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"Death is not easy, let me help you make the afterlife more pleasant for you."

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a character in “Pokemon: Gijinka Island”, as played by kyuukonhime




”Weither you stay here or go to the underworld, I will be your guide.”



Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Dark pulse, Confuse Ray

narnian lullaby
Dark wood circus
Cheshire kitten

The "spots" floating in his hair are also double as eyes and he often floats around rather than walking.

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Culpanas is a quiet soul, usually one perfering observe the day to day ongoings than actually talk to people. This is because, normally, most would see a spiritomb as a bad omen. However, Culpa is more content on comforting the dying and newly dead than deal with the living and those that fear his kind. To those that he is close to, he is a gentleman and one full of whimsy at that. Content to tell stories and help those in need. To most, he is very distrusting and ice cold, but never egostisical. Caring for the reletives of the deceased and bringing normalcy back to the newly dead has humbled him; refusing to being someone to death's door until they are ready.

Culpanas used to live on the far coast of the island where many of the ship wrecks happened. Any ghost types lost and fearful of their new lives, he was one of few that made their way inward and retaining sanity. On his own, but feeling pulled toward the coast everytime he left, he convinced other ghosts to join him in setting up a settlement for them all.

This plan seemed to have a good outlook at first, but over time either through being unable to sustain themselves or attacks from other tribes, the village dwindled down to a few newly formed yamasks and other ghost gijinkas that managed to survive. Those that stayed with him saw the spiritomb as a guide of sorts, helping them through the difficulty of death. Time passed and this small group often came across families that had members pass on and bring comfort to them. But regular attacks on them had made them mistrusting of the living that knew nothing of death.

It was one day that they came across the Zoroark's tribe, looking for a place to rest themselves and find some merriment. Some of the tribe still felt somewhat cut off from the rest, seeing them as a group that will eventually turn on them. Though the appearance of a certain miamagius softened the group into staying and eventually joining the tribe in overseeing funeral rites and helping newly dead members find peace or placement. Culpanas himself often looking after those that Emilien's treatments couldn't save and easing them into death. The two have become good friends, seeing themselves as kin and two sides of the same coin.

So begins...

Culpanas's Story


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Illness and disease are always a daily part of life in the tribe, most of the minor illness and small bruses, the days were mostly the same but nothing short of boring for the witch hat wearing ghost. She levatated over the ground slightly, sitting crosslegged as she craddled a bunearry child as it cooed and giggled and she pet it. "Your headheat has gone down little one, You should be fine in the next few hours for 'ure." she said as her chest gems glowed slightly. The mother, a lopunny gijinka smiled in joy. "Keep her out of the sun for the time being. Other than that she should be fine." The lopunny nodded as the ghost handed over the child, now nearly napping her her arms, and watched her walk out with a smile.

However, she could feel something in the distance. Something different than normal. It sent a rare shiver down her form as she wandered outside of her hut and into the sunlight. If anything, Kuroyami probably noticed it anyway. She needed to find Culpanas. maybe he knew something about it.


It wasn't often that Culpanas wandered outside the tribe walls, most times he would wander about the graves of the decesed or resting in some shady area. Not on the beach digging though the sand with some of the children. Green dots floated around his hair, amusing some of the children as they picked through his hair to catch them. "Now now, I can see you with those." He said, prompting a laugh from them.

A rare moment for him to smile and laugh, but this was to hide a growing uneasiness. Ever since the sage announced the comming beings, he had a worse time resting. The thought of those coming and not knowing the reason for it unnerved him. Playing with children was better then diving into insanity at the moment, hopefully the feeling that was present would leave soon.


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Emilein twitched at Zuberi's voice, not realizing he was in the area. For being a ghost, she thought that she would have known that he was around. Then again, the graveyard wasn't a place that she frequented often. "I was hoping that I could find culpa here, but I can't really find him." She said giggling as she hid her mouth with her hands. "But I don't mind your company. Do you happen to know anything about those beings that are supposted to be comin'?" The Mismagius seemed to flow with the breeze as she spoke, a soft one coming from the beach. One with a strange scent that she couldn't pin on anything she knew.


"Come now children. Your caretakers should be looking for you soon."

The forests of the island provided not only shade for the resting mortician, but also twisting trails where only the tribe knew where they went. The children waved him goodbye as they scurried off, leaving Culpanas to his thoughts. The forest was quiet. Quiet enough to drop sticks a ways off and for him to hear it and hide. Something was wrong. The beach was normally a place where he could at least relax in the sun and not have worries. He looked through the trees, still having vision on the beach. "Something feels familiar...but nothing like this..." He muttered to himself as he started to levitate and make his way toward the beach. Confirmation was all he needed. Get in and get out.