordinator. Ever since Skyler was little, she always had a fascination with pretty things. Whether it be ribbons, dresses or dolls, she would always cling to those beautiful things. She would often hear her friends talk about how excited they were to turn ten so they could become trainers. Skyler was not one of those girls. She wanted Pokemon yes, but she didn't want to fight in those nasty gyms and get her Pokemon to be dirty. So she travelled the Sinnoh region rather half-hearted. Roark and Gardenia noticed that she seemed to be uninterested in battling but rather in costumes. Skyler was growing tired of fighting gyms. Things weren't looking any better... until she found Hearthome City. There, she found the contest building. She wanted to be involved in contests badly so she entered. She ended up failing. So for two years, she trained and ended up getting the Master rank for Clever, Cool and Tough contests. Then, she overheard people talking about the new Zenith academy. When she heard about the grand coordinator rank, she had to have it. After a year of proving herself worthy, she spent another four looking for Pokemon and ultimately coming up with a team that made her a master of all contests. And nowadays, she prides herself with being the Grand Coordinator.

Preferred Type of Contest: N/A "I am a Grand Coordinator. No favorites from me~"
Pokemon Team Overview: Though her team may be designed for coordinators, she still keeps a few battlers here and there just to keep a reminder to new students who wish to bully others.
Swellow: It's nickname is Swelly and it knows Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Peck and Focus Energy. It's one of three Pokémon Skyler caught in Edenas. It's a master of the Cool contest.
Delcatty: Nicknamed Nekone, she knows Draining kiss, Charm, Sand Attack and Growl. She is the second Pokémon Skyler has caught in Edenas. She masters the Cute contest.
Lucario: Lucario has mastered the Tough contest and knows Detect, Metal Claw, Bone Rush and Close Combat. His nickname is Luka and he is the final Pokémon caught in Edenas.
Chimecho: Chimecho was caught in Sinnoh while she was still a Chingling. Her nickname is Suzune and she knows Synchronoise, Confusion, Psywave and Heal Bell. She mastered the Clever contest.
Flareon: Flareon was given to her while she was an Eevee from finding Bebe. She found a fire stone in Edenas and evolved her into Flareon. Her name is Kasai and she knows Fire Spin, Sunny Day, Flamethrower and Fire Blast and has mastered the Beautiful contest.
Banette: Banette was nicknamed Mimi despite being a male. Banette is an interesting case. He's the jack of all stats and can enter any contest however he wasn't caught in the wild. He was caught before hurting Skyler's little sister, Mimi. Mimi threw away a doll long ago and it came back as a Banette. Taking pity on the Pokémon but not wanting her sister to fall to it, she caught it and has carried it around with her ever since in the disguise of the old doll it used to be. Mimi knows Phantom Force, Curse, Will-O-Wisp and Shadow Ball
In Storage (PC):
Turtwig: Turtwig is left in the PC for battle reasons. He is nicknamed Leafy and knows Tackle, Razor Leaf, Bite and Withdraw

So begins...

Skyler Evangeline's Story

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The morning sun shone brightly on the university grounds. The chirping of Pidgeys and the rustling of grass caused by young Pokemon stirring up trouble could be heard even within the campus, only to be disturbed by the honking of a ship soon docking at the shores of Edenas Island. A certain, black-haired boy pushed back his hood to turn his head to the honking, smiling quietly. "The new students are arriving today huh? They came earlier than usual..." Shirou turned back to the task at hand though, as the turtle-like Pokemon in front of him abruptly bent over to grab something off the ground. "Alto! Hold still!" The small smile on his face disappeared as Shirou scolded the Blastoise a little. He put down the hose- It had become a habit of him to keep his Pokemon in top shape, and if it meant also washing Alto's shell, brushing out dust from Ataro's mane and sharpening Tsubaki's blades, then he would gladly do it. The hardest part? Alto just loved food and would only stay still if he was eating.

The Blastoise let out a happy cry and munched on the apple it held in its small claws. Shirou just sighed and aimed the hose again, watching absentmindedly as Alto's small tail thumped a little. After a bit, he turned off the faucet and patted the Blastoise's back. "Alright big guy. We should go. The Master-ranks usually show up to oversee the rookies coming in every semester." The Blastoise tilted his head before he sighed and raised another apple. After drying the shell off, soon, Shirou set out with Alto trailing just behind him.
"...This is bound to be another great semester, huh?"


A mound of blankets and pillows slowly shifted as a slim hand reached out to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. It quickly disappeared back inside the mound before finally, a black, hound-like Pokemon moved to the bed and tugged off the blanket with its teeth. A girl with light pink hair was revealed from underneath, and she slowly opened dark pink eyes to glanced sleepily over. "Mm...Yoru, what time is it?" The Houndoom just nudged her hand before jumping up onto the bed and curling up beside her. "...So he just wanted to sleep on the bed." Rhia just sighed as she stroked her Houndoom's head a little before starting to pull her blankets over herself again when suddenly--

"H-Hey, Shinichi, cut it out!" She frowned a little as the Infernape jumped up on the bed and frowned at her, letting out a small cry and pointing to the calendar. Rhia squinted at the calendar before sighing. "So the rookies come" She started to get up to pull back the curtains, looking out at Edenas and the campus grounds of Zenith University. "...Ascension..." Rhia looked at her Pokemon again. Yoru was still sleeping on the bed, Shinichi was waking up another sleeping figure in the corner. She noticed a spot of green start to come out. Kurosaki. "...Advancing to Ultra-rank...the requirement is to find a Mega Stone..." Her Gallade yawned and waved to her a little. She waved back before stretching and heading to the shower.
"...I wonder if I should advance this year."

A few minutes- well, she didn't keep track of the time, she didn't really care- later she emerged again, pulling on her usual blouse and jacket and the cat cap that hung on a chair. "Shinichi!" She called out as she grabbed the doorknob to her room. The Infernape jumped off the bed and walked over to her, pointing to Yoru and the still sleepy Kurosaki. "...We shouldn't disturb their rest. Come on, you already disturbed mine." Even through her tone, she smiled and pat her Infernape on the shoulder a little. It just let out a small cry as they proceeded outside.

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The young girl slowly woke up from bed, stretching as she rubbed the sleep out of her yellow eyes. She heard cackling coming from her side and saw her Banette staring at her. She smiled.
"Good morning to you as well, Mimi. How are you?"
Taking the ghost Pokemon, it shifted into its disguise as a stuffed bunny. The girl walked over to the bathroom and fixed herself up. Even if she was a Master Coordinator, no one looked good waking up out of bed. She brushed her long platinum hair and got out five hair dye.
"Cool, Tough, Beautiful, Cute, Clever... These five must be mastered in order to become a perfect Coordinator. And I, Skyler Evangeline, will help all Coordinators realize this dream."
She headed out to the meeting area and saw new students come in. She braced herself for which new Coordinator would approach her.

Zeami Katsura was lost. Well, she was technically in the vicinity but she had no clue where exactly she was. Dark circles hung under her eyes and she walked, trying to find someone. She couldn't sleep as dark thoughts would torment her about how useless she was. The Wooper beside her let out a worried cry and Zeami stopped and pet him.
"It's alright... I'll be fine, try not to worry so much."
She soon saw a boy wearing a white and blue hood washing a Blastoise.
"Excuse me. Can you point out where I need to be? I'm a new trainer."

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Zeami blinked as the Blastoise sniffed her. What was it? Did she wear some kind of strange perfume to him or was that how he said hello? The Wooper happily chirped at the Blastoise as if in greeting. She listened to the man explain.
"... You're one of the masters?"
The girl tilted her head.
"You don't look like it. You seem like a newcomer but I guess appearances can be deceiving."
A faint smile appeared before it vanished.
"I'm Zeami. Pleasure to meet you. As for where I'd like to go... I'll just let you show me around the campus."

Skyler kept her eyes open and surveyed the area. There seemed to be little to no Coordinators.
"Hmph, how disappointing..."
Even so, the girl waited patiently until the moment she was called up to help out any and all new Coordinators. She would work hard to keep her status and to help others looking to understand the beauty of Contests.