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a character in “Pokemon: Humanity's Unexistence - Reboot”, as played by Dragonrogue


* Name: Terje
* Pokemon name: Zoroark
* Trainer's Name: Vince
* Region: Unova
* City: Nacrene City
* Pokemon type: Dark
* Age:11
* Level: 73

When Terje was still a zoroa she lived with her pack far away from humans. It was a happy life, but like most things it did not last. Hunters came and attack her pack. The zoroark pack managed to fight them off but the hunters had cornered Terje and her mom. Terje's mom tried her best to save Terje but they got captured. When they got back to camp the hunters moved them to a boat. Along the way Terje's mother got sick and died. when they got to port they were going to sell Terje when one saw the chance to add to his team. The hunter trained her and overtime she evolved into a zoroark. One day she came across a mother ursaring and her teddiursa. They reminded her of when she and her mother were taken and Terje refused to capture them. The hunter was furious and sent out another pokemon to capture them. Terje defended the ursaring and teddiursa and when they got away the hunter was furious. He beat her and left Terje for dead. A pokemon trainer found her and took her to a Pokemon Center. There she saw pokemon living happily with their trainers and decided to give humans another chance. Unfortunately for Terje, she found one bad trainer after the next. After running away, being abandoned,and traded. Terje had given up. She had tried to get back to her pack but Terje had been away from her pack for too long, and didn't know how to get back. She had snuck on a boat to try and find her pack.That's when Vince found her. He told the captain that Terje was with him and after much convincing got her to travel with him. Terje was beginning to trust again when Vince disappeared with all the other humans in Nacrene City while traveling in Unova.

So begins...

Terje's Story