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Collin Park

"The true beauty of the world can only be seen under close, thorough examination."

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a character in “Pokémon: Evolution”, as played by Jadebud98


Name: Collin Park.

Age: 20.


Collin has medium lengthed, somewhat long black hair that is somewhat messy but for the most part well maintained. He wears a mixture of earthy or dark toned colors for the outer layer of his clothing along with more brighter clothes within the inner layers of his clothing. He needs glasses due to his poor vision but at times he finds it hard to bring himself to wearing them, getting a slight bit angry at the thought that it seems stereotypical for a scientific researcher to be wearing glasses. He's also rather reluctant to wear his glasses because it accentuates his pale pink colored eyes. The color of his eyes were the result of some latent mutation that he inherited somewhere along his ancestry. He's quite curious to find the root to where his eye color was derived from, noting that it's probable the mutation also has some correlation to his poor eye sight.

Collin is quite the laid back person. He enjoys going through things with a calm attitude because he isn't one to really enjoy conflicts, and would rather avoid them if he were able to. He enjoys the outdoors and relaxing in a nice cool breeze very much, finding it quite peaceful. However, just because he's laid back doesn't mean he isn't enthusiastic and easily excited when it comes to the things he's passionate about, namely, science. Collin is generally motivated to continue living life due to all of the opportunities for scientific endeavors that lie around him in the world of Pokemon. Once you get Collin started on what he's curious about, and what his latest findings are, it'll be pretty hard to get him to stop.

Collin is an ambitious guy, starting to research the history of Pokemon and the world around him at a young age, and hypothesizing and wondering about the Pokemon that inhabit the earth alongside it. He's quite inquisitive and curious, and he isn't one to accept something as the truth until he finds out for himself, or if it's proved with enough factual information. He's a person who's eager to do many things, but at the same time a slight bit inhibited when it comes to the thought of testing on Pokemon, due to the possibly unethical nature of tests if they get out of hand, due to the fact that Pokemon can't directly be consensual to research experiments done on them.

Around new people Collin is somewhat quiet, even verging on shy at times and lacking confidence. But once Collin grows to know someone his more exuberant personality is made apparent. He is very thankful to those who help him, and won't forget those who do. Collin can easily become great friends with someone if they have common interests, or at least have the capacity to listen to what he says when he goes off talking about science. All in all, Collin is still somewhat young, so though he may be intelligent, he still exhibits traits that go along with being youthful.

Starting Pokemon and Personalities:
Snorunt (Curie)-[Female] Level 20
Collin caught his Snorunt early on in his journey. Ever since he caught him, Snorunt has been an endearing member of his party, assisting him in his research by handing materials he needs, gathering them, finding things, and many other things. However Curie is quite clumsy, falling and tripping about at many moments in time.

Kadabra (Darwin)-[Male] Level 25
Kadabra was Collin's first Pokemon, having been given to him as an Abra once Collin was old enough. Even before that Collin and Darwin had grown close together, living in the same area and growing together. Due to this Darwin is rather protective of Collin, hoping to protect him as best as possible. Kadabra is quite calm and generally is the type to sit in silence and watch as others have fun.

Clefairy (Dopamine)-[Female] Level 20
Collin caught Clefairy after his other two Pokemon as a Cleffy. He had heard about the Pokemon before but had slight difficulty managing to catch it due to the rareness of its evolutionary chain. However once he did he was drawn to her enthusiastic and super happy personality, enjoying it greatly. Though as a Cleffy she was a bit hyper, she matured once she evolved. Her and Collin have quite the close bond.

Collin wasn't really born into the most well off family. They were rather financially due to the fact that both of his parents, as researchers, weren't getting a good enough funding for their research. However, due to his parents being researchers he had access to many documents, books, and equipment to get himself extremely encouraged to be a scientific researcher. Collin soon aspired to be one, finding science to be extremely wonderful and amazing. He dedicated hours to reading, and more hours to exploring his surroundings and observing his parents Pokemon.

When he finally became old enough to be a trainer he jumped to the occasion, setting off on his journey near immediately. He managed to get money through doing interesting research for new trainers, providing them with tips and things such as that, he generally stayed away from battling, not confident in his skills. However, wanting to level up his Pokemon he began battling and was somewhat adequate at it.

At the moment, he's taking advantage of his situation and is studying the effects of stones on Pokemon and their evolutionary cycle, and studying the incongruities between how different Pokemon evolve, though he does have other things he's curious about.

So begins...

Collin Park's Story


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Collin groggily woke up at around 3:00 in the afternoon on the terrifying day that any survivor would remember for the rest of their life. He had spent the night before studying and reviewing some books he had purchased earlier on evolutionary stones. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, trying to remember what he was supposed to be doing today, until it finally occurred to him that he had scheduled to visit his parents in Saffron City. In a rash daze he bolted up, getting dressed as quickly as possible. He had opted to not even bother to brush his hair, opting to put on a hat instead, before making his way to Saffron post haste.

When he got there it was around 4:25, he believed he had scheduled to meet his family at approximately 4:40 so he had time to spare. So, he thought that he might as well enjoy the pleasant atmosphere the day had given him, the sky was clear, and a nice cool breeze gracefully swirled around him. But it didn't take long for things to change. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the town was in a craze of riot, panic, and terror. He had no idea how to comprehend what was going on, many people were crying and looking for loved ones, others were attacking and mauling each other...the scene was horrific...almost as if it were out of a movie. But this was no movie, and Collin needed to survive.

He bolted as fast as he could to get to his parents lab, but the streets were far too crowded for him to make any progress. He called out his Kadabra in order to put any threatening people to sleep as he continued, calling Kadabra back almost immediately in fear that his Pokemon would get afflicted by whatever was happening to these people. Collin wanted to find out what was causing them all to get this crazed...he wanted to find answers.

But now wasn't the time, he had to take action before his conscious got altered like the others of the city. He stumbled through into someones house, close friends of the family, and was horrified at what he saw. An adult male body was sprawled across the floor, and Collin heard the muffled cries of a young child coming from down stairs in the basement. He steadily but hastily moved down to the underground floor and saw a teary eyed mother holding her child in her arms. He could tell they weren't effected by the craze...just mourning the loss of a loved one, "I...I'm sorry for your loss..." He said, his throat hoarse. "I'm sorry for intruding...there weren't many other options really..." He looked down to the ground to further express his condolences, allowing them to mourn in peace.


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The truck Suki was hiding under shook wildly for a few minutes as a plane crashed down nearby. One jet engine screamed in its final death throes and exploded into a giant ball of fire. It rained down red hot metal in chunks, some of it clattered off of the truck, dangerously close to the gas tank. The roar of the engine slowly ground to a halt until there was nothing but silence. The pandemonium around Suki had just...stopped. All the chaos ended as quickly as it had come. Then some people could be heard wondering aloud about where they were and what they were doing, some even calling out the names of others or running to help the plane.

Then the horrible choking sound came as many began to die.

The world around Naku began to tremble, as if one of the subway trains was headed her way. But as the trembling got louder and more powerful, it was obvious that there was no train in sight and definitely not one in earshot. Instead the trembling came from above her in the form of what must have been hundreds if not thousands of Pokemon stampeding through the streets.

Rattatas and Radicates streamed from the subways and up into the streets as if afraid to death of some unholy demon headed her way. None of them stopped to look at her. After awhile there were only a few slower Pokemon, all still trying to get away from something. The Pokemon that were at the top of the steps died first, then the ones lower down, choking to death in waves. It seemed death was making its path straight for Naku!

The woman and child said nothing to Collin, too afraid or sad to respond. The basement was oddly quiet, there in the corner of the room was a letter. It was addressed to Collin's Dad. Or at least it seemed to be. The letter had been post-marked several dozen times and the orderly handwriting of the man seemed to become random scribbles towards the end of his father's name. The world outside had become strangely silent as well. The only light in the dank basement was the green tinge of the computer, listing down numerals rapidly. Seconds passed quickly.

They stopped at 0.00.