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Zane Utakata

"No, I'm not an Arcanine, no this is not real fur, yes I will gladly end this battle."

0 · 323 views · located in Sinnoh

a character in “Pokemon: Champion's Island”, originally authored by Inspiration, as played by RolePlayGateway




”I'm not Anti-Social, I just spent three years on an active Volcano that could overflow at any moment completely alone with only my Pokemon there with me.”


Full Name
Zane Utakata

Nicknames- Mr. Utakata (A joke to most who know Zane hates being addressed in such a formal way.), Volcano Prince, Stark Mt.'s Elite, The Ember Arcanine (A joke of the way he dresses, a mixture of furs and red cloth)

Age- 19

Gender- Male

Region; Hometown- Sinnoh Region; Veilstone City, Currently Resides at Stark Mt.


Basic Appearance- Zane at first look is a serious and determined individual with hair that's so flaming moltres would be jealous and a pair of glowing hazel eyes that seem to stare right through your resolve. He is seems to be a bit underweight for his age and likes to keep this slim appearance for reasons unknown. Most say that hes just doing that new 'thing' that all the famous people are doing now a'days to stay slim. The true reason why he says he stays slim is because he just likes too. If he wanted to look like a Machamp he would work out a hell of a lot more than he currently was, but hes not a Machamp, hes a human. "There is no need to look like anything else than yourself, or what you envision yourself as." He once said to someone that asked him about his size. This is when the name "The Ember Arcanine" Came into play. His constant wearing of furs made people think Zane wanted to be an Arcanine, this was not the case but to the public it seemed that way.

His skin is a beautiful beige that almost mimics that of an Arcanine's coat.

Distinct Markings- None

Zane always has a plethora of red on him, whether it be a hoodie, a necklace or even his shoes he always has a dab of red on them. If he wears a hat it's always slightly tilted to the side. His wardrobe is filled with a mixture of different fur, some real some fake along with a few suits for when he actually has to wear some type of formal attire.

His normal attire though consists of Black or dark navy blue jeans with a white or black T-Shirt and some type of light hoodie over the two.



Theme song

Equipment and Personal Artifacts
In Backpack:

x6 Empty Pokeballs
2-in-1 Photo Album and Journal
Flash Light
x3 Escape Rope
Multiple Pairs of Clothes
Multiple Berries, Potions and Poffins
Small Poffin Case
2ft Long Collapsable Tripod
Professional Camera
Lotion Bottles
x3 Water Bottles
x1 EXP Share
x2 Pokedolls
Storage Key to Galactic Veilstone Building
Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Whiteout
Different types of letters.

Small Hand-Held Camera
x6 Occupied Pokeballs
Wallet with Image11,247,Galactic Security Key (To GVB only) and a point card
Black Poketch
GB Sounds(MP3 Player)

Zane Is great at archery, he took it up while at the resort as a sport, he rarely practices and really doesn't know why he took it up in the first place. It does however come in handy when training his Pokemon for agility and accuracy, he shoots the arrows in the sky or in a certain direction (The arrows have rounded rubber arrow tips of course) and try to see if their Pokemon can 1. Stop the arrow in it's tracks 2. Catch it or 3. Destroy it with a long ranged attack before another Pokemon does.



☺ Like 1 Music
☺ Like 2 Pokemon
☺ Like 3 Sweets
☺ Like 4 Spicy Food
☺ Like 5 Cooking

☹ Dislike 1 People who abuse Pokemon
☹ Dislike 2 Losing
☹ Dislike 3 Most water Pokemon
☹ Dislike 4 Swimming
☹ Dislike 5

❤ Hobby 1 Archery
❤ Hobby 2 Breeding Pokemon
❤ Hobby 3 Photography
❤ Hobby 4 Battling
❤ Hobby 5

Zane, at the least can tend to be a hot-head that isn't afraid to speak his mind whenever and wherever he pleases, however despite this he is extremely free spirited and prefers to follow his own path. He isn't one to rush directly into a problem, nor is he one to stand by and watch. However on the flip side he can come off as extremely arrogant to others who aren't familiar of his way of thinking or acting.

To his friends and family he can come off as a bit sarcastic with a hint of seriousness. He isn't one to make jokes however, he leaves that to people that are actually good at making jokes like Fabian. He is more laid-back around people who he knows won't really judge him, opposed to trainers and other fans that will judge him for every little actions he makes. Outside of the band of friends he has he is still social, just not as open as most people that tried to be 'friends' with him were just after his fame or his money, which he is lacking due to his donation. He is cautious about who borrows his Pokemon and people who go through is stuff without permission. He doesn't trust a ton of people but this doesn't mean he isn't social, it just means he doesn't allow a ton of people into his personal life.

Zane was born to a moderately rich family in Veilstone City. He had a younger sister that died when he was ten and she was six. They were both swimming out at sea behind the Galactic Veilstone Building, something they were always told not to do as the tides became high far too quickly. It was his idea and she went along with him fearing for his safety. After a half an hour of playing a storm quickly came in rising the tides to great amounts. The storm pulled the two apart, separating them by feet. He attempted to reach out for her but the waves kept slowly pulling her farther and farther. His muscles started to freeze up and he went under and blacked out.

Next time he woke up he was so to a bubble, floating on the surface being pulled slowly towards what looked like Veilstone City he quickly fell back asleep as his whole body willed it.

He woke up again, this time in his home wrapped up in blankets. He attempted to remember what had happened the previous few days but couldn't recall anything. He popped up and threw the blankets on the ground and ran into the kitchen where his mother and father were sitting down eating breakfast. He asked where his sister was and they told him what had happened. They lied saying she was adopted and her biological parents wanted her back. He held his tears back and lived his life in sadness until his thirteenth birthday where he asked if he could try to become the Pokemon Champion. His parents thought about it and decided it was for the best. They packed up the essentials and even got him a starter Pokemon, Torterra.

He set off and defeated Gym by Gym as if it was nothing and proceeded to expand his Pokedex. After beating all eight gyms he decided to train his Pokemon at Mt. Stark for two years before eventually making his way to the Pokemon League where before entering he decided to go down and see the sea one last time before entering the gigantic building that may change his life forever. (seawutididere?)

He sat down at the water's edge and peered down at his reflection, his memories flashed back before himself and he remembered something, something dear to him...he remembered his sister and what really happened. As he stared he was slowly leaning forward over the water. He seemingly lost his balance and fell into the cold water activating his true hidden memories that were buried deep inside his mind. He began to panic, not having swam since the incident. He went under once again but this time was pulled up by a Pokemon. He stared at the Pokemon with wonder in his eyes. The duo stared in at each other for what seemed like minutes but was merely only seconds. He pulled out his Pokedex and tried to record the Pokemon but it merely turned back into water. He put the Pokedex back in his pocket and the Pokemon appeared again. He tried to sneak a picture but the Pokemon was smarter than that and pulled Zane back under before pulling him back up again. He had enough and crawled back onto the land and grinned at the ocean. He took out a Pokeball that had Soul shadow ball the water causing an explosion. A small Pokemon, no bigger than Zane's foot flew onto the sand. Zane rushed over and at first sight thought it was a tentacruel. He was proved wrong when the mysterious Pokemon called in a large wave that was about three feet high. Zane jumped over the Pokemon wanting to catch it to hold it down. The wave hit his back hard as if a geogude was inside the wave. He cursed out in pain and looked under him and to his surprise the Pokemon was no longer
there. Frustrated he also called out Arcane and ordered Soul and Arcane to Shadow Ball and Fire Blast the ocean. Explosion after explosion the Pokemon seem to have vanished, that was until a Gyradous could be seen underwater. Zane freaked out and stepped backwards, his back of the steep cliff that he had just climbed down no longer than twenty minutes ago. As the shadow appeared closer a small shadow appeared over the water.

Zane had not noticed it but the Pokemon he had originally planned on catching was in the air, it wasn't until Soul nudged Zane that he did something. Zane quickly jumped in the air and into the water, catching the Pokemon while it was in the air. He opened his eyes in the water and saw Gyradous right below him. He tried to scream but instead came a large amount of water in his lungs. He quickly swam up towards the waters edge and jumped out of the water, shivering as the cold water dripped off of him. He climbed up the mountain himself and noticed the Pokemon in his hands had fainted. When he reached the top he returned it to the Pokemon Center in the Pokemon League. He healed it and returned it to the ocean, not before knowing it's name however...Manaphy.

He told Manaphy that they should battle sometime, perhaps after he completes the Pokemon League, win or lose.

Zane seemed to figure Manaphy understood so after releasing it he went back up to challenge the Elite 4. He confirmed he had beat the eight gyms and slowly beat each Elite 4 member after another each battle being another struggle and different stratedgy. He then finally made his way up to the Champion, Fabian who spammed Hyper Potions with Dragonites and Flygons Zane lost to due to not having enough experience.

Zane, completely forgetting about Manaphy took a private speed boat with about 5 other people around the Sinnoh Region. Zane however got off at Veilstone. He laid in his bed at home and got a call on his X-Transciever the next morning. It was an automated message from the Pokemon League explaining that an Elite 4 Member was retiring. Sadly he had to be there in a day and the ferry he took was long gone. He managed to steal a Dragonite from the Pokemon Center and fly over to the Pokemon League without getting caught.

When Zane arrived he was in for a surprise, there were at-least three hundred trainers lined up, so he wasn't the only one? Oh how depressing. The Elite Four held a tournament and the winner took the new spot.

Until the line got shorter to register he decided to go back to the sea, that's when he remembered Manaphy. He felt sorry for the Pokemon and sat at the waters edge again, this time being careful not to fall off. He was zoning out when he fell in, or more or less got pushed in by some older kids. He swam to the waters edge and was about to get out until he saw a shadow swim around him. He felt around his sides until he hit a bubbly creature, it felt somewhat like Manaphy. He smiled and jumped out the water before calling out Soul to battle. Manaphy and Soul battled it out for a good five minutes before Soul managed to get a good shadow ball straight to Manaphy's body sending it out of the water and into the air. Zane threw the Pokeball with all his might onto the ocean, it skipped towards Manaphy and hit it right in the head, capturing it in the ball. The ball shifted and changed around but it finally clicked confirming the capture.

When he finally finished with Manaphy he managed to enter for the tournament as the line grew extremely short.

He mopped the floor with most of the trainers but the finals were the hardest. Once again he was left with the last Pokemon that he had yet to use. He cursed under his breath and pulled the Pokeball from his belt and thew it out. Out popped a sleeping blue Pokemon with wide eyes. He had not known what moves it knew but just yelled out random water type moves. It proceeded to use a random combination of moves and take out all three of the other person's Pokemon.

He happily claimed his new spot as the last Pokemon League fighter, not including Fabian. He battled many trainers but decided it was eventually time to give up his title as well. The other Elite Four members talked him out of it but said if he really needed to leave he could go on temporary leave. He took their advice and stopped by the Survival Area, a place where many people met up sometimes including the Gym Leaders. He talked to some of the Gym Leaders he had previously battled telling them of his rank and all. He had a great time but had to continue on. Next he went to the Resort Area to talk to the old Elite Four Member. Zane had learned from the man and was told of a few strategies to defeat Fabian. He also was given his own house that was already furnished with the necessities. He bought most of the other things for it with his own money and headed to the second to last area on his journey, his home town.

He returned with many hugs and kisses along with at least twenty presents from the holidays he had missed. His parents had bought out part of the Galactic Veilstone Building and had turned it into a research facility along with a small day care for both Pokemon and humans. Zane donated a large portion of his money to their daycare and headed off for his last and final trip, Stark Mt.

Zane climbed up without the use of Pokemon and actually never used his Pokemon until he reached the summit. He then released all his Pokemon to allow them to get used to the ash and breathing. He however did not release Manaphy in fear of endangering it's health. He had found a cave to settle in for the night with all his Pokemon snuggled up on top of Torterra. He sat around unable to sleep as the nightmares of his sister came back. He couldn't take it anymore and silently slid off Torterra and went to explore the cave further to get his mind off the past. As Zane explored further he found what seemed to be a pedestal with a red glowing stone.

Zane didn't hesitate to pick it up and shove it in his Pocket not seeming to care what it was. He walked back to his Pokemon and fell asleep on Torterra. Zane woke up to panic, the cave was seemingly spewing lava from where farther back, all his Pokemon evacuated towards the entrance of the cave. Zane however decided to press on and face the problem directly. He found the Pedestal destroyed on the floor and a huge red Pokemon that looked like a Torterra that was made out of Lava. He reached out for it and managed to place his hand on it. He could feel heat generating from it, but not enough to burn him, However as he approached closer he could feel Heatran's body heat increasing slowly. He put his hand in his pocket and took out the stone. He slowly gave the Pokemon the stone and it seemingly calmed down and stopped spewing lava.

Zane sighed with relief but wanted to catch the Pokemon so while it was sleeping in the back of the cave he decided to have all his Pokemon attack it at once, surprising it and allowing for a maximum catch rate. He even called Manaphy out and allowed it to attack with a water move. The asleep Heatran got hit by the combination attack and flew at the wall completely knocked out. Zane threw a Great Ball and after what seemed to be hours the Pokemon stopped resisting and became captured.

He stayed here for a year until he was called back into the Elite Four, except this time he was the first fighter. This is where some of his fame came from, knocking people out on their first attempt to enter the Pokemon League. It wasn't the good type of fame sometimes though, some people feared him and others scorned him. He left once again to Stark Mt, this time for two years. He had to participate as part of the Elite Four at least seven months out of each year he stayed at Stark Mt. Eventually everyone got the letter from R and Zane was quickly recalled. They all had a battle, the battles lasted at least an hour for each person except for when Zane fought. Why? Because they knew each others moves. Zane had contact with his parents while at Stark Mt. and took in over one hundred Pokemon to train that they sent from their daycare, even allowing to keep some of them. It was then decided that out of the Elite 4 that Zane would go.



Starter Pokémon

Current Pokémon Team

Name - Arcane
Species and Type - Arcanine - Fire
Gender - Male
Held Item
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Hasty "Arcane, hes fast, smart and incredible freaking handsome, like me. seriously though I don't know who leads sometimes, me or him...or Soul...but that's a for a different story. Arcane can be quick to act which can get him and well just about everyone else around him in trouble."
History - Arcane, Zane's most prized possession besides his two legendaries and his Snivy known as Excalibur. He had to trade Pokemon over Pokemon to get this Arcanine perfect, considering it's move set and when he took it to an aura reader he found out it's father was a Lucario.
Flare Blitz
Dragon Pulse
Thunder Fang
Aerial Ace
Close Combat

Name - Charizard
Species and Type Charizard - Fire/Flying
Gender - Male
Held Item
Ability Blaze
Nature Mild
History - "I recieved it as a Charizard in trade for a Staraptor, I thought it was a steal...boy was I wrong. As soon as I traded it over and the Pokeball came to me it busted out directly out of the Pokeball while in the Pokemon Center. It went on a rampage nearly setting the place on fire. Then above that it took me months at Stark Mt. after I became apart of the Elite 4 to have it trust me."
Blast Burn
Brick Break
Solar Beam
Flame Thrower
Dragon Rush

Name - Blaze
Species and Type - Blaziken - Fire/Fighting
Gender - Male
Held Item
Ability Speed Boost
Nature Bold "Charizard can fly, but Blaziken can jump freaking buildings and trust me; he has the guts to do it.
Cut Dual
Mirror Move
Hi Jump Kick
Sky Uppercut
Fire Punch

Name - Heatran
Species and Type - Heatran Fire/Steel
Gender - Male
Held Item
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Bold "This guy, hes harder than steel, hes always there to back me up, always willing to do what others aren't, he is the backbone of my team."
History Most is explained in Zane's History, however Heatran is in love with Zane's Torterra, Gaea.
Magma Storm
Flame Thrower
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Rock Tomb
Iron Defense

Name - Manaphy, will sometimes be called Mana in tight situations.
Species and Type - Manaphy - Water
Gender - Genderless (Zane refers to it as a she, it doesn't seem to mind)
Held Item Mystic Water
Ability Hydration
Nature Quiet "Mana, the quiet type, shes always there even when your not paying attention, even near death she seeks out the strong individuals...even if they are the wrong ones."
History -Explained in Zane's history.
Acid Armor
Ice Beam
Heart Swap
Rain Dance

Name - Inferno
Species and Type - Magmortar - Fire
Gender - Male
Held Item Charcoal
Ability Flame Body
Nature Impish "Inferno, definetely someone I would like to stay far away from. His devilish along iwth his two intimidating cannons says enough."
Solar Beam
Dual Chop
Sunny Day
Rock Tomb
Flame Charge
PC Pokemon

:Pokemon stashed in my PC:

Image Image
Male ♂ Male ♂
Dragonite (Lance) Absol (Soul)
Nature: Bold Nature: Brave
Ability: Multiscale Ability: Justified

Image Image
Male ♂Male ♂
Luxray (Hornet) Manectric (Striker)
Nature: Naughty Nature: Rash
Ability: Rivalry Ability: Static

Image Image
Male Female
Snivy ♂ (Excalibur) Scrafty ♀ (Daft)
Nature: Sassy Nature: Mild
Ability: Contrary Ability: Shed Skin

Image Image
Male ♂ Female ♀
Houndour (Houndour) Poochyena (Poochyena)
Nature: Jolly Nature: Docile
Ability: Flash Fire Ability: Rattled

Image Image
Male ♂ Female ♀
Bouffalant (Lambo) Munna (Luna)
Nature: Naive Nature: Impish
Ability: Sap Sipper Ability: Telepathy

Image Image
Female ♀ Female ♀
Torterra (Gaea) Ninetails (Kyuubi)
Nature: Relaxed Nature: Joyful
Ability: Shell Armor Ability: Drought

Image Image
Female ♀ Genderless
Wailmer (S.S. Serenity)Ditto
Nature: Mild Nature: Gentle
Ability: Oblivious Ability: Imposter


"I have a few Combees, Vesqueens, Cherubis and other small Pokemon that flock at Torterra's Tree, I haven't captured any but I do count them as mine, or At-least friends of a friend."

So begins...

Zane Utakata's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Viola Taiga Character Portrait: Jared Stenson Character Portrait: Akita Red Character Portrait: Zane Utakata
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Jared Stenson

It was the morning; not too early, but early enough to throw Jared off of his typical routine. Alas, today was different, today Jared had a boat to catch. Luckily the white envelope he had received told him to head to the port in the Fight Area, a mere quarter mile from his home. Even with such a long trek before him, Jared gave Zip permission to ride on his shoulder. It was merely moments before Jared stepped onto the dock a prepped himself for another boat ride... yeay. Jared wasn't the biggest fan of boats, especially foreign ones. As he arrived, Jared plopped himself down on a bench by the dock and pulled out his ever so special envelope. "Let's read this one more time." Jared lifted the torn flap, pulling out a rather sophisticated and well designed letter, far too classy for his tastes. As he finished reading the letter from the mysterious 'R' he contemplated the true intentions of the letter.

"This R guy could be testing us all to figure out who's really the best, don'tcha agree Zip?" The small Elekid sitting on his shoulder nodded in agreeance. "Heck, maybe we'll get to see some old friends, given this letter addresses Champions and Coordinators... Maybe we'll run into Akita and Viola." He looked up to Zip, he was giving him the 'who are you talking about' expression. "Heh, they're old friends, nobody you've met... Simon, Ty, and Laz will be very happy to see them though." Jared chuckled quietly to himself and patted Zip on the forehead. It was then that Jared had looked up to see an all to familiar character, Zane Utakata. "Well hey there stranger!" Jared hollered to his bud, waving his arm to attract Zane's attention.

OOC: Sorry for the blandness, I don't have anything to say as of now. D:

The setting changes from The Pokemon World to Sinnoh


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Zane had prepared everything for today from Lotion to the most high class poffins he had ever created. Zane's mind had been drifting for the past week on whether to plan for a trap or for a potential vacation so he decided to pack for both having escape ropes in hand; along with his most destructive Pokemon. He left the house late and quite frankly didn't care if he had been there on time as he knew the boat wouldn't leave him there; or at least that's what he hoped. He slowly made his way down the docks taking everything in as he walked. The wind was cold and pierced his nostrils every time he drew a breath in. He was staring at his Poketch while walking being paranoid about the time. He hadn't looked up until he heard a voice that stood out of all others.

"Well hey there stranger!"

He looked up and his eyes immediately locked onto someone familiar, and an extremely annoying elekid. Who had this person been? Jared of course! A friend of Zane. He grimly looked up and gave a slow careless wave. He walked over to Jared and sat down leaving some space in-between them. "A Frontier Brain and you still have a baby Pokemon? Pathetic, I wonder what the trainers think of you." He reached over to his left side and pulled out a Pokeball off his belt and threw it on the ground unleashing Inferno, the Magmortar. He looked back over at zip and smiled. "Zip, when you evolve into an Electivire I wan't to you battle here Inferno, but don't be afraid; if Jared had trained you correctly I believe you might have a chance." He smiled and looked back at Inferno.


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"A Frontier Brain and you still have a baby Pokemon? Pathetic, I wonder what the trainers think of you."

"So that's how you great an old friend, huh?" Jared chuckled, the comment wasn't exactly what he had prepared for. Either way, Jared wasn't going to be bested by Zane; no way, no how. "Honestly, I have a blast!" Jared bore a heavy smirk paired with his typical excited tone. "Most trainers are shocked when Zip casts Thunder without passing out." His smirk grew as he gave Zip a quick pat. It was then that Jared noticed the aura erupting from the Pokeball, unleashing a Magmortar. The Blast Pokemon looked to be one strong adversary, but looks weren't always right. Either way, Jared could tell Zane had been training.

"Zip, when you evolve into an Electivire I wan't to you battle here Inferno, but don't be afraid; if Jared had trained you correctly I believe you might have a chance."

"Oooh hooo, a little bit of a low blow there, no?" Jared hopped off the bench, standing before Zane, with that two inch lead. "IF?" Jared bore the largest grin any man could bare. He wrapped both hands around Zip, holding him out in front of his torso. "This little guy was hand bred so that he would directly inherit Earthquake from his mother. I'd say he has a good chance." Jared gently returned Zip to his shoulder and gave Zane a light pat on the head. "Then there's the little fact he's being trained by me... you know, Plateau Master Jay." Jared chuckled a little before returning Zip to his Pokeball. The odd thing was that Jared wasn't a man of glorified titles, it just wasn't his thing. He always preferred Jared, plain and simple, but the title has been growing on him more and more, recently. "And you might get your wish with this..." Jared snatched the envelope from his pocket and flashed it to Zane, before digging his hands into his pockets once more. "Do you know if anyone else is coming?" Jared was naturally implying which of the Elite Four Zane thought would be invited, considering 'a member' of the Elite Four was mentioned in the letter.

The setting changes from Sinnoh to The Pokemon World

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"So that's how you great an old friend, huh?"

"Friend or not that's how I greet most people that know me, be it sarcasm or seriousness."

"Most trainers are shocked when Zip casts Thunder without passing out."

He somewhat was setback by this statement; Zip, a small Pokemon using thunder? That's not extremely surprising but what surprised him was how confident Zip seemed in himself with his abilities. This was something some of his Pokemon lacked, high self-esteem.

This little guy was hand bred so that he would directly inherit Earthquake from his mother. I'd say he has a good chance."

"Most of my Pokemon are taken from the best coordinators and battlers in the world, either that or my very own parents breed them. I'm quite sure whatever breeder you got Zip from isn't better than my own families." He then smiled jokingly at Jared and Zip.

"And you might get your wish with this..."

His eye caught the letter and he immediately knew what the next question was going to be, almost muttering the words himself before Jared interrupted him.

"Do you know if anyone else is coming?"

He looked down at the floor and quietly mumbled a few letters out of his mouth before finally speaking. "F-fabian is coming, out of the Elite 4 I'm the rep, I'm quite sure they voted me to go while I was at Stark Mt." He sighed and lifted his head up and looked at Jared once again putting on a fake smile. "Shiro, Lucillee, and Sky, those three voted me...I question if they chose the right person for the job. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked at his Poketch. "The letter said the top Pokemon Coordinators are coming...I haven't seen her yet,"

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Character Portrait: Jared Stenson Character Portrait: Zane Utakata Character Portrait: Sophie Valentine Character Portrait: Timothy Grainger
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#, as written by Ramphy
Timothy made his way slowly to the port at Snowpoint city. He hadn't been back this way in Sinnoh since he had taken the Gym Challenge, and it was just as cold as he had remembered. And empty for that matter. The only other person he had seen at the Pokemon Center was a young girl who had run in to get her Pokemon healed in a hurry, before running back out. A shiver returned his thoughts to the present, and he pulled a green scarf around his neck a little tighter and continued on, his feet crunching in the light snowfall on the ground. He would have looked pretty comical to a passerby. His Ninjask was perched atop his head, wings lowered, barely moving because of the cold. Timothy appeared to be carrying a bumpy red backpack, but on closer inspection it was actually his Shuckle, it's long and skinny limbs wrapped around his shoulders. All this on top of his characteristic white shirt with green suspenders holding up green pants, and his odd hair coloring of white and green stripes, would have turned anyone's eye. But no one was around, so Timothy walked on in silence.

As he was just starting to make out a yacht, he could see that same the same girl just reaching the port and boarding the ship. "Must have forgotten something," he thought to himself. Getting closer, he now saw two more people, both men, arguing on a bench at the docks. He couldn't be sure, but it looked to be more friendly banter than anything. Finally he got close enough to make out some words.

"Do you know if anyone else is coming?"

"F-fabian is coming, out of the Elite 4 I'm the rep, I'm quite sure they voted me to go while I was at Stark Mt. Shiro, Lucillee, and Sky, those three voted me...I question if they chose the right person for the job. The letter said the top Pokemon Coordinators are coming...I haven't seen her yet,"

It was then Timothy realized they must be talking about something akin to the mysterious invitation he had received from some person named R, of all things. Timothy recognized one of the men as Zane, a member of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Despite being the youngest member and the first to face challengers, he was quite possibly the strongest of the four. Timothy remembered how difficult his battle against Zane had been, especially because of the type advantage his team held against bug tyoes. Timothy's Ninjask also seemed to recognize Zane, perking up and vibrating its wings rapidly while re-positioning itself on Timothy's head almost like it wanted to take off and fly right at Zane. "There there, Ninjask," Timothy said calmly, "it's not time to battle yet, but I'm sure when it is that Zane would be happy to have a rematch."

Timothy didn't recognize the man Zane was talking to, but judging by the contents of the letter, he guessed that he must either be a Frontier Brain or a coordinator. But considering Zane had just mentioned a female coordinator that had not yet arrived, the other man on the bench was probably a Brain.

"Hi Zane!" Timothy said cheerfully when he got into earshot. "Nice to see you here too." Turning to the other fellow, Timothy held out his hand. "I don't believe we've met, my name is Timothy." It was rather embarrassing for him, because being Champion and all he should have a better idea of who the Frontier Brains were, at least, if not the top coordinators. He had always meant to visit the Battle Frontier, but he had just never ended up going during his time off of league matches. But there was no time like the present to start meeting the top Pokemon trainers in Sinnoh.

The setting changes from The Pokemon World to Sinnoh


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"Hi Zane!"

Zane jumped as he didn't notice Timothy. "AH! What are YOU doing here? Oh right, your the Sinnoh Champion hehehe...I forgot." Zane laughed as he bore a smile on his face. He scratched the back of his head as if he had nothing to say then looked at Jared then Timothy.

"I don't believe we've met, my name is Timothy."

"Right, you don't know each other..." He then proceeded to clear his throat and pointed at Jared. "Timothy, this is Jared the Sinnoh Frontier Brain Rep. That's his annoying Pokemon Zip, apparently a pure bred Pokemon." Zane said glaring at Zip with the intent to kill.

He then turned his head to Timothy who seemed to be a bit nervous. "This the Champion hes obviously the youngest person out of the Final Five. He is gifted though... That ninjask of his took out Arcane in only a few attacks, so don't measure his skill by his age or you will end up in utter defeat." Zane grinned as his mind flashed back to the battle between himself and Timothy that seemed like ages ago.


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After a lengthly conversation with her parents about family things and fun times nurse joy walked in to the back, " Your Pokemon are perfectly healed"

Sophie Smiled and grabbed her Pokeballs placing them back in her bag, Sol stand on the table quickly leaped to her shoulder, "Alright guys good bye again and thank you Nurse Joy for all the help." Sophie took off out the door, or at least tried to but but slipped on the snow and fell, "Ah man there goes all the excitement i just had, but now to return to the boat to head off to the battle frontier." Sophie got up and began to run again, Sol making sure she didn't trip at all. As she got to the dock the butler like guy opened the door as she ran in. Basically gasping for air in the main lobby hunched over, "Wow I am so out of shape I guess eating all the cake and junk at the parties everyone threw in town wasn't a good idea." Sol smiled and walked toward their room. As Sophie entered she threw her bag on the bed and laid down all of her things were exactly as she had left them. As she laid the soon the boat began to move and a digital banner on her wall stated "Next Stop The Battle Zone ETA 30 Minutes", Sophie looked at her bag of Pokefood, her brother made, and saw that Sol looked starved, with a smile on her face, she opened up the food, and gave Sol some. "So the Battle Fronteir that is where the champion, elite four, and the fronteir brain who are coming are." Sophie said as she dazed off for a little bit before being woken up by Sol who was trying to tell her the boat had now stopped quickly she got up to greet the others as the butler walked to the door. She looked down at Sol who was waiting to meet some of the strongest trainers/masters in the Sinnoh Region.