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Seth (Hydreigon)

"What happened? Huh?"

0 · 567 views · located in Sunside Meadows

a character in “Pokemon Dusk”, as played by phacades


Name: Seth
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon, Hydreigon

PokΓ©mon appearance:
Slight description of appearance: A regular Hydreigon, a slight bit chubbier.

Personality description: Very sheepish, Seth tends to zone out a lot. He has quite the jolly nature. However, he doesn't like to get run over, and will show his anger when he fiercly doesn't agree with someone. However, he is quickly calmed down and will often apology for his anger. Furthermore, Seth is fond of traveling, even when he is a bit clumsy in the things he does. He knows he is powerful and isn't afraid to show it, but he doesn't abuse his power. Seth is forgetful, but also will point out what is important to him; he remembers that more often than the things that don't interest him. Seth is a good leader and can be a good planner, even when he tends to forget a lot.
Main positive personality traits: Friendly, good leader, go-getter
Main negative personality traits: Forgetful, clumsy, stubborn
Likes: Sweets, adventures, sensation, peaceful places, making friends, sunlight, battling, rough terrain/environment
Dislikes: Quicksand, things in his eyes, Dominance, forgetting things, the night
Fears: Sleeping alone, being left behind
Talents: Leadership, protection
Move 1:Crunch
Move 2:Dragon Rush
Move 3:Flamethrower
Move 4:Outrage
Move 5:Steel Wing

Side(Evil, good): Good
Role(Guardian, traveler, etc): Traveler, aswel as he owns a shop in Sunside Village with all your traveling needs.
Other: Seth is a true hiker and explorer, Pokemon often ask for his advice for explorations.

So begins...

Seth (Hydreigon)'s Story