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Toshi Kotoa

Dream as if you will live forever. Live, eat, drink and be merry as if you die tomorrow.

0 · 424 views · located in The world of Pokemon

a character in “Pokemon: Endgame”, as played by BleedingCrimson


Name: Toshi Kotoa (toh-shee koh-toh-ah)
Age: 17
Appearance: Dark-chocolate brown hair down to her waist with side-fringe that covers her left eye (which is blue compared to her green right eye, heterochromia), stands at only 5 foot 2 inches, weighs just under (or over on a good day) 100 lbs, always wears pants and a tanktop (at the simplest) and her standard accessories are her massive headphones around her neck attached to an mp3 player in her pocket and the suspenders on her pants just in case she has to run somewhere (her pants usually sit low on her hips but don't sag, when running tend to fall enough to become emmensely annoying and a massive tripping hazard).

Bio: Born into a prominent family (her father and her grandfather founded a large successful 'pokeitems' co.) and so was very wealthy. Her mother was lost in childbirth and her grandfather (only living grandparent at the time) died soon after. Her father, not really knowing what to do to escape the grief threw himself into his work and had a nanny watch over Toshi, letting her decide what was best for his daughter (she had worked for all of the other big families, raising their childeren, too). The nanny put her in traditional schools and clubs such as sketching, and calligraphy. She began to love these activities soon, even more so when her father commented on them when he happened to come home. At age 10 she found a wounded Houndour on her way from school (she preferred the solitude without the driver that would pick her up) and took it home never realizing she was holding a pokemon. She raised it after it healed and later found out what it was.

Toshi began training it in secret for she knew her nanny nor her father would approve (mostly because of her gender and that it was not 'lady-like') and soon caught more to train. At 13 she left her home with a pack full of top-of-the-line supplies, a houndour, a sneazle, and her bike to make a name for herself in the world and show her father that she was capable, not only of being a trainer but to be heir of his business and fit to inherit even though she is a girl (as her father, and family, is strict about gender-roles). She has been traveling for 4 years now and has realized that she will never be heir (her father had gotten remarried and had a son in that time) and has decided to set up the begining of her own corporate empire on the side under false names (because of this she is never short of cash at all -- she owns/commands a loan shark 'buisiness', a bookstore, 4 different cafes, an inn/bed and breakfast, a house for rent, and even funds a small-town's labratory)

Personality: Laid back (indifferent really), extremely lazy, sly and conniving, doesn't trust especially easy, would rather ensure her own safety than risk her life for her companions (in a word selfish...), tech/science nerd- lives to invent useful things, likes traditional things except for the gender roles (i.e. kendo, calligraphy, classical/old music, but not that she is inferior because she's a girl), doesn't like being told what to do and pretty much hates kids (they're just too annoying and demending for her to properly care about), has a bad habit of cursing under breathe (or outloud if annoyed enough)- though it's a habbit she's trying to break (such as replacing words like d*mn with darn, and the like)

+ Calligraphy
+ Sketching
+ Reading
+ Writing
+ Playing violin
+ The feeling of flying (will often take her motorcycle off large jumps to simulate this (has once been flying on the family Honchkrow before it died and wants to get one for her own))
= Motorcycles (she owns one)
+ Logic games such as sudoku, mental challenges
+ Running and creating businesses, making money
+ Ditching class to lay out/nap in the sun
+ Dogs/dog-like pokemon
+ Dark/ghost/poison/fire type pokemon
+ Revenge for a slight
+ Beauty in whatever form it may come

Dislikes: -
- Water/bug/grass type pokemon (unbeautiful and weak in her eyes)
- Weaklings
- Unbeautiful things
- Mornings
- No free time
- Eggplants

1. Houndoom- (evolved from starter Houndour, always out, extremely protective of his mistress, male) L45, knows attract, toxic, roar, bite, odor sleuth, beat up, faint attack, and flame thrower
2. Sneazle- (dislikes most everyone, male) L38, knows scratch, quick attack, toxic, beat up, double team, slash, and faint attack
3. Zoroark- (sullen pokemon with a quick temper, male) L39, knows foul play, night slash, torment, agility, taunt, pursuit, and faint attack
4. Haunter- (ultimate prankster and oddly somewhat clingy with Toshi and likes to 'haunt' her when he's out, male) L33, knows lick, hypnosis, shadow ball, night shade, curse, fustration, and toxic
5. Quilava- (acts like he is still the size of a Cynaquill and likes to 'cuddle' just as much as Haunter does, male) L34, knows double team, lava plume, flame wheel, smoke screen, toxic, quick attack, and tackle
6. Growlithe- (arrogant though he has the lowest power level/youngest on the team, male) L25, knows iron tail, flame wheel, odor sleuth, toxic, bite, and roar
---all of them are a lot like their trainer in the personality respects and decide who they like and dislike immediately upon meeting (a couple -coughsneazlecough- didn't like her too much at first either, Toshi only really likes fire, ghost, or dark types- she often views the others as unfit to be fighting pokemon and not at all beautiful, very biased in this sense)---

Legendary: Rayquaza

| Has an 'on/off' switch, if you rub the back of her neck she goes completely limp and tends to curl up and go to sleep like a cat (which her personality tends to resemble anyway no matter how much she prefers dogs/dog-like animals)
| Favorite food is pomegranate
| Loves to eat though she is so skinny her ribs show, cannot gain weight and it makes her look somewhat malnourished
| Loves beauty and is somewhat vain because of this minor obsession...

So begins...

Toshi Kotoa's Story