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Miles Quaye

"Pokemon are great and all, but--oh wait, no they're not."

0 · 280 views · located in The Shrouded Jungle

a character in “Pokemon: Chronicles of a Languishing Sun”, as played by H3R0



The Oddball
None at this time

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dirty Blond
Thanks to growing up around the rougher type of Pokemon, Miles has quite a few scratch marks and bite marks here and there scattered across his body. Most can be seen on his hands, giving them a sort of worker's appeal, as if he uses his hands a lot. There are a few lined up mostly along his arms and legs, mostly towards his ankles, although his feet are perfectly scar-free. If he allowed anyone to look, they'd see that he has a bite-mark scar on his hand and three jagged claw marks on his back, around his hip area. It's not so deep that it's concerning, however. He doesn't have any tattoos, but he does have his tongue pierced.
Aside from the fair skin and bright, red-tinted eyes, there's not much else prominent enough to point out on Miles. His hair is short, choppy, and generally an unkempt mess. He almost never brushes or bothers with it in general. It's not exactly soft to the touch since the most he concerns himself with is making sure it doesn't look terrible and isn't oily or gross. The same goes for his skin. He's a typical boy in the sense that he's not the most hygienic person on the face of the Earth. His baby-like features and smooth skin comes from genetics rather than years of working at it. It's a bit milky pale despite his time spent in the sun; he burns rather than tans. The thing Miles hates most about his appearance is his height, believing that he stands shorter than most boys his age. It frustrates him to no end. Not to mention his thin body type making him look wimpy. He's very expressive--both physically and emotionally--and it often shows in his face and his eyes.

Preferred Clothing:
Miles thinks wearing bigger, baggier clothes makes him look tougher, when in reality, it just makes him look smaller by comparison. Laughable even. He doesn't wear anything bright or spontaneous. He's definitely no fashion diva. Half the time, he's lucky to even match right. Most of what he wears is boring browns. He prefers dark colors and hoodies, all baggy on him, of course.


He almost always seems to have to do something with his hands. When he's standing still, he's usually twisting or rubbing them together and when he's talking, he's using them to accentuate his words. When he's nervous, he doesn't seem to know what to do with them and ends up running them from one place to another on his body, like touching his hair, then patting his pockets, and so on. He's also a pretty clingy person. He'll often cling to a stranger's arm or mess up their hair. He doesn't really seem to have any personal boundaries and doesn't recognize others' space bubbles. Well that, and he mainly just doesn't care.

Medical stuff. He knows all the basics, and a little more, when it comes to taking care of a wound. He knows a wide range of herbs to use and a good amount of the types of berries not to eat in the wild. He's good at helping take care of both human and Pokemon wounds.

People-reading. You might think that you're keeping a good, nonchalant expression, but Miles can see right through that. He's just as good at seeing straight through a lie; and let me tell you, he does not appreciate being lied to. If you're nervous and trying to pretend to be calm, he can tell. He knows most of the tell-tale signs to things, like happiness or sadness, but he's not exactly a mind-reader, so he won't get it right every time.

Running away. If he's got a mean Pokemon on his tail? As fast as some of them can be, the majority of the time Miles will still luck out and get away from them. Officer Jenny? A ranger? No problem! It's not just that he can run faster than these people, but he can run and hide before he gets caught by any of them.

Acrophobia. Fear of heights. He doesn't mind being on a tall structure as long as he can't see over the edge. Whenever he's on a flying Pokemon in the skies, he has to close his eyes and bury his face in their neck until they land or he'll scream the second he sees how high up they are.

Autophobia. Fear of being alone. Of course, being alone for short periods of time is perfectly fine since it's pretty natural when you're traveling alone, but after too long, it starts to make him irrationally paranoid. He starts to think something bad happened to everyone else and he's the last person ever. Or that he'll get hurt somewhere and nobody would be there to hear his last words.

Athazagoraphoba. Fear of being forgotten. He'll go out of his way sometimes to make himself stand out just out of the fear of blending in with the crowds and being forgotten. He doesn't want to see someone he once met and have them say they've never met before.

Fear of Ghost Pokemon. What's not to be afraid of? They've never been very compatible with Miles, not at all, even the ones he's caught or tried to train (although he usually never gets very far and tends to give up and either release them or put them in the PC). He can tolerate being around them without totally peeing himself, but he'll be completely on edge the entire time they're around, although he'll try to seem like it doesn't bother him one bit most of the time.

☑Dog and cat-typed Pokemon
☑Speaking his mind
☑Messing with people
☒Goody two-shoes'
☒Rights' Activists (Pokemon and people)
☒Loud mouths
☒Know it all's
☒Most Pokemon (especially weak-types and ghost-types)
★Training his Pokemon
★Traveling around
★People watching

Miles is probably one of the most annoying people you will ever have the disappointment of meeting. Not only is he just absolutely obnoxious, but his attitude is the worst. He thinks lowly of Pokemon and treats most of them with disrespect--his own included. He has no qualms with insulting them harshly whenever they mess up a move. The only time he ever actually seems to care about his Pokemon is when they get hurt enough to faint. He might appear to be worried, but he'll suck it up and pretend like he doesn't care, sending the next one out. His favorite types are the stronger types, so he'll train them until he deems them "good enough." Miles talks tough. He's spunky, to put it one way. He'll go around talking about how great his Pokemon are and how great a trainer he is and how he's so cool, it's a wonder how there's never a line of fangirls at his feet.

As rude and selfish as Miles may seem--because, well, he is--he actually likes people a lot. He enjoys their company, but he usually tends to drive them away with his attitude. He has something to say about everything and never knows when to keep his mouth shut. All he knows how to do is just keep making people mad or upset with him, going on and on until they get fed up and leave until he's left wondering what exactly he did or said this time. Don't get me wrong, he enjoys his fluency in sarcasm, but the bluntness just comes out naturally. He doesn't mean to blurt out that he thinks that dress makes you look fat, but hey, it's what he thinks; you may not of wanted his opinion on the matter, but he's sure as heck going to give it to you anyway. When it comes to people, he's not much better than he is with Pokemon. He'll insult them and make fun of them. He may be good at reading emotions, but he's not good at dealing with them correctly. If he saw someone crying, instead of consoling them or asking what's wrong, he'd mentally freak and try doing something stupid to make them laugh despite seeming like the type of guy who would push someone when they're down. Speaking of acting stupid, he does the same thing when he feels like he's being ignored. He'll go out of his way to look ridiculous if he thinks it'll get the attention on him.

While he might seem like an eccentric, loud, bright and cheery person--albeit with a bit of an attitude problem--Miles is actually really insecure. He's harsher on himself than he is on those around him or his Pokemon. His attitude is something he can't really help. It's just how he was raised, how he learned to be. Nobody ever told him calling people stupid was a bad thing or making fun of them was frowned upon, so that's why he never understands it when people get mad or upset at him for it. If you tell him it upsets you, then he might actually try to avoid doing whatever it was that made you upset. Maybe. It'll probably still slip up here and there. Otherwise, he's a total brat. And aside from that, a pest. He has no sense of personal space and just loves going around and messing with people. He's really playfully dramatic about it all, too. For instance, if he's hungry, he'll probably cling to someone's arm and claim that if he doesn't get food in him now, he's definitely going to die. Or something along those lines anyway.


Relationship Status:
Father - Dr. Vinny Quaye
Miles and his father were never on very good terms. He was raised to dislike his father. All he ever heard about his father was what his mother would say about him in passing whenever she was yelling at him. She'd always call him pitiful and useless and that's what little Miles grew up thinking. He believed his father was a complete push-over. They never had many talks. He had no respect for his father and, to show this, he called him Dr. Quaye instead of referring to him as any familial term. Dr. Quaye was a jittery, nervous kind of guy. Never really talked all that much and, when he did, it was always annoying mumbles. He seemed like a good enough guy to most people though. Despite seeming like an oblivious pushover with anxiety issues, he smiled almost constantly and never broke a single promise he ever made. Not on purpose anyway. He always made people feel good about themselves. He had this annoying thing he did whenever he and Miles were around each other with nobody else around. "Proud of you, son." That's exactly what he'd say every single time they passed. Miles would step on his father's toes and smash his glasses and pour gross stuff in his food or drink at dinner time. He even burnt his father's coat at one point. Not once did his father get mad or strike out at him. He'd just quietly accept his son's punishments and go about his day.

Mother - Mrs. Janey Quaye
Mrs. Janey Quaye seemed like a perfectly normal woman. On the outside, she was a bright cheery woman, passionate about her ideals, strong and capable and a perfectly independent woman. To those who were not in the Calvin family, that's all she was. A beautiful woman who had an attractive, mysterious air about her. Perhaps that's what attracted Vinny to her in the first place. Anyone with this image of her would never guess that she was really an evil, sadistic, manipulative person. She could pretend to be sweet to those on the outside, but the second she stepped through those doors, her whole image changed. Mrs. Quaye was an unfortunately intelligent woman. Unfortunately because she used her intelligence for bad things. She liked to experiment on her Pokemon. She would come up with some sort of concoction and force it down their throats and it'd make them do terrible things to each other. She yearned to find the recipe to make the perfect Pokemon being. She didn't believe in all that goody-two-shoe nonsense about loving and caring for your Pokemon. "They're not pets," she'd always say. "They're weapons." And weapons need to be used properly, don't they? Weapons can't feel. Weapons can't talk back. Weapons can't hurt. Weapons just do what they're told without a lick of empathy. That's what Mrs. Quaye wanted.

She was terrible to her husband. Dr. Quaye was a nice guy who definitely did not believe in what she was doing, but he didn't see that side of her until it was too late and by then, he was too stupidly in love with her to let her go and he was too big of a push over to speak up against her. He did as she ordered him to. His wife's pet. She would tear into him. Of course, her children weren't off-limits to this sort of abuse either. She never laid a hand on either of her kids, but she wanted them to be strong, emotionally. She wanted them to see the world the way she saw it. She taught Miles and his sister to hate Pokemon for what they are and to use them strictly as tools. They basically grew up not learning how to battle Pokemon, but how to fight them, how to send them against each other and watch them rip each other apart. It was gruesome. Horrible. Completely unethical. But to them, it was normal.

Miles was afraid of his mother, although he picked up most of his traits from her. She intimidated him--and obviously for good reason, too. Being a boy, he got more emotional beat down than his sister. Mrs. Quaye would call him the same names she'd call his father, but she liked Miles more than Dr. Quaye. Eventually, she was found out and taken into custody.

Sister - Camila Quaye
Miles and his sister had a strained relationship. Some might call them close, but they really weren't. Camila, being the girl and the eldest, was treated as mother's favorite and was raised with much more respect. She picked up most of her mother's traits and turned out to be quite the sadistic little girl. She enjoyed watching the Pokemon being pitted against each other. She helped come up with most of the experiments--like what situations will cause what reactions. She came up with one where they would starve the stronger Pokemon with the type that had the advantage and make them weak and desperate for food, then put them against a healthy, weaker type Pokemon and watch to see who won. She and Miles picked on each other a lot, but Miles usually ended up on the short-end of the stick. It was mostly sibling stuff, like getting put in headlocks and being thrown in the cage of a starving Pokemon to see if it'd eat a human being. You know, typical stuff like that. Yeah, hah, right.

Anyway, Miles never truly hated her. He didn't like her very much, but he never hated her. As mean as they were to each other--mostly her to him--they were there for each other in the harder times, like whenever their mother was going on some sort of rampage. Camila was killed by a stupid experiment. She and Mrs. Quaye thought they had finally gotten so close to the perfect type of thing that would make their Pokemon into some sort of mindless, ruthless beasts and Camila got so excited--maybe she wasn't always right in the head--that she took it herself to see if it would work on humans. It was a stupid, stupid idea and it cost her her life.

Personal History/Background:
So we got the jist of the history from the family area, but we can reiterate. Basically, Miles' family looked like a normal one. A mom, a dad, an older sister, and a few Pokemon here and there that never seemed to stay around for very long. Ever since he was young, his mother and sister never let up about picking on him. Him and his sister would mess with each other, but since Camila was the older one, she usually got the upper hand. It was never anything too bad, usually. His mother would make sure that he knew about it every single time he screwed up, from spelling a word wrong to treating a Pokemon the "wrong way." In reality, he was taught to treat Pokemon incorrectly. He was taught that they should never be considered pets or friends and that their only good purpose is to be used as a tool or weapon for their own greater good. The Pokemon he was around were always wild and confused and none were ever nice to him because of their predicament, so he decided at an early age that he didn't like them.

Miles never got too into his mother's experiments. He didn't like seeing the Pokemon tortured, whether he liked them or not, and he wasn't as smart as his sister, so he didn't usually take part in them. He was usually left to his own devices, like wandering around the house or doing his own thing. He was pretty good at making friends with his cheery personality, but because of his attitude, he tended to lose those friends pretty quickly. Not that he minded. Because of the lack of attention at home, he became more easily attached to strangers. He'd squeeze random woman's hands or follow people around like a lost kid. If they ever asked what he was doing, he'd just tell them to shut up.

When he got older and his sister died from her own stupid experimenting, his mother got arrested soon after. He didn't really know what to think of it all at the time. Everything just sort of happened kind of fast. His sister died, his mother got found out and arrested, and his father took him far away from everything. They never once got interviewed by the police. Miles was probably about twelve at this time and very aware of things. He realized that they basically just up and ran away for hiding. His father "sort of" raised him after that, but it wasn't long before he decided he couldn't stand being around his father, whom he strongly disliked in the first place, and left. Hey, other people were going on their journeys, so why not him too?



Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Nickname: Endall
Nature: Brave
Abilities: Flash Fire - Intimidate - Justified
History: Endall was his first Pokemon. Endall was originally just another victim of his mother's sick experiments. They always preferred to use cat and dog-type Pokemon because they were tougher and easier to work with, not to mention loyal to their captors. Endall was just a Growlithe back then when Miles was just a little kid. That was the first Pokemon he ever really got attached to in any way. Sometimes, Miles would let the Growlithe out of its cage so they could get fresh air and sometimes he'd feed it and ruin his mother or sister's experiments. One time he even told his mother he wanted to use Growlithe for his own experiment just to keep him from too much harm, but after less than a year of this, his mother realized he wasn't using the Pokemon for anything, so she took it back. Endall underwent more minimal experiments. The worst he dealt with was some mild starvation and seeing what would happen if they used this supposed rage-making thing in him. It didn't work very well and wore off fast. When Miles was eight, his sister threw him into Endall's cage while the Pokemon was starving to see if it would attack a human, but the poor Growlithe never did. When his dad took him away, Endall was the only Pokemon he bothered taking with them. The Growlithe evolved into an Arcanine shortly before he left for his "journey." Miles treats Endall with more respect than any of his other Pokemon.

Move Set:
Attack Moves: Fire Fang - ExtremeSpeed - Flamethrower - Crunch
Status Moves: Toxic - Protect - Doubleteam - Howl
Utility Moves: Endure - Odor Sleuth - Swagger - Roar
HM Moves: Strength - Rock Smash - Rock Climb

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Female
Nickname: Droney
Nature: Docile
Abilities: Inner Focus
History: Droney was actually given to Miles as a gift from his father. He was given the Dragonite on his birthday, just days before he decided to leave for his journey. His father gave it to him in the hopes that he'd remember him and come back to see him some day, but Miles was just excited to have such a strong, awesome Pokemon on his team. One he didn't even have to raise himself. It was one of his father's favorite Pokemon, one he used to help him run errands. They were close, both as friends and in personality. The Dragonite didn't have a nickname until Miles gave it one. He named her Droney because she'll do practically whatever he asks her to do for him without an issue, and never seems to get worked up when he insults her, even though she's the strongest Pokemon on his team. He thinks she's a really cool Pokemon, but he definitely doesn't treat her with the respect she probably deserves.

Move Set:
Attack Moves: Thunder Punch - Dragon Rage - Dragon Claw - Ice Beam
Status Moves: Thunder Wave - Dragon Dance
Utility Moves: Rain Dance - Mist - Tailwind - Safeguard
HM Moves: Fly - Surf - Cut - Dive

Species: Toxicroak
Gender: Female
Nickname: Crusher
Nature: Impish
Abilities: Anticipation - Dry Skin
History: Crusher took Miles days to catch. Literately. He found the Croagunk in some tall grass and chased after it. It refused to be caught or wait for a battle, which seemed odd to him considered how tough these Pokemon supposedly were. He tracked that same one down for days, following it through tall grass, and way out of its comfort zone in through a cave and finally half way up a mountain. He didn't have a clue what the thing was trying to do. It knew he was chasing after it and taunted him constantly, avoiding his Pokemons' attacks and fleeing before the chance for a battle could even occur. It wasn't until he was finally able to give up, exhausted from hunting it down, that it finally came back to him for good. Miles sprawled out in the grass to sleep and woke up with the Croagunk on his lap, watching him. When he got up, it seemed content staying by his side. By that point, he finally figured it out. The annoying thing was infatuated with him. It'd been leading him on the entire time just to play with him. The Croagunk willingly let itself get captured and is very loyal around Miles, doing as he says. It was the quickest to evolve, doing so only when Miles finally gave it some words of encouragement while training.

Move Set:
Attack Moves: Sucker Punch - Sludge Bomb - Low Kick - Earthquake
Status Moves: Toxic
Utility Moves: Taunt - Flatter - Attract - Snatch
HM Moves: Cut - Strength - Rock Smash - Rock Climb

Species: Luxray
Gender: Male
Nickname: Nova
Nature: Quirky
Abilities: Intimidate - Rivalry
History: Nova was always a really weird one. The Pokemon seemed shy at first. Miles didn't even notice it while he was traveling, but every once in a while, he'd get the feeling that he was being watched and look over his shoulder. It happened mostly when he was sitting and taking a break or going over a mountain, but it was a definitely paranoid feeling. One time, his foot slipped on the edge (he really, really hated going over mountains, but this was a time when his Dragonite was fainted and there wasn't a PokeCenter around) and he swore he was going to fall--it hadn't been that far of a fall either way--but when he opened his eyes, he hadn't even fallen. Something pushed into him before he could slip all the way and helped him keep his balance. Standing there was a Luxio. It acted weird and jumped around a lot. Sometimes it would be really happy, and other times it would be too moody. Miles had to battle it to catch it, but after that, he never felt that weird feeling of being followed anymore. He shook it off since then, but something in the back of his head told him that the Luxio had been following him for a long time. It tends to get overly frustrated whenever Miles insults or degrades it, and sometimes it'll give him a spark when he gets too harsh, but otherwise, it tackles him in excitement whenever he lets it out of its pokeball.

Move Set:
Attack Moves: Thunder Fang - Thunder - Iron Tail - Frustration
Status Moves: Flash - Scary Face
Utility Moves: Charge - Roar - Endure - Swagger
HM Moves: Strength

Species: Gengar
Gender: Female
Nickname: Freak
Nature: Naughty
Abilities: Levitate
History: So while he was traveling, Miles got stuck in a town with no cash and no way of finding a place to stay. He was lost and it was beginning to rain--which completely ruined his map to the point where he had to throw it out. He had no idea where he was and it was late at night and everyone around was sleeping. The rain started pouring down, so Miles ended up running miserably through the place until he finally came across a house that looked like some sort of run-down, broken-in building with grass growing high around it. He managed to get inside without any trouble and it was cozy enough to spend the night in. Nobody was living there anyway, so it wasn't like he was intruding on someone's property. He only planned to stay the night, but at one point, he fell asleep in one of the dusty beds the house had and the next thing he remembered after a series of really weird dreams was waking up two whole days later, hungrier than anything, groggy, and face-to-face with, well, a floating face. Glowing eyes and a creepy smile. He screamed until he realized it was just a Pokemon--a Haunter, to be exact--and after running around the place and being generally screwed with, Miles managed to suck it up long enough to catch it. It was the only way he was finally able to leave the place. He and the Pokemon he spitefully nicknamed Freak have never been on good terms since. He insults it just as much as any of his other Pokemon, but the ghost-type creeps him out beyond belief, so he tries to avoid bugging it too much. It has a good time messing with him whenever it can.

Move Set:
Attack Moves: Lick - Shadow Punch - Shadow Ball - Dream Eater
Status Moves: Hypnosis - Confuse Ray - Will-O-Wisp
Utility Moves: Torment - Taunt - Pain Split - Mean Look
HM Moves: Strength - Rock Smash

Miles carried around a small shoulder bag of essentials, like a medical kit for his Pokemon, a small portion of human and Pokemon food, water, and a blanket. When he sleeps, he lets all his Pokemon out of their pokeballs to do as they please, trusting them to return by the time he awakes despite the way he treats them.


So begins...

Miles Quaye's Story