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Joseph and Katerine Vells


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a character in “Pokemon: Chosen”, as played by dudedude889


Full Name: Joseph Anderson Vells
Nickname(s): Jo, Andy

Age (8 - 22): 19
Gender: Male

Classes: Ace-Tag Battler, and Breeder-Evolver

Appearance (Picture or description): Black hair, dark clothing, six feet three inches
Accessories (Optional): N/A

Type: Ice
Region, Hometown: Unova, Blackthorn
Starter Pokémon: Vanillite now a Vanilluxe

Current Pokémon Team: Vanilluxe, Vane, Ice, Male, Ice Body, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Giga Impact, Flash Cannon, Rest, Avalanche.
Beartic, Ice, Female, Snow Cloak, Thrash, Hail, Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Stone Edge
Crygonal, ice, Unknown, Levitate, Solarbeam, Ice Beam, Explosion, Flash Cannon, Blizzard

(Name, Type, Gender, Ability, and Moves - up to 8)

Personality: Joseph is calm and collected. He takes things easy and calmly. He barely ever gets mad and when he does, he just has a ragefull look. He thinks things through all the time, and never gives up. He is kind of a loner, but not really

History / Biography: When Joseph was six, he and his three-year-old sister were seperated. His father was an archeologist and traveled all the time. Joseph was born in Blackthorn, Unova but moved to Hoenn when he was three. That's where his father met his mother. And then three years later he moved back to Unova without his step-mother. His step-mother was sick at the time and couldn't travel so yeah. Joseph liked evolving and using his pokemon as one to defeat other pokemon. He loves the process of evolution and is pretty good at double and triple battles. And now he is in Vermillion.

Special Abilities / Traits/ Attributes: N/A

Other: Has Narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder.


Full Name: Katerine Vells
Nickname(s): Kat, Kate

Age (8 - 22): 16
Gender: Female

Classes: Capture Specialist-Apricorn Smith, and Martial Artist-Juggler

Appearance (Picture or description): Long, flowing black hair, wears only red, and five feet three inches
Accessories (Optional): Red bandana, purple arm band, and gold rings.

Type: Fire
Region, Hometown: Hoenn, Little Root
Starter Pokémon: Torchic now Blaziken

Current Pokémon Team: Blaziken, Blassy, Fire, Female, Blaze, Brave Bird, Sky Uppercut, Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Blast Burn, Aerial Ace
Magmortar, Fire, Male, Flame Body, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Flame Thrower, Earthquake
Flareon, Fire, Female, Flash Fire. Fire Blast, Lava Plume, Last Resort, Giga Impact, Shadow Ball

(Name, Type, Gender, Ability, and Moves - up to 8)

Personality: Katerine is always excited. She is always happy, and can never stop moving. She has a short-temper, but if you get to know her, she will make you laugh. She likes to explore, and when battling she usually goes with the agressive side. Power is everything!!!!!

History / Biography: Katerin was just three years old when her brother moved. She didn't know him at all. No memories. But she trained and trained. Katerine's mother was a pokeball creator who uses apricorns. She taught Kat how to make basic, but effective pokeballs. And when she held he pokeballs, she juggled with them. Her fast moving hands caught, threw, and caught again. She is jus a natural juggler. Her mother told her she had a brother in Unova, and was with her dad, so she decided to find her brother in Unova. But the received a letter, and had an urge to go to Vermillion. Her brother might be there, who knows?

Special Abilities / Traits/ Attributes: N/A

Other: Has insomnia, can't sleep.

So begins...

Joseph and Katerine Vells's Story


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Joseph Vells

Joseph Vells was walking towards the port in Vermillion. He recieved a letter a week ago while he was in Sinnoh. It said to go to Vermillion, buy a ticket, and board some ship. He was pulled. He felt like he needed to go. His Vanilluxe was out, and people were staring at it. They don't really see these types of pokemon. "Vanil, Vanilluxe. (Jo, when are we going to get there?)"

Joseph just looked at Vanilluxe, sighed, and kept walking. After a few wrong turns he finally made it to the port. When he sat on a bench, he fell asleep. His Narcolepsy acting in. "Vanilll... (Not again...)


Katerine Vells

Katerine Vells was running and getting lost. She couldn't stay still, she was getting hyper. Her Blaziken grabbed her and started for the port. She wasn't angry, but happy. In a matter of minutes they were at the port. "Blassy, thank you!!!!!" Kat yelled with thanks.

Blassy just nodded. Kate looked around, saw someone sleeping on a bench with an ice-looking pokemon. She turned around and saw a dragon-type pokemon. She was there in a couple seconds. "Oh my god. You got a Dragonair! Sweet!!" Kate said excitedly.

"Blaze, Blaziken. (Katerine, tell me the reason why you're so excited?)" Blassy growled.

"You ask this all the time Blass, I'm always excited!!!" Kate yelled.


Joseph Vells

Joseph woke up. He had the REM cycle in about five minutes. The boat was almost here. He saw it. And he also saw three people. And three pokemon. He walked over to them, his Vanilluxe, Vane, travelling beside him. He asked, "Hello there. My name is Joseph Vells, may I have yours?"

Katerine thought of the name Joseph Vells. She realized he was her brother. "My name is Katerine Vells!!!!! I am your sister!! It's good to finally see you again!!" Katerine yelled as loud as she could.

"Okay. Cool..." Joseph said awkwardly.


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#, as written by Vix
The ship was upon them now and trainers had crowded around looking lost, suspicious, excited, and worried. Miu sighed softly, pushing hair from her face as the boat docked quickly - the boat was pretty big, easily being larger than the famed S.S.Anne. As they waited for the gangplank to be lowered so they could board, they both glanced over a young girl who had burst from the sea on the shoulders of an Empoleon. Miu smiled lightly as Oliver guffawed rather loudly at the trainers who were grumbling for being splashed. Atreyu had his own issue to deal with as a little girl nearly barreled into him, squealing about Miu having a Dragonair. But, before Miu could say anything, the little ball of energy was greeting a young man who was apparently a brother that didn’t know about her. Miu gave a light nod as she smiled at the male who introduced himself as ‘Joseph’.

“I’m Miu. Miu Hess. And this is Atreyu.”

The Dragonair eyed the little girl and her brother, giving a gentle squeeze to his coils. Hidden within his coiled body was a case with a blue egg topped with what seemed to be black fur. It was a going away present for Miu from her mother – A Deino egg. Oliver offered out his hand to Joseph.

“Call me Hammer Arm, dude!” As usual, he was extremely cheery.

While Oliver made small talk, Miu glanced anxiously to the boat, noticing from the side of her eye a Coordinator that she knew; His name was Felix Rite, if her memory was correct. Someone she had on her radio talk show a couple of times. Before she could approach the male having his hair attacked by a Plusle, another young man appeared. This one was with a gaggle of Dark Pokemon much like the woman lurking near the crates – And apparently he knew Miu. She jumped back, at bit startled as she looked him over before recognition danced over her features, a smile curving on her lips. She took the rose with a crimson shade slowly creeping over her pale features.

“It’s been too long, Damian. I trust your Pokemon are still in top shape.”

Miu had to admit that she admired that care he showed for his Pokemon – Something not often seen this day and age. As he questioned why she and her brother were present, she looked down a bit nervously before glancing to the S.S. Tenashi. “We’re going on a trip…” Her words were spoken carefully as she remembered the letter had warned her not to trust anyone. This only furthered her curiousity and made her fear just a little bit more. Though, the grin on his face and the way he was eyeing her caused her delicate features to deepen in their now red shade as she clutched the rose like she were going to die if she didn’t.

Max glanced up a bit at the Zoroark and gave a light grin, returning the upnod.

“Cari. Cario. Lucario. Luca Luca Cari Lucario?” (Yo. The name’s Max) As if he’d ever really tell another Pokemon that he was named Maximillian. (This is all pretty…coincidental, ya know? You think that Prophecy the older timers are always yammering on about is true?) Of course every Pokemon that was ever born knew about the Prophecy of the thirty-six children hand Chosen by Arceus’ ‘messengers’ would one day be gathered to fulfill their duties of protecting Pokemon and saving the world from entering an era of darkness and chaos.

The Purrloin resisted hissing at the Chimecho, instead feigning fear by backing away with a frightened look upon her face. She couldn’t help but to feel smug as the Chimecho was put to sleep before the trainer offered Imp a Sitrus berry. Forget the glasses! This was food! She snatched it away and scurried back away from the meditating pair of trainer and Gallade, plopping down beside Symphony’s ankles before devouring the berry. Meanwhile, Perilous seemed to have caught the eye of a Houndoom. Putting on his best ‘Badass Swag’, he approached the Dark canine and licked his lips.

“Mighty. Mightyena. Might.” (I’m Perilous. And before you ask: Yes. I am as badass as my name implies.)

He obviously had a lot of confidence in himself – And why shouldn’t he? He was a bit bigger and more muscular than most Mightyenas and he had the power to back up his looks. His yellow-orange eyes followed every move the Houndoom made as he sat and lifted his head a bit and nodded in distinct approval. Symphony herself was rolling her eyes as she dropped her magazine onto a crate. She didn’t need it anymore so someone else could keep it. Her eyes scanned the crowd of trainers as she evaluated each one – She wasn’t too impressed with any of them, but then again: She didn’t know them well enough to be. She was debating picking a few pockets, but it was obvious that if not the tophat man, she would be the first suspect. And as confident as she was in herself and her Pokemon, she wasn’t taking on thirty-five trainers and their Pokemon. She moved forward gangplank was lain out, a shifty-looking man walking down to the large group, eyeing each one suspiciously.

"Name, Pokémon type, and ticket." The red-haired man finally spoke, motioning them all to approach.

While Miu was busy blushing, Oliver grabbed her Deino egg from Atreyu and bustled up to the man before anyone else, pulling out a ticket and handing it to the man.

“Oliver! Oliver ‘Hammer Arm’ Hess!” He gave a grin and a flex, dripping with charisma. “I raise Fighting Type Pokemon!” The ticket man sighed, muttering something about 'stupid teenagers', letting the black-clad young man board the ship. “Follow the arrows!” He called before turning back to the other trainers, obviously disliking that he was stuck with this job. “Hurry up, Max! You’ll have time to make friends on the trip!” Oliver gave the backpack wearing Lucario a light salute before bounding onto the ship.

(I’ll meet you on the ship.) Atreyu’s thoughts called out to Miu as he slithered his way past trainers and up the gangplank, following Oliver.

Symphony pulled a ticket from her pocket after a few more trainers boarded, muttering softly. “Symphony Ania Tyber…Hess. Dark Pokemon…” Her voice wasn’t the most feminine and had more of a growl to it so that it seemed more beast than human. It caused the ticket-taker to falter as he took the ticket and stepped back, motioning her to board the ship with the others. The Absol trailing her smirked along with the berry-eating Purrloin on his back while they followed the young woman onto the ship. The Mandibuzz she kept flew overhead, scaring various other Pokemon flying about. The Umbreon was clinging to Symphony’s shoulders, glaring down the other trainers and their Pokemon, causing general discomfort.

Perilous was still flirting with the Houndoom. “Mightyena…Mighty.” He began to walk towards the ship, grinning back at Lady. (I’ll definitely see you later, babe.) He was that guy that your parents never wanted you to bring home.

(Hurry hurry! I’m hungry!) A feminine voice from a Pokemon unseen penetrated her thoughts as she was in conversation with Damian. “I’m sorry, but could we continue this conversation onboard? My Pokemon are probably ready for breakfast by now.” She spoke softly, edging towards the gangplank and offering her ticket. “Miu Gemini Hess. Dragon.” The man bestowed upon her a smile.

“I love your show.”

Miu smiled and offered a quick thank you before following the arrows as all trainers before her had done.

As she stepped on board, she spotted several arrows taped upon the deck. Moving a bit lethargically, drew a Pokéball. "Ashdir, c'mon out! An Axew materialized before her, being soon scooped up into Miu's arms. "Ax! Axew!" (Don't be scared, Miu! I'll protect you!)The little dragon Pokémon clambered to Miu's head, clinging as best he could while getting a good look around. The arrows had led them to a massive dining room/ball room area of the ship. There was a single massive table with chairs in the center with men and women waiters were...waiting. "Awh yeauh!" Oliver grinned as buffet tables were rolled out and a waiter approached. After getting all of the trainers and their Pokemon lined up and counted, the waiter sighed in relief that all thirty-six had made it.

"Greetings and welcome, Chosen Ones. We will arrive at Tenashi Island tomorrow night. You may choose your own rooms if you so please. But for now, please enjoy breakfast for you and your Pokémon. I suggest you spend this time getting to know one another. Once again: Welcome aboard." After the waiter left, Oliver immediately released his Pokemon, all of them dashing to the buffet.

"Axew, Axew! (Let's eat on the deck!) Miu smiled softly, walking towards the pokébuffet. After gathering six bowls, she carefully pushed back through the crowd, stopping only to mention to Damian that she would be eating on deck. With Ashdir on her head and Atreyu slithering behind her.

Once she reached the deck, she set down each bowl in a line. With practiced celerity, she drew three Pokéballs from her belt. "Breakfast time!" A smile crossed her features as each Pokémon came out, attack their food whilst chattering.

"Axew! Ax!"
"Gible gible gible!"

Latias came down from the clouds, landing at the bowl on the far end where she had enough space to move about and not breaking something or hit someone – It was a wonder that the ship was large enough for her to do so.

"Lati! Latias!

With her Pokémon eating happily, she took her brother's advice to lighten up - everything seemed safe. With a shrug, she took her backpack off, sitting on the deck. Pulling out a sketchpad and pencil, she began a detailed drawing of her joyous Pokémon, a hum vibrating in her chest.

The setting changes from Vermillion City to Tenashi Island


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Joseph Vells looked at his half-sister. His father told him that he had a sister. But who knew it would be this girl. "Well, see you later...?" Joseph asked lightly.

Katerine nodded.

Joseph Vells

Leaving Katerine, Joseph walked to the ticket holder. "Joseph Vells, Ice, and here's my ticket," Joseph said as he gave his ticket to the man.

He left, his Vanilluxe, Vane following him. So, Jo, you finally meet your sister. How does it feel? Vane thought to him.

Well, Vane, it's intesting and surprising. But the objective right now is to find somewhere to sleep. Jo thought back to Vane.

Jo was going to pick a room with a number eight on it. He found a room with a single number eight. He opened the door, walked in, closed the door, then found a key for the door. He locked it. He sent out his pokemon, Crygonal and Beartic. "I'll be back, and Vane, make sure to keep these two in check. I'm getting food for you guys, alright?"

Vane nodded as Joseph left. He walked to the sound of music. A ball room. Interesting, no. Fun, probably. Joseph saw the food. He grabbed three bowls of bitter pokefood and left. In and out. He reached his room and gave the food to his pokemon. "Eat up, I'm wanting to challenge someone to a pokemon battle. Only if it's okay with you guys?"

"Crygo,(Jo, do you know how boring it is to be in a ball all day.) Crygonal,(I envy Vane, so I need to fight!!!)" Crygz beamed.

Beartic just punched her fists and nodded. Vane said, "Vanil,(Let's do it!)"

Katerine Vells

Katerin walked to the ticket-holder and yelled, "My name is Katerine VELLS!!! My pokemon are fire!!! And here's the ticket!!" She htrew the ticket at the man and started running on the deck of the boat. She grabbed an empty pokeball and called her Blaziken in. She started to juggle. She walked inside the ballroom. So many people. So many pokemon. She three her pokeballs in the air and her pokemon came out. "Guys, eat!!!" she said loudly to her pokemon, as they ran to eat.

I might as well make a pokeball with the three apricorns I have on me now. she thought as she grabbed her Apricorns.

Kat found a place to sit and started to work. She unshelled one of them, flamed another with a mini blowtorch and with the last one she unshelled and flamed. She stuck them together and made a dusk-ball. She looked at a trainer with electric pokemon. She then threw the pokeball she made at him. It hit the trainer, she assumed he was a trainer, in the head. She then stood up to look for her pokemon.


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Blassy was walking around. She ate her share of food, and started to wander. Kat allowed her to wander all the time, so she just wandered. She start jogging and threw here arms out and accidently hitting an Empoleon in the face. she didn;t even care, like Kat. "Blazi(Sorry 'bout that!)," Blassy said carelessly.

She knew that water would beat fire in most battles, but she didn't care.


Kat Vells

Kat had two out of three of her pokemon back. Blassy was nowhere to be seen. She turned and saw red hit blue. She ran to where it was and saw her Blaziken. "Blassy! Return!" Kat yelled as Blassy turned into pure energy and went into her pokeball. She started juggling, and said loudly, "Sorry for my pokemon hitting you pokemon. She's like me, always excited and carefree!!! Well, to names. My name is Katerine Vells, wha' are your's?"


Jo Vells

Jo called his pokemon back into their pokeballs. He opened the door and walked onto the deck. He saw his 'sister' talking to others. He decided to go over there. He grabbed a chair then walked to the group of pokemon and people. "Hello there, the name's Joseph Vells, supposed brother to her," Jo pointed to Kat, "Katerine Ve-"

Joseph fell asleep. To some people odd, others rude. But to him, normal