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Suki Jennifer Larson

'Hi. Nice to meet you!'

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a character in “Pokémon: Evolution”, as played by Polka


Pokemon Breeder


Suki has long brown hair (from her father) and blue eyes (again from her father). Most of her traits come from her fathers side, she doesn't resemble her 'Officer Jenny' side of the family. She is rather busty but is average height for a woman her age.
Most of the time she wear baggy jeans and a white tank top, its the most comfortable thing to wear when working with fire dogs.

She can be described as serious by many but this is only because she has worked hard for the majority of her life. She didn't grow up hanging around with friends, instead she worked hard on her mother and fathers large breeding farm.
If you get to know her, Suki can be very protective. She thinks it's important to stick by your friends no-matter what.

Suki's parents are well known throughout Kanto as breeders. However, they only breed one specific type of Pokemon, Growlithe. Specializing in the breeding distribution of Growlithes to each cities police department can be a challenging job. However, since Suki's mother used to be a practicing officer she has worked with Growlith and Arcanine her whole life.
Ever since Suki was born she was thrown into a breeders world so of course she knows everything there is to know about baby pokemon and the best way to bring them up.
Suki only ever travels when there are reports of wild Growlith and Arcanine in need of help. SHe supports her mother on these retreival missions.

Starting Pokemon and Personalities:

Tai (male) lvl20
Tai has been with Suki her the majority of her life. Mainly as a pet rather than a competitive Pokemon. He was the runt egg out of all of his siblings so Suki's father gave him to an excited sixteen year old Suki.
He is is hyper and puppylike most of the time. However, he can be rather protective of his owner.

Sheldon (male) lvl20
Sheldon is rather new to the Pokemon world. Suki had to rear him by hand as his mother rejected him. Sheldon is a typical Slowpoke, he is lazy and sleeps quite a bit often lacking sense.

Nani (female) lvl20
Nani is quite a ferocious little thing. Very quick to temper and often lashing out with her bone. Suki has successfully helped her calm her anger but she still has her tantrums.

So begins...

Suki Jennifer Larson's Story


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#, as written by Polka
Suki looked back into her morning as she his under a large fallen truck.

Her Mother and Father had been rushing all morning with news that a new batch of Growlithe eggs had been found in Saffron Cities new daycare center. Of course it was their job to collect these eggs before they hatched so once the pups were born they could be suckled to her parents resident surrogate. An Arcanine names Missy.

Usually this was never an issue, her mother would usually ride once of their male dogs to the large city. It was ten minutes or so to Saffron from the families large breeding/ training facility. However, today was going to be different because Suki's Mother was expecting an egg hatching of her own.
This of course meant that Suki would be the one to collect the new eggs.

Her Mother pleaded with her to take one of the resident Arcanine but Suki was more than happy to take her little Growlithe Tai and her two other Pokemon Companions.
' Bye, Mom ' Was the last thing she said to her mother before setting off.


Once the rioting began Suki headed for the nearest building she could find. Only to be knocked aside by a very tall women. The woman leered over her, holding what looked at be a broken bottle.
Suki kicked the legs of this older woman so that she fell over, giving Suki the opportunity to flee.
Why was everyone acting this way.

She scattered her though and headed towards an overturned pick up truck. She clambered under the truck. There was no one else under there.
Maybe the panic would die down.
She decided to stay hidden until she thought the panic was over.


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Character Portrait: Suki Jennifer Larson Character Portrait: Collin Park Character Portrait: Nakumara Koken
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The truck Suki was hiding under shook wildly for a few minutes as a plane crashed down nearby. One jet engine screamed in its final death throes and exploded into a giant ball of fire. It rained down red hot metal in chunks, some of it clattered off of the truck, dangerously close to the gas tank. The roar of the engine slowly ground to a halt until there was nothing but silence. The pandemonium around Suki had just...stopped. All the chaos ended as quickly as it had come. Then some people could be heard wondering aloud about where they were and what they were doing, some even calling out the names of others or running to help the plane.

Then the horrible choking sound came as many began to die.

The world around Naku began to tremble, as if one of the subway trains was headed her way. But as the trembling got louder and more powerful, it was obvious that there was no train in sight and definitely not one in earshot. Instead the trembling came from above her in the form of what must have been hundreds if not thousands of Pokemon stampeding through the streets.

Rattatas and Radicates streamed from the subways and up into the streets as if afraid to death of some unholy demon headed her way. None of them stopped to look at her. After awhile there were only a few slower Pokemon, all still trying to get away from something. The Pokemon that were at the top of the steps died first, then the ones lower down, choking to death in waves. It seemed death was making its path straight for Naku!

The woman and child said nothing to Collin, too afraid or sad to respond. The basement was oddly quiet, there in the corner of the room was a letter. It was addressed to Collin's Dad. Or at least it seemed to be. The letter had been post-marked several dozen times and the orderly handwriting of the man seemed to become random scribbles towards the end of his father's name. The world outside had become strangely silent as well. The only light in the dank basement was the green tinge of the computer, listing down numerals rapidly. Seconds passed quickly.

They stopped at 0.00.


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Character Portrait: Suki Jennifer Larson
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#, as written by Polka
The truck began to shake violently. Suki held her head between her legs, covered her ears and gently rocked herself.
There was no indication that this would stop anytime soon and she began to panic.

All around the world had come crashing down, would she have stood a better chance if she had taken an Arcanine this morning? Was her Mother right to try and make her take one?
Oh God....
Mom and Dad!

Suki rattled her brain in fear. Was this happening at home too! Were all the Pokemon turning on each other, were her parents killing each other.

It was at that point she heard the blood curdling screams around her. She could see people dropping next her truck, they were dying. All the light that was once in their eyes had vanished. A sudden rush of adrenaline or terror gripped her and forced her body to move. She noticed a manhole cover was ideally placed under the truck with her. Maybe the sewers were safer. Clearly whatever was going on above ground was contagious.

Suki rolled her sleeves and fitted her fingers gently into the grips of the man hole. She pulled hard and the large metal disc lifted from the ground. Rather easily.

She had heard stories of Mothers lifting cars from their children from pure adrenaline and she gathered this was the same.
She dangled her feet into the dank hole. The smell was wretched, it smelt of all the things that one would never want to smell.
However, she plunged herself into the darkness. Maybe she could find her way to the subway from here. She pulled out her Pokedex and lit her way.