Fredrick Angel aka LockDown

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Name Fredrick "LockDown" Angel
*Age: 16 years old
*Gender: Male
*Home town:Twinleaf Town
*Type: Fighting

Cyber Rider Stats:
Codename: LockDown
Rider Rank: Leader of .ORG's (a secret organization from one of my rps) ART (Armed Response Team), currently head team leader of Omega 2
Assigned Team: Omega 2

1 Machamp
2 Tyrogue
3 Hitmonchan
4 Hitmonlee
5 Hitmontop


Kick-ass, fighter guy. Always ahead of the enemy. Assigned by Zenith Ryder (head, owner, president, primary share-holder of .ORG) to patrol the Pento Region and take out all anti-government Teams in the Region.


Rider Armor Activation Device (RAAM)-Activates his Rider Armor:
Heavily Armed Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Weapon(s): PRT-888 Rider Blaster, assorted laser guns and laser daggers


Biological son of two Martial Arts Experts and foster son of two travelers, Fredrick is a man of different tales. He inherited his parent's power and skill and used it in numerous battles. Although he did try Pokemon training, he brought them with him just in case. He tried joining the Police force but failed the exam, and running away upon receiving the news. That was how he met his future boss, 14-year-old college graduate Zenith Ryder, who, apparently, was out grocery shopping. Fred bumped into him and somehow got his wallet. Mistaking him for a thief, Zenith pounced on Fred and the two were engaged in a long unarmed combat, eventually ending in a draw. Fred apologized and before he could even turn, Zenith said the two words that changed his life. "You're Hired." The next thing Fred knew he was now a rookie Rider. He eventually surpassed his elders but never Zenith. He did gain high stats (as seen above) and was given a "cleaning job" (a term in .ORG where a Rider/Rider Team would be sent to a Region/place in that Region to take out all "Teams" (Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Aqua, etc, etc) in the Area.

So begins...

Fredrick Angel aka LockDown's Story


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Fredrick got off the transport pod and inputted some commands into it. It released his luggage, his motorcycle, and flew off afterwards.

"Sigh. Well, this better be more enjoyable than the last mission." he said, putting his luggage in the sidecar he attached to his motorcycle. He got on it, activated it, and headed for the nearest settlement, hoping for no signs of Team Plasma awaiting for him there. He saw a girl on the way and stopped. He removed his helmet and asked "Hi. Do you know where the nearest settlement is?"


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Seeing as the chief officers of Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and Plasma are in his lair, Franky 0.9 had everything closed and all lights on.

"Now, what happened awhile ago, I just wanted to see the look on your faces." Franky said, he commanded some Frost Drones to toss the now de-frosted Micheal at the seats where Team Rocket sat. "This time, kid, play nice."

At the Auction Center...

Fred arrived a few hours later and approached Officer Jenny. He wouldn't be surprised if she was calling Zenith at the moment because he could hear their conversation.

"Well, I sent a signal to the nearest Rider." Zenith said, "He should be with you right about (Fred is now near the Police Woman) now. Bye! (hangs up)"

"Oh, hello there Mister..." Officer Jenny told Fredrick.

"Fredrick. Fredrick Angel." Fred replied, "So, what;s going on?"

"Some Auction was going on and ended with chaos. One of our witnesses is the city's Gym Leader, Cinder Adams." she replied, pointing at a red-haired boy.

Fred approached Cinder and asked, "So, tell me. What happened?"


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"I'm not here for a Gym match!" Fred shouted in reply, "I'm here to help you find the fossils! No, not only that. I also know who has them!"