Travis Darrell Mura

Pokemon Trainer. Famous in Kanto. Comes from Pallet.

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a character in “Pokémon: Dies Irae (Judgement Day)”, as played by SamuraiMaster


Age: 21 1/2
Gender: Male
Hometown: Born in Pallet Town.

Travis stands at a towering height of 6'10'' towering over all people he knows. He weighs in at about 180 and is normal in appearance, meaning he is not buff or fat or too skinny. His hair, is black, and messy. He used to keep it short, and still gives it an occasional trim, but it usually just grows around his head. His eyes are a very dark bue in color. He has no facial hair, and mostly shaves it off when it grows on him. On his head, he usually wears a bandana or sweat band. He sometimes wears aviators but most of the time is known to have them off.
His pants are baggy black cargo pants that zip off at the knee to form shorts in hot weather. He wears a black leather belt. His tennis shoes are dark blue Nike, and his socks are wool navy blue. On his torso, he will usually have a tee shirt with a Metallica symbol or Pantera symbol. At other times it's just plain black or dark blue. Over that shirt is a black vest which hold many of his personal belongings. It holds his cell phone, iPod, matches, just normal stuff. He also carries a backpack that is black with him containing more things like clothes, a sleeping bag, food, and other equipment. He is very prepared on these journeys.
Around his neck is a necklace. It's black leather string, and dangling, is a moon stone. It means the world to him as it is his only posession he has left of his mother. It was given to her by his father the day they were married.


Travis is very mysterious. He hates talking about his past, he tries his best to stay out of the public eye, and has a deep respect for each trainer who has fought him. He also cares and loves each and every one of his pokemon very deeply. Trying to separate him from one of them is a very bad idea. Having been a wanderer of the pokemon world for a very long time, Travis has learned to keep a very low profile. His success in all regions has been seen in the world and he has trainers request battle. These are trainers who are not ready, and Travis does not enjoy battling trainers who are not ready. Travis has a gift to know whether a certain trainer is ready to face him or not. He also can tell one's emotions and how they feel. He's not a telepath, but he can read emotions like a book.
A wanderer of the world, knows his way around the world. His training is very secretive and his team is young, but very elite in battle.
Travis is a very hard person to make upset. He does not like getting insulted, but when insulted he most of the time just smiles blankly as if to say "that all?" or will just walk away. However if he is upset, he can be one guy you don't want around. His mood darkens greatly, he lashes in anger, and may walk off alone. He hates these moods and his team doesn't like to see him that way.
Despite this very serious looking attitude, Travis is one of the most respectable persons around. He helps when help is needed, he comforts those who need comfort, he's one of those guys that look rather unpleasant at times, yet are one of the kindest guys around. Travis may not like the public eye, but he likes company. Travis, has always had a huge passion and love for heavy Metal music, especially Metallica.


A lot of equipment. He is very well prepared on these, but he has a lot of things you'd see a camper take with him.


The past of Travis is not the past he enjoys looking back on all the time. His parents have been dead a long time now. His father left the family when he was 11 to become a trainer. He was killed in the Rock Tunnel outside of Lavender Town. His mother was killed four years later in an accident. After his mother died, Travis went to live with his grandparents, who raised him like a son. Travis knew them as the nicest people anyone could want as family. Travis became a trainer at the age of 17, though most became trainers when they reached 10.
After he became a trainer, he began the journey he would love the rest of his life. He rarely caught anything but it didn't matter to him. He didn't always try to catch pokemon. with his team, he quickly became the subject of some major trainer gossip, and he began receiving a lot of trainer challenges. He became a wanderer after his victory in Viridian City. He never challenged another gym leader, and has never challenged the pokemon league. He doesn't plan to.
His only living relative is his grandmother Nova, who lives in Pallet Town. His grandfather died shortly after Travis became a trainer, dying at the age of 76 to a sudden heart attack.

Travis has no love for any pokemon gang, and is a big enemy to Team Rocket.

Travis though most of the time travels alone, has traveled with trainers before. One of these trainers he started traveling around with recently was pokemon trainer Ritchie.

(Ritchie may or may not make an appearance)

Travis specializes in no particular element of pokemon. His pokemon team is unique and powerful.

Squirtle (Gill):
At the age of 17, Travis recieved Gill, his first pokemon. Gill has been with Travis ever since. Gill is undoubtedly Travis' most powerful pokemon, and a huge challenge for trainers today. His power in his attacks is not that of any normal Squirtle, and his defense is even better. Travis, through tough training has trained Gill to withstand electric attacks, and Gill has been known to beat very powerful electric pokemon since then. Despite this huge power/defense level, Gill has yet to evolve. Travis actually likes Gill the way he is, he doesn't want Gill to evolve, and Gill doesn't seem to want to evolve either. Gill doesn't like being kept in a pokeball and walks with Travis or sits on Travis' shoulder.

Raichu (St. Anger):
St. Anger was the first pokemon Travis caught. He was caught as a Pikachu in the Viridian forest after he attacked Travis and Gill. After his capture, he would arguably be the biggest challenge to train. The Pikachu was hard to communicate with, and would often attack Travis. But through tough bonding, Travis finally gained the respect from him, and the trust. St. Anger chose to evolve and become even more powerful. Travis has gained the full trust from him, and has trained him his most of his trainer life. He is Travis' fastest pokemon, and his electric are stronger then most Raichu, St. Anger one of Travis' favorite choices in battle.

Alakazam (Sanitarium):
Travis caught an Abra after his victory in Cerulean. Sanitarium quickly evolved afterwards into Kadabra. Travis trained him very hard. It wasn't until after he became a wanderer until he finally evolved into Alakazam. Sanitarium is another one of the biggest challenges in battle. His psychic powers are fasinating, but his defense is nothing short of phenomenal. His light screen and barrier defenses are one of the toughest things opponents have to penetrate in order to attack Sanitarium. Travis sometimes chooses to start off with Sanitarium in battle mostly because of his defense.

Tyranitaur (Damageplan):
After his 18th birthday, Travis decided to spend a day with his team on an island outside Cinnibar to find a Larvitar. It was the rarest pokemon of the island. Travis found one, but it ran off. Travis tracked it down and finally found it unconscious. It had fallen into the river and nearly drowned. Travis took i in and camped out for the night. Larvitar regained consciousness that night. Travis fed him, and warmed him by the fire. Larvitar was also rather weak then, as he had a natural weakness to water. Travis nursed him to health over night. Travis offered to return him to where he was, but Larvitar chose to stay with Travis and his team as a thanks. He was given the name Damageplan. It took a very long time to fully evolve him, but the time paid off. Damageplan is very strong physically, and his armor is almost as good as Sanitarium's defenses, maybe even better. He and Gill are very hard to compare as far as power goes. Though still only a recent evolvee, he is powerful and strong. He takes great pride in that. However his loyalty is almost a weakness as he is Travis' most territorial. He listens to no one but Travis unless given strict orders. He also will defend Travis when he thinks Travis is in danger. If that means attacking humans, he will do so.

Pidgeot (Aerials):
This pokemon was caught by his grandfather after Travis left to become a trainer. The Pidgeot had injured itself in the backyard of his grandparents house, and his grandparents helped it recover. To show it's thanks, it stayed with Travis' grandfather. However, about two weeks later, his grandfather went into cardiac arrest and died. The pidgeot was passed down to Travis, as his grandfather requested before he died. Travis holds this pokemon very close to his heart because it was the only pokemon his grandfather had owned. Aerials is a very fast flyer like all pidgeots, but is larger than most. He can carry up to 3 other trainers on a non-stop trip. Though rarely called upon in battle, he can present a good challenge to trainers. His gust attacks can reach almost tornado-like winds.

Turtwig (Orion):
This is Travis' most recent capture. The turtwig was wild, and challenged Travis as he relaxed near the Sinnoh/Hoeen border. The turtwig showed some amazing strength, and some cunning strategy. But in the end, Gill won in a one-on-one with it. ravis knelt to the fallen Turtwig and offered to make it stronger. Turtwig accepted almost immediatly. Travis has taught him well, and is another favorite of Travis in battle. It has a strong will to win and does not like losing. However despite this attitude, he is also one of the most playful pokemon Travis owns. He loves paling around with Gill, St. Anger, and even young kids when Travis stops to relax at a beach or other populated area.

Other Pokemon Travis Owns
(Bios and personality will be given if Travis uses them in the RP)
Aggron (Davidien) - Caught as an Aron in Hoeen after a Team Rocket grunt attacked it
Bulbasaur (Solar) - Given to Travis by an elderly woman who had a Venasaur.
Charmander (Pyro) - Given to Travis by another Trainer.
Garydos (Floods) - Caught near Vermillion City after it attacked Travis,
Golem (Mechanix) - Caught as a Graveller in a cave near Cerulean.
Heracross (Battery) - Caught in a forest in Jhoto.
Machamp (Engel) - Abandoned by a Rocket Grunt, who abused it non-stop.
Magmar (Hollow) - Caught inside the Cinnibar island volcano.
Steelix (Trendkill) - Caught as an Onix in the Rock Tunnel.
Sandslash (Whiplash) - Caught as a Sandshrew in Kanto.
Scyther (Unforgiven) - Caught within the Safari zone.

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