Lady Fetch

A pompous Farfetch'd who want's to become famous in competitions

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Lady fetch is a bird-like pokemon most resembling a duck. Lady has mostly brown plumage with a white under belly. There is also the "V" shape of black feathers on her forehead which give the impression that she is always angry. She had a mustard yellow beak and matching webbed feet. It is not uncommon for Lady to wear makeshift outfits out of leaves. Supposedly she is preparing for the outfit's she might wear in competitions.


Lady is arrogant, pompous, meticulous, self-entered and very lady-like.


Being a Farfetch'd she obviously carries around her leek. Unlike most Farfetch'd though she would never consider it her prized possession. In the Farfetch'd world she holds the record for longest time away from their leek, not that she approves of such games.

A map of the Yonda region she picked up after a trainer left it. She keeps it folded up and wrapped around her leek

Sand Attack
Double team


Lady at a young age was a wild farfetch'd; the opposite of what she is now. She was reckless, rebellious, and adventurous. All of this changed when she happened apon a trainer training their flying type Pokemon for a competition. Instantly she was hooked and started to come back daily to watch their routines. After a month she decided that she would show the trainer the routine she came up with herself but there was no one there when she arrived. Even so she refused to be deterred. She remembered overhearing one of the Pokemon speaking about how awesome they would be when they reached Unilife city. After searching the site she found a map of the entire Yonda region. Now she travels around in a group of aggressive to offer her protection on her way to Unilife city

So begins...

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"Right. That should do it." Lady said, folding the map back into it's place.
"About time." said Electrabuzz as he got up for where he sat. Arbok, Beedrill, and Ursaring got up shortly after and their expressions showed they felt the same way as Electrabuzz. The group had been waiting here for about thirty minutes while lady reviewed the map to make sure they were on course. Lady looked back and reviewed their faces. Not a single one seemed to be happy about the delay.
"Oh don't be like that. If we hadn't been on the right course it would have taken far longer to recover." Lady scolded the lot of them.
"And were we on the right path?" Arbok asked with a cock of her head.
"Well yes, but better safe than sorry." She said almost taken back by the question.
"You hesitated." Came Ursaring's booming voice. Lady was taken back by Ursaring's comment. He so seldom spoke but when he did it usually was to say something important.
"Merely taking time to think, Ursaring. Now if we're all ready, we haven't the time to waste." With that Lady turned and started walking the direction she thought was right. As they had since they met, Ursaring's comments always unsettled Lady. If he had picked up on her hesitation he would soon realize that she wasn't quite sure how to read her map yet. She was a wild pokemon just like the rest of them despite being more sophisticated. This map was the closest she had come to anything human so obviously she couldn't read it well. She had picked an important looking spot on the map and now she was leading her group to it. She had been sure when picking them that they would be able to protect her. She had convinced most of them that the forest around Unilife were abundant in food and if they wanted to be in battles, there were bound to be trainers in the area. They knew nothing about her desire to be in competitions. If she wasn't careful, her help might turn on her.
She shook away the thoughts and focused her eyes on where she was headed. Too late though and she banged hard into a tree ahead of her. Her followers all laughed at her negligence (even Ursaring cracked a smile) and Lady's brow furrowed in annoyance.
"Okay everyone makes mistakes." She said but Arbok and Electrabuzz kept on laughing. Lady walked up and whacked both of them with her leek. Needless to say they stopped there laughing to rub their injuries.
"Because I'm a lady, won't laugh at your pain as you did mine. Now let's move on."
It had been the wrong move to attack the two aggressive pokemon as in both pairs of eyes she could see bloodlust. Lady could read the signs and started to back away. She bumped into a fuzzy surface and looked back to see Beedrill had blocked her escape. Arbok and him were close so she should have known he would fight by her side. Her pleading eyes looked back to Ursaring but he remained inanimate as usual. She was trapped.
"Let's not be too-" before she could finish talking Arbok was already darting forward to strike. Lady ducked out of the and left arbok a mouth full of feathers. As soon as she was semi-free she simultaneously used double team and agility (a part of her routine) and tried to escape the area. The area looked like an entire flock of farfetch'd using agility and running around. Lady got to the edge of the fray and was hardly able to get out a sigh of relief before beedrill spotted her. Beedrill called out to the others and soon Lady was being chased through the forest. Lady frantically called out reasons why it was wrong to attack her but her pursuers didn't seem to want to listen to reason.