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Akita Red

"Why yes, I will autograph your baby."

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a character in “Pokemon: Champion's Island”, as played by Vexilous



Name- Akita Lee Red
Nickname- Aki, Red
Gender- Male
Age- 20
Hometown- Lavaridge Town, Hoenn (Born), Mistralton City, Unova (Raised)
Current Residence- Aki usually lives in Castelia City, though he has residences in Ever Grande, Snowpoint, and Undella Bay as well.
Current Position- Grand Champion of the Unova Region

Basic Appearance: Akita has medium-length soft black hair, that reaches just past his neck and is sometimes messily combed back, and other times brushed sideways across his forehead. He has a fair complexion, lightly tanned skin and is medium height leaning on the taller side, with a strong, slim build. 

Style: Aki is a bit of a fashion guru, and he loves to dress up. He is often seen wearing designer suits and vests, with expensive watches and rings. More privately, when he's by himself or with friends, he'll throw on a simple cardigan or V-neck tee.

  • Acting
    Tea (The more rare and exotic, the better)
    Beautiful views and scenery 
    Cool weather
    His Pokemon
    Spicy food

  • Mean-spirited people
    Letting things go to waste
    Bad actors
    Humid weather
    Sweet food

Personality: Aki is level-headed and fun loving, always seeking to try new things and meet new people. He is very kind, and treats everyone with respect, unless they've proved they don't deserve it. He is a bit hot headed, however, and isn't afraid to speak up for himself, or others. He's also very philanthropic, and never misses a chance to to charity work.

History- Aki was born in Lavaridge town, in the Hoenn region, but moved with his mother and father to the Unova region when he was very young. Shortly after they moved, his younger sister was born, and the family settled down and bought a house in Mistralton city, where Akita was home schooled by his mother, a Pokemon professor. Akita Started his Pokemon journey when he was fourteen, after being deemed ready by his father, who is a retired gym leader. After he caught his first couple Pokemon, he began being recognized for his battle skill, and strategy, and after claiming his first few gym badges, he became widely noted as an up-and-coming prodigy. He continued on his journey, claiming all of Unova's gym badges, and eventually he went on to challenge the region's Pokemon league. He fought hard, and defeated the Four Elite trainers, but ultimately failed at the hands of the champion. He fell into depression, moving back to Mistralton, but his fire was reignited when he was given the opportunity to take over Mistralton's gym from it's aging gym leader. 

After a couple years of being a gym leader, he decided it was time, and once again challenged the Unova league, this time, coming out victorious, and being crowned the region's new champion. He has since taken up acting, appearing in several blockbuster movies, with talents such as Brycen, Elesa and Angelique. He has become a celebrity, and is currently trying to balance his work, personal life, and Pokemon.


Starter Pokémon: - Petilil 

Team on Hand: (Upon arrival)

Name ~ 
Species and Type ~
Gender ~
Ability ~
Nature ~
History ~
Moves ~

PC contained Pokémon (Not Main Party):

Name ~
Species and Type ~
Gender ~
Ability ~
Nature ~
History ~
Moves ~


Equipment and Personal Items: 
    Pepper Spray
    A couple of books
    Mints (You never know ;D)
    A change of clothes
  • Wallet containing Image18,976

On Person


Braviary (M):
Ability: Defiant
~ Brave Bird
~ Return
~ Superpower
~ U-turn
~ Aerial Ace
~ Sky Drop
~ Fly

Volcarona (M)
Ability: Flame Body
~ Quiver Dance
~ Fiery Dance
~ Bug Buzz
~ Roost

Zoroark (F)
Ability: Illusion
~ Night Daze
~ Flamethrower
~ Focus Blast
~ Trick
~ Snarl

Chandelure (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
~ Substitute
~ Fire Blast
~ Shadow Ball
~ Pain Split
~ Flamethrower

Emolga (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
~ Baton Pass
~ Charge Beam
~ Taunt
~ Thunder Bolt
~ Acrobatics
~ Volt Switch

Lilligant (F)
Ability: Own Tempo
~ Quiver Dance
~ Sleep Powder
~ Giga Drain
~ Petal Dance

Genesect (N/A)
Ability: Download
~ Techno Blast
~ Thunderbolt
~ Ice Beam
~ Flamethrower
~ Aerial Ace
~ Psychic

So begins...

Akita Red's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Viola Taiga Character Portrait: Jared Stenson Character Portrait: Akita Red Character Portrait: Zane Utakata
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Jared Stenson

It was the morning; not too early, but early enough to throw Jared off of his typical routine. Alas, today was different, today Jared had a boat to catch. Luckily the white envelope he had received told him to head to the port in the Fight Area, a mere quarter mile from his home. Even with such a long trek before him, Jared gave Zip permission to ride on his shoulder. It was merely moments before Jared stepped onto the dock a prepped himself for another boat ride... yeay. Jared wasn't the biggest fan of boats, especially foreign ones. As he arrived, Jared plopped himself down on a bench by the dock and pulled out his ever so special envelope. "Let's read this one more time." Jared lifted the torn flap, pulling out a rather sophisticated and well designed letter, far too classy for his tastes. As he finished reading the letter from the mysterious 'R' he contemplated the true intentions of the letter.

"This R guy could be testing us all to figure out who's really the best, don'tcha agree Zip?" The small Elekid sitting on his shoulder nodded in agreeance. "Heck, maybe we'll get to see some old friends, given this letter addresses Champions and Coordinators... Maybe we'll run into Akita and Viola." He looked up to Zip, he was giving him the 'who are you talking about' expression. "Heh, they're old friends, nobody you've met... Simon, Ty, and Laz will be very happy to see them though." Jared chuckled quietly to himself and patted Zip on the forehead. It was then that Jared had looked up to see an all to familiar character, Zane Utakata. "Well hey there stranger!" Jared hollered to his bud, waving his arm to attract Zane's attention.

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