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This is where all Kanto representatives shall start, the boat heading to the island leaves from Vermillion.

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This is where all Kanto representatives shall start, the boat heading to the island leaves from Vermillion.


Kanto is a part of The Pokemon World.


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Viola and Wyatt had been sucking up all of the food in the dining area for quite awhile, but eventually even they became full. Viola returned the rest of her pokemon to their pokeballs and, after telling the people that she was with to have a good night, she returned to the room where she had been assigned to stay. Once there, she released all of her pokemon to have a good night's rest, as she expected that they would probably get to the island by the next day. They went to bed shortly after, and gained a full night's rest.

The next morning, Viola quickly got on a change of clothes after taking a nice, hot shower, then made her way with Wyatt to the dining area once more for some breakfast. She ambled around the area, finding that the food was not as extravagant as the night before. Still, she and Wyatt plunged in. To herself, Viola was looking around to see if there was anyone that she might know.


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Seeing the younger woman follow him, Aisling proceeded into the ship--away from the darkness of the ocean. In any case, he attempted to reassure himself, with the gathering of the most prominent trainers of the Pokemon world, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Nothing on the scale of the events of eight years ago could happen again. His brows furrowed and he nodded to himself. That's right. Nothing like that will happen again. I won't let it.

Then, he heard his friend sighing quietly behind him. Looking back, he smiled at her. Haine was the first friend he had made, five years ago, after stepping out of his three year depression. While she wasn't much of a "people person", the silver haired girl was fun to be around--it was relaxing to be in her presence. She didn't demand much, but she also had a slightly needy side to her that appeared occasionally. See the sailor who had earlier been checking for tickets, he grinned. "You can't be quiet all the time, Ms. Hayashi! Let's be more sociable!"

Aisling walked up to sailor, "Excuse me, sir. But my friend has a question for you." He nudged Haine forward and murmured, "Go on."

What the coated man hadn't remembered was that the silver-haired girl hadn't boarded the ship normally. He quickly realized his mistake, when he saw the other man's eyebrows furrow. It didn't help that Aisling had gotten off on a bad footing with the sailor. "I thought I told you! ONE INVITATION: ONE INVITEE. Not three! Not two! And here you go, bringing a stowaway aboard?!"


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Seth had been meditating non-stop. But for some reason there was something keeping him awake, he didn't know what it was. All of his pokemon had gone to sleep, except Lu. She never failed at an atempt to screw Seth up from meditating so he would focus on her. Seth looked at her and could only laugh, she was a clumsy little furball but he loved her to no ends.

"Wait, wheres my.." Seth trailed off as he felt around his neck. "This seriously cannot be happening, of all the times I lose this before I get to fight strong people!" He yelled in a panicking voice before stopping and looking at Lu with something dangling from her mouth. "Hey Lulu come here girl, I've got a present for you." Seth quietly said as he tip toed towards the small pokemon before jumping and landing on his face.

"No Lulu come back!" Seth yelled as the small pokemon let out a snicker and bolted out the door followed by her trainer. For what seem like hours but in fact was only 10 minutes Seth had finally caught Lulu, while landing in what seemed to be a mixup between Aisling, a girl he had never met and a Sailor. "Hey Aisling, something wrong?" Seth asked politely wall holding Lulu above his head.


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Aisling had not expected the Sailor's outburst. However, he had quickly recovered from his initial shock and, knowing full well that the Sailor was out of line, had been about to ask his silver-haired friend to show the Sailor her invitation. When he turned to look at her, he was surprised--again.

Haine glared at the Sailor, her eyes darkening a tone. "I am not a stowaway. If I was..." she jabbed the thin envelope containing her invitation against the man's chest, "... what is this?"

The sailor backed away, sputtering. Quite frankly, Aisling couldn't blame him. Although she had maintained her calm and stoic tone, layers of anger coated the young woman's words like knives--even Aisling felt the urge to take a step back.

The girl continued, growling out her words. "An invitation to this boat! Now apologize to Aisling!"

Hearing his name, the coffee haired man flinched. The attention was back on him now and, for the moment, he couldn't seem to find any recognizable vocabulary. "Eh. He-he-he..." He smiled weakly. Veeeeery smooth.

Still eying Haine carefully, the Sailor--a thin, stocky red headed man, with hazel eyes, perhaps in his mid twenties--turned to Aisling. Aisling paused for a moment. Somehow, the sailor seemed familiar. But, the syndicate fighter thought, I've never set foot on a ship--not one that was manned anyhow. The Sailor muttered an reluctant apology.

His mind racing to identify the slight recognition, Aisling simply nodded at the man's apology. Where? Where? Where had he seen this man before? He pondered the question in silence. Then, he felt his friend's gaze. "Oh," he paused, his brow wrinkling as he tried to figure out why she was looking at him with a rather expectant expression. The Sailor had returned her invitation to her--he didn't have it in his hands anymore. But, under his slightly scared expression, Aisling thought he also saw streaks of anger on the man's face. The anger wasn't simply towards Aisling--it was also directed towards Haine. The shadow in the corridor where they were standing gave the Sailor's white hat a darker tone--almost black.

Aisling's brown eyes widened. That's where he had seen this man before, five years ago... A single thought echoed through Aisling's mind: Dang.

Another voice entered the vicinity. "Hey Aisling, something wrong?" It was Seth with his Zorua.

"Yes," Aisling muttered, his eyebrow furrowing. "I think something could very well be wrong." Then, without warning, he moved. Grabbing the Sailor's right wrist and twisting it slightly--causing the man to yelp--, Aisling pinned the man against the wall. "However, I think he should be the answerer of that." He glared at the man, "Isn't that right, Team Rocket Member?"

The red haired man growled, "I have--"

"'No idea what' I'm 'talking about'?" Aisling's expression tightened and he pushed the man harder against the wall. "What are you doing here and who else is with you?!"


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Viola, similar to Aqua, had felt a "disturbance in the force" on the ship. Well, she hadn't really... Valor, her brave and defensive Pidgeot, had been keeping watch over her and the others during the night (or early morning, rather) and had immediately alerted her when he found there to be strange noises up on the deck. She had raced up just in time to hear Aisling mutter the word "Rocket."

She ran towards the group, Wyatt by her side and the other four pokeballs at the ready in her belt. "Aisling, why is there a Team Rocket member on the ship?"


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Seeing that he was now surrounded by five trainers, a Wartortle, a Bulbasaur, and a Blaziken--the latter being the most threatening--the Rocket Grunt spat.

Being tight-lipped, Aisling grit his teeth. "Between the two of us," he hissed at the man, "I think it would be in your best interest to start talking."

Then, unexpectedly, the red-haired man smirked. "You think so, huh?" An object fell to the floor underneath the two with a clack.

Aisling cursed and leapt backwards as the ping of a Pokeball echoed and the sound of leaking gas filled the room. The room was quickly filled with a deep and dense smoke. Coughing, he waved his arms fanning away the smoke and attempting to get back to the Grunt. Hitting the wall, Aisling cursed again--the Grunt was gone. A laugh echoed through the smog.

The brown-haired man spun around, trying figure out where the laugh had come from; it seemed to resonate from everywhere. That's because it is coming from everywhere, he realized, they've got control of the bridge! The ping of more Pokeballs releasing Pokemon filled the air. Aisling's eyes, reddening from the smoke, narrowed, "Everyone, keep on guard! They're taking over the ship.For all we know, Team Rocket could be planning to sink this ship with us on it. Remember, the last thing we want to do is use Pokemon that are too large or too heavy--we can't let this boat sink! We have to regain control of the ship." A good Teleport can make this operation fast, he thought. "Yui--" Then, he remembered. Yui was still running around the ship. She might not even know what's going on or... or worse. Very quickly, fear filled the coated man's heart. I can't lose her too. "Everyone, try to get above ship and to the bridge--if they plan on stealing our Pokemon they must have a getaway atop the ship and their leader must be on the bridge controlling the ship."

The laugh echoed through the smoke again. "That's a pretty good idea--finding the bridge."

Great, Aisling thought, they can see and hear us, but we have no idea where they are or what they're up to...

The voice on the loud speaker continued, "But, I have a question for you." There was a pause.

For emphasis, he thought, the dramatists. Then, a faint humming noise filled the air. Oh no.

"Can you get to the top of the ship, if..." The smoke began to fade, revealing humanoid figures down each of the three corridors which intersected where the five trainers were standing. In each of the figures hands, small objects were waving back and forth methodically. "...you're all asleep?!?" The voice on the speaker laughed maniacally before giving in to the sound of static.

"Hypno!" Aisling spat and shut his eyes. "Nobody look at them! Rely upon sound!" He slid a Pokeball off of his belt and flung it through the air. "Go, Diabel!" A ping filled the air, followed by the sound of steel sliding against steel--the sound many Escavalier made when the rubbed their two lances together, typically before a battle. "Diabel, don't look at the Hypno. Charge down the corridor towards the bow of the ship and take out as many as you can. Use Fury Cutter!" The Cavalry Pokemon nodded--or, at least, Aisling assumed that it nodded. One corridor down, the Syndicate fighter thought, smiling. However, there are still two corridors filled with opponents.

"Esssssss," Diabel hissed; Aisling could hear the Pokemon's lances crackling with energy. Diabel charged, "CAVALIIIIIIIIIER!!!"


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The smoke had been dealt with, thanks to Seth and Ace. Even better, between the five trainers, the Hypno situation had been taken cared of--the many of the yellow Pokemon were lying on the floor, passed out after combat, while many others had seemingly fled. Things are proceeding quite well, Aisling thought. But, he couldn't seem to shake off an eerie feeling that something was still very wrong. His chocolate eyes flashed around the corridors, Seth and Aquarion were gone. Down the stern corridor, sounds of battle could still be heard. They've probably reached the bridge, Aisling smiled, this should be over quickly.

Just before he dashed off after the two, a massive wave of terror rolled over his consciousness. It wasn't the Hypno. Something, someone, was calling out. Yui! Aisling panicked with realization. Of course, Team Rocket made it simple to get to the bridge. There was no way they'd actually command from there--it was practically a dead end. The best area to escape from was...

Aisling ran to the window--there was nothing out there. But, one can never be too sure. He held two Pokeballs out to the open sea and released two Pokemon. After yelling some orders, the coffee-haired man turned back to the corridor and called out, "Diabel!"

The Knight-like Pokemon flew to his side.

"Have you seen Yui?" Aisling asked, simply hoping for a confirmation, though doubting heavily.

His doubts were right. Diabel shook his black head.

Crap. He looked to check who was still around him. "Haine, Viola, I need you two to follow me up to the deck." He looked at the two, pleadingly, "I can't lose Yui. Not again." After acquiring a nod from Diabel, the coated man dashed down the bow corridor, his Pokemon following close behind.

The situation on the deck was just as bad as Aisling had anticipated. There were two Machoke, two Hypno, three Marowak, three Raticate, and one--overly large and hideous--Weezing. Standing behind the eleven Pokemon where three Rocket Grunts in full out black uniform and, laying over the shoulder of one of the grunts was a small pink figure. Despite knowing that that he would have had a great advantage if he hadn't done so, Aisling couldn't help but call out, "YUI!"

There was no response from the pink Pokemon--it was asleep. From the Rocket Grunts, however, there was a response--an unpleasant one.

"Well, well, well, look who finally made it to the party," The Grunt to the left called out; his voice was the same as that which had blared upon the loud speakers before. "On the other hand, it wasn't much of a party--there were only five of us here, not counting you trainers."

"Shut it!" The Grunt carrying Yui hissed, smacking his teammate on the head. "You'll wake the baby. We don't want that happening, remember?"

The Grunt to the right snorted. "Ah, relax. She's in deep sleep anyways, dosed her twice. We can have our fun messing with 'The Liberator' and his girlfriends!" He laughed and turned, showing that he was holding a bag of ice to his cheek. The Sailor, Aisling felt his anger boil. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to get all of your Pokemon--I guess we can just satisfy ourselves with this one." The Grunt indicated Yui, a smirk plastered on his face.

"You're idiots if you think I'm going to let you off this ship in one piece," Aisling growled, his brown eyes blazing with rage.

The Sailor-Grunt laughed, "I think you are the idiot here--you're the only one about to lose their Pokemon AND their life! After we leave, we're gonna' detonate this ship and send all you pesky trainers to Davy Jones' Locker!"

Aisling roared in outrage. "DIABEL, TAKE THEM ALL OUT! USE--"

He was interrupted by the sound of wings--dozens of flapping wings, filling the air. The Grunts looked off the the starboard side. "Looks like our ride and the cavalry are here." Aisling's gaze followed them. Out in the starry night sky--which had, just minutes earlier, been as silent and peaceful as space itself--multitudes of black shapes were filling the sky. Cries could be made out: HONCH, HONCH, HONCH, HONCHKROW!!! The Sailor-Grunt flashed his teeth in a wild grin. "We just have to hold you off for a couple of minutes--then, you can all enjoy your trip to the next world!"

"OOooo-hooohooo," the Grunt on the left chuckled, "I can already smell the Promotions!"

Looking at the Syndicate-Fighter, who was now silent and no longer raging at the trio, the Grunt holding Yui laughed, "Cat got your tongue, Liberator?"

"First off," Aisling said--just loud enough for the Grunts to hear--, his tone cold and calm, "I don't think that it's promotions that you're smelling--it's probably just your breath." The left Grunt recoiled at the comment. "Secondly, your current ride is already being taken cared of."

There were several flashes out in the distance, beams of blue and white light shot towards the skies striking many of the black shapes, many of which began to fall to the equally black ocean water.

"The blue was Khaos' Dragon Pulse and the white, as you may already know, is Yamato's famed Hyperbeam." At this, the other two Grunts recoiled. Aisling grinned at the three, coldly, "I don't think this ship will be going to Jones' Locker. You three, on the other hand? I hope you enjoy a view of Captain Nemo's Nautilus!" He turned to the Cavalry Pokemon and the two girls beside him. "Haine, Viola, Diabel, I think it's time to put these guys out of their misery--what do you think?"

The Escavalier nodded and brandished its lances.

Aisling smirked. "Diabel, use Fury Cutter on the Hypno and Marowak and Ironhead on the rest!"



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Haine sighed, disappointed that she couldn't keep her emotions in check. Her training meant nothing..
But then again, who the hell cares.
With no restraint, she looked as pissed as ever, with her expression blazing with a cold, yet heated glare. One of her many signatures. And it seemed like some of them recognized it for they cringed in slight fear. Though she had no chance to go take action, as she saw Violia taking care of them with what she called talent. A talent a coordinator would crave.
But dispite on how awed she was, she noticed some in the shadows who were to pounce on the said girl. Glancing at her Blaziken and Lucario, they simply nodded, before bursting off in the dust, their will blazing. Swift with her words, she examined the situation before commanding in a strong voice.

"Blaziken high kick, Lucario, extreme speed." Quickly as they were told, they situated themselves by reading each others eyes. This was a familiar combo in the elite four, as she fought them with much thought before hand.
Lucario, being quick and stealthy, he sent a high kick towards the back of two grunts. Trying to catch themselves, blaziken waited patiently for them, before sending a hot kick to both faces, sure to leave a nasty scar. Haine, satisfied, watched grunts falling while the next pair were being kicked around like a ball. Meanwhile as she enjoyed it, she blinked at the bumping of the mic. She smirked at the voice. "Hello, testing 1-2-3. Hey everyone and welcome to the Kanto Champ Cruis. I am your Host Aqua, Elite 4 member. And we are gonna kick your butt you Rocket Stalkers. Hey Aisling I found a control panel. Do you want me to do anything to help out?" 'heh..' Catching up on herself, She Watched them progress with their moves. Then haine looked down at the grunt near her, before nudging him lightly with her foot. "Are they're any more of you?" The grunt hissed, and spat at her leg, which she dodged with disgust. Though the grunt did not answer, he remained loyal to his leaders, and secrets which she thought honorable... But not in this case. Looking around for aisling, she called out his name. "Aisling." She stepped a few steps closer, hoping to be any more help then she already was. Looking at him questionable, she continued with a hushed voice. "anything I need to do..?"



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Aisling smiled when he heard Aquarion's voice blaring over the speakers. "Hello, testing 1-2-3. Hey everyone and welcome to the Kanto Champ Cruis. I am your Host, Aqua, Elite 4 member. And we are gonna kick your butt you Rocket Stalkers. Hey, Aisling, I found a control panel. Do you want me to do anything to help out?"

"Aisling." He heard Haine call out from his side. The young woman had just incapacitated another Grunt and was now stepping through the chaos, heading towards Aisling. "Anything I need to do?"

Things were coming along quite well. Despite the fact that several more Rocket Grunts had joined the fray, their Pokemon were taking quite a beating from the combined efforts of Vitesse, Happy, Wyatt, Blaziken, Lucario, and Diabel. The chocolate haired man ducked as a Marowak flew over his head, crashing into a set of umbrellas which had been situated on the deck. However, there was still one thing wrong.

A beam of bluish-white light streaked overhead, only a few meters above the ship and causing the ship to tremble and the coated man to blink rapidly. The wind, typical of a Twister, had also picked up. Floating around the beam of light, Aisling could make out several large dark shape. Make that two things wrong. As soon as the light faded, a horde of nearly a dozen Honchkrow dived down towards the ship spraying rays of purplish light--Dark Pulses--and flashing glowing wings. One ray of purplish light hit a table and, promptly, exploded, shooting debris all over the combatants. Other beams wreaked lines through the ship's wooden boards, causing splinters to explode into the air. As if to make things worse, more Grunts were leaping off of the Bird Pokemon and onto the ship.

Aisling held up his arms to keep the debris from his face and eyes. "Haine!" he called. "Take out those Honchkrow--also, contact Aquarion and tell him to check the ship for possible Electrode and Voltorb, we don't want--"

Another explosion rocked the deck, as a beam of purplish light struck a crate.

"... More of that! We can't let this boat sink!" the coated man finished, his ears ringing. Then, he remembered the first problem. They still have Yui.

The Grunt carrying the pink Pokemon had, alongside his two friends, slowly backed away from the combat zone and were approaching the stairwell leading to a higher level. They were flanked by two Sableye and one Absol.

"Diabel!" Aisling called out.

The Pokemon turned and glanced at it's trainer. Following his gaze, the Knight Pokemon's golden eyes narrowed. Then, he charged, his long lances glowing a greenish hue.

The Sableye will pose no problems, Aisling thought to himself.

Sure enough, one was sent flying upon being struck by Diabel's initial Iron Head attack. The second one had barely turned to react when it was smashed to the side, by a Fury Cutter, and sent sprawling to the ground. The Cavalry Pokemon's lances glowed purple as he proceeded to launch a barrage of Twin Needles at the downed Darkness Pokemon. It didn't notice the white shape rocketing in from the left.

The Absol--on the other hand--might... "Diabel! Watch out! QUICK GUARD!"

The Escavalier spun around, barely in time to deflect the Absol's black scythe with its lance. From his experiences, the Syndicate fighter knew that Absol were fast. Diabel would have to act quickly to combat the quick, nimble, agile Pokemon--fortunately, speed was something that he and Aisling had worked on a lot over the past few years. Flashing red, the Pokemon's lance swished towards its opponent showing amazing reaction time and ludicrous speed.

Unfortunately, Absol also had the uncanny ability to predict movement patterns--this posed a serious problem to opposing Pokemon. This particular Absol swiftly demonstrated this skill by effortlessly evading the Knight Pokemon's lances and proceeding to lash out with a Night Slash.

Diabel deflected the slash with a Quick Guard and the two Pokemon exchanged another series of blows.

Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Fury Cutter, Detect, Slash, Quick Guard, Iron Head, Detect, Psycho Cut, Quick Guard, Twin Needle. Block, Attack, Block, Attack, Block, Attack--such was the pattern.

Aisling frowned, the Grunts had made it near the top of the stairwell and, there, waiting for them, were three large black birds. Their rides! he realized. Yui! Panicking, he called out, "DIABEL!"

Upon hearing his trainer's fearful tone, Diabel lashed out with his right lance--which was deflected--and raised his left one, seemingly to defend again.

The Absol swung it's scythe, fully expecting to be blocked. Then, the scythe found its target--landing on and cutting into one of the Knight Pokemon's shoulder guard. Absol was momentarily shocked.

That was all Diabel needed. A furious flash of red flew into the Disaster Pokemon's side and the Absol crashed into the the ship's railing. Lances flashed purple and a quick barrage of Twin Needles launched upward, destroying the stairwell.

But, the Grunts were already on top, laughing as they straddled their Honchkrow. They didn't expect the Pokemon to have flown up alongside its needles. They should have expected the unexpected.


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Aisling held up his arms to keep the debris from his face and eyes. "Haine!" he called. "Take out those Honchkrow--also, contact Aquarion and tell him to check the ship for possible Electrode and Voltorb, we don't want--"
Another explosion rocked the deck, as a beam of purplish light struck a crate.
"... More of that! We can't let this boat sink!".
Haine nodded curtly cringing at the slight ring of her ears, before signaling her pokemon to follow. But before she turned the corner, she glanced at the ones left and wished them luck.
Taking a deep breathe, she raced forward, hearing the thumping of her two pokemon following. "Blaziken Sky upper cut on the honchkrow." One set of footsteps were gone as he followed the orders. "Rei watch my back."
'Of course.' He replies, as his aura sense rounded around them. "Now can you sense Aqua's aura..?' It was quiet, but she felt her lucario widen his search. Most of the auras were macilous, but there was one which was bright blue and calm compared to most. 'Found him, turn to the first room on your right.'
"Good job." Scanning the halls, she slipped into the room, and saw the familiar blue hair. "Aqua, Aisling needs us to check the boat for any electrodes and voltorb. Quickly."
"I saw on go over there!" She hissed at the sound of a grunt coming closer to the room. Taking a step out, she sent a high kick towards the face, her lucario taking care of the second one with a low swept kick. "Come on, before more come." She listened for any more intruders and heard some in the distance.


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Diabel was not your normal Escavalier. Like many other poor Pokemon, Diabel had been abandoned, left in the woods--as a Karrablast--by his trainer after losing a battle against an enemy Boldore. But, unlike others who wasted away waiting for their trainer to return, Karrablast had accepted what he felt was his destiny--to be trainer-less. He soon donned the armor of a Shelmet, evolved into an Escavalier, and became a roaming Pokemon looking for the needy Pokemon and helping them out. Eventually, he became renown and was challenged by many trainers hoping to capture him. None succeeded.

Then, his name reached ears of the Crime Syndicates and he became targeted, attacked in increasing frequency. It was during one of these attacks when he had run into the man who called himself Hector Aisling. Aisling was a powerful trainer and he, too, seemed to be fighting against those who sought to hurt the needy. This is what had drawn the two together. After a duel, Escavalier had decided to join Aisling in his fight and had taken the name Diabel--the Demon Knight.

Today was one of those many days where Diabel felt glad that he had joined the Syndicate Fighter. Fighting against a legion of Hypno, several Marowak, some Sableye, and an Absol had been a blast. But now, Yui the Mew who traveled with Aisling and one of Diabel's close friends was in danger; in danger of the very thing that had endangered Diabel many years ago. He would free her. He would free her for her sake, for Aisling's sake, and for his own sake.

Diabel cut at a Honchkrow with a Fury Cutter as he flew up to the upper floor. The black bird honked and fell to the lower floor. Another Honchkrow flew at the Knight Pokemon, only to be met by his Ironhead technique. His lances hummed with energy and began glowing red as he prepared another series of Fury Cutters. If the Escavalier could grin, he did.

Pokemon after Pokemon fell as Diabel launched himself towards the three Grunts attempting to escape. A Hypno, a Honchkrow, a Murkrow, another Honchkrow. Then, there were none left between the Cavalry Pokemon and the Grunts. There was no escape now. Unless they could get past Diabel and reach their Pokemon.

The Grunts knew this. One of them charged. A mistake. Possibly a fatal one. Diabel easily caught the man with his right lance and flipped him. The Pokemon flew towards the Grunt to the left. With a quick jab, the Grunt was lying on the floor groaning and struggling to get up. One Grunt left--the one with Yui. Diabel raised his two lances and the two crackled with energy above him, one with a bluish hue, the other with a reddish hue. This was over.

At least, that's what Diabel had thought. The Knight Pokemon watched in shock as the Grunt smirked and threw the Pink Pokemon off the side of the ship. No way! A Honchkrow flew by and snatched up the Mew as she fell. Diabel surged forward to stop the bird Pokemon only to be tackled by the red-haired Grunt who was laughing hysterically. No! The Cavalry Pokemon struggled to get the man off of him. No, YUI!

A small white blur entered Diabel's vision moving rapidly. Aisling.

On the other side of the ship, the coated man had somehow gotten up to the higher floor and was now running sprinting in the direction of the Honchkrow. But, it was too late--the Bird and Yui were out of arms reach now. The only way to get to them now would be to...

Aisling jumped. Right off the the side of the boat. Pulling a human Takedown, the man smashed into the Honchkrow flying away with Yui. Caught completely off guard, the bird Pokemon let go of its pink captive. Aisling reached out and held Yui. A blue object sparkled in his hand and for a moment, the two seemed suspended in the air--together again. Then, they plummeted out of Diabel's view and towards the sea below.

[Note: I'll further the plot on the ship after Anastasia, Areo, and/or Jusan post... Don't want to leave them behind.]


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Viola had been planning to help eradicate the electrode, but she found herself blown back, caught off guard by a blast. Part of the ship's deck came apart and smacked her square in the face. "Ouch!" She yowled, falling on to her bum and removing the wood from her face. A rather comical red outline of a plank of wood had imprinted itself there; Wyatt couldn't help but chuckle at his partner's situation. "Oh, shut up," she said curtly to the little pokemon, then stood up and dusted herself off. Seeing that Aisling was otherwise occupied, she raced to the lower decks of the ship to find the electrode that were causing the majority of the problem.

Upon reaching one of the lower decks, a storage room where cargo was held, she saw several electrode rolling about, supposedly about to self destruct. "Cadence!" She released the Rapidash, who upon being released stamped her feet upon the ground. "Take care of these guys, I'm gonna go check back up on Aisling!" She said quickly, racing back up the stairs.

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Diabel was staring over the edge of the ship. He had watched his trainer jump over the railing and fall out of sight. A few seconds later, he had heard a splash followed by a low grumble.

That had been three minutes ago. Aisling hadn't surfaced. He couldn't have... could he?

A screech came from behind the Knight Pokemon. A Honchkrow launched itself towards him. Diabel turned and lunged, a flash of red swiped by the bird and the black Pokemon hit the ground sliding. It slid into a man lying a few feet away. The Grunt who had held Diabel back from catching Yui. He groaned.

Diabel felt a pang of anger. In an instant, he was hovering over the man. His right lance glowed with a greenish hue and hummed with energy. Suddenly, a voice echoed through his mind. Diabel! Aisling's voice. It was Yui's telepathy.

The Pokemon sent a thought back, Aisling, are you okay?

Yes, I'm alright. Thanks for asking. But, I need you to do something for me. I need you to gather the other trainers. His tone was urgent. The ship is going to sink. Get everyone to the port hatch--I'll meet you there. An easy task. The knight Pokemon prepared to head deeper into the ship. Oh, Diabel. Thing might get rough soon, try to keep away from the sides of the ship as much as possible.

A sound can could be heard in the distance. Diabel recognized the sounds. Rocket Catamaron--they were going to strafe the ship and sink it. Roger that.

I'm counting on you. Aisling's mental presence faded away.

The Rocket Grunt groaned again and, this time, he tried to get up. Halfway there, Diabel knocked him on the back of the head--leaving another bump under his red hair. Satisfied, the Knight Pokemon took off, soaring back into the ship's interior.

Aisling was underwater. Being underwater was very distracting. One's natural instinct when submerged and seeing water everywhere would be to panic. After taking several Dives, however, one tends to get used to it. Breathing wasn't an issue as one might initially suspect. The Pokemon using Dive would simply form bubble of air around it's trainer upon submerging--it was convenient.

After he had communicated with his Pokemon, Aisling had proceeded to contact the others. Haine, Viola, Seth, Aquarion. Try to find Diabel and get to the Port Hatch. Four dark objects loomed ahead of the already dark ocean water. They were approaching the Catamaron. Aisling added, I'll join up with you there, shortly.

"Yamato, engage the enemy ships. We need to capture one of them--focus on that first."

A low rumble resonated around the coated man. He grinned. "That's right. Use Ice Beam to slow down the ships. Knock out the Raticate units with a Surf. Then, drop me off on one of the Catamaron."

He felt a tug on his sleeve. Yui was looking at him anxiously.

Aisling smiled, "You just stay here and rest, 'kay? I might need your help later so, I'll need you to be ready."

There was a flash up ahead. Three red beams of light spewed off the front of one of the Catamaron and flew in the direction of the Champions' ship. They had entered firing range. The beams cut the hull of the ship before causing a small explosion.

At that moment, a bolt of whitish bluish energy shot from Yamato, hitting the ships and freezing the water around them. This was the beginning of the end. Aisling smirked.

[OOC: Alright guys, from here things will happen that aren't written of but are implied--Aisling does capture a single Catamaron and will meet your characters on the Port side of the Champion's ship. Please try to get your characters there--you can manipulate Diabel in anyway you wish. Have fun!]