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Pokémon: Journey Through Johto

Pokémon: Journey Through Johto


Five young friends start their Pokémon journey only to be dragged into something much darker.

2,242 readers have visited Pokémon: Journey Through Johto since afreerobin created it.

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Johto is vast and filled with many diffrent people and Pokémon alike. For the past fifty years we have lived in peace and no one has tried to break the bond between Pokémon and trainer.

That is until now.

Team Rocket has come up from the ashes and have been quietly plotting on taking down what many have fought to uphold.

At the same time five younger trainers being their journey. The five of them have been friends from a young age and are happy to live their lives as Pokémon trainers and travel the lands!

Unfortunately Team Rocker lurks in the shadows.

But for now they travel together and earn the gym badges they so desire.

Can our heros find out the evil plan?! Or will their Pokémon be robbed from them?! And will they be able to stop it?!


/ Taken by me / Jodi Dane / Twelve / Cyndaquil /

/ Taken by Senpai / Alan Brook / Fifteen / Munchlax /

/ Taken by Keen / Rakaya Lavier / Fourteen / Joltik /

/ Taken by Cyline / Lila Jass Sheldon / Thirteen/ Chikorita /

/ Taken by XXMCMICKEYXX / Rick Otto / Fourteen / Piloswine

Character Sheet
The following are things that must be included. I beg you to add more and spice it up. I love beautiful CS!


Age: (10-15)



Basic Appearance:



Likes: (at least 4)

Dislikes: (at least 4)


Starter Pokémon:

Personality of Pokémon: (more to be added as Pokémon are caught)

Gender of Pokémon:

How you and your starter came together:

How you got other Pokémon: (to be added when Pokémon are added to team)

Toggle Rules

First off this is first come first serve! Four open characters can be taken by anyone but I will refuse you if you don't add the password hidden somewhere here. Look my pretties!

Now these are children but I don't mind cursing. Just try not to go overboard.

Again children. Romance is very very good. But any steamy things please go to PMs.

Please no vanishing! I want to keep this going for a long time.

You can battel NPC's if you wish but you will be weak in the beginning. You must lose some. If you wish to battle another character first ask them then decided who will win.

Reserve in OOC please! Tell me your favorite Pokémon to show you read all of this.

You don't have to do this but if you will tell me what FC you'll be using in the OOC. If you don't know when you reserve that's okay but please tell me once you know.

We are set in Johto but I don't mind you using other Pokémon as your first. Just no legendaries. And they must all start between level 1-5.

Have fun!

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Jodi had never been more sure of one thing as she was now. The sun hated her. For hours she sat in her bed staring out the window waiting for the slightest sign of the sun to appear. What seemed like ages ago a speck of light began to shine and then time seemed to freeze. Nothing. No more light. The sun had turned into a Slowpoke she was sure of it. Her eyes began to droop as the picture of a Slowpoke dressed in bright yellow danced across her mind.

A hand touched her back and Jodi jumped up. A plush Pokéball that had been sitting in her lap tumbled to the ground as she turned ready to fight whoever dared coming into her room. Yet as she pulled her fist back Jodi was met with the amused face of her father. 'Hmm...Someone's excited for her journey today eh?' He chuckled and ruffled Jodi's hair. 'Looks like you fell asleep waiting for the sun. Again.'

She blushed. Jodi had a tendency to fall asleep when she was trying to stay awake. 'Daaaaad....Come on! Today's the day!' He held up his hands in mock surrender. 'Right right...Come on, I made breakfast.' At this Jodi let out an excited whoop and rushed out of the room and skidded into her kitchen.

Breakfast was her favorite, eggs, waffles, bacon and orange juice. She scarfed it down faster then she normally would and the moment her plate was empty Jodi stood. 'Daaaaad! I'm done!' Her father was still eating his own breakfast but he pushed the plate back and stood anyway. 'Okay...go get dressed. I have to get you something.' She nodded and left the room.

Her clothes where already picked out and sat waiting on her dresser. It took her mere seconds to get dressed and soon enough she was back in the kitchen. Her father had in one hand a backpack while the other was held behind his back. He tossed the backpack to Jodi who caught it with ease and at once began to rummage through it. Inside was five empty Pokéballs, four bottles of water, a bento box and fingerless gloves. 'Dad I-' He silenced her with a finger and brought out his other hand. In it was a single Pokéball.

Jodi gasped as he walked over and placed it in her own hand. She gazed at it in awe. 'Go ahead.' Her Fath nodded at her. 'See who it is.' Taking a deep breath Jodi threw the Pokéball in the air. 'Let's go!' There was a flash of light and a small Cyndaquil sat staring up at her. Jodi stared for a long moment before rushing up to hug her father. 'Thankyousomuchdad!' Her words were rushed and her father looked rather caught off guard but he still hugged his daughter back. 'He'll need a name you know.'

Jodi nodded and pulled away from her dad. She dropped to her knees by the Cyndaquil who sniffed her outstretched hand. 'Hmm....Cindy? The fire type looked rather offended. 'Okay'll be a Typlosion one day so....Ty?' He let out a happy chirp and rubbed his head against Jodi's hand. Jodi giggled and scooped him up carefully holding him so the flames didn't effect her. 'Dad....This mean I leave then...'

He nodded and pulled Jodi into another hug. 'Yep. I love you sweetie. Now you better go. I know you want to get there before the others that way you can suprise them with Ty.' Jodi tightened the hug before pulling away. 'Thanks dad...Love you!' With that Jodi and Ty where out the door.

Shaking with excitment Jodi reached the meeting point within minutes. It was simple. They'd meet right outside the town and all start their journey together. She was the first there and sat down by a sign post. Ty looked up at her and let out a little cry. Jodi patted his head and gazed down the road her four friends would soon come down.


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Character Portrait: Alan Brook Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon Character Portrait: Jodi Dane Character Portrait: Rick Otto Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier
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Rick woke up to his uncle clashing pots over his head.Rick groaned, and rubbed his head."I'm up!Geez.."He manged to say, as he slipped out of bed."Today's the day youngster!" Rick's Uncle chimed, whirling his index finger around.Rick's Swinub was already up and moving."Have you made breakfast yet?" Rick asked, with curiosity as his belly grumbled for food."Yes, but you gotta get dressed first Ricky boy!" His Uncle stirred, and walked out of the room, shutting the door.

Rick stood up and looked in the mirror, his hair was a tussled mess, Rick grabbed his comb and brushed it down.He put on a tank top, and jeans.Then over it a blue sweater, he then slipped on socks and grabbed Jug, walking out of his room , to the kitchen.

At the kitchen there was a bowl that was written 'Jug' on it, and Rick's plate full of pancakes."Wow this looks good!Thanks Uncle Sam!" Rick praised him, and his Uncle smiled."Well i'm starting to get old!What other use I am other than my wonderful cooking!" Ricks Uncle chuckled, a jolly good chuckle.Rick laughed along, then started to eat the pancakes.Jug right behind him eating his kibble.Rick and Jug finished in a flash.Rick looked at the clock, they were almost late."Wow Uncle Sam, were late!Do you have my bag packed?" Rick asked, and his Uncle nodded."Before ya go Ricky Boy, remember that;

You're mother and me will always love you, and we'll support you with anything."
Uncle Sam said, then flashed a charming smile."I'll miss you too." Rick said, and hugged his Uncle.His Uncle held him there for a moment, like he didn't want Rick to leave.His Uncle let go, and Rick grabbed his bag and slung it onto his shoulders."See ya later Ricky Boy.." Uncle Sam said, as Rick left the house, Jug hanging tightly onto Ricks shoulder.

Rick ran to their usually meeting spot, and found Jodi sitting there with her own pokemon."Hey Jodi, who's that you got there?" Rick pointed to the Cyndaquil with her.Jug let out a squeal and hid his face."Cmon Jug, why are you always so shy?" Rick chuckled and brought Jug into his arms.Rick walked up to Jodi and sat beside her, smiling.Rick always thought she was the toughest of the group, since she was the youngest and all.He was the youngest boy of the group, but not the youngest of them all.Ricks thought's soon trailed to the path where his other friends would be coming soon.


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#, as written by Cyline

Sunlight filtered in through the lavender colored curtain, illuminating a small girl's porcelain face. A small Chikorita hopped up onto the desk her head was laying on and nudged her face. The girl groaned and moved her orange hair away from her face. "Not now Alta..." she mumbled.

The Chikorita huffed before nudging her again. This time, the girl sat up and eased her violet eyes open. "What do you want?" she sighed, running a hand through her hair. Her eyes slowly moved from the computer on her desk to the clock next to her. The time stood out like a beacon of hopelessness. "I'm going to be late!" she screamed and jumped up.

She ran around her dirty room, searching for her backpack anxiously and muttering to herself under her breath. Alta dragged the knapsack up to her with a look that seemed to say, "Looking for this?"

"Thanks," Lila replied as she grabbed her laptop, Pokedex, and camera, throwing them into the mint green backpack. She pulled on some clothes and threw another pair into the bag along with two sketchbooks and her emergency art supply kit. As she was racing downstairs, she passed her parents' room, not surprised to see her mom still asleep in her bed. "Mom! Wake up!" Lila exclaimed as Alta jumped up on her shoulder. "I'm about to go."

She raced into the kitchen, nearly running into her little sister. "Hey, Kara."

Kara smiled up at her older sister, clutching her Totodile stuffed animal to her chest. "I'm gonna miss you, sis."

Lila smiled and kissed the top of Kara's head, "I'll call and write. Don't worry."

Her dad walked up, pancakes stacked up on a plate in his hands. "Wow, you're all grown up. I think your mom has a present for you, so don't leave untils he gets up."

Lila let out an annoyed groan the moment her mother walked in, a sleepy . The older woman frowned at her daughter as she grabbed a pancake off of her husband's plate. "Am I really that late of a sleeper, Li?"

"Yes," everyone answered simultaneously.

Ode Sheldon rolled her eyes, "I've got a present for you."

She gestured for Lila to follow her and the young girl followed her mother into her office. It was the first time Lila had stepped into the elaborately decorated room. Ode walked over to her desk and pulled out a small pouch. Lila recognized it immediately. "Mom, I can't..."

Ode shook her head and walked up to Lila, wrapping it around her waist. "This was where I put my Pokeballs when I was your age. I want you to have it. Plus, I also put some antidotes and water and money in it. You're going to need it."

Lila touched the pouch carefully. It felt natural beside her. She looked up at her mom with misty eyes, "I'll miss you."

Ode pulled Lila into a hug, "I'll miss you too."

Lila ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a pancake off of her dad's plate. "Bye!" she yelled before racing out of the house.

As she was approaching her and her friends' meeting place, Alta bounced excitedly on her shoulder. When she was close enough, she saw Jodi's Cyndaquil. "It's so cute!" she squealed.


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#, as written by Senpai
Image Image

Gentle nudges stirred the wild-haired boy from his slumber. With eyes that didn't quite want to open yet and a body that was groggy and unwilling to move, he let out a groan. The one who nudged him didn't seem to like this and chose to wake him up by a less tactful method. Its long tongue smacked on his cheek and slid across the entirety of its face and yelled "MUUUUNCH!" A disgusted spatter came from the kid as he wiped the saliva off his face with his blanket and grumbled his way to his feet. Keeping his gaze lazily upon the floor, he felt around his nightstand for his glasses. When he found them, he put them on his face and rose to his feet. "Munchlax... You're like the perfect alarm clock. At least you don't make too much noise." He was a little grumpy about it, but this was a daily routine for the boy and his family's Pokémon. The Munchlax didn't take offense to it, nor did he mean it too harshly. He was hardly a morning person. The sun was not yet in the sky and his alarm clock read 4 am.

He went downstairs as normal to find himself some breakfast only to find his mother in the kitchen a bit earlier than expected. "You're cooking early... That smells good." The boy craned his neck a bit to peek through the kitchen at the sight of his mother cooking. Usually his father was the one who handled the cooking in the mornings and his mother handling the Pokémon Daycare.
"Hm? Oh, yes, well... Your dad agreed to take the morning shift. I wanted to make you breakfast before your big day."
"Is that so? Thank you, mom." His tone was rather flat, not too different from normal, as he pulled out a chair at the table to sit at. His Munchlax did the same and sat across from him. For a short while the only sound was the sizzling of a frying pan and occasional Pokémon cries in the distance.
"You know, Alan..." His mom spoke up, causing his ears to perk up and his head to turn in attention. "Your father and I... We know that you miss Hoenn and your friend there. You've been really quiet since we came here. And we're happy that you handled the move so maturely. But uh... Well, I've never been too good with words." She began transitioning food from the pans to plates, then loading up a bowl with Pokéchow, homemade of course. Breeders took special care to make sure that their food was top-quality. "Well, we love you. We were both trainers back in our day and seeing you take an interest in it makes us happy. From experience, we know that you'll meet many interesting Pokémon and people. And you have great friends going with you, too. Ones who look up to you. And we can tell you really care about them, too. I'm rambling, though, aren't I?"
"Your mom is just trying to say that we love you and respect your choices. What you do from here on out is your choice, champ. It's a big, beautiful world out there and Johto's just one small part of it. See as much of it as you can and enjoy your time. Be happy with those you're around. No matter what you do, we'll support you."
His mother brought the food to her child and the Pokémon. "Yes, just what your father said. Now, eat up. You have your routines and everything to get through before you go, right? We'll be here for you to say goodbye to when you're done."

Alan was not expecting such an emotional farewell, but they were his parents. They were Breeders, nurturers by nature. It wasn't too surprising. Still, the idea of saying goodbye to his parents finally struck him. He had to do it. It tugged on his heartstrings, almost made him waver in his decision to go. But looking at them, their smiling faces, there was no way he could take those smiles away by not going. And he still had his friends to look after. With a nod, though his expression remained stoic, he responded, "Of course... Thank you, mom. Dad." They nodded in return as his mother tended to dishes and his father headed outside.

As quickly and carefully as he could, Alan finished eating a delicious home-cooked breakfast and tended to his morning stretches and exercises. He decided to skip his jog that morning though, since he would have to walk to New Bark Town and then back out through Route 29 again before continuing their journey. He skipped straight to the shower and fresh change of clothes. Out of character for him, he even made his bed. He forewent some laziness to keep his room in order for his parents, who liked to nag him about it. Grabbing his bag full of materials that his parents loaded up days ago, he strapped it onto his back and went back downstairs where the Munchlax was hugging Alan's mother's legs. "I'll miss you too, little guy. You be good to Alan, you hear? Always do what he says. Be a good boy."
"Munch-Munch! Lax!" Munchlax nodded twice, flexing its arm muscle as if to show that he'd protect Alan. For a Pokémon that'd never had a battle once in its life, it sure was confident. Alan caught wind of that and smirked at his new ally.
"Well, then. That's some pressure being put on Munchlax... But he'll be fine. After all, he'll be with me and my friends." Alan smiled as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Munchlax rushed to his side and followed him until Alan stood before his mother. She was really pretty with straight red hair and eyes of shining blue. Her smile was welcoming to him as she opened her arms for a hug. He gave it to her, realizing that this would be the last time he saw his parents for a while. They exchanged a brief goodbye and "I love you's" before he went to the back. There his father was tending to some Rhyhorns that were stirring from sleep. He noticed his son coming and patted the horns of the Pokémon before coming to his son.
"Hey, champ? Ready to go?"
"Yeah, sure am." He nodded to affirm this to his father, fixing his glasses in place as he did so.
"Good. Remember what I said earlier. Also... If you or your friends decide to take the gym challenge, come see me after you get say, hm... Five. Five badges. I'll give you all a present, okay?"
"Dad, you don't have to-"
"No, no, I insist. I love you and your friends. It only feels right to reward hard work. The offer's open. Now here. For you alone, take this. It's a catalogue of all the Pokémon your mother and I have discovered one way or another. It has some basic information on them all and what they're called, so it should help you. I'll admit it's not as convenient as a Pokédex, but I want you to have it anyway." With a sigh and a nod, Alan exchanged goodbyes with his father and went on his way.

His family's home was behind the front area of the Pokémon Daycare that they ran just on the corner between Route 29 and Route 46. It wasn't too long of a walk to meet up with his friends, which made it easy to head over and be with them whenever he pleased. No more than a twenty or thirty minute walk. The Munchlax walked beside him, looking around in awe of everything he saw. Rare was it that he left the house and now he was going to travel all across Johto with Alan. "You know at some point we need to get you a Pokéball, Munchlax. Especially if you want to evolve. Having a Snorlax following me everywhere would be pretty inconvenient, you know."
"Muunch..." It sounded upset by this, but also understanding. He was already pretty heavy. Being huge and heavy would certainly inconvenience the group.
"Thank you, Munchlax. It'll be easier on both of us, especially if you get hurt. Besides, you're lazier than I am." The Pokémon laughed as if in agreement before they came to the entrance of New Bark Town.

They finally arrived to find Jodi, Rick and Lila all waiting already. But at least he wasn't the last one there... With a lazy half-wave as he greeted his friends, he offered a "'Sup?" and stopped a couple feet away from everyone. Munchlax waved up at Alta, as the two certainly would have met in the years that Lila and Alan knew each other, and looked curiously at the Cyndaquil after. It was his first time meeting any Cyndaquil, nevermind just this one in particular. Approaching it, he gave a rather excited wave with its eyes closed in happiness of meeting another. "Munch! Munch-munch Lax! Munchlax!" It introduced itself to the Pokémon in its own dialect and got to making conversation as Alan looked to his friends.
"Hm. I was here before Rakaya, huh? That's new... I hope she doesn't keep us waiting too long."


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#, as written by Keen

ImageNestled between two buildings was a rather makeshift little bit of shelter, something that resembled a fort that a child might make out of their blankets and chairs. This little 'fort' however was the real deal for inside rested young Rakaya, curled up under a blanket, sleeping peacefully well into the morning. Sleeping outside came with a few disadvantages, namely the lack of an alarm in this case. She had intended to get up early to meet up with her friends as today was the day they were to head out on their new adventure, but she hadn't been able to get to sleep on time thanks to her excitement and thus with no alarm but her body's internal one, she had overslept.

When the girl finally began to stir and realize what had happened a feeling of panic washed over her. "W-What time is it?!" She exclaimed to no one in particular, though her shouting finally caused Meringue, her Joltik, to bounce up awake in surprise at her sudden shout. The little bug began to stretch as Rakaya crawled hastily out from her shelter and looked up at the sky, she was most certainly late by now. "Uuugh... Mer-Mer you should've woken me up!" The Joltik only tilted his head curiously at Rakaya as she dove back into the shelter and began hastily picking things up and stuffing them away in her bag, she was going to have to leave most of her shelter behind but she would at least take one blanket and her pillow.

After double-checking and seeming satisfied that she had collected everything she needed she dug into her pack to retrieve some cheap looking pre-packaged cream puff, unwrapped it, and stuffed it into her mouth. From the same pocket she pulled a small helping of Pokechow and dropped it inside her large orange hat. "C'mon Meringue! Hop in, we'll have to eat on the move!" The small yellow bug chirped happily and leapt into Rakaya's hat before munching away at the meager bit of food, luckily he was quite small and didn't need to eat much. Rakaya gave a confident nod and slung her bag over her shoulders before picking the hat up and placing it atop her head, taking care that neither Meringue nor any food fell out in the process. With one final glance back at the old fort she took off out from the alley in a sprint.

The run wasn't a long one but, Rakaya never was an athlete. Her legs burned in protest of the uncommon exertion and her chest heaved in an attempt to catch up on breath as she continued to run down the dirt road towards their meeting spot. After what felt like an eternity she finally spotted her four friends standing off in the distance waiting for her. She knew they wouldn't leave her behind but she felt relieved nonetheless. As this relief washed over her she slowed from her run to a walk and reached an arm up high in the air and waved towards the four others, she wanted to shout to them but something told her that would be impossible in her current state.

Sweaty and still out of breath she finally arrived amongst the group and came to a stop before leaning forward, hands resting on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. From under her hat peaked a curious looking Joltik, its four blue eyes scanning over the group of people and Pokemon alike before giving a curt "Jolt." in greeting. Rakaya followed up after recovering somewhat and finally standing up straight, "S-Sorry I'm late guys..." She spoke between breaths and opened her eyes, smiling lightly at the group before her. "I don't suppose any of you has some water you'd be willing to share? Heh..." She rubbed the back of her neck nervously but smiled regardless. It was only now that she had finally finished panicking and rushing the gravity of this day fully dawned on her. It was another important day in her life and she knew not what awaited her, normally such a thought or feeling would leave her anxious but she felt comforted in the presence of the four friends that stood before her. They could all rely on one another so something told her that everything would be alright.


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Jodi was fiddling with the strap of her backpack when Rick had come tumbling down the rode. She grinned at the sight of her friend while Ty looked on a bit curious. 'Hey Rick! I'm suprised you got here before anyone else. Expect me of course.' There was a light playfulness in her voice but it wasn't a lie Jodi had gotten there very early. Despite her many efforts to explain she was a very mature person, Jodi's young nature seemed to explode at the moment. True she felt a bit quilty, like her being the youngest was keeping her friends from leaving earlier, but right now that thought didn't come to mind.

By now Rick had joined Jodi on the ground and Ty had stumbled from her lap. Without any hesitation he leaped into Rick's lap and poked his stomach. After making sure the boy knew he was there Ty glanced up at Jug. His back burst into flames for a moment. 'Cynda!' The flames slowly dwindled and with a confident nod that he showed the fellow Pokémon he wasn't to be messed with he jumped back to Jodi's lap. She chuckled and patted his head. 'Ty don't be rude to Jug.' She turned to Rick with an amused but apologetic smile. 'I'll introduce him once everyone else gets here okay?'

Lila came next and at once gushed over Ty. He puffed his chest out proudly and Jodi rolled her eyes. 'Hey Lila. Others will be here soon I'm sure.' Her voice sounded even as she adressed her friend but there was an excited of impatient glint in her eyes.

To Jodi's suprise Alan was the next one to walk down the rode. He greeted them in his normal Alanish way and Munchlax sent his own greeting to the other Pokémon before his eyes found Ty. The Pokémon sounded excited upon seeing him and Ty bounded from Jodi's lap. 'Cynda! Cyndaquil!' He hopped around Alan clearly ready to met a Pokémon excited as he was. 'Wow Alan, you're here early,' She teased before glancing down the rode. 'She probably overlsept. Rakaya will show up soon.'

True to her word the hat wearer almost skidded into view. Once reaching the four of them she doubled over to catch her breath. Ty eyed her warily and his flames puffed up for a moment at seeing the Joltik peek from under her hat. While his flames died down Jodi rummage trough her backpack before she let out a triumphant whoop. 'Here!' She tossed the cold water bottle to the gasping girl. 'Don't exert yourself Rakaya.'

With all her friends present Jodi stood and grinned out at all of them. 'Well everyone, here we are. Before we get started I'd like to introduce someone.' She scooped up the Cyndaquil who was still watching Meringue and held him out. Seemingly forgetting the other Pokémon he puffed out his chest yet again and let out a loud cry. 'Friends! This is Ty!' Enjoying the spotlight Ty jumped to Jodi's shoulder and let out a, 'Cyndaquil! Quil! Quil! Cynda!' Both trainer and Pokémon grinned happily and Jodi pointed a finger at each of them. 'That right! I'm no longer the only one without a Pokémon! And Ty and I will be the best!' Ty nodded, clearly agreeing and Jodi clapped her hands. 'Now....shall we proceed?'


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"We shall!" Rick's voice, low, but optimistic.Rick's thought's trailed back to Jug."Jugg..Calm down.." Rick politely said to Jug, grabbing him, and placing him on the ground.Jug squealed, and ran around on the spot, chasing his tail with ease.Rick looked away, embarrassed by his own pokémon.Rick finally turned around to face his own friends, he knew that they would never judge him, or his pokémon.Rick let out a sheepish smile, and finally decided to ignore his, sometimes, stupid pokémon.

He looked at his friends who surrounded him, making him feel more at home."So~ How's everyone doing?" Rick chuckled, and poked Jodi who sat beside her.'I wonder what were gonna do first..' He thought, looking around at his group of friends that looked about as anxious as he was.He then looked at their pokémon, Jodi and her Cyndaquil were so alike, it amazed him.Then Alan and his own Munchlax are both so laid back, then Rakaya with her Joltik, both so cute.OK he has to admit it, he kinda liked her.Last but not least, Lila and her Chikorita both so stubborn.

Rick had to stop for a moment and gaze at the scenery, just to take a look at his hometown before he left with his friends.

OOC; Sorry for the short post, I was outta words..


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#, as written by Cyline

Lila spun once is a circle, her hands itching to pet the stranger Cyndaquil, Ty, but she restrained herself. She felt like her obsession with Pokémon was a little odd and probably a bit annoying too. Most people used them for battles, but the last battle Lila and Alta were in was one she had with her mother to teach Alta and new skill. It wasn't an exciting battle by any means, though it was a fun one for the entire family to talk about. She unconsciously glanced back at the town. Unlike most girls her age, she hadn't wanted to leave home until she was older.

With a sigh, Lila rolled her shoulders and crouched in front of Alan's Munchlax. "Hey, buddy," she cooed, scratching behind his ear.

Alta jumped around excitedly as if to say, "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

To calm her down, Lila placed a hand on her head. She looked at her friends, a small lopsided smile on her face. "I can't believe we're actually leaving..." she stood slowly, taking care to dust the grass off of her skirt. "Where to?"

With a pointed glance, she looked at Jodi, slowly trailing over the others. These were her friends, practically her family. They were the people she trusted her life with. She knew that despite their differences, they were stronger together and that was exactly how she liked it.

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Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon
Lila Sheldon

"Conflict never did anything to help anyone."

Character Portrait: Jodi Dane
Jodi Dane

'Time for our journey!'


Character Portrait: Jodi Dane
Jodi Dane

'Time for our journey!'

Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon
Lila Sheldon

"Conflict never did anything to help anyone."

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Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon
Lila Sheldon

"Conflict never did anything to help anyone."

Character Portrait: Jodi Dane
Jodi Dane

'Time for our journey!'

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