Franky Version 0.9

A robo-villain who escaped to Pento

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a character in “Pokemon Jade, Opal, and Topaz Version”, as played by RebornAncient12


*Name: Franky 0.9
*Age: Unknown
*Gender: Unknown, presumably Male
*Hometown: Unknown
*Type: Ice and fossils

Villain Stats:
Appearance: Image
Abilities: Ice-type pokemon attacks, Ice wall, Frost Drones
Crimes: Unauthorized possession of Fossils

1: Kabutops
2: Armaldo
3: Aerodactyl
4: Cranidos
5: Archen
6: Walreign

So begins...

Franky Version 0.9's Story


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Unknown to everyone else, there was something different going on at Blazemer City. Criminal Team Leaders from all over the world gathered at an abandoned building once used for Auctions. Their host was known to them as "Frank", who was actually an escaped convict charged with illegal possession of Pokemon Fossils. The only one missing was this person named "Micheal", who was representing Team Rocket for the deal.


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Character Portrait: Franky Version 0.9
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"Finally, all of you are here." Franky said, closing all the windows, "As you all know here, I am in possession of these ultra-rare Pokemon Fossils, all in excellent condition. Now, who is interested in these?!"

Franky cued a few people to pull up the curtains and revealed a gallery of whole fossils of every Region. The entire audience was wowed by them. Two people, however, had other things in their mind.

"Okay, I thought it was only us and other leaders who are going to this auction." said one man.

"Yeah, I guess word got out and they had to make this thing official." said the other man.

"If only we could just go there and get them ourselves. Stupid auction."

"Well, these are so better than the ones we used before. Remember what those fossils that swindler sold us did to our de-fossiliser?"

"Yeah, I also remember what happened to that guy."

Franky (I forgot) appeared in a trench coat, gloves, boots, and a fedora, masking his robotic body from the humans.

"This auction has gone a little bit out of hand, since the public joined." he thought, "I wanted this to be Black Market style."


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Seeing as the chief officers of Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and Plasma are in his lair, Franky 0.9 had everything closed and all lights on.

"Now, what happened awhile ago, I just wanted to see the look on your faces." Franky said, he commanded some Frost Drones to toss the now de-frosted Micheal at the seats where Team Rocket sat. "This time, kid, play nice."

At the Auction Center...

Fred arrived a few hours later and approached Officer Jenny. He wouldn't be surprised if she was calling Zenith at the moment because he could hear their conversation.

"Well, I sent a signal to the nearest Rider." Zenith said, "He should be with you right about (Fred is now near the Police Woman) now. Bye! (hangs up)"

"Oh, hello there Mister..." Officer Jenny told Fredrick.

"Fredrick. Fredrick Angel." Fred replied, "So, what;s going on?"

"Some Auction was going on and ended with chaos. One of our witnesses is the city's Gym Leader, Cinder Adams." she replied, pointing at a red-haired boy.

Fred approached Cinder and asked, "So, tell me. What happened?"