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Gabriel Honey-Sinclair

Major WiP!!

0 · 216 views · located in The Lobelia Islands

a character in “Pokemon: Chronicles of a Languishing Sun”, as played by Jakuri Serpentia-β


Gabriel(le) Quinn Honey-Sinclair

Theme: Black Rock Shooter
Image Song: Golden-Time Lover – ShadowLink4321


Role: Nothing But a Simple Reverse Trap.

Gender: Female; but pretending to be Male.
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Gabe│Gabbie│Brie│Honey
Age: Seventeen.
Love Interest: N/A

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 31-22-34
Build: Flat-chested/Skinny/Banana-shaped Figure
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Lavender Violet.
Scars – As far as things go, Gabriel seems to be otherwise free of scars, at first glance that is.... However, she does have one rather noteworthy scar on her person that was definitely not caused by just tripping or falling, it’s a rather prominent burn scar located on the right side of her ribcage, it is large and more or less consumes nearly the whole side of her torso. Compared to the rest of her skin, the marking is awkward, a range of colors, going from a white that carries a sheen to it, to a deep maroon color. The skin within the area is actually sort of stomach turning to look at, as it’s disfigured and due to not healing properly...the skin can sort of be considered, well, ‘lumpy’ in appearance. There are other scars on her body that are noteworthy too, but these aren’t as obvious or as eye catching, instead they are pretty blatant.

In addition to the burn scar on the right side of her diaphragm, Gabriel does possess one other noteworthy burn scar on her person, and this isn’t one that she cares to hide from the world. This one is on the underside of her right hand, encompassing her palm, and the pads of her fingers and thumb. The burn here is not as severe in how it affected her skin as on her side, but it’s still sort of creepy to look at. She lost the lines on her hand and her fingerprints too when this happened, and it’s left her skin here oddly smooth, and while creases have returned to it, there are still not any signs of fingerprints. And in line with the fact that her skin was burnt, the shade of color which Gabriel’s hand has taken on is a pinkish-red tone.
Piercings – As far as this goes, Gabriel does actually have her ears pierced, but she refrains from wearing earrings as things are, so within ear of her earlobes there remains a single, simple hole.
Tattoos -- Yeah, she has nada. She’s too young for tattoos, and plus...needles give her the heebie-jeebies.
Hair – Plainly black, Gabriel keeps her hair on the shorter side of things, it’s uneven in places due to the fact that she keeps it cut herself and doesn’t bother to pay anyone to do it for’s simple and ordinary in color and in texture, being relatively straight, the longest o fit only extends to halfway down her neck whereas the rest of it varies in length, from above her ears to below. And along with her short hair, Gabriel also keeps bangs, kept parted on the left, there is a clear gap in them, and they are maintained with about as much care as the rest of her hair, which is little. Only enough care is given to her hair to make it appear acceptable. Given the fact that Gabriel doesn’t give her hair as much care as many girls would, given her situation and the fact that she’s wandering around disguised as a boy, she suffers from the ahoge syndrome. It’s pretty typical to find a couple pieces of hair sticking upward like antennae on the top of her head....
Body – In truth, she’s a bit on the tall side for a girl, but this works in her favor given the whole reverse trap thing she’s got going on. She’s tall enough to be considered on the lower-average side of height for a boy. Otherwise on different matters, Gabriel, like all girls, does have a figure to her, but she’s about as thin as a rail so she sort of lucked out and wound up relatively flat-chested...what little she does have going on up there though, she binds down and flattens entirely with breast-binding tape. Along with her petite build, Gabriel’s ribcage and such all rather seem to jut out from under her skin, and are rather evident for the world to see if she were to be spotted without her usual baggy clothing. Her waistline is very thin, as is her whole midsection; her thinness gives Gabriel a fairly fragile sort of appearance, her build makes it look like she’s weak, and almost like she could break apart if not handled with care. Given the matter of her actually having a figure, Gabriel tends to disguise and hide away these things with the use of the aforementioned breast-binding tape, and baggy clothing that is more often than not so large that it about falls off her form. The necklines of her shirts often slip over her shoulders due to being too big for her small frame. And also, it seems that Gabriel inherited her mother’s traits, as her brother did, and wound up with legs that almost seem too long for her body.
Face – Luckily for her, her face seems to be androgynous in appearance for the most part. Though undoubtedly feminine, Gabriel’s face carries a bit of boyishness to it that is just enough to help her play the part of a convincing boy. The thinness of Gabriel’s frame does carry over to her face, though, but not too severely. Her face has enough weight on it so that she doesn’t look like she’s malnourished or anything, but it’s obvious that Gabriel is a thin person. For a boy, she looks very thin. But, still, she looks gender=neutral enough in the face at most times that she can pass well enough as her opposite gender. There are times where she looks more like a boy, and times where she looks more like a girl. No matter which gender she’s looking like though, almost always, Gabriel’s cheeks are well-flushed with color, so she appears reasonably healthy.
Eyes – Just like her brother...Gabriel possesses eyes a strange shade of lavender. Lively and whatnot, they are an unusual color, and have gotten her unwanted attention in the past. But her eyes are as they are, and fit in well enough with the rest of her features to give her enough of a gender-neutral air to pass off as a boy.
Skin – It’s somewhat pale, looks about as ordinary as anyone would expect for someone her age, however upon it there are some evidential scars that she bears from incidents in her past, and in her journeys.
Expressions – It’s not unusual for Gabriel to be seen carrying expressions upon her features that almost might make her seem like she’s apathetic and emotionless to the world at large, in a word, she can appear rather blank. ....but usually, this just a sign that Gabriel’s over-active imagination is showing. Whenever this happens, it most typically means that the girl is off in her own personal Wonderland. So, she might at first appear as if she is unfriendly, but this isn’t the case as when Gabe is not lost in her own world and mind, she is often carrying around a smile on her face, or at least looks like she’s a sociable, helpful person.

Preferred Clothing: As things now go, Gabriel has spent the last six years of her life dressing as a boy so often and so rigidly that she’s just about lost all sense of feminine fashion. Really, she has no taste in clothes made for her gender anymore, so much so that she can’t match styles or anything! So far as this gone, that Gabriel has lost all preference for feminine clothing. She just doesn’t have an active desire to wear anything meant for women as she is. Honestly, she seems to like men’s clothing more than she seems to want to openly state. It might well be a comfort thing for her as it is, baggy clothing hides away her body, the figure she’s developed and because she’s never really worn clothing which has shown off this figure of hers, so it could be anxiety inducing for her to think about even wearing the proper clothing. Due to her small body though, Gabriel’s taste in clothing leaves her often wearing clothing so large for her form that it more often than not looks like it’s just...hanging on her, barely so.





Sexuality: Heterosexual/Asexual – Gabriel’s sort of become oblivious to the notion of her sexual orientation and having any sense of physical attraction toward others due to her situation, but she is however, heterosexual.

Personality: (One paragraph at least please.)

Relationship Status:
FatherChariton Sinclair.
Age – Thirty-nine.
Close to his children from the get go, Chariton was rather young when he first came to be a father, but he stayed with Myrrh when it was she delivered his son into the world. And with her he wound up having a second child—Gabriel. Loving and there for his children, Chariton cherished both daughter and son dearly, despite being torn up over the fact that Gabriel had such bad health, he loved her dearly and was always willing to do whatever necessary to help her grow up. He supported Lazarus’ dreams of becoming a powerful and renowned trainer, and was always proud of his son—up until the boy cut ties with them for whatever the reason. He had a hand in forming who it was Gabriel became as she grew, and was always proud of her.
MotherMyrrh Honey-Sinclair.
Age – Thirty-eight.
Loving and accepting of both her children, Myrrh deeply cared for both son and daughter from the beginning. Even though discovering herself pregnant so young was indeed a shock, she stuck with it and gave birth to Lazarus with Chariton by her side—Gabriel followed five years after. Myrrh was happy with her family, and even if Gabriel’s ill health was a burden on her, she still valued the time she had with her ailing daughter, always. She did everything she could to look after her and to raise Gabriel with as much strength and hope as possible. Like Chariton, she fully supported Lazarus’s efforts to become a renowned trainer....
Elder BrotherLazarus Sinclair
Age – Twenty-two.
Once Gabriel’s most precious person—her older brother, Lazarus and she were very close when they were children and before it was that he took to becoming a Pokémon trainer. Lazarus loved Gabriel very much, and vice-versa, he was willing to do anything within his limited power to look after her, going so far as to attempt to get help for her by becoming Champion of the Johto Elite Four. He suddenly ceased contact with his family shortly after he was able to ascertain his title, and the only evidence of him still being alive found was when Gabriel awoke to find that La was gone, and that Lazarus left in her stead his Garchomp without explaining why a few years after.... Gabriel’s seeking him out, her travels having brought her to the Lobelia Islands now.

Personal History: The circumstances around Gabriel’s birth and her childhood are not what one could call happy. She was born frail, and ill, veryill. Quite unlike her brother in every way, she was a poor child who had to suffer through the strain of bad health just about from the day she was brought into the world. Of course, both of her parents and her brother loved her a lot, it’s just that she had a lot of struggles and hard times ahead of her....In truth, it’s probably a miracle she even managed to survive her birth and childhood given all that was wrong with her. Seemingly always sick, Gabriel was taken to see a doctor when she was only a few months old, and from there it was discovered that she was suffering from...bone cancer. Treatments and therapy were used on Gabriel from this moment on, and whatever was necessary to ensure her survival was done by her parents. Regardless of all that was done for her, Gabriel remained frail and very unwell for years. Eventually, her cancer went into full remission, and she was able to at least grow up long enough to learn to speak—walking was a very difficult thing for her to do at first due to the cancer, but she got that eventually.

Growing up, Gabriel was kept away from most of the world because she was fragile, and grew fatigued very easily. She was never around children her own age, save her brother who was only a bit older than she was. Even with her bad health, Gabriel still received much love from her parents—they cherished her dearly and were willing to do whatever they could to make sure that she would grow up into a healthy, strong young woman. They wanted nothing more than to see their little girl grow up; they wanted her to have that. And as it was she got older, and was still a sick young girl, Gabriel came to only know of the outside world through her books and the stories told to her by her older brother. Lazarus loved his sister as much as a brother could without it being creepy, he spent much of his free time with her, keeping a smile on her face and making sure she was happy. He loved her and like his parents, he wanted to see Gabriel grow up to be healthy, strong and able to live a normal life.

Lazarus was really a remarked young boy; his heart was a strong one, compassionate and honest. He held a desire to protect his sister and to help her however he could while it was that Gabriel was an innocent and pure soul, a girl with an untainted heart....It is perhaps these traits that helped spring them into their eventual fate. It happened when Gabriel was only four and Lazarus was but nine. Both of the siblings were outside, a rare occurrence for Gabriel, playing with one another when it was they found themselves approached by a set of children—there was a boy Lazarus’s age and a young girl Gabriel’s. Lazarus was iffy of them, suspicious since he knew how easily Gabriel fell ill, and that other people could well get her sick. He was ready to turn the children away when it was Gabriel drew her lips into an innocent and bright smile toward the two, and invited them to play.

The children responded to her with smiles of their own, though they did not speak. Though he was edgy, Lazarus himself took to playing with these two as well, eventually losing all thought and worry as he came to have much fun with his sister and these mystery kids. Together, the four played the day away, until it was the sun began to set. All sense of time had been lost, and though the day had been a joyous one, the happiness the children felt was cut short when it was Gabriel came to collapse. All of her energy came to be exerted from playing so long and with such vigor. Lazarus was thrown into a panic by the sight of his collapsed sister, and he came to blame the mystery children for this incident—trying to shoo the two away while it was they both remained silent, staring on at the girl who struggled to even remain awake....And that was when it happened, when these two children revealed their true forms after it was the little girl uttered her first word to Lazarus—that being ‘Latias.’ The very first word she spoke to him was the name of a Pokémon before it was she revealed herself as one, followed shortly by the boy doing the same.

A Latias and a Latios were before Lazarus and his ailing sister now, much to the boy’s shock. Gabriel was barely able to acknowledge what was going on, the fact that the two children she’d enjoyed her day with were Pokémon. And shortly after the Latias and Latios revealed themselves—she fainted entirely, only to awaken later on to the smiling faces of the Pokémon disguised again as humans. Seeing them again made Gabriel smile, and Lazarus himself was still lost to some shock that the two were really Pokémon...but Gabriel, as young and as uncertain of the world as she was readily accepted them as they were. She didn’t know that the two children were actually rare, legendary Pokémon....But, she came to give them their ‘names’ at this point. ‘La’ and ‘Ti.’ From then on, La and Ti could be often found playing or nearby Gabriel and Lazarus—having become attached to the children.

Of course, the two almost always donned their illusionary disguises, never appearing in their true forms but for around Lazarus and Gabriel. And, in the years following their arrival and bonding with Gabriel and Lazarus, La and Ti took part in looking after Gabriel and doing their best to care for her in her frail health....It wasn’t for two years that the sibling’s parents came to find out the truth about La and Ti’s identities. Upon discovering that the two were really Pokémon, they were indeed shocked...but they came to accept the reality of it, though it was odd and awkward for them. They did know of La and Ti before this though, they knew them as the two silent children who were the friends of their children only.

Following the truth coming out about it, Chariton and Myrrh decided to accept La and Ti into their family—and officially allowed them to become their children’s Pokémon.

At this point, Gabriel was six years old and still a very sickly young girl, but she was happy enough with her life. She had her family and the Eon duo to keep her company....She wasn’t alone, and even if she were unable to experience the world beyond her house and yard, she had something to be thankful for—she was alive and she had people and Pokémon who loved her. Regardless of this though, Lazarus and their parents still worried very often over Gabriel’s health, daily. She showed no signs of improvement, and there was always a lingering chance for her to develop bone cancer again, even if she entered into remission when she was still an infant....

It was at about this time that Lazarus’s life goal came to surface. He was eleven-years-old, and he was a strong and very healthy young, one night after Gabriel had gone to sleep he spoke to his parents about what it was he wanted to do with his life. He decided to become a Pokémon trainer on his upcoming birthday, he wanted to set out and take on the Gym challenge, take on the Pokémon League and then go onto battle the Elite Four and the Champion. Of course, Chariton and Myrrh questioned where this sudden drive of his came from, and Lazarus could only answer that it’d spawned for the sake of Gabriel—he wanted to become a great and renowned trainer so that he might be able to garner aid and the help of people who could assist in maybe helping her fully recover and grow up normally.

Surprised by his answer, his parents agreed to it...they were going to allow their son to become a Pokémon trainer, they knew there was no deterring his resolve at this point. Lazarus knew what it was he wanted to do and there was no changing that. And though Gabriel was terribly upset to see him go, Lazarus did come to leave home shortly after with his Latios at his side, though he left his sister with a promise that he would come home, that he would see her again, and that when he did, he would be in possession of a way to make her healthy so that she might be able to travel alongside him throughout the world.
The next couple years of Gabriel’s life were lonelier than she would’ve liked. She was still sickly and frail; her only company was her parents and La.... And she bided away most of her time by reading or just resting so that she wouldn’t get very ill. She kept her ears open for news of her brother’s progress, and came to hear that Lazarus was doing what it was he set out to do—he was conquering his way through the eight Gyms of Johto and had come to be a very powerful trainer in a short time. Eventually, the news came in that he’d pummeled his way through the Pokémon League with little problem, had even taken on the Elite Four and took the title of Champion from the reigning holder.... Lazarus had done what he’d set out to do. Despite this though, following his claiming his desired title, Lazarus ceased nearly all contact home without warning. And though inquiry was made into what had happened to him, Lazarus had seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

Gabriel of course was flabbergasted by this turn of events, her brother; her childhood companion had just...disappeared? He’d promised he’d come see her again, that he’d make her healthy. At this point, Gabriel was but ten years old and still only had La for companionship beyond her parents.... She tried to get information from her parents about what had happened to Lazarus, but neither Chariton nor Myrrh would ever give their daughter an answer. To help to try to cope with her loneliness, Gabriel’s parents gave to her a Pokémon egg, which did indeed provide a good distraction for her at the time. Even with her health, Gabriel nurtured that egg day after day after day.... Until, finally, it hatched into a Feebas. Excitedly, Gabriel and La welcomed the newborn Pokémon into the world and to the family. Gabriel knew of the reputation held by Feebas; that they were looked upon as shabby and useless Pokémon...but she loved the fish anyway. All Pokémon had significance in the world, no matter their appearances.

So, for a while yet, Gabriel found herself happy enough with the company of her newborn Feebas and La, at the time. They were always there for her, and they always showed her adoration and love.... But, this didn’t last, as Gabriel’s health deteriorated again and she became very ill once more...upon being taken to the doctor’s, it was discovered that the worst possible thing had happened that had been feared by her parents—Gabriel had redeveloped bone cancer.

Things got to the point where Gabriel couldn’t walk anymore because the pain came to be too much for her to take. Confined to bed for weeks on end, it brought Gabriel to think about Lazarus again, and to wonder where her brother had gotten to.... Eventually, it came to happen, Gabriel awoke one somber, quiet morning to find that La was gone, nowhere to be seen. And though it pained her to move too much, Gabriel sought out the Latias’ Poké Ball, only to find it missing. It was gone along with the Pokémon. However, Gabriel did come to find something that didn’t belong in her room, or to her all. It was an unfamiliar Poké Ball—an Ultra Ball to be specific. Not knowing where it came from, or even if there was a Pokémon inside it, Gabriel hesitantly attempted to call out the Pokémon that may’ve been resting within. And to her shock, out came in a bright flash of light, a fully evolved Garchomp who simply looked upon her as if she were the scum of the earth, yet it threw to her a crumpled up scrap of paper before sneering its nose up at her.

Uncertainly, Gabriel took to reading the words scribbled on the find that it was from her brother. He told her he was borrowing La and that his Garchomp would be serving as a fill-in for her a while. Gabriel rushed and told her parents about it, about what had happened. While they believed her, they weren’t going to do anything about it, despite her insistence on it. Why it was Lazarus had taken La, and why he left to her his Garchomp, she didn’t know, but she wanted to...she wanted to see her brother again.

Because her parents weren’t going to do anything about all of this, Gabriel wound up coming to a very, very dangerous choice shortly after. She herself was going to track down her brother, and find out what he was up to, why he’d cut ties with the family.

With this decision made, and even with her still suffering from her painful bone cancer, knowing well that leaving home and pushing herself beyond her limits might wind up fatal, Gabriel still went ahead with her plans.... Cutting her hair short, Gabriel took to dressing as a boy. She took with her, her Feebas and her brother’s Garchomp when it was she left home to seek Lazarus out, no matter what lengths she had to go to. The travels were hard, painful, and over time, the symptoms from her cancer grew more evident and worse as the disease itself got steadily more severe. Gabriel came to know that her time was growing short, but she continued on to try to find her brother despite her failing health. Several times throughout her travels in the Johto region, Gabriel kept having run ins with a Pokémon of legends...this creature was so well-known and so ingrained into the mythos and story of her region that she knew its name by heart the first time it appeared before her.


It never approached her, only it stood at a distance, observing her it seemed.... Time and time again, Gabriel would find it looking over her, only to vanish moments later. The Entei was watching her travels and her as if to judge her as a person. Of course, why that would be, Gabriel didn’t know, so it was that she kept on going, travelling and looking for her brother. Then, things took a turn in her life...for the better. The Entei who’d been looking over her at last approached Gabriel, close enough for her to touch this time. It looked as if it were examining her yet again, looking at her close up. It seemed able to sense the fact that she was in pain, that she was ill. Uncertain and hesitant, Gabriel attempted to speak to the Pokémon, only for it to suddenly let out a mighty howl before conjuring up its fire. With a scream, Gabriel found herself engulfed by the Volcano Pokémon’s flames, expecting to burn to death by its fire, she was ready for the worst, only...she found that the flames didn’t hurt her, at all, they didn’t even feel hot. Shocked, Gabriel could only stare at herself following the Entei ceasing its onslaught. She didn’t burn despite being consumed by the fires of an Entei....

Before she could even realize it, the Entei in question was gone. And it was the next day that another shocking realization surfaced within her as well, Gabriel came to find that there was no more pain in her body, her bones didn’t ache with every little movement, and she noted that she felt the best she had in her entire life. She actually felt...good, strong, and ready to take on the world, to travel and get going. Why that was, she didn’t know. But the realization of this, of the fact that she felt so very strong, so normal, it actually came to move Gabriel to tears. What it was that had happened to her, she knew it had to do with the Entei and the fire that didn’t burn her. Though, Gabriel did come to find out what had happened to her later on, the fact that an Entei’s fire had the ability to burn away disease and such from a person....

From this moment onward, Gabriel was healthy, she was actually normal...her body was no long plagued by disease and fatal cancer—she could be normal, she could track down her brother without a problem at last! And so, this is what she took to doing, Gabriel with her now healthy body continued her travels around the regions, looking for signs of Lazarus and La, seeking him out again, grateful to the Entei who gave her, her life all the while she took to living it and befriending a sparse and few Pokémon over the last few years.... All the while, Gabriel has isolated herself from most other people and has continued her ruse of dressing like a boy. It was recently she arrived in the Lobelia Islands to continue her search for Lazarus, as she’s heard rumors of a trainer matching his description recently surfacing from there.

Of course, she has absolutely no idea what’s in store for her there.



Species --

So begins...

Gabriel Honey-Sinclair's Story