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"Why do I have to interact with someone like you?!"

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a character in “Pokemon: Gijinka Island”, as played by Ageha




”The only reason I am enduring your presence is because Leader decided so!”





Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Dragon Tail

Devil May Cry Theme Song

He is a tsundere.

Potential Interest
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Lysandre's pride and ego knows no bounds and he is considered prideful even for a Serperior. However he is also rather dishonest and most of times tries to hide his true feelings, in order to maintain his pride. Only person Lysandre listens to is Leader of the tribe - Kuroyami since she was the one who took care of him while Lysandre was still a Snivy. Although openly he listens only to Kuroyami, Lysandre will try to help people he respects, but he will usually lie about helping them and say it was just a coincidence. Basically this serperior is tsundere with giant tsun and won't shoe his true caring nature to anyone, but Kuroyami.

Brief History
ImageLysandre has been living on his own for as long as he can remember, so he doesn't know his parents or what happened to them. Lysandre just assumed that they abandoned him, but there is no proof to support that fact. While still being a snivy, he struggled to survive as small and unevolved gijinkas often are picked on by others. But one day a zorua helped Lysandre and offered him, her protection. At first Lysandre refused, however after that zoroa saved him for the second time, he agreed to go with her.

Ever since then Lysandre has been loyal to Kuroyami who saved troublemaker from dangers many times in future. However he was angry when after evolving in Zoroark Kuroyami started to gather more gijinkas together and formed a village. Many of gijinkas she saved were the ones that once picked on Lysandre. In order to spite Kuroyami he refused to talk to her and anyone else and trained to become more powerful. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Lysandre trained, he could never evolve into serperior for some reason.

That was until one day a powerful Mienshao attacked Kuroyami and tried to kill her in order to obtain leader's position in tribe. Lysandre still deeply caring about his savior fought the Mienshao in order to protect her, but he was not strong enough. However seeing Kuroyami about to be killed, gave Lysandre enough determination to finally evolve and protect her. Ever since then Lysandre has become main warrior of the tribe and always remains close to Kuroyami in order to protect her from any intruders.

<----- Lysander as Servine

So begins...

Lysandre's Story


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#, as written by Ageha
Kuroyami and Lysander

Just another peaceful day in the tribe. Kuroyami was watching over daily life of gijinkas occasionally helping someone or playing with children. Everywhere she went, Lysander followed and assisted her with her tasks occasionally mumbling something like "I shouldn't be doing something like this." Nothing out of ordinary was happening, nobody has attacked village in weeks and it seemed like finally things were looking up for the tribe of gijinkas. However both Kuroyami and Lysander were uneasy. They knew that it was calm before storm and that soon something unpredictable will happen. But no matter what will happen both of them will protect the village.

Kuroyami continued playing with children, teaching them new moves and ways of protecting themselves while Lysander was sitting near tree enjoying warm sunlight. Suddenly, Kuroyami froze and looked towards the beach. Something has arrived. Lysander instantly sensed that she has noticed something and ran up to black haired woman.

"Is something wrong?" Lysander whispered in order not to trouble children that were still carelessly playing with Kuroyami's long hair.

"Something is coming.... I can sense it..... near beach. It is neither pokemon, nor gijinka...." she said her eyes fixed in distance. "Go and check who that is. Don't attack them alone, just find out who they are."

"Roger," Lysander answered with a grin and instantly disappeared into forest. It has been a while since he has had a good battle so he will not this chance slip past him.


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#, as written by Ageha

Lysandre was running through dark shadows of woods towards the beach where Kuroyami had sensed the unknown presence. Although he did not possess such powers as tribe leader, even he could tell were there strangers were. All he needed to do is found out what exactly where they and if they were dangerous. No! He needed to find out HOW dangerous they were. Nobody except gijinkas or pokemon had ever set their foot on this island, so without doubt the newcomers had some ulterior motive.

After some quick and agile leaping through trees, Lysandre finally reached edge of forest which also was beginning for wide and clear beach. The beach was indeed a beautiful place, so it wasn't rare that tribe went there to play and relax. Usually it was really quiet and peaceful here, however this time Lysander heard some murmuring and voices. Once he got closer and looked he saw some big, weird object floating near shore and three.... beings on beach. Their appearance shocked Lysandre for a second.

Somehow they weren't too different from gijinkas, however it was impossible to tell with what pokemon where they mixed. Lickitung? No, they would be fat then. Gardevoir? No, their hair would be green. Machoke? No, they would be more muscular then. They looked like no pokemon whatsoever. They had NO distinctive features. Could they actually be.... human? That's impossible. Humans exist only in legends....

But apparently not, because they were now standing right in front of Lysandre. Curious, he decided to get closer to them in order to hear what they were talking about and find out if he could even understand their language. "See, this is an island so it has to have a middle. I have a bag full of pokeballs, enough berries and food to last for about a month, three loyal partners, and enough drive to get to that center. I say we go to the highest point we can find and scope out a rough size of the island, then we can find some type of civilization or something hopefully," said the male. Lysander could actually understand them. They talked exactly the same language as he did. And now he has even found out some valuable information about their plans and what things they possessed. Although he did not know what a "pokeball" was. Something related to pokemon probably.

For now Lysander decided to retreat and report back to Kuroyami. With last glance at humans, Lysandre turned around and disappeared into depths of forest.


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#, as written by Ageha

Some time after Lysandre had left, Mestre suddenly came rushing towards Kuroyami making children scatter in all directions. "KUROYAMI!" He shouted few feet away from her. "The n-new comers are here...Jarachi..."

"Yes, I know!" Kuroyami interrupted him shooting a sharp glance at Xatu who had made an unneeded scene in front of children who now looked at Zoroark with worried expressions.

"What... newcomers?" Young charmander mustered out while holding onto Kuroyami's fluffy hair. Leader just smiled and patted little boy's head. "Don't worry, by newcomers he meant new gijinkas! I'm sure you all will become good friends with them!" Kuroyami exclaimed in cheerful voice, thus hiding her concern over the matter. Children instantly relaxed and cheered on thought of having new friends.

"But now you all need to go home, I have to greet them first and explain them how things work around here," she continued and children obediently said "goodbye" and went home. When last one was out of sight, Kuroyami turned back towards Mestre: "You should think a little more before you speak. Children do not need to know of that. Lysandre has already left to investigate the strangers, he should be returning any minute now!"

Just as she said that Lysandre quietly emerged from forest with grim expression on his face. "I have found the intruders!" He reported to Kuroyami.

"Well, who are they then?" Kuroyami asked, however somewhere deep inside she already knew the truth.

"Humans... I think. They were just like us, speaking same language as us, however they had no features that would give away their relation to pokemon. Luckily I have found out that they are going to search for highest point on this island in order to see it better from above. Also they seem to be carrying food which would be enough to supply them for month and something called "pokeballs". Their goal is to find civilization on this island," Lysandre explained what he had heard to leader who was carefully catching every word.

"Dammit, I knew it. We are their goal after all. We can't be half-hearted on this matter. We must call all grown-up gijinkas that know of humans and heard what they think about this. But first...." Kuroyami looked back at Mestre who was still standing right next to her. "What else can you tell us about them?"