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Alden Jerome Anderson

I'm just out to enjoy life.

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a character in “Pokémon: Dangerous Lives”, as played by Hoga


Name:Alden Jerome Anderson
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Description: Alden has blonde hair and blue eyes, with his hair usually unkempt and locked away under a beanie. He usually keeps his hair long, anywhere from over his ears, to shoulder length. It's also common for a pair of over the ear headphones to find their way around Alden's neck or on his head. Alden tries to remain fashionable on the road. His default attire usually consists of a long sleeve shirt with an open flannel over top of it. When he wears heavier clothing, he opts for a hoodie and a heavier over jacket on top. Being used to the cold, Alden never usually puts on more than this. He almost always wears blue jeans, and loves high top sneakers. His signature tan messenger bag is something he's never seen without, as it has all of his travel supplies.

Age: 22
Sex: Male
DOB: June 23, 1993
Birthplace: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Mesomorph
Voice Type: Tenor

Starting Pokémon: Piplup

Owned Pokemon: Growlith, Nickname: Rowl. Got his name from when Alden was a young child and unable to fully pronounce Growlith.

Legendary Pokémon: Kyurem

Personality: Alden is a carefree, laid back, 20 something drifting through life, slave only to his own whims. Alden has always been quick to make both friends and enemies, with the former being more common. His carefree attitude is more dominant than some would prefer. It's kept Alden from committing to any one path in life, and his family worries for his future on occasion. While it bothers these close to him, Alden revels in the way he drifts though life. While he enjoys the bonds he forms, nothing means more to Alden than his own personal freedom.

Alden's life has never been plagued by misfortune. Alden was never without, and he was encouraged to pursue his own interests. This is probably where Alden's tendency to drift aimlessly through life came from. He goes from one event or activity to the next, looking for something that can interest him and, more importantly, keep him entertained. One thing that has always held Alden's heart throughout this, is Pokemon. He knew he wanted to at the very least be with them through his life, and he's been fortunate enough to spend most of his life in close contact with many species.

Alden has a tendency to be dismissive, and joke inappropriately. He has an almost constant aura about him, although whether that be an aura of confidence or arrogance is in the eye of the beholder. While smart, he is by no means a know it all. He is a bit of a womanizer, but doesn't use them, preferring long term relationships. He is competent with technology, and loves motor vehicles.



Quick Learner

Magnetic Personality


Unwilling to learn intimate details about things

Difficult time forming close relationships

Puts his independence above all else

Alden was born and grew up in Snowpoint City, born to a loving father and mother. Alden's life was normal in almost every sense of the word. Him an his mother were well taken care of by their father, who ran a shipping company based out of Snowpoint. He grew up with toys, love, and friends. While the other children were wary of the forest and the numerous dangerous Pokemon who resided there, Alden always found it fascinating, even as he was barely able to walk and talk. Alden constantly interacted with the more docile Pokemon who wandered into the city regularly. They seemed comfortable with him, as drawn to him as he was to them. His parents noticed this, and quickly looked for a guardian Pokemon to keep an eye on him, and be his companion as he grew up.

Around the age of 2, Alden ended up beating his parents to the punch, befriending a young Growlith that snuck in on one of his fathers boats. The Growlith was a runt, and had only managed to survive the long trip by chance. Alden took it home to his parents, who assisted him in nursing it back to health. The Growlith was eternally grateful, and the two have been absolutely inseparable ever since.

As Alden grew up, he and Rowl, as Growlith had become known, began to traverse into the vast forests surrounding Snowpoint. While his parents were always hesitant, Rowl always put them at ease. While considerably smaller than most of his kind, he was quick and fierce, serving as a more than adequate guardian to the adventurous Alden. Over the years the pair explored much of the surrounding forest. Once in his teens, Alden began taking several day treks out into the wilderness, going further and further each time.

On one of these multi day journeys, the pair became trapped in a fierce blizzard. While this had happened before, the intensity was notable, and Alden grew worried. Before the pair could set up a bivouac to ride out the storm, a giant figure appeared. Rowl was startled, something that was hard to do, as he was almost always able to detect coming threats well before they arrived. The large figure let out a deafening roar at the pair, and before Alden knew what was going on, Rowl laid bloodied on the ground, minus an arm and eye. As Alden's best friend lay dying, the giant figure turned away and left the duo, taking the storm with him.

Rowl ended up surviving the day. Alden was experienced in basic first aid, and without the storm to hinder them, Alden made quick time back home. Rowl assisted by searing his own gapping wounds shut. He survived the day, but he had obviously lost his zeal for adventure from then on. He was still spry and happy as he had always been, and was always by Alden's side. But from that point on, Rowl avoided the forest, and began to let Alden go on his adventure alone.

Alden held no ill will towards the creature that had attacked them, but he could not stop thinking about it. It fascinated him in a way he couldn't understand. Nothing had ever held power over his heart like this creature had before. He knew not what it was, but he had to see it again. He needed to know what it was. Alden began searching the area for the creature, and began doing research on what it might be. After months of research, he found what he was looking for. Kyurem. A story, a legend. Something that most said didn't even exist. Alden knew this was the creature.

At 22, Alden left his home. While he wished to bring his life long friend with, Rowl had grown old, and without a leg, Rowl would not be well to travel for long. Alden tearfully said goodbye to his friend, and wished well to his mother and father. He made the long journey to Sandgem Town to meet Professor Kelsey, a old friend of his father, and get his first real Pokemon and register as a Pokemon Trainer in the Pokemon League. When presented with his options, he selected the timid Piplup, reminded of when he met his old friend Rowl years before. Alden wished to start his Journey Ina different region, as he believed he knew where he might find this legendary Pokemon. Thus Alden made is way to Kanto.....

So begins...

Alden Jerome Anderson's Story


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#, as written by Hoga
Alden's day had been characteristically behind schedule. He woke up late, he arrived in town late, and had set out on the official start of his journey late. Professor Leingod had seemed particularly annoyed with his tardiness. Alden had arrived just as Leingod was about to call it a day. He was still kind enough to give him his Pokedex and send him off. Alden quickly set of, eager to begin his adventure, despite what others might think given his seemingly lazy start to the day. He functioned better at night anyways. He quickly made his way down Route 1 towards the first town in a long list he would pass through on his journey, Viridian City.

The night, or more specifically the dark, was something Alden was familiar and comfortable with. Snowpoint being in the far north led to long nights, and the constant snowfall made for an almost constant overcast sky. He pulled out a lantern, and turned it on, Using it to light his way. He wasn't very familiar to the surrounding area, but from what he had read and heard, the Pokemon around were nothing Alden needed to be worried about. Even with a brand new Pokemon, he knew he could handle things if need be. Years in the wilderness had helped Alden tone his body against potential threats. Alden pulled his headphones onto his head and put on some music, favoring alternative rock. It kept him calm and focused his mind.

Despite his comfort with the night, Alden found himself uncomfortable with the solitude. He had spent years with Rowl constantly at his side. Being without him was a very lonely feeling. He pulled out his Pokeball and released Piplup. She appeared, and immediately shreaked and began shaking in fear, obviously frightened by the new and somewhat frightening surroundings. Alden casually scooped her up into his arms, and began giving her some attention. He scratched her head and pet her. She cooed and was obviously comforted by this, and began to fall asleep in his arms. Alden hadn't known Piplup long, but grew fond of her quickly. Her usefulness in battle was yet to be seen, but he didn't particularly care. He hadn't picked her for that. She seemed in need of someone, and Alden was soft to that. He planned on keeping her around, regardless of her "usefulness".

Alden remembered Leingod saying something about other trainers. Alden had hoped to run into them, but wouldn't be dissapointed if they didn't cross paths. He was following the main path, so assuming they followed the same road, he would hopefully run into them at some point. While traveling solo was something Alden had grown used to, he preferred company, even temporary company. Alden decided to pull his headphones off, deciding he needed to pay attention to his surroundings as he dark began closing further in. As he did, he noticed a sound that wasn't at all of nature. Noticing the sounds weren't far off, he decided to head in that direction, his curiosity getting the better of him. Alden gave Piplup a little nudge awake, as she woke, he set her on his shoulder so he could better see, and so he could handle the lantern better. He raised it up to light the pathway, and made his way towards the noises.


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#, as written by pyou
Yuu wasn't paying attention for the time being. Fennekin was still sleeping in her arms and she had found somewhere to set her backpack and sit down. She gently placed Fennekin onto the ground and opened the front pouch of her backpack and pulled out a small blanket that was perfect for one person to use. Fennekin was on his back and he snored quietly, making Yuu smile in amusement. She put her glasses back on and stood up to untie her jacket from around her waist so she could put it on.

She draped the blanket over her shoulders and sat back down with her back against a stump and she carefully picked up Fennekin and put him in her lap. She looked down at him and pulled the small blanket around her shoulders a bit tighter. But to her shock, Fennekin jolted awake, and squirmed around on her lap to get to his feet. Yuu was a little shocked at this and let out a tiny yelp. Fennekin bounded off her lap and proceeded to run toward the path and away from the group. Yuu stood up frantically and dropped the blanket to the ground.

"Fennekin! Don't run off!" Yuu called out softly, somehow still unable to speak as loudly as she wanted to. She followed him, trying to keep up with the strange little fox as he bounded away.

"More friends! Fennekin yipped. Yuu was puzzled, only to think that he was asleep not that long ago. Her leg made it difficult for her to keep up with the now energetic Pokemon. She was only able to jog after him.

"Fennekin!" Yuu seemed to whine in annoyance as her companion slowed down. He jumped up and down as another trainer and his Pokemon came into view.

"Look, trainer, friends! Fennekin barked playfully at Yuu, seeing that she had followed him.


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Zane had intended to go further into explanation about what he'd described was a gapfire - which while great for keeping warm in essentially any form of weather wasn't exactly good for cooking. At least that was the plan until he noticed Yuu and her Pokemon run off as well. Given his good will wasn't being appreciated, Zane lost interest in the endeavor. After all, he wasn't on duty so it wasn't his job at this time and he'd be faster without the kids.

"Guess we can just forget it then," Zane reflipped the axe handle back into his palm before throwing it blade first into the ground with extreme familiarity. Having grown up far enough into the boonies where he'd grown up without running electricity, Zane felt he'd be of some assistance but since the kids were leisurely as is...he took it as a sign of being unneeded.In a rather defeated manner, Zane mumbled his admission of defeat his voice carrying a bit more than he intended.

"I'll just make sure she doesn't go hurt herself, bring her back and then leave," unfortunately Zane couldn't keep emotion from his voice with such an admission. Rather pointedly, he still cast Aria a quick glance before setting off, "For cooking, single long - same thickness, cut three quarters down the length to make an X. Light the center - warmth and cooking, doesn't hold up to weather." His voice was a dull monotone with the instruction before he loped off after the recent runaway. After some distance, Zane switched to a full on run to quickly close the gap as he tracked and followed before eventually a man who seemed about his age came into view. At least that was the feeling Zane got based on ease he seemed in contrast to the carelessness of the teenagers he'd been with so far.

"Well, would you look at's like we all just spring out of holes in the ground." Rather uncharacteristically Zane found himself somewhat joking at the scenario while pulling out his Pokedex with another ID ping.

"Ranger, Zane Ravager - and you are?" Zane rather flatly made his inquiry of the new guy. If like the kids, the guy checked out well enough Zane was just going back to camp. As for if things required he metaphorically clock in...Zane cut the line of thought before it could go any further.

"Stranger danger, you understand right?"


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#, as written by Hoga
Alden's made his approach toward the unnatural noises slowly. As much as he wanted company, he knew better than to rush headlong into danger. As he approached he started making out a light, and a few figures were able to be made out around said light. He was prepared for a fight if need be, but it quickly became apparent that most likely wasn't going to be needed.

A small Pokemon whom he was unfamiliar with ran In his direction It seemed friendly enough, so Alden crouched down and put out his hand towards the small friendly Pokemon as he approached. The fox like Pokemon didn't even bother sniffing it or trying to familiarize with him, and pushed itself into his hand, making noises of obvious content. Alden smiled at its friendliness, and stood up to look up at the figures approaching him.

One was a young woman, who seemed to be the small Pokemons trainer. She had a strange walk to her. She was dressed in black, and a blanket draped over her shoulder. She didn't seem comfortable with the outdoors. The strange walk seemed natural in a way. It was something she'd probably been with for a while. Maybe that's what led to her seeming discomfort with the outdoors. The other figure was a man much larger than himself, but seemingly of a similar age. He had darker skin and short hair, practically shaved. Alden was proud of his toned body, but this man very obviously was stronger than him. The man approached first, after "pinging" him as he'd found out it was called. He introduced himself as Zane, a Pokemon Ranger, and apologized for pinging him, chalking it up to stranger danger.

"Alden. I started my journey today. You folks the trainers Leingod told me about?" Alden asked, as he lowered his latern and dimmed it. He looked around Zane to get a look at the rest of the group, who he couldn't quite make out yet.


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#, as written by pyou
Fennekin seemed to like this person, but it puzzled Yuu. She frowned a little at him as he was so friendly with the stranger. Zane approached too, and Yuu felt a little guilty and shied away slightly as he approached. Fennekin zipped back to her and she held out an arm and he jumped up, but quickly squirmed away and got back on the ground. Yuu let out a small sigh at his sudden energy. It was starting to be a little much for her. As Alden and Zane got acquainted, Yuu walked backward a little, hoping Fennekin would follow. But he just ran back and forth jumping up on Alden's leg and then he ran around in circles. Soon, he bounded over to her and started to tug on her pant leg again as he had done earlier that evening.

Yuu shook her head at him, but he kept tugging. I wasn't a very forceful tug and Yuu didn't move an inch. "Fennekin, not now," she said softly. The fox let go and whined at her before sitting in front of her patiently. Which wasn't something he had done recently. Yuu looked up at Zane and Alden and adjusted her glasses. Maybe she should introduce herself as well. She waited for the appropriate time to speak. "My name is Yuu Aikayama."


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Miki spent almost fifteen full minutes gathering firewood with Blaze by her side. Hopefully the others would have built the fire so all she had to do was load the wood and let Blaze light it up. She was not very good with outdoorsy style things like this. Camping in a pre-built camping shelter? She could do that. Build her own fire, set up her own tent, find food growing in the wild? Not so much.

She was grateful to have others around. At the very least the Ranger would know what to do. They were trained for that right?

Once she and Blaze had gathered enough firewood they made their way back to camp and found an interesting sight along the way. Another Trainer had wandered through the area and was asking about them. With her arms full of firewood and Miki just barely able to see over the pile, she tried her best to move her head so she could see and speak while being heard.

"Good evening!" She called.

"Some of us are fresh from Professor Leingod's lab, as you guessed. My name is Miki Saegusa! It's nice to meet you!" She said, turning her body so her whole face could be seen as she smiled sweetly at the newcomer.


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Zane shrugged noncommittally at Alden's question, it wasn't wrong but he didn't quite feel like confirming anything on the way back to camp. However his response proved to be of virtually no consequence as Miki blurted out said confirmation shortly after Yuu's rather muted introduction. Rather mechanically, he took the wood she'd gathered from her arms while returning to the general area of where he'd tossed his axe to start sorting through what she'd grabbed. Zane was actually surprised to find he really didn't end up tossing aside much of the pile for being too green for a good burn.

Zane grabbed his axe and began evening out lengths a bit and then finally spoke again. "Someone grab some string, we'll need to tie most of this into bundles roughly the width of a pot: small stuff inside, big stuff outside. Light the inside of the bundle and you've got a personal stove and heater for somewhere from two ta five hours if you want low maintenance. Otherwise you'll be stuck having to stoke the fire and get fuel all night." Zane fully straightened before heading to his backpack and dragged out a tent roll that would be snug with even two people in it and quickly began setting it up rather distantly from where he expected most people to set things up. With practiced ease the quick set up tent was up within a minute - slightly longer was the overlaying of the weatherproof tarp over it and the staking down of the whole affair. That being said, Zane still didn't require more than five minutes for the whole affair. After which he again turned his attention back towards the others.

"so who's doing what? If we split things up a bit, we can do everything faster."


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#, as written by Hoga
Zane shrugged his shoulders in response to Alden's question, which annoyed Alden. Alden could be dismissive at times, but Zane s reaction was a bit rude. Alden didn't think much of it, and let the guy wander off to do his own thing. He felt this guy wasn't really here of his own volition, and if he was he probably wasn't going to be around for long.

As he walked away, another girl emerged from the forest. He scooped the wood out from this girls arms rather abruptly, which she didn't seem to mind, as she came up and greeted him with great enthusiasm. She introduced herself as Miki, and confirmed Alden's question in regards to Leingod. The girl with the strange walk, in charge of the strange Pokemon, tried to shy away from the conversation, but her energetic Pokemon hopped around his legs. She seemingly begrudgingly introduced herself as Yuu.

Alden smiled at the both of them and raised his hand in a sort of greeting. Zane spoke of putting some bundles together to make some fires for overnight. Alden was more than familiar with the sort of process, having spent many nights in the harsh north. Being so used to the cold weather, Alden by no means needed a fire. He was as warm as could be as he was, his shirt and flannel providing him ample warmth. On top of which he had his bivouac with him. The others, Zane excluded, looked like they might need it. Alden strolled over to what seemed to be the center of the area the group declared as theirs for the night, and quickly went thought the process Zane described with a practiced ease, although maybe the bundle was a little too much for the more moderate weather. He quickly pulled some of the extra material out and threw it to the side. He pulled a collapsible hand shovel out and made a very small pit for his soon to be fire, sticking the bundle in and lighting it, being sure to baby the fire to ensure he didn't have to make any additional attempts. The flame took quickly, and Alden strolled over to a close by tree and leaned up against it. He wasn't familiar with these folks, so he decided to let them come to him.

As he sat against the tree, Piplup jumped off his shoulder and mugged at her Pokeball. She had seemingly had enough stimulation at the moment, and Alden was happy to oblige. He gave her a scratch, and then put her back in her Pokeball. He was trying to slowly get her more used to socialization, but wasn't going to force her to be uncomfortable.


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#, as written by pyou
Yuu knelt down and gave Fennekin's head a gentle pat. He looked up at her with his red eyes and blinked a few times before suddenly licking her nose. She made a face, but she wasn't disgusted. She just smiled at him and he seemed to have gotten the message that Yuu wanted him to calm down a little. Yuu stood up and went back to the spot she set her backpack. She got out his Pokeball and knelt in front of him. When he saw it, he growled a little, but didn't do anything else.

"Okay Fennekin, time to get inside your ball, okay? You can come out after I help out a little." Fennekin lowered his head and plopped onto his stomach. He gave her another small growl indicating that he didn't want to be inside of his ball. "It won't be very long, I promise." Yuu smiled softly at him, assuring that he'll be okay.

Fennekin didn't move, or look at her. Yuu sighed and returned his Pokeball to her backpack. "Alright, but you can't run under people's feet while they're trying to do things, okay?" Yuu noticed him perk up and then move to sit in front of her normally. He looked as happy as he was before. Yuu stood up and went over to the others, which wasn't far from where she was. Fennekin stayed behind with her things, watching her as she looked for something to help with.


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Miki smiled at everyone and prepared to return to the campsite when her Pokedex began to vibrate. She removed it from her pocket and held it up to see what was going on only to see that the screen was black.

”That’s not supposed to happen.” She said quietly.

As she continued to watch the Pokedex while it vibrated, the screen finally began to glitch out. She tried shutting it off but it wouldn’t turn off. Someone had hacked the Pokedex’s core programming to force it to remain on. Not only that, but everyone else’s Pokedex’s were doing the same thing. For someone to have access to the kind of equipment and skills needed to do this?…

The Pokedex screen flashed a few times before focusing in on the face of an unknown man. It was a cropped shot of only his shoulders and his head, but the top of a red letter could be seen on his shirt. Miki immediately recognized the shade of charcoal gray he was wearing and the shade of red. It had to be Team Rocket. Nobody else wore this kind of color combination.

“Greetings Trainers. Gym Leaders. Elite Four. Pokemon League Champion. And everyone else.” He began.

His voice was chilling and slightly distorted hiding the true timbre of his voice. But whoever he was, he was prepared for some kind of announcement.

“I am a member of Team Rocket, and this is a global announcement for all Trainers of all walks of life… You are in the way, and Team Rocket has resolved to put an end to your kind of interference whenever we deem it necessary.”

Miki nearly dropped the Pokedex in fear but something kept her eyes glued to the screen.

“Observe…” He said.

The camera backed out to reveal a total of four Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon tied, gagged, and already badly beaten and bloodied.

A young man no more than the 17 year age limit, and he was obviously not very experienced. His Pokemon behind him consisted of a Torchic, Ledyba, and Zigzagoon.

The next was a woman, likely in her early 20’s, who had a Scyther and a Pidgeotto.

Third was another male, probably late 20’s, with a Quilava, Fearow, Kirlia, and a Skorupi.

And last was another young girl who wasn’t even really a Trainer. She was too young. No more than ten years old. Probably only had borrowed her mom or dad’s Pokemon to escort her on a shopping and wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Pokemon with her was a Herdier, and an aged one at that which probably could only handle battling weaker Pokemon at its age.

How could they do this?

“These Trainers all defied Team Rocket, and in accordance with our new policy they are to be executed. Normally this would be done silently and with discretion. But today, to make the point as clear as possible, they are to be executed here and now before everyone’s very eyes.”

He walked over to the young man and pointed a handgun to the side of his head.

“This young man had the audacity to tell one of our own that he was a coward. That he only used and abused Pokemon because he had lost his humanity and sense of purpose… This young man was a fool.”

The gun was fired a split second later. The opposing side of the boy’s skull exploded outwards spilling blood, bone, and brain matter all over the ground in full view of the camera. A drop of blood even hit the camera and was slowly and unceremoniously wiped clean before the Team Rocket member continued.

“The boy’s Pokemon as well seemed to support their master’s remarks. This one in particular,” he said, holding up the Torchic by the feathers on its head. “Decided to use its Ember attack on the operative in question… Like its master, it was a fool.”

He put the gun away and grabbed the Torchi’s body with his free hand twisting its head 180 degrees around. The previously squirming fire bird ceased moving in his hands and was dropped to the ground and kicked away as casually as a piece of garbage.

“These two as well seem to have shared their friend and master’s sentiments. I cannot tell you how much such idiocy irks us as an organization.”

Two gunshots were fired with the boy’s Ledyba and Zigzagoon dropping to the ground and blood gathering around their bodies. Shot through the chest, likely the heart, death had been all but instantaneous. The Ledyba was still alive. But with blood leaking like that the poor thing would’t be alive for very long.

The Team Rocket member walked over to the woman and looked to her Pokemon with a look that said he was impressed.

“This young woman had a rather surprising talent for capturing potentially dangerous Pokemon. This Scyther is only one of many. She also owns a Pinser, Steelix, Feraligatr, and a Skarmory… Such a shame that someone so talented had to stand up to her betters in such a rude and forceful manner.”

He pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. A moment later a hole appeared in her left leg just above the knee causing her to scream behind the gag. Another shot, another hold in the other leg. Another shot, a hole in her left clavicle. Another shot, a hole in her right clavicle.

The Team Rocket member positioned himself in front of her and took aim at her Scyther’s chest and fired the gun. Pressing it against her forehead, it tore through her skull and out the back before entering her Scyther’s chest and exiting the back causing it to fall on the ground in great pain. Scyther wasn’t dead, but it would be soon just like the Ledyba who had recently stopped moving. The Pidgeotto was flailing wildly trying to attack Team Rocket, but with its wings clipped and legs bound it could do nothing more than flail. It was unceremoniously shot in the head a moment later.

Next up was the man and his four Pokemon, and this time the Team Rocket member didn’t even explain what he had done. He simply shot the man and his Pokemon in places which wouldn’t kill them, but would cause them to bleed out together.

And last was the little girl.

Don’t do it you monster… Don’t you dare do it!! Miki screamed in her mind.

Her eyes were overflowing with tears of fear, anger, and helplessness as she watched all of this unfold on the screen. That little girl was no threat to them! If she was brave enough to stand up for herself then that was supposed to be a good thing! Children were supposed to learn strength and courage! They had their whole lives ahead of them to think about their choices and turn themselves into better human beings… He couldn’t do this! He couldn’t!!

The man knelt down next to the girl who’s eyes were as wide as they were capable of going. She was staring at the blood and carnage nearby with eyes devoid of life. She was entering shock. Anyone could see that. If she wasn’t taken to a hospital she’d likely suffer a heart attack or some kind of respiratory distress from her erratic heart beat and lack of ability to properly control her breath.

“This poor girl… She was just on her way to see her grandparents. She borrowed her parent’s Herdier for protection. Such an old and decrepit thing could barely hold its own against a Pidgey at this point.” He said, looking back to the dog Pokemon who was angrily growling through the gag at him and trying to break free of its restraints.

“But…” he said ominously.

“This girl dared to speak to a member of Team Rocket calling him a monster, thief, braggart, and of all things she also had the nerve to call him “evil.””

He pointed the gun at the girl’s head but she was too mentally far gone to even notice. She only continued to stare at the blood and gore beside her as the blood of everyone killed thus far gathered around her legs.

“Team Rocket is, despite all that you may have seen and heard, a noble organization dedicated to the protection and expansion of the human race. Detractors are dealt with severely because in this world that we will help create there is no room for opposition. The world needs order, stability, and efficiency. The human race must band together and evolve to achieve this, and the only way to do that is to adhere to the order that the leaders of Team Rocket are now bringing to light.”

The camera zoomed in on him slightly, putting the girl out of frame.

“This is your only warning, Trainers of the world. Submit willingly and prepare for a new world order, as well as an evolution in the relationship between humanity and Pokemon… But stand in the way of this order and vision, and you may prepare for oblivion.”

A single shot was fired from his gun, but the camera never panned down to the little girl. It instead went dark leaving her ultimate fate to the imagination. But given that he had not faltered in killing the others Miki had few to no doubts that he had killed the little girl and was soon to kill her Herdier as well.

Despite the blackout his voice continued on.

“The future begins now…” He said in an ominous and low voice.

The transmission was then cut and Miki’s Pokedex finally turned itself off and fell from her hand to the ground at her feet.

Miki dropped to her knees as tears cascaded down her face and cheeks like overflowing rivers. She could not breathe. What she had just seen… It was beyond horrible. How could he do that? How could they do that? Film something so casually as if it was actually justified.

But they did.

It was obvious Team Rocket believed in its delusions of order and efficiency. They believed that they were some kind of higher power that was not to be ignored or argued against. They believe they were some kind of godly force that was meant to bring the human race to a new level of existence.

It was painfully clear to Miki now just how evil and dangerous they truly were. They believed in what they were doing and would kill for it. They’d even kill a helpless little girl who represented no threat to enforce their ideals. Miki felt so powerless during all of this.

Blaze was nearby and walked over to her patting her shoulder. He hadn’t seen what happened but he heard it. It didn’t mean much to him though. A few bangs on the little red device and suddenly his new Trainer was crying and scared out of her mind. He didn’t know what to do. All he could do was tap her shoulder and cry weakly at her.

Miki’s arms shot out and wrapped themselves around Blaze holding him close to her. She rested her cheek against the top of his head and wept bitterly as she promised to always protect him. No matter what she would protect him. She wouldn’t let anyone hurt him. She refused. She refused to end up like those poor souls who were just killed in a global broadcast of Team Rocket’s wicked scheme.

Surely enough it was a global broadcast. Every television, Pokedex, computer, radio, and any electronic device capable of relaying the message was hijacked specifically for that purpose. Everyone either heard or saw it regardless of whether or not they wanted to.

The question now was… “What would the Pokemon Trainers of the world do about this?”