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Kidd Pheonix

"Witness me be absolutely flawless."

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a character in “Pokemon: Breaking the Chains”, as played by LionLeaves


Name:Kidd Pheonix
Description: Kidd is usally wearing school uniforms and fancy clothing. He has prescription glasses that usally give off a glare when the radiant sun shines upon it. He has black,lengthy hair. His favorite shoes are Converse, preferabbly black ones. Though he even how insanely smart he is, he can't tie his shoes right. He'll always make the loops too long where he'll just end up tripping over them. Now he sometimes just lets them be untied, hating to tie them multiple times.
Personality: Kidd is a sociable person always communicating with others. He usally finds time to waste by chatting. He'll talk normally to a person in front of him when in a tedious line. Kidd sometimes erupts his bragging atitude that can be annoying to some people.
History:History:One of his bestest friends is Crow. Strangest thing is that Crow is indeed a poke'mon. People have mocked Kidd for this though Kidd has ignored it from time to time. Odd enough, it seems Crow has developed some intelligence from Kidd.

Goal: Kidd always dreamed of being the best. Unfortunatly, his dreams are too far-fetched. He thrives to become something more and superior than Poke'mon Master! Everyone is fighting and biting for that title. Well, it seems that know one is claming Poke'mon God? Kidd is a behaved child. He wishes no dictatorship or ruler fantasy. He justs desires to add something to his name.

Kidd specializes in pyschic-type poke'mon. He doesn't always use pyschic poke'mon excelling with different types in his unique team.

Abra (Crow)Male:
At the age of 14, Kidd recieved Crow, his first pokemon. Crow has been with Kidd ever since. Crow is one of Kidd's more powerful pokemon and is growing in the underground fame. Kidd and Crow undergo rigorous training each day. The kind of trainging that is slowly making his entire team much more powerful by the month. Crow has yet to evolve. Kidd actually likes Crow the way he currently is, though is secretly waiting for him to evolve. Crow doesn't like being kept in a pokeball and walks with Kidd or hangs on his back. Crow is particualry lazy usally snoring on his back only to store his power.

Leaves was the first pokemon Kidd caught at age 15 when starting his journey. He was caught as a Treeko in the Viridian forest after he attacked Kidd and Crow. After his capture, he would arguably be the biggest challenge to train. The Treeko was hard to communicate with, and would often attack Kidd with a barrage of bullet seeds. But through tough bonding, Kidd finally gained the respect from him, and the trust. Leaves chose to evolve and become even more powerful. Kidd has gained the full trust from him, and has trained him his most of his trainer life. He is Kidd's most durable poke'mon. Leaves is one of Kidd's favorite choices in battle, though his accuracy sometimes could use some work. Leaves has another fault is that even though they had a tough bonding Leaves likes to still call the shots.

Arcanine (General)Male:
Kidd caught an Growlithe after his victory in Cerulean. Growlithe quickly evolved afterwards into a Arcanine thanks to the mystery prize of Cerulean. The prize became a stylish, bright, crimson stone that Kidd sensed to give to the pup Growlithe. Kidd trained him very hard. It wasn't until after he became a wanderer. General is another one of the biggest challenges in battle. His flame moves are fascinating, but his defense is nothing particularly impressive. General has a bit issue with being too playful. He's more labeled as a house hold pet then a battle poke'mon. General can easily be distracted because of his puppy atitude. Kidd sometimes chooses to start off with General in battle mostly because of his attacks suceed over his defense.

Scyther (Seifer)Male:
Kidd decided to spend a day with his team in a forest that he clumbsy became lost in. He quickly noticed a Scyther zooming through the tress. This was Seifer that Kidd planned to snatch it accordingly to throwing one of his poke'mon "Leaves". Seifer accepted this conflicted match, seeing the sudden poke'mon pop out. Though surprisingly Seifer ended up putting up quite a fight between Kidd. Kidd and Seifer were too distracted between this battle becoming completely obsessed! They never realized the confrontation of a swarm of Beedrills attacking them. Kidd survived with minor injurys, sending all three of his current poke'mon. His poke'mon managed to drive them away. Though, sadly Seifer morphed into a beaten state. Seifer was immobilized by poison attacks that pained his body. Kidd decided to make camp and cure the fallen poke'mon. He assited the poke'mon's injuries and waited for him to awake. Seifer later awoken with a surprise expression. Seifer excitedly decided to join Kidd's crew for the thanks. Though, Kidd desired to have a traditional battle to catch Seifer. They both fought with open eyes searching for any Beedrills. Kidd won the battle receiving a new poke'mon. Seifer is about the fastest poke'mon in Kidd's team. Seifer is territorial to Kidd, jumping out of his poke'ball whenever detecting danger. Kidd admits that he's one of his dominating poke'mon.

Gardevoir (Mistress)Female:
This pokemon was caught by his Kidd's grandmother. Kidd's grandmother seemed very poetic and poliete. She showed manners and polietness. Mistress had been his grandmother's poke'mon for quite some time. Kidd remembers Mistress in his early years of about 12. Kidd's grandmother's age has been growing over the years morphing her into a brittle woman. Kidd unknowingly missed the poor dear's funeral. He realized it when visiting a nearby poke'mon center. Kidd didn't see too happy to have heard of his departure of his grandmother. His grandmother became srticken by cardiac arrest. Kidd then discovered that Mistress was in the poke'mon storage. He hade learned that Mistress had been what Kidd inherited from his grandmother. Kidd now holds Mistress into his team for his grandmother. Mistress is polite and purely graceful poke'mon. She's truely mute and doesn't stir any type of noises during battle. She usally fights with a poliete touch. Kidd though sometimes wonders if Mistress is mostly depressed that her last owner past away.

Beedrill (Waspell)Male:
This is Kidd's most recent capture. While traveling alongside a river in Sinnoh, Kidd decided to take a break. Who should appear and attack, than this Beedrill? After a rather long battle, Crow finally defeated this strong battler. Kidd, realizing the spirit of this Beedrill had a love for battle, Kidd offered to capture it. It took the Beedrill some time to make a decision, and Kidd almost left before it did make a decision, as Kidd would take the silence as a no. But Beedrill decided to come with Kidd. He was given the name Waspell, figuring wasps stinger alot harder then bees, Waspell does not get along with a particular poke'mon. Seeing as how Seifer has been brutaly ganged up by a swarm of Beedrills, he doesn't take kindly to Waspell. It's a difficult task seperating them when they launch into conflict. He trains very hard however, and pushes Kidd just as much as he pushes himself. Waspell is remarkably power hungry, always having a taste for battle.

Other Poke'mon Owned
Riolu (Diddy) - Caught as an Riolu in Hoeen after a Team Rocket grunt attacked it
Charmander (Pyro) - Given to Travis by another Trainer.
Garydos (Floods) - Caught near Vermillion City after it attacked Travis
Magmar (Hollow) - Caught inside the Cinnibar island volcano.
Steelix (Trendkill) - Caught as an Onix in the Rock Tunnel.
Sandslash (Cactus) - Caught as a Sandshrew in Kanto.

So begins...

Kidd Pheonix's Story