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Nakumara Koken

"Please, call me Naku."

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a character in “Pokémon: Evolution”, as played by Starlight77


Nakumara Koken



Nakumara has stormy gray, silvery eyes that always seem to show kindness and compassion. She is of a tall stature, with a lean, willowy build. Her skin is pale and soft to the touch. Her hair is dark and long, and reaches just below her waist. She enjoys wearing sneakers, sweat shirts, scarves and jeans.

People describe Naku as an air head. She’s sweet and kind and friendly, and isn’t all too wise. Despite her not-very-intelligent attitude, she’s actually quite smart. She’s got plenty of street and wilderness smarts. She knows how to use herbs and she’s a good battler. Those who know her know that she’s generous and sweet through and through, and loves Pokémon more than anything else. She’d give her life for any and every Pokémon if she could. Naku is actually extremely shy when it comes to meeting new people. She gets nervous easily and tends to hide from strangers.

|Starting Pokémon and Personalities|
Shockstep (male)
Shockstep is Naku’s partner. He loves Naku, and would do anything for her. He’s brave and compassionate, and enjoys staying out of his pokeball to walk with Naku.

Inferno (female)
Inferno, also known as ‘ferno, is Naku’s second pokemon. She has a similar personality to Naku. She’s sweet and generous, but can be very protective of her trainer. She gets along well with Draco.

Draco (male)
Draco is Naku’s newest pokemon. He is rather rambunctious, and it always running around challenging any pokemon it meets. It even comes out of its pokeball even when Naku doesn’t need him to.

Naku refuses to tell others of her past. Mostly because its supposed to be a secret. You see, Naku is actually the first born child of a world renown pokemon doctor and a famous pokemon breeder. Her mother, Kiyo Okazaki, is the breeder in the family. She owns her own famous breeding farm right outside of Celadon City. Her father, Natsuo Okazaki, helped work to discover cures for many different pokemon diseases, including pokerus.

Ever since Naku was little, everyone expected so much of her considering who her parents were. This made Naku rather shy when she was little, considering there were always strangers in her home to see her mother or her father. As Naku grew, she gained more interest in pokemon battles, opposed to breeding and care taking. When Naku was 15, her mother gave her Shockstep as a birthday present. Naku and the little Electrike grew closer and more powerful, but no one noticed. Then Naku realized, no matter how hard or how long she tried, she would always be stuck in her parents' shadows. Not to mention she has a super-intelligent 15 year old sister who is working to become a scientist.

Around the age of 19, Naku was fed up with it. So she left. She just walked out one night, leaving her parents a note. Her parents, of course, were shocked that their quiet, kind daughter would so something this dangerous and spontaneous. Its been about six months since then. Naku has contacted her parents plenty of times, and they agreed to let her continue on her journey with a different last name. Naku even dyed her hair, which used to be a honey brown mixture between her mom's dark hair and her dad's blonde hair.

Naku will protect this secret with her life if she has to.


So begins...

Nakumara Koken's Story


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Nakumara Koken


In words, shit hit the fan. Hard.

Naku had been sitting in the back of a moving cab when the city suddenly went berserk. The cab-driver, most literally, slammed onto his brakes, making Naku smack her head into the back of her seat. It also sent Shockstep flying forwards, into the front seat. Letting out a small groan, Naku sat up slowly, rubbing her temples. Then, the driver threw the cab into reverse, making it go careening backwards. It was amazing they didn’t run over the crazed citizens as the cab raced backwards, doomed to crash eventually. Naku saw only one option.

“Shockstep, knock him out! Thunder fang!”

In that instant, the electike had regained his balance and latched his jaws onto the man’s arm, sending volts of electricity through his body. The man’s eyes rolled back and his leg fell off of the gas pedal limply. With fear tight in her chest, Naku sat, tense, as the car slowed to a stop. Naku opened the door with shaking hands. As soon as she had opened it, Shockstep darted out as well, electricity crackling in his paws, sending small discharges with each step. And people wonder why his name is Shockstep.

Naku, still recovering, stood there, her breathing pace quick and painful. Her pokemon stood at her feet, whimpering and nudging her with his green fuzzy head. Almost like a jolt of electricity, Naku took in her current situation. “Oh man! Let’s go Shockstep! We gotta get somewhere safe!” Naku herself darted off, with the small electric dog right at her heels.

As the pair ran swiftly, they took in their surroundings. Things were getting burnt, destroyed, and blown up. The city was falling apart before their eyes. But, something in particular caught their attention.

“The subway! Come on faster!” She sprinted with all of her might, hearing screams and shouts behind her. But, seemingly out of nowhere, a small group of people ran in her way. Naku slammed into them and bounced off, going flying and landing on her back. She let out small squeaks of pain as her head hit the pavement and skin was scraped from her shoulders. Shockstep made some nervous barking sounds as he ran the her side, nudging her to her feet, urging her to hurry.

Her vision blurry, Naku stumbled her way to the stairs that led to the subway. She scrambled down those, collapsing at the bottom. Shockstep whimpered and licked at her face, sending small, tingly electric charges through her cheek. Naku clenched her jaw, and with a loud groan, shoved herself to her feet and stumbled over to a bench hidden in the shadows. She collapsed in it, panting softly out of fear, exhaustion and shock. Her head was pounding and her shoulders stung painfully. Shockstep curled up in her lap, not to sleep, but for comfort for both him and her. They both waited until all of the noises just stopped.


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The truck Suki was hiding under shook wildly for a few minutes as a plane crashed down nearby. One jet engine screamed in its final death throes and exploded into a giant ball of fire. It rained down red hot metal in chunks, some of it clattered off of the truck, dangerously close to the gas tank. The roar of the engine slowly ground to a halt until there was nothing but silence. The pandemonium around Suki had just...stopped. All the chaos ended as quickly as it had come. Then some people could be heard wondering aloud about where they were and what they were doing, some even calling out the names of others or running to help the plane.

Then the horrible choking sound came as many began to die.

The world around Naku began to tremble, as if one of the subway trains was headed her way. But as the trembling got louder and more powerful, it was obvious that there was no train in sight and definitely not one in earshot. Instead the trembling came from above her in the form of what must have been hundreds if not thousands of Pokemon stampeding through the streets.

Rattatas and Radicates streamed from the subways and up into the streets as if afraid to death of some unholy demon headed her way. None of them stopped to look at her. After awhile there were only a few slower Pokemon, all still trying to get away from something. The Pokemon that were at the top of the steps died first, then the ones lower down, choking to death in waves. It seemed death was making its path straight for Naku!

The woman and child said nothing to Collin, too afraid or sad to respond. The basement was oddly quiet, there in the corner of the room was a letter. It was addressed to Collin's Dad. Or at least it seemed to be. The letter had been post-marked several dozen times and the orderly handwriting of the man seemed to become random scribbles towards the end of his father's name. The world outside had become strangely silent as well. The only light in the dank basement was the green tinge of the computer, listing down numerals rapidly. Seconds passed quickly.

They stopped at 0.00.