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Cassandra Tientry

"Ooh, Child. This is not good."

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a character in “Pokémon: Evolution”, as played by Midnightclub


Name: Cassandra (Cassie)

Age: (As if she'll tell you.)



Cassie is definitely not what you'd expect when someone says "She's the town Mystic." For one, she definitely does not seem to be very old (and don't you ever talk about her age in front of her.) She's also in great shape. She likes to keep her dark hair up and pulled back most of the time and she always seems to have a perfect smile. Her golden eyes often draw people in and she uses her looks to her advantage whenever necessary.

Personality: Cassie is as cool as the other side of the pillow. She tells it like it is and doesn't let anyone make a fool out of her. She's outgoing, friendly, and altogether a nice person to be around. However, if she is meditating, in a trance, or battling, it is as if she's a completely different person. She becomes silent and fierce, often hyper focusing to the point of ignoring everything else around her.

Starting Pokemon and Personalities:


Misdreavus (Rogue)

A prankster at heart, Rogue loves messing with both her owner and the other pokemon around her. She is playful, but her pranks often end up worse than she had planned. However, in battle, Rogue is completely obedient and a trustworthy friend.


Vulpix (Amesha)

Amesha is a tender, loving creature. She is also a bit of a coward and often falls prey to Rogue's pranks. However, Cassie is gradually teaching Amesha that there is nothing to be afraid of as long as friends are there.



The calm, collected individual of Cassie's group, Jabez is also her most trusted companion. If she is unable to sense something, Jabez often steps up and helps as well. The two communicate often through channeling with each other.

Abilities: Cassie has several, but her most unique ability is that of Channeling. She can merge her thoughts with another beings (both pokemon and human) giving her amazing insights on people and pokemon alike. She also uses her channeling abilities to use moves as a pokemon does.

History: While she is often outgoing and very talkative, Cassie rarely talks about her past. She has more secrets to hide than even the best psychic might guess.

So begins...

Cassandra Tientry's Story


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It started off as a wonderful day, the sun was shining and there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. People went from their homes to work. Children went off to school. The city of Saffron went about its daily routines in a peaceful, almost idyllic manner. At about 4:30 PM when most people were packing up and getting ready to go back to their homes, people began to riot.

It was as if two thirds of the population had just snapped. They rampaged through town, crashing their vehicles, attacking and sometimes even killing each other. They set buildings on fire and the fire began to spread. They screamed and ranted about nonsensical things, some people broke down and began crying to themselves in a fetal position. A plane fell out of the sky and destroyed a swath of buildings and streets. Pokemon were also affected by this madness. People would call upon their Pokemon for aid and instead be attacked by their pets. The wild Pokemon ran through the streets attacking each other and anybody in sight.

Those that were spared from the abject terror that was springing up among the rioters were left confused and scared. Some banned together to try and stop the rioters. Most, however, took their Pokemon and hid. They waited for the riots to stop.

The riots did stop almost as suddenly as they had started. As people started to regain their senses they looked around at the destruction they had caused in confusion. They were bewildered by the damage they had caused in their madness, as if they had had nothing to do with it. But the lull in activity did not last long. All around, people began grabbing at their throats as if they were choking. They fell to the ground, one by one, and perished. Those that were in buildings were not spared. It seemed that the higher up people were, the more likely they would all be dead. The only place with the fewest casualties was in the subway system beneath the streets and in people's basements.

Most of the population of Saffron died that day and the city was left in ruins. Those who are left can still hear the cries of frightened people looking for loved ones. They can also hear wailing sirens and the various noises of confused and angered Pokemon. Some gangs of people have begun to take advantage of the carnage by looting and stealing and killing. Saffron is no longer a safe place to be.


Cassie had been saved from certain demise when she had started to take in people who weren't acting completely insane in her small shop. The people who had come into her little Mystics Emporium were mostly holed up in the basement but a few had elected to stay and watch the streets outside through her window. A mother with two wounded Pokemon and a child with a broken arm had gone up to her apartment so that she could use the bed up there with her first aid box.

Cassie had been tending to her guests, offering food, water, and some meager medical supplies when she heard the screams and several thuds from the room upstairs. She had someone else hand out the supplies and ordered one boy to see what was on the news.

Cassie exited the basement of her shop cautiously. She looked around, unable to comprehend her situation. A woman, probably the one who had screamed, was holding the head of a large man in her lap. She rocked over the man, tears falling down on him as she cried and screamed.

"Wake up. Wake up! Please, wakeupwakeupwakeup!" Two others, teenagers who had decided to watch the street to see the action, also lay upon the floor not moving. One little girl was hiding behind the counter holding her ears with her eyes closed tight.

Cassie, bewildered and scared, walked over to the little girl. She knelt down and put her hand on the child's head. She could feel the terror the child felt. She felt worry for 'mommy and big brother' but she knew that the woman over there was not mommy and that neither of the teenagers was big brother. She hushed the child and stroked her hair. It was enough to calm the poor girl down. The girl began sucking her thumb and grabbed Cassie's hand.

She stood and called down for some of the men in the basement. "We've got trouble!"