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0 · 219 views · located in Bloom Village

a character in “Pokémon Gijinka - Monsters”, as played by Retsamrieht Mai



Age: 3

Gender: Female

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Pokemon: Teddiursa

  • Fake Tears
  • Play Nice
  • Charm
  • Earthquake

  • Coloring
  • Playdates
  • Parks
  • Stories
  • Ice cream
  • Her Teddybear

  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Every color but brown
  • All vegetables except for carrots
  • Shoes
  • Winter

  • Ghost or Psychic Pokemon/Gijinka
  • Lightning/Thunder
  • Mean adults
  • Monsters
  • Nightmares
  • Fire


In some ways, Mea is your typical three-year old at first glance. She loves playing, coloring, being read stories,
and spending time with anyone who she considers a friend. She is extraordinarily bright for her age. While
her peers are still learning their letters and numbers, Mea has begun learning words. She is quite shy, and
clings to the coattails of her (adoptive) father, Kenshin Namiki, in nearly all social settings. In a pinch, she
does very well making you feel bad for her, whether is fake crying to garner pity, or playing nice to gather
trust and adornment. She does have a truly dark power whenever threatened though (earthquake). Luckily,
it has never come to that.

It would be wise to treat this little one with respect and kindness. She's brighter—and craftier—than she looks.

So begins...

Mea's Story


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The sound of scribbling echoed through the quiet halls of a tiny home in Bloom Village. A gentle breeze ruffling the curtains through open windows were the only other sound. In the distance, a wind chimed chorused its beautiful, simple melody as it danced with the wind. The town itself was, in it's very essence, a safe haven; a peaceful world for all. The sound of scribbling intensified with renounced vigor when the artist took hold of her favorite color: brown.

Through the house, inside a small—but cozy—room, at a knee-high table, was Mea. Her brow we furrowed in concentration as she scribbled on the piece of paper. Crayons laid haphazardly across the table, and around her on the ground, as did many of her "finished" masterpieces.

It would still be another thirty minutes or so until her father came back home. It was unorthodox and even unethical to consider leaving a three-year old alone at home by herself, but then again Mea was unorthodox. She was smart for her age, and although she couldn't do many tasks by herself, knew how to stay safe. Soon, her father would return with food from the market, and then she'd eagerly help him make dinner.

Until then, she scribbled.

A tree. She smiled at her own artistic genius.