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"They don't understand me, or who they are."

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a character in “Pokemon: Gijinka Island”, as played by ceh12




” There will be three people to come to the island, and they will change the island forever.”


Twenty Five



    Solar Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Future Sight
    Sucker Punch

I lived - One Republic


Emilein interests me...though I don't know if she would understand...

Mestre is usually a calm and happy demeanor, even though he prefers to keep to himself. His usual appearance is that of a quiet young priest of some type, respectful and calm with most. He will help anyone with an open hand, always willing and never judging of anyone in any way. However, he has a small secret he has kept hidden for quiet a while in regards to his god, Giratina. He worships the god of chaos as his savior where as most worship Arcues. He has told no one about this though if anyone looked under his robes they would find a large scar in the shape of the mask of his lord in a faint glow.

Born out of an unreliable father and a sickly mother. Mestre left home at an early age, unknowing of his true home land and only the large peaks of the island's many mountains.Walking around as a natu he saw many things of how others would survive and would often try and help a few who were having trouble as he did and he would make his living with this way by the little bits of help they would supply him with for helping them along. Evolving early at this rate, becoming a xatu at an early age.

One day however, he found himself in a small cave, dark and powerful energy inside the cave that had not been anywhere since. As he continued in he found gold, gems, food, all the beings of how one could have one become enveloped in the greed. But, as he reached for a small apple, the meagerest of the food stock, it began to grow and he took a bite. Instantly he was taken to the distorted world and greeted by the choatic god Giratina. He made a plea for his life and the god looked upon him as a great power and used him as a pawn. Giving the man great power of being able to see into both the future and past. He was then taken out, and put back into the world to serve as a use for the inhabitants of the special island. The true use never being told to the now psychic.

Eventually he found a small group of warriors once he found his way from the cave, lost and sickly from their expeditions. He guided them along, telling then every step of the way and taking them back to their village. But, as he turned to leave once they got home he was offered a home in exchange for watching out for the village and any dangers that encounter it. Ever since then has lived loyally to the tribe, working tirelessly for them all as if they were his family.

So begins...

Mestre's Story


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#, as written by ceh12
Vincent Kenston

Vincent smiled back at the girls, both agreeing with him, just as he liked it. "Lovely, now come on let's go guys." he said with a voice full of vigor. He was genuinely happy, this was the first new place he had been since finishing his Kalos tour, winning him his fourth title. He had already been through Johto and Unova but never faced their champions, leaving two spots in his trophy cabinet for the respective titles.

From what he gathered the girl with a magnemite was a scientist, obviously not a brawler by way her pokemon moved. But, as for the other girl it was different. Her arcanine stood with a stance of pride, but also a relaxed set of shoulders. This was a pokemon used to battling, but not one that liked to. It bother him but a small peck to the cheek from Ventra made him focus back on reality.

He took a look around, three hundred and sixty degrees and pointed out a large hill, poking above the treeline. "I think that would be a good place to set up a camp, let's go before it gets dark." he said dashing in blindly, his bird following happily and cooing back to the girls, motioning them to follow.


Mestre slowly opened his eyes from meditation, the voices of the spirits told him of of the three, one of power, one of knowledge, and one of courage. Each also a fool, a coward, and and one vain. Though they never told him who was which. He personally couldn't wait to meet the newcomers, though most thought they spelled doom but he knew they would help... or at least thats what... He told him.

As he began to walk back to the village he felt a small presence. "They're here..." he muttered to himself before rushing back to his home. He was surprisingly light on his feet for such a tall fellow, but he hated to run for it made his mind do the same, and when his mind raced bad things happened. But, that was not the issue now. If someone was to hurt the three it could spell doom and disaster for the island.

"KUROYAMI!" he shouted as he found himself a few feet away from the leader. He moved to her side and began to pant, catching his breath. "The n-new comers are here...Jarachi..." he said, muttering the swear under his breath. He nearly collapsed down as he tried to regain himself, not used to being active.


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#, as written by Ageha

Some time after Lysandre had left, Mestre suddenly came rushing towards Kuroyami making children scatter in all directions. "KUROYAMI!" He shouted few feet away from her. "The n-new comers are here...Jarachi..."

"Yes, I know!" Kuroyami interrupted him shooting a sharp glance at Xatu who had made an unneeded scene in front of children who now looked at Zoroark with worried expressions.

"What... newcomers?" Young charmander mustered out while holding onto Kuroyami's fluffy hair. Leader just smiled and patted little boy's head. "Don't worry, by newcomers he meant new gijinkas! I'm sure you all will become good friends with them!" Kuroyami exclaimed in cheerful voice, thus hiding her concern over the matter. Children instantly relaxed and cheered on thought of having new friends.

"But now you all need to go home, I have to greet them first and explain them how things work around here," she continued and children obediently said "goodbye" and went home. When last one was out of sight, Kuroyami turned back towards Mestre: "You should think a little more before you speak. Children do not need to know of that. Lysandre has already left to investigate the strangers, he should be returning any minute now!"

Just as she said that Lysandre quietly emerged from forest with grim expression on his face. "I have found the intruders!" He reported to Kuroyami.

"Well, who are they then?" Kuroyami asked, however somewhere deep inside she already knew the truth.

"Humans... I think. They were just like us, speaking same language as us, however they had no features that would give away their relation to pokemon. Luckily I have found out that they are going to search for highest point on this island in order to see it better from above. Also they seem to be carrying food which would be enough to supply them for month and something called "pokeballs". Their goal is to find civilization on this island," Lysandre explained what he had heard to leader who was carefully catching every word.

"Dammit, I knew it. We are their goal after all. We can't be half-hearted on this matter. We must call all grown-up gijinkas that know of humans and heard what they think about this. But first...." Kuroyami looked back at Mestre who was still standing right next to her. "What else can you tell us about them?"