"I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them."

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"I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

Kairi Aogiri

Blue- the color she always wear.
Kai-because of her Tom boyish nature.



Classes:(up to 4)
Underdog>Stat Ace>Move tutor.

Kai isn't very tall only standing at 5'6" only weighing about 120 lbs. Her complexion is peach and she has an athletic body which is a result from her constant swimming and diving. It's a bit underdeveloped, but that's okay because she's still growing. Her almond shaped eyes are an explosive green; mirroring her rebellious and fierce personality. As for her hair, an illustrious strawberry blonde which often appears to have a shine of it's own in dim light. Though she possesses such beautiful features she doesn't indulge in them in the least. She's simple- keeping her hair cut short to just below her chin. She never feel the need to style it, usually leaving it straight. She doesn't posses any tattoos or piercings because she believes that your body is a temple and it should be treated as such.

Her attire can only be described in two words: Summer Wear. She usually wears sleeveless shirts and low cut jean shorts. She fears anything too extravagant and "girly"

-Super Rod
-Mach Bike
-X Attackx10
-X Defendx10
-X Speedx10
-X Accuracyx10
-Guard Specx3
-Occupied Poke'ballsx4

Type: Water
Region, Hometown: Cerulean City
Starter Pokémon:

She is boisterous, unapologetic and believes herself to be on a level of maturity that she is far below. She grew up believing that the planet once belonged to water Pokemon and one day with them it will rest again. Kai is competitive and focused, but easily embarrassed as well as offended. Raised by males, she feels more comfortable hanging with guys than with girls. Her only weakness is her indecisiveness and the weak resolve for the mission life has handed to her. She doesn't like the idea of "Destiny" of having something forced on her that she did not choose. She wants to forge her own path.

Since she swims so often when she is near open water she begins to sneeze. She also has a bad habit of snatching things without realizing it until a moment later.

Theme Song

Special Abilities / Traits/ Attributes:
Kai is an exceptional swimmer who has broken records for speed and is able to hold her breath underwater for long periods of time. She is a master at bringing out the best in those who have little faith in themselves, which is seen with her Pokemon. As an Ace trainer she uses doesn't like to evolve her Pokemon. she believes that the small ones can be just a formidable as the big ones, by teaching them the correct moves and coming up with full proof strategies in short periods of time.

History / Biography:
She was raised by her "brothers" in Cerulean city. There she learned to swim at a young age and has spent her entire life submersed in water competing in swim competitions ever since.

Current Pokémon Team:

Name - Sokka
Species and Type - Phione:Water-type
Gender -Genderless
Ability -Hydration
Nature -Timid
History - After being taken away from her family, Blue was feeling torn, angry and confused. Feeling pressured by a destiny she didn't want she went to clear her head- By swimming of course. A storm picked up and she continued to swim, drifting farther and farther out. The waters rage and she was unable to fight the current. Knocked unconscious she began to sink deeper underwater. When she awoke she was laying on the beach. The storm cleared. Looming over her was this Phione. It had saved her.
Safe Guard
Acid Armor
Aqua Ring
Water Pulse

Name -Gin
Species and Type -Mudkip: water type
Gender -Female
Ability -Torrent/Damp
Nature -Brave
Sludge Wave
Hydro pump

Name - PsyTaka
Species and Type -Psyduck: Water type
Gender -Female
Ability -Cloud Nine/Swift Swim
Nature -Quiet
Shadow Claw
Ice Beam

Name -Zura
Species and Type -Mantyke: Water/Flying type
Gender -Female
Ability -Water Absorb/Water Veil
Nature -Naughty
Air Slash
Mirror Coat
Confuse ray

So begins...

Blue's Story

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Kairi lay drifting on the other side of the lake with her arms folded behind her head. Eyes closed, she let herself drift as she bathed in the warmth of the gentle rays that beamed down from the sun. Half her body submerged and her pokemon splashed around her frivolously. Her mind was a dove. Free of all responsibility, soaring high into the sky abandoning all thoughts of obligation then disappearing into the broad horizon.

"It's time." peaceful images shattered like glass. Her peace broken. The sun above her became coveted by grey clouds. Her eyes popped open. Sakka, her Phione was drifting right before her face.

"I don't want this," she thought back. "I didn't choose this." Blue ducked her entire head underwater holding her breathe attempting to swim away. All of her poke'mon sighed and swam after, except for her Psyduck who was a bit confused on why everyone was swimming away.

"Destiny chose you." Sakka returned, following close by.

"Screw destiny!" She wanted to scream.

Manaphy appeared before her cutting off her path. "We chose you." It swam to Sakka's side among the rest of her pokemon. "We all did."

Kairi folded her arms and looked away defiantly. She loved her pokemon. She had to admit that if this destiny didn't choose, then they may not have become apart of her life. That was a reality that created the heavy feeling of a lump in her chest. She gave in, "whatever".

Her pokemon danced around her, cheering. She put them all in their pokeballs, even Psyasugi who was just catching up. All put away except her guardians and Mantyke who she commanded to use surf. Moments later she was above water riding her mantyke like a surfboard across the lake on a wave of water which rushed to the other end where she spilled over, crashing onto the shore in a cascade of splashes.

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#, as written by Fencer
Sunlight streamed through the window illuminating the sleeping figure of the young man messily lying across the bed with his pokemon, all the sweat he made clear the heat produced by his friends and watching silently the scene was the dragon-like pokemon his oldest friend, "Ro , wake up," he said solemnly,
"Huh? my turn to watch?" the trainer replied half sleeping while around his neck it can be seen the hands of a Monferno.

"Wrong, we are in the village, wake up already" the young man let out a yawn as rearranged his ideas, right the Pinwheel Village, he returned last night after two months for an important event, at least Teran said it was an important day and then he returned to the village ahead of them, Rong removed carefully Osaru's hands and stood up while preventing that the others wake "Well I'll go take bathe, I'm covered in sweat" he took off the wet t-shirt when Drake spoke again, "And blood, it seems that your wound opened while you were sleeping ", looked at the small trail of blood he had in his neck.

Rong recalled that he was wounded, wasn't serious but the last night when he came back the professor Mizuki, who was waiting for him, said he should go to see proper medic, the trainer shrugged as he recalled the way received the wound:
He was on the way back and it was a rookie mistake, the kind of mistake that he only has in and near the village where he always drop the guard, Rong climbed a tree to take a tasty-looking fruit without checking the resistance of the branches and then jumped to a branch that couldn't support its weight to end up falling, luckily all his years of experience allowed him to fall without serious damage, except wound in his neck that was made by a broken branch as he fell.

"Well I'll bandage it after the shower," he said and headed to the bath as Drake sighed in signal of disapproval, he spent twenty minutes in the shower using cold water and after finished began to search for appropriate clothing for the event. Drake felt remorse to see the many scars he had on the body of the young man, especially the one of the burn he had on the shoulder, "You look tired, why don't you rest?" Rong asked while holding bandages on the left hand, Drake nodded and the trainer threw 5 Pokéballs and five of his friends disappeared,
Now in the almost empty room he finished dressing, when he stood wore black jeans, a gray shirt with stripes and a dark blue jacket, the only thing that stands unnecessarily was poorly a placed bandages on the neck.

"XIao, Where is the ceremony?" he asked to his Guide, the legendary Pokemon that brings the Victory.

"The lake" said yawning and jumped to the shoulders of the young, "Let's use the shortcut!"

"Fine with me" smiled and began to run towerds the open window of his room and jumped, down there is a sturdy tree, Xiao jumped to the treetop and Rong grabbed a branch that used to prolong the momentum and remaing in the air, before touching the ground he tossed a pokeball "Ark, come here!", the great canine placed himself in the landing point, Xiao jumped from the tree at the same time that the Trainer fell on above the Arcanine, who now carrying the two of them began to run, "The Lake! the Lake!" said cheerfully Victini and Ark headed that way.

He got there a little after that Kaire lifted a lot of water when reached the lake shore, Rong looked around, a glance he saw Morgana wearing green and Kairi, sighed, didn't get along too well with Morgana and Kairi has the habit of throwing things, well he had to admit it was interesting.
"It's good to see you, I suppose I get time".

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#, as written by ceh12
Maverick slept in his room silently surrounded by his pokemon. The room had a rust colored paint adorning the walls that he had put on himself after he learned he would be staying in the psychic room which was completely pink and white. So he made up a color using some of the rust of the old parts he had and used it in paint to give it a nice feeling. The place smelled of faint grease and heat from the constant machines he would bring in and work on.

Goof was sleeping on the ceiling upside down which was his usual place on account of him being in an experiment when he was younger. It didn't work out but it did give him weak suctions on his feet and he had gotten accustomed to climbing up and sleeping beside Herione who was a bad snorer but when she was near Goof she never made a noise. Maiden was sleeping on her side an her arms. The egg was a gift from Mewbie who dropped it off on Maverick's birthday. He had said it contained a psychic type and would need a good trainer. Maiden however fell in love with it the second it was in sight.

He looked around and saw that Tinker asleep and was gumming on a banana the peel still on. He had no idea why he liked bananas or when he started liking them but Maverick knew it was what made him work and he was fine with them. He continued his search but he didn't see Duchess anywhere.

He sat up and yawned only to see Kairi rush inside his room and pull him into a hug. Maverick, I have to tell you I've always loved you." Maverick blushed and stuttered. "W well Kia I've always kinda liked ...". He looked over the girl then saw her green eyes were light blue. he heard snickering then growled. "DUCHESS" he shouted and the Pokemon revealed herself from the hall and the girl turned back into a giggling Mew. "Sorry me and Mewbie couldn't resist." she said in a flowing voice that held in the air for a moment. Mewbie on the other hand giggled and spoke in a small childish voice. "You sounded funny." Maverick rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Maverick went into the shower and washed off an easy layer of dust dispersing off as the water hit him. He had hardley ever showered and this was his first in a week since he was from a place where some people hadn't bathed since they were younger than him. He finished washing and put on his regular set of clothes and the necklace with the pure white opal. He took a deer breath and clenched it tightly.

It was the only thing he actually knew of his mother than she loved opal. He wanted to find her with all his heart but knew that he had work to do here before he could go back to Orre and save the remaining Pokemon from Cipher's clutches. He had never told anyone of his plans to leave them once their job was done but he knew that it was expected.

He reentered the room to find all of his Pokemon awake and chattering among themselves. "Okay everyone in except Goof. " they all nodded except for Goof who was still on the ceiling. "Hooray" he yelled then fell ontop of Maverick when the last Pokemon was returned to their ball. "Sorry" he said laughing. "Hush up you crazy " Goof just nodded and dashed after his trainer as they both dashed away to the garage.

Maverick made it quickly to the almost empty garage which only contained his sand bike and some of the other chosens regular bicycles which always made Maverick laugh whenever they rode them. He revved up then engine then pulled out a pair of pilot glasses and quickly out them on as Goof jumped in.

He sped off making a loud VVRRROOOOMMMM going through the town. He lept going and eventually made it to the part where the ceremony was to be held. He stopped his bike with a skid and saw Morgana sitting with Celebi on her shoulder. Mewbie popped out and instantly tackled the small pokemon who was about his size. "Celebi, Celebi let's play." he said giggling lightly. Maverick put the bike on hover making it stay in position but have the front half fall down. "Hey leaflet where's everyone else?" he asked getying off and Goof walking beside him.

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"How's my arms now Ama...?" A red head asked calmly, glancing up briefly at the majestic bird, who was perched up upon a great tree. Watching her with intent eye.
It been around 5 hours since she started training, and she always had one flaw with her arm... it wasent in the right position!And she couldnt leave like that, can she? "Well?"
Ama's piercing eyes studied her, and after a few anxious moments, he finally nods with approval. "hmph, Its fine...you finally fixed that fatal flaw...Mizora" The bird mumbled with pride.

The girl now introduced as Mizora smiles a bit, and began to stretch. "Great! Now..." She looks at the tree's shadow and calculates. "We should head out to the others...its about time.." The Ho-Oh nods, and spread its large wings, covering the sun from her sight. As it swooped down, Mizora easily jumped on, and they both began to fly to the group's meeting place. Though a gusting current hit them both, but the great ho-oh flew steady. 'What-' She blinks in wonder, and a splash of cold, sea water gave them the answer. "Kaisho" The two of them muttered, and as of cue, the lugia rose to their sight, shaking droplets of water on their persons. Ama grumbled, but Mizora smiled at the water pokemon's antics. "haha want to come with us Kaisho?" Kaisho, the lugia, whistled in a soothing tone, and nodded. "Why of course, Mizora, I wouldnt give up the chance to see you becoming a full fledged guardian. Specially after you worked so hard." Lugia chuckled, and with that he flew ahead, his wings waving in fluid motions, but was almost mocking Ho-oh's abilities to fly. And Ama took the message with ease. Flapping his wings, he shot forward, dodging flying pokemon, and catching up with the legendary sea pokemon. "Competive are we?" Mizora questioned the two, who merely continued their quiet challenge. Giggling a bit, thehe girl relaxed against the fire birds body, and her eyelids fell slightly in a sleepy manner. "It's been awhile...hasent it..?" There was no response from both the bird but she knew that they both understood her meaning. It been a couple of years maybe since she seen the others...and she was always left to wonder how they were at the shrine. Though knowing that they were under the same sky was enough for her.
"We are here Mizora...and it seems we are beaten to the chase.." Kaisho whispered, his voice deep and fluid. Mizora nods, her eyes closed. "I know, I can feel them..." There aura's were obvious to her, and she knew their auras by heart. "Its seems that most of them are well...I'm glad!" Mizora stated happily, her eyes twinkling with joy. Of course Ama and Kaisho noticed the change in their guardian, and they both looked at one another with a smile. IT didn't seem like it, but Ama was protective over the human called Mizora, and was always glad when she was glad... [Kaisho too was like this, but this was obvious to her and Ama, seeing how he was more open then Ho- oh.] She was always tending to cultural pratices and training at the shrine, so being with the others should be great, besides he knew that she was waiting for this day. She was finally proclaimed as a "guardian"...

"Well...Mizora...shall we meet them...?" Mizora looks at the birds, her mufti-colored eyes bright. "Of course!" With that, she flipped off the birds back and literally flew down below, anxious in seeing all of them again, her red hair going crazy. As she approached the ground, she quickly prepared herself and within seconds, she was on one knee, a smile gracing her lips "Been awhile.."
Quietly, Mizora stood up, and dusted off the invisible dirt. She was actually surprised by her own attire, noticing that she forgot to change. She was current in her "Miko" outfit, its red and white material going along with her red hair, and red/yellow eyes. She waves briefly, smiling kindly. "Sorry I'm late." A soothing gust of wind hit her back, as she noticed the auras of her guardians landing nearby. Their forms were much to large to land in such a cramped place like this, so she let it slide. But surely they were both watching her from a distance, making sure she was alright. Knowing this, made her feel comfortable and at ease, so with a smile, she stepped forward, closer to the others.
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