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Hinkiro Smash! Rawr!

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a character in “Pokemon: Humanity's Unexistince”, as played by KingHink


* Name: Hinkiro

* Pokemon name: Tyrantrum

* Trainer Name: Ricky Rolland

* Region: Currently Hoenn

* Location: Base of Mt. Chimney

* Pokemon type: Rock/Dragon

* Age: Maturity 35 years

* Description of Character: Hinkiro... It would be very simple to describe him as being very thick headed. And not just in reference to him being stubborn. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Though that does not stop him from acting like he is. He is a hot tempered dinosaur who thinks he is UnderKing. Which he isn't. He is loud and aggressive, and for the most part he is rather brazen. But he is not a bad guy, if he is treated with respect. Has rather intense view on loyalty and pride. When pacified, Hinkiro can be quite friendly and gentle. Pacifying him is not a difficult task, once you get the hang of it.

Hinkiro had once been a very wild product of anger and frustration. Owned by an underground fighting league,he was treated poorly and forced to fight many in the king of the hills style matches, having lost an eye during one of them... Chained to the center of the ring, trainers would send their pokemon to meet the raging dinosaur to beat or capture it... Hinkiro had always beaten them. Of course he did... Hinkiro was a raging mass of muscle and teeth.

The illegal fighting ring had proudly claimed him untameable. And he had been until an exuberant youth named Ricky had tried his hand at taking on the tyrantrum... Ricky only had a party of four... Though the trainer had been able to cause some damage, all it did was enrage the creature. His team was mercilessly pummeled, and they were going to receive more permanent injury until that trainer stepped in to try and save them. Ricky knew what he was doing was foolish, but he wasn't about to let his team die... There was no hope, but he threw his pokeball at Hinkiro, to at least distract it from Louie and the gang.

Ricky's aim was not true that day. And perhaps that is what changed Hinkiro's life. The pokeball struck Hinkiro's one good eye. It failed to catch him, instead sending him into a blind frenzy that crashed about. Charging until randomly until a full speed collision with a reinforced wall knocked Hinkiro out... And Ricky... who had pissed his pants by this point, tried once more with the pokeball... And this time he had succeeded. The tyrantrum was his prize.

Beaten by a human... I should have been ashamed, but I wasn't. He beat me with his own hands! He beat the King, thus he was King! King Ricky!!! Deserving of my ultimate respect. He was alpha dog, as term is used. I would follow him, and give him the chance to be King... But I would not submit so easily. If King Ricky wanted to remain king, King Ricky had to prove himself as strong! And he did. Soon I found myself doing things I never thought I would. Things I learned that I would enjoy. I had never been treated this well before, and I liked. I would follow Ricky until death. And nothing he would do could stop me.

But something stopped me... Ricky was stolen from me! When I woke up, I knew not where I was... Louie, Monty, Winnie, Badlands, and Homer... They were all stolen from me! And I will get them back. I swear I will. And I will deliver vengeance on those who took him. As it seems, Ricky was not the only one who was stolen. I must find him... He is my King...

* Picture of you: Image

So begins...

Hinkiro's Story

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"RICKY!" It roared loudly. It's powerful voice echoing across the area... Nonstop had Hinkiro been searching for his trainer. No way would have Ricky abandoned him. Ricky was a good ruler... Someone had to have stolen him! And Louie... And Homer... And everyone else too... And Hinkiro didn't even know where this land was! It certainly wasn't home. Hinkiro would eat whoever did this! But now... Hinkiro let his body fall onto ground, causing the earth to shake a little as he landed.

Laying there on his belly, tired from running and charging and roaring and anything else he could do to get Ricky's attention. "Ricky... Louie..." The lummox pouted,"... Why can't I find you?" The dinosaur exhaled a powerful sigh and gave a little sniffle. What would he do now without his king?

The one eyed tyrantrum, was perhaps not the smartest pokemon out there, or the gentlest, but he was deathly loyal to his trainer. His king. And anyone else he deemed a friend. This was a serious blow to him... Sure, he looked mean, and probably was sometimes, but he did have a heart just like any other pokemon. Everyone was gone... leaving him all alone. And Hinkiro didn't like being alone. It reminded him of those dark days in the underground ring.

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Hinkiro heard something. He opened his one good eye to see an umbreon yelling at him. He exhaled sharply,"Go away puny speck!" The dinosaur growled and rolled over."Your problem not mine." Hinkiro turned to face the other direction, being stubborn in his depression. Oh the good old days... when he wouldn't think twice about eating someone like that. He has gotten too soft over the years.

The tyrantrum then stood up, standing to his full height, and casting his gaze over to the one who had spoken to him."Where is Ricky?" It demanded.

The setting changes from Pokemon Universe to Unova Region


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Lilly continued to search for other Pokemon, but never found any. "Where is everyone?" Lilly whimpered, stopping at a cave to rest. "Well, I'll continue tomorrow..." and fell asleep.

After she woke up, she heard big thumps in the ground. She stood up and looked outside the cave, only to see a large Dinosaur Pokemon.