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Victim of wonder trade abuse. "Why don't you want me?"

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a character in “Pokemon: Humanity's Unexistince”, as played by KingHink


* Name : Often called "Useless", but he likes being called "Varney"

* Pokemon name : Zubat

* Trainer Name : More owners than anyone can count.
* Region : Unova

* City : Mistralton Cave

* Pokemon type: Flying/Poison

* Age: Maturity 17

* Level: 8

* Description of Character: Yeah... I'm a Zubat. A blind, weak, lonely zubat. Not even the swarm wants me... I wasn't from here, you know. I was born in Kanto, living the earlier part of my life in the Dark Cave until something great happened. Or at least I thought it was at the time... though now I wish it never happened. Most of the time, we zubats are largely ignored, but this one trainer... out of the hundreds of my brothers and sisters... he caught me. I was wanted! He thought I was special! And I helped him... I remember it so well... We fought through the Dark Cave together and I lead him out. I can still remember how proud all my brothers and sisters were as they tested my mettle. But then we came to Lavender town... I was tired and weak and we went straight to the pokemon center. I didn't know what to expect at one as I had never been before, so I didn't feel any fear. I trusted him. We had really bonded. Or so I had believed... But even now I have nightmares of that glowing box in the corner of the room. It was the last time I saw his face. And the last time anyone in Kanto saw mine...

I remember a long time of emptiness and darkness. I was no stranger to darkness. I loved darkness. But never before had I been alone in the darkness. Sometimes there was some sort of activity and I was moved around. I got small glimpses of sights I had never imagined could exist... And other faces. But none of them were my trainer... Where was my trainer? Were these trainers too? Not one of them seemed happy to see me... Every time I hoped that it would all stop and that I could come out... And every time I would see that look of displeasure, followed by a flash of light as I traveled again to another trainer, or a long period of darkness again. I could not tell you how long this went on... but thankfully it wasn't forever. All of my hoping finally paid off, because a trainer had finally had something different on his face than a frown. It was a man with glasses and a white coat, and he had a sad smile. He took me out... out! For the first time since Kanto I had got to feel fresh air. It smelled so different, but I didn't care! This trainer, oh how I loved him for freeing me from that darkness. How I loved him for just letting me spread my wings. He fed me... He petted me. And he turned to leave. I wanted to follow him but he refused... He just left, releasing me.

I was grateful, I was wild again... But once I started thinking about I realized that I was scared. And alone in a strange land. I hid in a tree until darkness came. I got to see so many strange pokemon. When it was night I found a cave. But nobody there knew me, or wanted to know me. I was a foreigner, and thus shunned... No swarm... No trainer... It was around that time I was really wishing I had some eyes, because I really wanted to cry.

* Picture of you Image

So begins...

Varney's Story

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Seeing that the Jolteon was walkin' off, i sighed in frustration before Pete went up to the doorway and he shouted, "If you're looking for the humans, there's a group of pokemon in Hoenn who are looking for them!" I widened my and squawked at Pete angrily. His face dropped in its dumbness and he made a sharp turn to the left, avoiding my talon heading for his eyes. "Those are the ones who crossed me, you dumbass! We don't need more of 'em!" I hissed loudly, trying not to let the Jolteon hear of the conditions. Though, before I could spot my eyes on him, he was gone in the trees.

Scratch furrowed his brow and muttered, "What do you wanna do now, boss?" I sighed softly and kicked a nearby pile of rocks from their orderly stack. "I don't know. But, we can't stay here any longer. We have to get to that other group. Besides, that Jolteon isn't even a threat." I stated simply, noticing the rain starting to slow. "What do ya mean, bossss?" Eddie questioned, twirling his head at me. "He can't get to Hoenn if he doesn't have a way across the water. And even if he did, I highly doubt he could drive a boat." I chuckled going into the interior of the ruins.

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Varney didn't want to be alone anymore... and now he wasn't. Well not technically anyway. He still didn't fit in though... everyone seemed so tough. Everyone seemed kind of strange too. Especially Jak. Varney felt a little creeped out by him. That didn't matter, though, because he wasn't alone anymore. He would have to try really hard so that Jak would not want to get rid of him. Well he hoped that Jak wasn't like that...

The zubat was out of breath, clinging onto the rafters in the shadows... It didn't help he was hungry, but he wasn't about to ask for it. Monica... she didn't seem so bad. And it scared him that she was dead. But surely it was for good reason. Varney had already told them about the Sevii islands, and how those others were heading there. He had heard Pete ask about transportation, and Varney thought about it as he found the strength to flitter down from the rafters, landing on the floor where Monica had met her demise... That blood was just a little too enticing to ignore any longer. He had to get something to eat if he wanted to keep his strength up to stay useful.

"What about a boat?" Came the high pitched whisper of Varney, as he made a suggestion. Grasping at straws to be useful. Crawling onto Monica's still warm body he continued,"Those wood and metal things humans float on. Even if we don't know how to turn it on, maybe the lapras could push or pull the boat while we ride in it?" And with that he sank his tiny little fangs into the body to feed.

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ImageWith the cognitive process going through my mind, I knew that the Jolteon heading for the forest was going to the group that was apparently threatening to Jak. There's always a way to get places. The Jolteon will find that way. The Jolteon will find that group. The Jolteon will tell the group about us... and our cover is blown. Or maybe... Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this is a way to get my freedom. Jak will be coming after me that's for sure, but this'll buy me some time out of his hair for a while. At least he will stay away for a day.

I turned to my side, crossing my arms, complaining, "Why did you let him go?" Jak snapped back and said, "Hey! I make the rules around here, I can choose what I want to happen." I rolled my eyes and rasped out, "But he knows about the other group now. And he know about us. What's makes you saw that he won't tell the other group about us?" Jak furrowed his brow as if he was thinking for a few moments before crowing out, "Alright, you can go after him. But if you aren't back by sunrise, I'm after your ass." I nodded my head and immediately ran through the forest, jumping passed the brush and trees before making contact with the Jolteon with my eyes. I stopped with the rustling knowing that I was making a lot of noise. I came from the trees and rasped out, "Need company?" I held onto the tree, waiting to see what the Jolteon would do. Whether to gun or run...