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Pokemon: Champion's Island

R' Island


a part of Pokemon: Champion's Island, by fullmetal642.

The Island where the story will take place a majority of the time.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over R' Island, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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R' Island

The Island where the story will take place a majority of the time.


R' Island is a part of Pokemon: Champion's Island.


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#, as written by Vix
“You've. Got. To. Go to Viiiiictory Road!” The sight of a small, humanoid Pokémon was the first thing Angelique saw as she woke, waking to her singing voice. She glanced at the clock. It was three in the morning. Why was Aria waking her up so early with...mail? Aria had probably just checked the PC. Angelique and Angelo received mail at their parents' home in Castelia City and their parents would send it to them via PC; they didn't like strangers coming to their home. They had bought all of Rainbow Valley and turned it into their home and a paradise for Pokémon. Of course, her brother added in his dojo. But she loved their solitude. Sighing, she glanced from the clock to Aria. The Meloetta was in her Pirouette Form, twirling on a single foot on Angelique's dresser. The Breeder sighed and pushed waves of blonde from her face and reached out for the letter that Aria was dancing around with. “Give me that.” She grumbled under her breath, pushing a mound of duvets from her body. She moved with a dancer's grace, walking on her tip toes to the dresser out of habit. Aria tossed her greenish-blue 'hair' to the side and handed over the X-Transceiver. Mina's face was there, bright as ever. “Someone's coming up the mountain! There's this guy. He got all his badges. Get here! Byyyye!” Angelique sighed and put her hand against her face. “I already packed your bag, Angel Love.” Aria was sitting now, swinging her legs off of the side of the dresser. “Everyone's in their pokéball except for Atreyu because I knew you'd be taking him. Time to go! Oh – Breakfast is reeeeady! Everyone already ate.” Angelique couldn't help but to smile. Aria always took care of business for her and handled everything when Angelique was sleeping. “Thanks Ria. Return.” She had set down her communication device and retrieved the Meloetta's pokéball. Sighing, she began the long process of getting dressed, sporting a white skirt, matching leggings, a white tank top, and white ballet flats. It took her merely twenty minutes to eat her breakfast, grab her bag, bid her brother farewell, and fly out on the back of a Dragonite.

That was two days ago. Now? She was standing at the far end of the Arena that she claimed as her own in the Unova Pokémon League. She could hear the challenger coming forward, stopping yards away from her. He had already plowed through Mina and the others. Now he had to deal with her. “So you're the infamous Angelique Romain? One half of the Romain twins. Pokémon whisperer, Dragon Master, and Breeder Extraordinaire. Twelve years and undefeated.” The older man with bright green hair and gleaming yellow eyes smirked and threw his head back in a laugh. “I'm going to pulverize your Pokémon just as I did to the others!” Alexander drew out a pokéball and tossed it high into the air. “Conkeldurr! Let's beat this bitch!” A massive Conkeldurr with two steel beams rose his arms and slammed them into the ground. He taunted her, though she did not react. She was used to challengers being cocky. Angelique, unshaken drew one of her own pokéball, tossing it out. “Atreyu! C'mon out and use Aquatail!” Sighing, she glanced over at the referee. “The match between Challenger Alexander Tremaine and Elite Four Angelique Romain will now begin! The match will end when either trainer's Pokémon have all fainted! Go!” Alexander was clearly shaken by the sight of the Dragonite. Atreyu was two and a half times the size of a normal Dragonite. Angelique took advantage of his shock and sang out to her partner. “Atreeeeyu! Use Aquatail and end this right now!” The Dragonite flew with impressive speed for its size, water forming in a swirl around its tail. Beore Alexander could say anything, Atreyu's tail slammed into the beam baring Pokémon and knocked him back many feet. The entire Arena shook with Atreyu's raw power. As the Conkeldurr lay there, Atreyu threw his head back and roared, shaking the building further as he dared the Pokémon to rise. The Pokémon didn't. The match went on, Atreyu destroying a Heracross, a Machamp, a Bisharp, and a Butterfree. Angelique sighed at the end of the match, not at all entertained as the man was escorted away. She was going home now. Before Mina, Katherine, and Thomas approached her, baring with them a letter. “What's this?” She took it and read it, murmuring to herself. ”To whom this may concern,
I am sending these letters out the the best Pokemon Trainers and Coordinators in all the five region, whether you are champion, a member of the Eltie Four, a Frontier Brain, or Top Coordinator. I am inviting you all to my island, situated between the south of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Regions. With the recent advancements to equalize the five regions, with each region now having contest halls, their own Pokemon League, and Battle Frontier, I believe that at least a few of you wish to meet the best each region has, as I do. I have watched many of you in broadcasts of league battle or the Grand Festival and Televised challenges, and each of you have impressed me to the point where I wish to meet you all. I do hope that you will think about accepting my invitation, I have left a map that holds my island's position for those who wish to come, there is also a card on which states the date I have planned out so all arrive at a similar time. I await all of your arrivals,
Sincerely, R “
She looked up at them and shrugged. “So...What?” Thomas, the eldest of them and the book worm, stepped forward and pushed his glasses up his nose. “We cannot all possibly go. We thought to send the better of us as representative. Though, its only if you would like to.” They looked at her with expectant eyes. Angelique pondered it before nodding with a smile. “Alright – But I'll need to check with my-” She paused at the ringing of her X-Transceiver. When she answered, she was looking at her brother's face. “Hey Angel-chan! I got a letter from someone calling himself 'R'! I assume you got one as well, so I'll meet you there! I love you! Bye!” His face disappeared and she looked up. “I guess I am.”

That was two days ago. Right now, Angelique found herself leaping off of the back of a massive Gyrados. She landed on the dock and looked around for any incoming ships. She hadn't seen any on her way in, making her frown. She then looked across the beach for anyone that would show her where she needed to go.

OOC: Angelo, Morganna, and Symphony will be written as the first to have arrived. I will post for them when others (besides Angelique) arrive ^^